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December 20, 2016
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August 29, 2007
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November 10, 1950
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S ANDA, Approved For Release 2007/08/29: CIA_RDP80RO1731R000800100004-3 ? UNITED-STATES GOVERNMENT Office Mei'orandum TO Executive FROM Chief, I?&SS SUBJECT: Attached Letter to Mr. Dean In briefing the DCI on this letter: (1) "Type B Restricted Data" involves DATE:10 November 1950 CQCUMENT NO. p! ? :;h 3IG+L HI CLASS GL:.. NEXT R-?ViEW LATE: AU1H: H 77i,, 2 DATE REVIEWERI military application of Atomic Energy. (2) It does not include highly sensitive "Q Information" such as numbers of bombs, methods of manufacture, and other more carefully compartmentalized information. (3) This permission by Mr. Dean will avoid getting full Q clearance for many people who don't need it. (4) Persons to receive "Type B" will be only those recommended by Dr. Chadwell, they will be carried on a special dissemination roster, and the names will be rechecked with I&SS. C onel, GSC DOE review Approved For Release 2007/08/29: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R000800100004-3 Approved For Release 2007/08/29: CIA-RDP80ROl731 R000800100004-3 UNITED STATES ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION WASHINGTON 25, D. C. Decanbcr 26 .* 1 ftio Reference is made to your letter of November 14, 1950, in which you furnished additional information in connection with the re- quest for authority to disseminate "Type B Restricted Data" within the Central Intelligence Agency on a "need to knew" 'basis. The Atomic tergy Commission is working gout new arrangements ho Department of Defense under which a distinction between "Type At' and "Type B Restricted Data" would be eliminated. Con- sequently, the request concerning the dissemination of "Type B Restricted Data" would have no further meanings upon the conaum- of this new arrangement which is expected to go into on in the near future. go note in your letter that the investigations of applicants for employment with your Agency are conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other governmental investigative agencies. The AEC would normally be able to grant a "Q" clearance to those CIA employees who have been investigated by the FBI upon receipt of additional copies of the investigative reports. Such clearance could be granted without any appreciable delay. it would take approximately sixty to ninety days to obtain background investi- gation and AEC "Q" clearance for those CIA employees who have not been investigated by the FBI. Since you have indicated that less them( (professional analysts are involved, we recommend that for the present time your Agency process for "q" clearance, in accordance with estab- lished procedures, those employees who will require access to "Restricted Data." DOCUMENT ND. NO CHA.NeE IN GLASS L.7 B CLArSSIFI-M CLASS, CII- ;,` ":7 x~: IS S C NEXT IILVI ATZ AUTI4: Hit 70 2 DATE .-__- REVIEWER: Sincerely yours, Gordon Do Chairman ut. General Walter Bedell with actor of Central Intelligence Approved For Release 2007/08/29: CIA-RDP80ROl731 R000800100004-3 Approved For Release 2007/08/29: CIA-RDP80R01731 R000800100004-3 41'UV 1950 mc 195 # c -aec Lion ri9.:z You, :LIc o LL I "a i:#A 01L .; :i ,' a eei it 3 IC "umo 'k - p' s ``.. ng .+. .0r4ca ions . v is the Ocnr..i ty ix 1 Le' x of s t to ; Lir4u c Zia.,! iv eP tii Gtion co L? wf :" s m ;. , i `?? u erY 1950 for a .tflorit r to disseri to Y three -years. pii. n& tic n 1 t~r`n y chec , ".~ prior V j entry to field .YgY ;r'? n of - ~pt %.~..1cl' t ~ fo . Gs1t: i,.S} duc ttOd zr # (rhc -tu of 1:L e a ti : tion xid other g x czx ent 1 inv stii*etivr z Lg' P J : . -c x.31? iv need L: ?r.i r t~ :tietdd y..s. ` will ark according to txve abject ut of the repor ; h rt v r# it :o Id. not k Xt'lro tP` R; .1 'Al t who .ve F- en 3 y your kLroc" ar Copies to. IM/CD Signer Central Records (w/cy basic) File -- SOS (w/prig basic) Chrono -- :ACS SES :NFL/rvh (9 Nov 50 ) Rewritten for :f ormat:EE:mc (13 Nov 50) ]DOCUMENT NO. Pi0 CHANGE IN CLASS Cgs A:tSIFIEn i 1-33?t0( ) ~Cr a E' 'SS. CHARGED 10'. TS S NEXT REVIEW DATEt AUTHh MICA DATE REVIEWER; -n-A-1 511 Id Approved For Release 2007/08/29: CIA-RDP80R01731 R000800100004-3 Approved For Release 2007/08/29: CIA-RDP80R0l731 R000800100004-3 / _Q 7(.~- /-335fo 3 F0~': T}f C ki ll MAN . T S tTU TC y "Typ B i std ictea Data" 28SUP"% i.. The Central Intelligence :ger,.cy uanderste.r,us ttt by agree- ent >t een the Atomic Energy Co fission anc, -f; D P t