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December 12, 2016
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January 25, 2002
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October 1, 1956
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'Approved FoRelease 2002/02/27: CIA-RDP80R016R000500150002-3 r^-3-64i4/a. Mr. Julius Epstein 1A Dear Mr. Epstein: On behalf of Mr. Dulles, who is away on an extended trip, msy I acknoviedge your letter of septes r 14. We will bring your letter to dlr. Dulles' ntion on his return. Assis -, for 1A GiL`cI/ he 1? _'% Sep 56) (3J - DD n w/ba.si 1_ - DCI 1 JAS c ro?IO t - 71ead n r. Approved For Release 2002/02/27 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R000500150002-3 Approv*or Release 2002/02/27: CIA-RDP80S731 R000500150002-3 25X1A September 1:14, 1956, Mr, Allen Dulles CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ZZ.30 E Street, N.W. Washington 2:5 , D. C. Dear Mr. Dullest. A few months ago, I suggested in a letter to the editor which appeared in the Washington Post & Times-fferald, the St. Louis Post-Di atch and the New York World Telegram and Sun' and which was reprinted in the Congressional Record that an AMERICAN. NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE ERECTION OF A KATYN MEMORIAL IN WARSAW be formed with Arthur Bliss Lane as President:. That Committee should have the task to interest the American people in a national gift to the Polish people in form of an Katyn Memorial which the War- saw Government has never dared to erect. Ambassador Lane was delighted and wrote me that he would forz this Committee with himself as Chairman. Unfortunately Mr. Lane died a few weeks ago,. I now feel, that Arthur Lane left ma a moral heritage and that it is my duty to carry out his will as expressed in many letters to me. The importance of the project in respect to our psy- chological war is self-evident. 'foutll. certainly un- derstand the tremendous implications of the plan, event if the Warsaw Government should deny-permission to erect such a Memorial in Warsaw. Itm writing to you as an old member of Arthur Lanes; ICAN COMMITTEE FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF THE. KATYN : MASSACRE, INC. of which I was the Executive Secretary. Wouldn't ypu be kind enough to help me to set up the 4 Approved For Release 2002/02/27 CIA-Ie:891rR000500150002-3 Approver Release 2002/02/27: CIA-RDP80F'31 R000500150002-3 K few weeks ago I wrote the enclosed letter to Khrush- chev and had it signed by six Congressmen who all were members of the Congressional Committee To Investigate the Katyn Forest Massacre. I also mailed the letter to Khrushchev and released it to the press. Radio Free Europe just tells me that they are going to print about 1. to a million leaflets with the text. of the letter in Polish for their balloon, operation* Of course, it takes a long time for them. to carry out this plan. I also suggested to the Voice of America and to Radio Free Europe to invite Mr. Podkowinski the correspondent of TRYRUNA LUDU, Warsaw, who is now in the U.S. to par- ticipate in a discussion of Katyn. Every if he should refuse it, it would be a very good item to be used by our propaganda media. Very sincerely yours, Julius Epstein. Enclosure. Approved For Release 2002/02/27 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R000500150002-3 RAY J. MADDEN Approver Release 2002/02/27 : CIA-RDP80F?731 R000500150002-3 RUL~MEMBERMITTEE 1&T DISTRICT. INDIANA Congreg;2; of t be 41niteb &tatee; 3ouge of Repregentatibeg Mr. Nikita S. Khrushchev THE KREMLIN Moscow, USSR abington, 0. C. July 26, 1956 The undersigned former Members of the SELECT COMMITTEE TO CONDUCT AN INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTS, EVIDENCE, AND CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE KATYN FOREST MASSACRE take the liberty to ask you why you have not yet admitted Stalin's and Beria's guilt in the Katyn massacre of 4,243 Polish officers in the Spring of 1940, the massacre which turned out to be the greatest military crime in modern history. The printed record of the investigation of the Katyn massacre, carried. out by our committee comprises 2,437 pages, the testimony of 103 witnesses and 229 exhibits. No other crime in history has ever been the ob- ject of such long and thorough parliamentary investigation as the Katyn Forest Massacre. SECRETARY MARY SOBEK HAMMOND The result of that investigation was the establish- ment of the fact -- beyond the shadow of any doubt -- that the Katyn massacre as well as the murder of another 11,000 Polish officers on Soviet soil, was the work of the NKVD. Our investi- gating congressional committee arrived unanimously at this verdict. Since you have already rightfully blamed Stalin and Beria for so many crimes, the non-Soviet world is at a com- plete loss to understand why you did not include the Katyn Forest massacre in your list of crimes committed by Stalin and Beria. There is no crime of Stalin's which has ever been proved so meti- culously and so completely documented. C10 rnlm.ck tii~ ~Z~ ~tTS~? CLASS. C5)iT F3; ~f it e' 1 MJT4i1 V'R 13.2 tea gTZI Approved For Release 2002/02/27 CIA-RDP80RB1731 R000500150002-3 e Approv~Oor Release 2002/02/27: CIA-RDP80FO31 R000500150002-3 Mr. Nikita S. Khrushchev July 26, 1956, page 2 There is no doubt in the minds of the undersigned that your admission d' Stalin's and Beria's guilt in this crime would render a great service to the cause of the truth. You would only ad- mit what the non-Soviet world has already known for a considerable time. We, the former Members of the American Congressional Committee To Investigate the Katyn Forest Massacre, trust and hope, Sir, -- and with us the whole non-Soviet world -- that you will no longer deprive the Soviet people of the truth which can easily be found in the seven volumes and two special reports, published by our committee in 1951 and 1952. Sir, We remain with the expression of our high esteem.. Very truly yours, George A. ondero 7 Timothy P. Sheehan Daniel J. Fl od Approved For Release 2002/02/27 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R000500150002-3 Approved For Release 2002/02/27 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R000500150002-3 Approved For Release 2002/02/27 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R000500150002-3