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December 14, 2016
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February 12, 1999
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June 13, 1949
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STANDARD FORM NO. ?Approved F**Release 20035 A-RDP80R017QJoRO0120005004 '.%?Cllt1V6 Registry D-.sow e Office Memorandum UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO FROM SUBJECT: Assistant Director, ORE Chief, B/FE, ORE 20 May, Friday: DATE: 13 June 1949 The Coordination of ORE 45-19: "Probable Developments in China." 1. The procedure employed in the coordination of ORE 159 is set forth below: 23 May, Monday: The request initiating the project on a high priority basis was received about 1600. An initial draft was completed within the Branch. 24 May, Tuesday: This initial draft was distributed by hand to the four IAC agencies for informal coordination. 26 May, Thursday: Members of this Branch visited the four agencies and discussed with them the initial draft. At that time the State Department presented a redraft of one page of the Political Section,and it was agreed to recast that part of the paper dealing with the question of recognition in such a form that it would be more acceptable to the State Department. 27 May, Friday: A draft incorporating the changes recommended by the IAC agencies was completed and distri- buted to the agencies. 2 June, Thursday: A meeting was held in CIA attended by representatives of the four agencies. At that time the draft paper was discussed page by page and various revisions were introduced into the teat. 3 June, Friday: A final draft was completed within the Branch. During the morning four members of the Branch visited the State Department (OIR) and discussed in detail points of redrafting. OIR representa- tives indicated satisfaction with the final draft. SECREt Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001200050045-9 Approved Fo elease 2003 IA-RDP80R01731 R001200050045-9 7 June, Tuesday: The final draft was distributed to the four IAC agencies by the Staff Intelligence Group with a request for concurrence or dissent by Noon, Friday, 10 June. Copies of this draft were simultaneously distributed directly to working-level members of the four agencies. 10 June, Fridayt Full concurrence without comment was received on time from the Intelligence Departments of Army, Navy and Air Forces. No official word was received from OIR, Department of State. 25X1 Captain., 1JSN Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001200050045-9 Approved For Release 2003/07/21'`-CIA-RD 731 R001 200050045-9 G/SI LOG ON "HOI,IE STRETCH" OF ORE 45.49 Friday. 10 June (Approx. times) 25X1 1030 25X1 25X1 would be out all day. Chief, Intelligence Coordinating Staff, OIR, called stating that comments on ORE 45-49 had come in and that they appeared to constitute the basis for a dissent. I inquired if 0 was back from and was told Yes, but that he had just returned and was not yet back in the "harness." I then asked for l's assistant, and was told he 1100 Called Col. Booth, Office of Special Assistant to Sec.State for Research and Intelligence, but unable to reach him. 25X1 1215 called on other matter and we in turn asked about progress of preparation of comment. She was unable to say whether or not we could expect a concurrence or dissent. 1400 Called Col. Booth and asked him to check into matter, He told me he had been away for a few days and wasn't up on this project but would check. He suggested I call 25X1 0's office, and that possibly CIA Branch should contact OIR analyst. 25X1 1630 Called office and was told by that Acting Chief, DRF, was on active duty with Navy, but would have to look over comments prior to their being sent up to Col. Booth's office. Presumably this would be done over the week-end. 25X1 25X1 1640 Tried to reach at Navy 0 but unable to. Monday. 13 Jum 0950 Called He stated that over week-end OIR had decided to concur provided we made certain changes in accordance with comment. If not, he wanted us to publish State comment. 25X1 1100 Called Q Discussed pros and cons of publishing a comment that was not a dissent. He indicated that State did not want to dissent, but unless we published their com- ment, State would be forced to. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001200050045-9 Approved F elease 2003/07/:19- d P RDP80RO1731 R001200050045-9 Mbndav. 12 June (cont.) 25X1 115 called and stated little headway had been made. I informed him we would go to press without State com- ment if it were not received by end of day. 25X1 1615 II called and gave us State dissent over the tele- p ne, but Col. Booth had to confirm. (Copy attached) 1640 Col. Booth called and vetoed Ors wording. Stated a written statement would be forthcoming the following morning. Tuesday,, JA June 1030 State written dissent received. Almost identical with 25X1 what 0 had given us over the telephone. (Copy attached) 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001200050045-9