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December 14, 2016
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February 12, 1999
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October 12, 1948
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SECRET Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050059- OCT 12 1948 a tvn ot Public* as) ame U)j4Ct, dated reviewed a rogue Enecutive Reggstry _ 0- / // of4 are goncL;(3 and logic ? proposed plan of 0p,,:ra610a, d$ ota34d saficiently ;:ipeeific 40 wait either brief quartos. 1101 Calitata attached as Tab A cies in the project, and soac of tha the plan were imphamentad in its prassat duplicating [Lollar projects es?* t La as extersive as paraaapi. Lf, page indicate, tht iinsmer is in the affirastivo.. It the diultian or the pertinent inforaation to be aatraetad is limited, as ted in paruraph Ite of the brief to *the fields of economic arid industrial irformatian related to strategic vulnerability, technical air Informatios aod air ara and civil sir information, blograpticei air infatuation and air geography, *the answer is still in the affirmative since ForeLix Documents branch,CIA, is 1.-Taseatly entractlag Aron current Russian nme4papers and 0,riodica1s laforanA= which falls law these Oategories. It it were presumed that the, would, on the othar nand, maim we Prom Istracta nnd th. Joint ?rasa Readlu gaftpailon or the LoAst press, altnougino igence control, then duplication would still exist (PAragraph 5) that the Ar Ay Library handle sarront sad that the Library or Gowass handle ugovernaint periodicals." Inasmuch as all Soviet poriodleals are gerititesnt periodicals, tne distinction Is somawhat Ulo.cai,Ueverthalesa, mince r'orsian Doe,emats aranch Is at present abstracting all periodicals that it is illt! 14 get flee atti gift icatia? would o,xiasuarlli ririo Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050059-4 StCHET Agin/g~geakitiligierni SECRET Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050059-4 Although the extent of air geography ir not clearly defined, it 1.6 believed that in tho exploitation of tatic information on this subjectthere would be come duplication -ith the work done t)y the ATM' VeP Serviese It is possible that proceselni: of the tacolck xicht dupliaate some of the *or* done ;%>' the Inter..asiArLsortal Committee for tine Acoeleitioo of Poreign Y'uolicationo ana tine FOrtfigl 1:;CO:WULIC Aimin- titration during the wars and LL4.4rjoi moo dello b.:; toe ',,,ffic.) of International rrad, Departot,,ht of ,',00morc 4 4041 the Intelligence piste-ion* WDOS, eopeoially as contained La the latterla sar..timm publication entitled '1Inforoatioo from trio luropmen ress.4 Oorwmn material, alreedy proctemeitv CIA, also 000tains th, results of explottatioo or z'e-'sir JT ublicatioali and captured dooum:nts for imilatrial son *eon finally, it is essomed that the propoerd project would be 000rdinatad wit Projoc J07-4. or the AeroncuiAoal Chart oervioe and iit. tc extensir; abstractAr?ox roreitn air tochntoal pOolioations as oarriod oa by PAC (riot Field), to avoid duplication within the ivpartoent of the air Forte. b) nal_ the Air isare be operatint iu tte field 0 interest?u In sniper to this, isiot be et.,teO thAt 'he iexpioitwuio of open source mAterlal -nvolvin4 tht aelogwtion and extraction of tuch basic inforaatilx1 as axiots Initdr* )11blicntione c. tot, wit,t certain tehniftel ex000tiono, be said to lie within any one firlid of dominant intersats A publiaAaa itoo an t:o3 oonWx4otion of neer etekl factory in the UWE is of Int,u'eet to :1ZA and other intell- tenet agencies as well as to the Air eorce. Deo/omit or oeoot- mental interest lies in the interpretation, analyst:1 and use o7- the raw inforeatkon. AccorOlotily, It (se, Qhiy ve etateu that its very nature, this te c. operar,lon dwt of conoorh to .11i the LAC at,eneiebe ri4e Sinai quebti'm as nitth 4.1h a project lead to unhealti,y compe:Atiou for translators?ft Mt, la lad;.ftese by a state- whet in paraitraph 3 taw; may low order, aon-technIcal tranelta,cra are eavisloned. In oonneotion with 't,:ho iattur, 4 queeti_o arixec. aw technical air lator.aot.oui&p ie oi tAe trif, W. ue tratted by non-toonnical tra;,:ilatoro. :t ie OeIieved that experience Will show tha: tut eiploymen,:_ ol really los =dor triatore as inerficient, time-o0:.,tum!.h4 costly. TiliJ has booh recogrired in tht preparation or the to:tative T/0 (unex I) whit I call t4 22 144,141, lh 11-31e, etc. Transiatore oX rue, Lra4ev conslotred by CIA andAne Civil 14rviot Cotst on of ey.r?-1,1y. high ealiVrethle, the loosed projknt motad be recruiting the beet-traI TL$eis it coutd find, icAot then put Approved For Release 2003/07/2 :2140RDP8ORD1731RD01200050059-4 f; CRto SLUtit ; Approved For -Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050059-4 in the field another competitor for exporiencod and qualiflod lingsdats sod Warielators, fsperisect has shotin that for cIPAT lov grade tromslator (1.4., CAF-5), one atelified and orporiencol translator is noodod to check and correct the mark, and in ipe 1;nd less tine would be spent ifsiodium grad, translators were hired. Ito manor is therefore mainly affirmatives in that oco.::..pt,tion for translaterel mould melt' thethor oc not this ow:petition mould be levabealthr scroll ne>ond on stetter a coordinated recrait meat plan :mold be worked out wi.th other rgentleem It is believed that the compotition for translators :dint be loss serious than tho competition tor somicee an coerce ma?orialas In stow of the difficUty of ?Ottani% even 4a* copy of many current Una public:41.4as La MOectoor. h4 The opportunity to conmont on tee pravosed project !,74 adgreciated hy this Avow, sod it jou should desire fartStr diocuosion or clarification of any of the points at,. ,'rid obsess a *catenate bet-we/co the ap?repriate b branch ehLets of the CIA dad the Directorato aSnL i1it.. can 7-Je arranged at your conveolonco? E. K. WRIGHT BRIGADIER GENERAL. USA -124.VIEL;41 DIRECTOR LAD:abo cc: SCSigner' opy/ Distribution Central. ftecords (-e4At 25X1 00 Please r3turn tol PDB QUZt 20190 Approved ForReleasedtter-RDP8OR01731R001200050059-4 t.qt