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December 12, 2016
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May 14, 2002
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Approved Release 2002/06/13: CIA-RDP80RON 1 R000100010060-8 The honorable ri. A Lesander -itl United States Senate Washington 25, A. C. Dear Aleas Reference is made to your letter of 7 March 1956 regarding Macao and Goa. The Chimes Costs have made a number of public state- ments linking Macao and Glee, but these probably are mainly a reflection of Peiping'. wish to cultivate Indian good will, in line with recent C.omnmjet efforts to establish good relations with "neutral" ncn .Capmtni.at countries. Communist China Is unequivocally committed to gain possession of Macao eventually, and India 3s similarly committed with respect to ultimate possession of Goa. It is unlikely that a second Afro-Asian Conference will be hold this summer. The Columbo Powers India, Pakistan, P'urma, Indonesia and Ceylon--were given the responsibility at Pandang of arranging a second conference. To date they have show no interest in an early meeting. Faithfully yours, Allen W. DulAw Director STAT .c c - X r-1 A- A Approved For Rel aselA /66/13 : CIA-R[N ON41M STAT ' Aooroved Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP80R0Jml31 R000100010060.-8.,,?~ WALTER F. GEORGE, A., R AN THEODORE FRANCIS GREEN, R. I. ALEXANDER WILEY, J. W. FULBRIGHT, ARK. H. ALEXANDER SMITH, N. N.J. JOHN SPARKMAN, ALA. BOURKE B. HICKENLOOPER, IOWA HUBERT H. HUMPHREY, MINN. WILLIAM LARGER, N. OAK. MIKE MANSFIELD, MONT. WILLIAM F. KNOWLAND, CALIF. ALBEN W. BARKLEY, KY. GEORGE D. AIKEN, VT. WAYNE MORSE, OREG. HOMER E. CAPEHART, IND. CARL MARCY, CHIEF OF STAFF C. C. O'DAY. CLERK J Cnff eb ,cif of ez Zenaf e March 7, 1956 ?' 007t - Can you give me any information that is not classified with regard to the following matter that has been called to my attention: "It is the intention of Red China to seize Macao and of India to seize Gao this summer. For this purpose Red China has been holding secret conferences with India. They may stage the seizures after the holding of a second Afro-Asiatic Conference." Looking forward to seeing you soon and with kindest personal regards, I remain Always cordially yours, Mr. Allen W. Dulles Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. Co Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP80ROl731 R000100010060-8 Approved 0 Release 2002/06/13: CIA-RDP80R01 60O W410060-8 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY The Honorable H. Alexandet Smith United States Senate Washington 25, D. C. _Reference is mace to your letter of 7 March 1956 regarding Macao tin's in the- fntgj Macao eventually, and l" i similarly committed with respect to ultimate possession of a. ne eilece owever, of any a Bement between P..eiping Delhi--to---take military action against these_Portuguese _ itorie this -summer -or indeed at any specific Communist China s unequivocally committed to gain possession of The Chinese Communists ha made a number of public statements linking Macao and Goa, but thes probably are mainly a reflection of ? Peiping'a wish to cultivate In an good will, in line with recent Communist efforts to establish ood relations with "neutral" non- C__9ommunist countries. The information you received may have derived from the following a. In the summer of 19 Chinese Communist propaganda affirmed Peiping' s support for a "Liberation" of Goa. Prime Minister Nehru was apparently gra ied, and he later responded by declaring "Macao will be returnt\d to China; there is no b. In October 1955, Communist ropaganda demanded that Portugal withdraw from Macao and ass ted Peiping'a "right to take back this piece of Chinese terri ory." At the same time, the propaganda stated that "the Chine people have given active support to the Indian people in eir demand to recover Goa from the Portuguese colonialists." 14- /1p id"v9'edzP3'i- Re1e O /Oe/13 DP80 Oi 0000bD'100fi ?-?---t- . Approved For,ase 2002/06/13: CIA-RDP80RO1731 0100010060-8 c. In a or policy address on 30 January 1956, Chinese Communist Premier ou En-lai charged the U.S. with opposing self-determination fo colonial peoples and observed that the "United States openly efers to India's Goa and China's Macao as 'provinces' of Por gal." d. Indian propa da makes a great deal out of the fact that Goa must be retur ed. India shows no signs of letting go of Dadra and Nagar Ave l'., small sections of Portuguese terri- tory surrounded by Indi territory which were seized in mid 1954. India claims these a ayes are ruled by native villagers. In arY case, if Macao and Goa wer as your informant reports, the timing wry holding of a second Afro-Asian Conferend year for a second conference seems hig going to be seized this summer, uld have no connection with the . A date in the summer ofd this improbable at this time.. The donesia and Ceylon were Columbo Powers--India, Pakistan, Burma, I given the responsibility at Bandung of arr To date they have shown no interest ip an ging a second conference. meeting;` . _G Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP80ROl731 R000100010060-8 06 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP ER-8-0076 INITIALS DATE I eputy Director /Intelligence .!% 2 N ye 3 5 FROM INITIAL S DATE I Legislative Counsel wJ, 2 3 APPROVAL 0 INFORMATION 0 SIGNATURE IJACTION I DIRECT REPLY II RETURN I'COMMENT II PREPARATION OF REPLY I DISPATCH I (CONCURRENCE II RECOMMENDATION I I FILE REMARKS: This letter is from H: Alexander Smith. Please prepare a memorandum from which we can draft a reply. N. S. Paul T 6