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December 16, 2016
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July 27, 2005
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September 18, 1972
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3ECRETL Approved For Release 2005/08/12 : CIA-RDP 18 September 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR THE DIRECTOR SUBJECT: Paranoid Musings/Indochina Division RO11eR000700100038-9 1. Though amused and operationally pleased by Hanoi's public posture on Munich and its concomitant ringing endorsement of the Palestinian cause (e. g., the 12 September Nhan. Dan article and the 13 September article in the Army paper Quan Doi Nhan Dan), I have also been naggingly troubled by an inability to explain to my own satisfaction just why the DRV should have dropped this large a brick. There was no real reason why the North Vietnamese had to say much of anything on this loaded question. If they felt they had to make some public comment, surely a rather pro forma statement going no further than the Chinese -- or, for that matter, the Egyptians -- would have sufficed. 2. In any event, there was no call at all on Hanoi to describe Munich and its aftermath as a "US-Israeli plot" abetted by the West Germans.* There was also no obvious need for Hanoi to express an unqualified, ringing resolve "to support the Palestinian people's fight for their sacred funda- mental rights until its final victory.:.:'* Surely this goes well beyond all *E.g. , Nhan Dan: "At the airbase Munich police sharpshooters opened fire and all of the Israeli Olympic competitors and a number of Palestinian guerrillas were killed. This bloodshed, which could have been avoided, occurred because, as the Algerian broadcasting service analyzed it, 'the Israeli and West German authorities chose the path of hatred and betrayal. n' **"The aggressors' perfidious maneuvers and acts cannot drown the just voice of the Palestinian people, who continue to be heard in the din of bomb explosions and chauvinistic outcries. The Palestinian people have expressed, through their leaders, the determination to seek every means to struggle for the right to live. This just voice has enjoyed ever greater sympathy and support from all progressive mankind. The U.S. and Israeli scheme to make the most of the bloody Munich incident is very perfidious, but it will not work, since ours is an era when the oppressed peoples have arisen to take their desti pincimethEcir Ftelealsts 2005/08/12: CIA-R0P80R01720R000700109038-9 /continued/ 25X1 25X1 SECRET/ Approved For Release 2005/08t1 2 . - __ettrit5p OR017SOR000700100038-9 ordinary requirements of expressing fraternal solidarity with fellow socialists. More to the point, if Hanoi's leaders know anything at all about the United States, they must have known that such a public position, expressed in such language, would constitute a propaganda windfall for President Nixon and be acutely embarrassing (to put it mildly) to many of the most articulate and active American opponents of the President and the war, i. e., the segments of the American political spectrum whose activities Hanoi most wants to encourage and foster. 3. I well recognize and have long argued that the Lao Dong Politburo is not composed of visionary, broad-gauged world statesmen, that its present members, instead, often show themselves to be parochial, doctrinaire fanatics -- tough, tenacious and resilient, but lacking in breadth and sophistication. Nonetheless, I still find it hard to believe that the Politburo is quite this stupid. Maybe I have become corrupted to the point of thinking like a Vietnamese, but to my mind a gaffe of this dimension calls for an explanation more complex than any "simple blunder" hypothesis. 