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December 14, 2016
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February 12, 1999
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February 1, 1949
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Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050052-1 Ian Chief, ICAPS Asst Director OCD Request for intori'ation relative to Atlantic Pact Ref: ORS Secret Memo to OCD dated 24 Jan 1S49 - copy enclo Feb 1.949 I. ference memorandum, copy of which is for a ded ior with, draws attention to a serious- inadequacy. This Agency Is being kept In ignorance of Weetern Union military developments by the Department of the Army and Is being kept in ignorance of Atlantic Pact propoeals and negotiations by the state Department. CIA's responsibility for the preparation or- estiumtes concerning the national security (gannet be carrieu out under these circumstances. 2.- It Is believed that it la a function of LP to remedy situations such as this. In the event of an unexpectpud international dObiele, whether military or political, the Central Intelligence Agency would be held accountable for failure to have provided advance.- warning. CIA could not hope to exonerate itself by asaertinE that ether agencies had withheld vital intomation; for it would be pointed out, promptly and with reason, that we should hava fought for the information with courage and energy at the tine illert we first became aware it was being withheld. 34 OCD a Liaison Officel's have not been able to get the necessary information on the working level. 4 The Amy 14ember of ICAP5 is makine valiant efforts to g t the data on 4stern Union military- thvelopments from the epartment of the Army. 5. It is requested that ICAP take suoh steps as may be necessary to dbtain_the- requisite political Information. tencernints the Atlantic Pact from the Departlient of State. If this effort preys unsuccessful, then it is respectfully suggested that it would be in the Interepte of this vency to ensure- that State Departments refusal is set forth in writing for the record. : , ORii0 eaa 1.0100 01 ?ames ,,.. Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050052-1 25X1 ILLEGIB A p A AohttAKEWPIPLVItkvPfclAg':IP1011-1'iPAPWMR?4810430 I. i CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO A DATE I 1) C I F.4 2 c-D c-ip c_, ( 14 ill iti/ 3 4 _ 5 FROM INITIALS DATE I Alri 0 ef) 3 =APPROVAL 1______IACTI SIGNATURE RETURN DISPATCH FILE I--IFORMATION I I ON DIRECT REPLY I - I E:ICOMMENT I (PREPARATION REPLY1 I OF C=CONCURRENCE REMARKS: w RECOMMENDATION [ I or Release n??/O7/29 :Cl-DFR017 RO0120O0(anoNFiD AL RESTRICTED UNCLASSIFIED FORM NO. 90-4 SEP 1947 2-1 52-1