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November 17, 2016
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April 7, 2000
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October 24, 1955
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Approved For Release 2000/08/30: CIA-RDP80R01443R00001kqRq2~1 N,3C-263rd Meeting October 24, 1955 NATION.^,L S CURITY CUNO T Copy No. 41 ,iGE^ID,'i For the Meeting to be held in The N.'.itt House, Thursday, r.ctober 27, at :30 a.m. ------------------------------ NOTE: The attorney Genoral is being invited to at.tLnd this meeting. ITEM FOR CC'NNSir RA.I ITEM 1 -- U.S. !'B.I .CT IVY S ,ND PC LIC I G, W1 } 'H RLSr i C T TC (9:30 a.m. Trir,NF .iR in the (~tSCj 5428--- SC actions N'?s. 1447 and 14"0; Mt.mos Cabinet for NSC from r:xtcutiv:: Strretary, subject, Room) "Dtttrrence of Major Armk-A' C )nflict Bt:t.wctn ?sr cl and Egypt or Other .',rab Jtatcs", datt-d Cct,;~)bt.r 17, 21, and 24, 1;55? For considF~ratior. f a r,=part prepare:-d by the NSC P1annir:f` Hoard pursummnt to NC Action N-. (lt,.m r'-,- of 262nd Mt.tvt- ing), trinsmitt,:.d by the re:ft;re-nct. mt_mc- randurn of O:Oc t cb, r 24, 1955. R D?SCITSSI'! Y ITEM 2 -- N} T E'v'+SLU i I'.:: S':~FsCC!' MIT i F RLPC RT (10:15 a.m. (NSC 5;22) in the Broadcast Room, ) To note and discuss the first annual report by th, ^Iet Fvaluation Subcom ittk:e, pursuant to N..$C 5511. 7":f- Chairman, atomic ;_,nt_rgy Ccmu i.ssic-r,; the Pcdt ral Civil Pr-fence ,ldn:ini strator; ti-,c Directcr, ;`..~. Inform.a- tion .?igtncy; the 3ervict- S crt-,_.aries; the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Planning Board memb"rs and advisers; and the. Subcommittee m,-mbers and staff are being invited for this l team. *NSC Declassification/Release Decision on File* * Please note; different time-, location and attendance for each of the above items NSC-263rd Meetin Approved For Release 20x0/08/30: CIA-RDP80RO1443R00040015 -