4. Developing this thought, I began to wonder whether the DRV might be trying to fry some fish with the Palestinia,as. or some ultra segment thereof such as the Black September group. Perhaps Hanoi was trying to encourage some Palestinian group to essay a spectacular act of terrorism in or against the U. S., e.g. , an assassination attempt against Dr. Kissinger or President Nixon. The more I brooded, the more this line of reasoning struck me as providing an explanation -- not necessarily the explanation, but at least an hypothesis that explained Hanoi's behavior more adequately than the one of "simple blunder. " 5. I expressed these thoughts to General Walters around 1800 on Friday, 15 September. More to the point -- and the reason for this note -- I also expressed them in an 1815 phone call (on 15 September) to Colonel Kennedy. In that call I emphasized strongly that these were personal speculations -- not an Agency assessment -- and that they were unsupported by any- evidence of which I was aware, other than the fact of what Hanoi had actually said on the radio and in public print. I did nonetheless suggest **Continued from page 1: "The Vietnamese people, who have seen the true colors of U.S. imperialism, especially through the "Nixon Doctrine, " are resolved to support the Palestinian people's fight for their sacred funda- mental rights until its final victory. " 25X1 Approved For Release.,200.8 . - R01720R000700100038-9 25X1 Approved Pri: laWRSTWri005/08/12 : CIA-RD1430R016000700100038-9 that extra vigilance might not be amiss and could certainly do no harm. Kennedy thanked me for my thoughts and said he would pass them along -- accurately described with proper caveats -- to Al Haig. I send this note so that if they somehow bounce back to you, you will know where they came from. George A. Carver, Jr. Special Assistant for Vietnamese Affairs Approved For Release 2005/08/1 1 : CIA-R0P80R01720 000700100038-9 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved Forlkelease 2005/08/12 : CIA-RDP80R0172411a000700100038-9 FBIS 14 ( SEE 32 Or 12 SEM DIAN DANS MUNICH OLYMPIC DEATHS A U. 1.? ISRAELI PLOT S140424 HANOI NUN DAN IN VIETNAMESE 12*? 72. (ARTICLE BY DIEU SINKS" THE 15. 11... ISRAELI PLOT BEHIND TIN OODY EVEN? IN MUNICH") ( TEXT) THE CAUSE AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE SERIOUS EVENT WHICH OCCURRED AT THE MUNICH OLYMPIC VILLAGE ON SEPTEMBER LIE NOW OBVIOUS. THAT MORNING THE COMBATANTS OF 11 PALESTINIAN ISSISTANCE OR GANIZAT ION ENTERED THE BILLETING alarms OF TIE ICIAEL I OLYMPIAN CONPET /TONS. ADDUCTED TIEll? AND PUT FORTH THIS COMITIONs IN LRCMS& FOR to FREERam'ar toss cArTINtst_TNE ISRAEL I Aamisisrmarzol HAD TO FREE MORE TSAI SOS PALESTINA*. PATRIOT S WHO WERE BEING DETAINED AND TORTURED IN ISRAELI RI I SON S. ? S FM THE WEST GERMAN ADMINISTRATION THE PALESTINIAN GARR ILLAS DEMANDED THAT IT GUARANTEE THAT IT WOULD SAFELY TRANSPORT THEM AND THE IMAM IS DETAINED BY THEM OUT OF VEST GERMAN TERRITORY. THE PALE St IBIAN GUERRILLAS WARNED* IF ANY ATTEMPT IS RABE TO SABOTAGE THIS ACTION, THE ISIAILIS WILL BE KILLED AID THE WEST GERMAN GOVERNMENT WILL BE IUD RESPONSIBLE. AS ADM ITTED LATER BY MUNICH MUNICIPAL macs CHIEF sconsER, THE WILLY BRANDT ADII IN INTRA? ION FROM TIM OUTSET DEFINITELY SIDED WITH THE Isman.1 FACTION III OPPOSING THE PALESTINIAN PATRIOTS. ON ORDERS OF TIME WEST ORMAN INTERIOR MINISTER, THE mimic* PmucS ImPLUENTID 'TO THE LETTER TMS G9IDANCE OF A SPECIAL ADVISORY *OUP MUCH WAS RUN= IN FROM IMAEL. THE MUNICH POLICE RESORTED TO AN EXPEDIENT TO *LIRE A TICER OUT OF A MOUNTAIN* AND METERED TO AGREE TO TIE GLS.VIILLA S. DEMANDS BUT LAID F0111 AMBUSH VESTS ON THE. ROAD LEADING TO THE *INBAR. SCHREIBER IIIMSELF IMMEDIATELY FELT THAT "ANY HOPE OF ESCAPING DEATH FOR THE tamn.roteanc COIPET IT OR S WAS MILL," BUT NZ LAMS THE WEST GERMAN POLICE iftE TIGHTLY BOUND BY PIE IT ICA/ DECISIONS, ESPECIALLY THE ISRAEL I GOVERNMENT'S FIRM DECISION *NOT NEGOTIATE WITH THE PALESTINIAN S,* THE OUTCOME WAS IN LINE WITH *CRUISER '11 FEARS. AT THE AIRBASE MUNICH POLICE SHARPSHOOTERS OPEIED FINE, AND ALL THE ISRAEL I OLYMPIC COMPETITORS AND Ai Mini. ?PALEST INIAN OMR ILL AS WOE KILLED. 711111 OLOODSHED, WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN VOIDED, OCCURRED BECAUSE, AS THE ALast AM BROADCAST IVO SERVICE NIALYZED IT, "THE /SNAIL I AND UST OMAN AUTHORITIES CHOSE THE PATH OF HATRED AND BETRAY/Li" WHAT IS EVEN MORE *1 100 IS THE DENTS RUC/ CONTINUE TO DEVELOP IN WEST GERMANY, THE MIDEAST AID THE UNITED STATES. H WEST GERMANY THE ? AUTHORITIES Nadi TRIED TO SET UP A MOVEMENT TO OPPOSE THE ARAB COUNTRIES AID ?MEOW) TO TERRORIZE MORE . THAN 55,000 ARABS NOW EARNING A LIVING' IN WEST GERMANY. CROCODILE TEARS HAVE BEEN SHED FROFOUSELT IN WASHINGTON AND TEL AVIV. ACCOMPANIED BY COUNTLESS THEMES ABOUT HUMANITY AiD PEACE, AS WELL AS SNARLING AND TIOULATE, PRESIDENT NIXON DID THIS FIRS. IN A MESSAGE OF CONDOLENCES TO THE IMAM' PREMIER MK /UDEN? NIXON SA ID THAT THIS II "A TRAGIC AND MEANINGLESS ACT ION, A SABOTAGE OF MANKIND'S DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS,' THAT THIS IS "A TRAGEDY FOR ALL THE PEOPLES AND NAT IONS IN THE WORLD,' AND SO FORTH. ON NIXON'S ORDERS, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE ROGERS, AM* CONSULTINGWITH THE ISRAELI AMIASSADOR, ISSUED AN APPEAL FOR "DRASTIC MEASURES"' TO MAKE 'THE WHOLE WORLD REALIZE THAT CRIMINAL ACTS AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE AI UNACCEPTABLE M2THOD." TO MAKE THE INT ERNAT TONAL ATPRIOSPIE MORE TENSE, U. S. FBI AND SECURITY AGENTS WERE ORD ED TO TAKE *SPECIAL MEASURES" TO PROTECT ISMAEL I, VEST 41711111.1 AND ARAB DIPLOMATIC DELEGATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. IT SROULD ALSO BE NOTED IMMEDIATELY THAT NIXON'S CROCODILE TEARS NAVE NOT BLINDED HIS EYES TO THE FACT OF THE PROSPECT OF VOTES FROM MILLIONS OF .EW ISIF.BORN VOTERS IN THE COMING PRESIERIAL ELECTION. HE DIRECTED HIS SUBORDINATES TO STRUCK' PROTECTION EVEN FOR JEW I SIHICR N AMERICANS, ALT HOUGH HE MAINTAINS TWIT THESE FZOPLE ARE LESS LIKELY TO BE ATTACKED INAS ISRAELI CITIZENS, ACCORDING TO UPI ON 6 SEPTEMBER. (MORE) Approved For Release 2005/08/12 : CIA-RDP80R01720R000700100038-9 14 SEP 0803! EH/ ?FE Approved For Release 2005/08/12 : CIA-RDP80R0+26R000700100038-9 FBI S 15 !LY ADD 14 COHAN DAN ON MUNICH EVENTS xxx on 6 women. (TEXT) WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ALL TUBE PUMA' ACTIVITIES? IN TEL AV IV ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTER ENANg *WITH SLOOD SNOT EYES," TOLD NEW 94E114 " I DO NOT THINK ABOUT PEACE slumming. THE 'PR OELEM NOW IS HOW TO GET RID OF TNIS CATASTROPHE.' ISRAELI TROOPS WERE SNIT/ Y DEPL OYED l'AT AN UNPRECEDENTED RATE" ALONG THE SYR IA.PLEBANON BORDER AREA. ON 5 An 9 SEPTEMBER, WIDER THE PRETEXT OF AVENGING IKE DEATHS. OF THE ISRAEL I . ATHLETES, MANY ISRAELI AIRCRAFT CARRIED OUT FIERCE ATTACKS CM THE TERRITORY OF THESE TWO COUNTRIES. THEY /IMBED, MAC H INE GUNN ED AND 'ROCKETED MANY PALEST TITAN REFUGEE CENTERS AID OTHER POPO.AT ED AREAS, KILLING OR WOUND NG HUNDREDS OF WOMEN, OLD PEOPLE AND CHILDREN. AS ANOTHER PROOF OF TiLE NIXON O. I RUE S 'CRUEL AND HYPOCRITICAL NATURE, THE U.S. DELEGATE TO . THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL BRAZE*. Y VETOED A DRAFT RE SOL UT ION BY THE ARAB COUNTRIES CONDEMNING THE CRIMINAL ISRAELI RAIDS AND DEMAND IN G THAT THEY BE ENDED AT ONCE. ? AT THE PRESENT INTERNATIONAL JUNCTURE, THE RECENT LOGY INCIDENT MUNICH IS ELOQUENT PROOF or THE CICELY AND PERFIDY 11F THE U.S. AND ISRAELI AGGRESSORS AND ENE DARK DESIGN OF THE NIXON ADM IN I MAT 101I AND COMPANY TO WRECK PEACE %mon THE EiTREMEL Y HYPOCRITICAL LABEL Or NUNANIT Y AND PEACE. THE CARE SSOR S HAVE AVAIL ED THEASELVES OF IKE DEATHS OF 11 ISRAELIS, WH ICH THEY DELIBERATELY sumo TO HAPPEN, TO MASSACRE HUNDRED S OF ARABS WHOSE FAT NEWLAND US BUN ANNEXED BY THE ISRAEL IS. THEY PLANNED TO WHIP UP A cnavinnurric HYSTERIA IN IMAM AND CREATE A FAL SE PROTEST NOVEMENT WITHIN THE CALLED "C IV IL TEED WORLD" TO VILIFY THE JUST STRUGILE ?OP THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE AND TO THREATEN AND SPL IT TEE ARAB commits. THEY PLOTTED TO ISOLATE THE PALESTINIAN PATRIOT IC MOVEMENT FROM THE OTHER ARAB PEOPLES AND TIE WORLD'S PEOPLES, THIS ISRAEL I SCHEME, IS AVID AT PIIIT LIG A CLOAK OF JUST ICE ON THE AUBE SSOR S AND THE ST IONA OF INJUST ICE AND DARBARITr 011 A ? MALL NAT ION WHOSE ONLY CR IME IS TO FIGHT AND NAME SACRIFICES FOR ITS OWN SURVIVAL. HOWEVER, THE ? PHAR 'SEES OF THE 20TH MT MY HAVE BEEN INMASKED. THE GOVERNMENT S AND PEOPLES OF SYRIA AID LEBANON DETERMINEDflE 10 DEAL TILE ISRAELI ARGRESSIIN 5 APPROPRIATE PLOWS, THE ARAB PEOPLES ARE NOT DUPED BY ?NIS DIVISIVE PLOT. TITHER HAVE THEY SKR UNE BEFORE MEATS* THE Evan IAN . CDVERNMENT THE GOVERNMENT OF THE FEDERATION Or ARAB FSPUBL ICS CONSISTING OF EGYPT L ISO AND SYRIL, THE ARAB tracing, AND OTHERS HAVE UNANIMOUSLY SUPPORTED T HE 'PALESTINIAN FEOPLE, DENOUNCED THE ISRAEL IS AND THE U.S. IMPERIALISTS, AND CALLED ON THE ARAB COUNTRIES TO TAKE COMMON ACT ION TO OPPOSE THE AGGRESSORS. /0-61THE AGGRESSORS'PERFIDIOUS MANEUVERS AND ACTS CANNOT ER CNN THE JUST. VOICE OF THE PALESTINIAN 'toms, WHO CONTINUE TO EE HEARD IN THE DIN OF BOMB EXPLOSIONS AND CHAUVINIST IC OUTCRIES. THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE HAVE EXPRESSED, THROUGH THEIR LEADERS. THE DETERMINATION TO SEEK EVERY MEANS TO SIR DOME FOR THE RIGHT TO LIVE. IRIS JUST VOICE HAS ENJOYED EVER GREAT ER SYM PAT NY AND SUPPORT FROM AU. PROGRESSIVE MANKIND. THE L S. AND ISRAELI SCHEME TO MAKE THE MOST OF TILE MOOD Y MUNICH limper! IS VERY PERFIDIOUS, BUT IT WILL NOT WORK, SINCE OURS IS AN ERA WHEN THE OPPRESSED PEOPLES HAVE ARISEN TO TAKE THEIR DESTINY INTO THEIR HANDS. THE VIETNAMESE PEOPLE, WHO HAVE SEEN THE TRUE COLORS OF IMPERIALISt, ESPECIALLY THOUGH THE "NIXON DOCTRINE," ARE RESOLVED TO SUPPORT THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE'S FIGHT FOR THEIR SACRED FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS UNTIL ITS FINAL VICTORY. (END ALL) Approved For Release 2005/08/12: CIA-RDP80R01720R000700100038-9 14 SEP 0533Z Eli/GFE ve?el Approved For Release 2005/08/12: CIA-RDP8OROOLVIR000700100038-9 FBI S- 25 CORRECTION 15 CNHAN DAN ON HUMID PARAGRAPH FOUR LINE THREE SHOILD READ XXX U.S....ISRAELI SCHEME, WHICH HAS THE COLLUSION OF THE WEST GERMAN ADMINISTRATION IS AIMED AT PUTTING XXX CSUPPLY/NG DROPPED WORDS) 14 SEP 10315Z DW/GFE Approved FrRelease 2005/08/12 : CIA-R0P80R01720R000700100038-9 Rat Approveertir Release 2005/08/12 : CIA-RDP80ROWIOR000700100038-9 F81058 ? CORRECT ION 14 (SHAN DAN ON 14UNICH) LAST PARAGRAPH, FIRST LINE SMOILD READ XXX ATMOSPHERE MORE TENSE, NIX ON ORDERED. THE U.S. FBI AND SECURITY AGENTS TO TAKE XXX (SUPPLYING DROPPED WORD AND CHANGING WORD ORDER) 14 SEP 13311 RS/CAJ Approved For Release 2005/08/12 : CIA-RDP80R01720R000700100038-9