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December 14, 2016
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February 12, 1999
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April 20, 1948
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90,40 - - Approved Fgr Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050066-6 XIL:LXXXX 20 APR 1948 2b ,948 MMOROIDUV POP TBE Dri131T0ii: OP TWITMIZIENCE, c5USA MAW? t Coordination on 04;-43-44 ',The (arrant 5ituation in the Yree Territory of Trist& 7001CRINCE Nemorandam, 114 April 1944, ,,;SOID 092, troll Deputy Director of Intelligence, 03118A, to Actin4. Estimates Croup, 07S, CIA, (subjeA ORE 23-4d), copy* attached 1. Ti* reference ,aemorandust was received in re 1y to a request for a formal statcncht of concurrence r dissert on toe eubject paper. It will be noted that the refe?-once is dated lit April, and it was received in CIA on the afterioon ot 16 April. Sims subjeet paper went to press on 14 April, it was impossible to publish the stateasnt of diseent at that tt,e. instead, the following paragmh was printed at tne bottc r page 1 of tne rt ports "NOTE: The information in ti,is report, is as of 12 April 1946. The intelliganco organisatiosu; of ths separt- wont* or State, Navy, and the kir ?ores have concurred in this report; at the time af publication no official statement had been received from the Department tf the Ar'.tt 2. Work was begun on the subject report late il ;7,:arch 19,0. During the preparation of the report a reprteertstive of OFiL had numerous conversations with a rapresentative ot ID, and there was no disagreement between them about the conclusions or method of Irv- sentation of the paper. On ThursdAy afternoon, ? April, repre- sentative of the Eurasian .'-$.rartctlt,t, tel reppesentative TITIUME 3ranch, 0711;, sts,ting thaq, t;m gurea!an I 25X1 of theBranch concurred in tlle report, suggestinz at the same time a few I ?r, Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050066-6 Approved FOr Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R0171 R001200050066-6 - ellimves to 'which the orx representative agreed and whirhwere In- ocrporated in the final draft of the report. 3. A draft of sebject report -ma :3ort to thc 7A7 azInotr on 6 April for formal concurrence or dienoet? rith a req.eeet th6r,? such statemente be returned by 1200, 9 Teril. 7Tritten e.rmerran-c3 yore received frol the intellieence orzanizatins of rtat:;., Navy, and Air oroe on or 'before 2 April. 4. No reply havine been received fro the Intellieenoe Division, 051JSA, by 1200, 9 Aprils a telephone eel' woe lade to that division at about 1$00 to ingeire *en a 3tatement-mi4ht Os expected. It vies then explained by n thet At ceeld nut oeneur in subject report and that the formal dissent xas not yet ready. The ORE repreeentative then sezeosted thet a t4Ittn be bald at which representatives of the two aoneles col l attempt to recox*:!.1e their differences. ID replied that the dieaont, which naturally could not be discussed On the telephone, was too fundavental to consider reconciliation. The ID representatita further declined negotiation after beinz told that the report t,41 41re4tdy been obenged in conforaity with Objections of the 1tate Department, welch chnneec might possibly answer the ohjectione of the Ireellieonee Divisidn. 5. On 14 April it wee found nece3sary in view ot the. approaching date of the Italian elections to 0 to preee without having received an official stetement trea ID. The stetrlent geotei above in paragraph I was published with the report. 6. Aside from the relatively minor pvlblem of failure or. thspart of ID .to meet the deadline, the ert li?oat dietorbing jot. plications to the siteation a utlined above. Infornel agreemeet was reached en the working level. This 4are31ent ,i44. reversed at a ..eigher level in ID in such a eanner es to are no optortonity for further discussion or negotietion between the two a4oreioe. A a result, the revert was published without the '->enefit t;t foal d5_soustion the ?Maga ID point of view. This point of view, if well taken, ehoeld of course hay() been incerporeted in 1..1*, report, and if tba CIA representatives could rot agree etth tne official opinion of 144 the statement of dissent should have been included with the report. RR, ;3*.?L.1 I 00 Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050066-6 Approved Fos-Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01743,1R001200050066-6 trAt?00ral OREerBabbittad Distribution: Orig. & 1 to addressee Director's file - (1)&00---- Central Records - (1) Asst. Dir., ORE - (1) Estimates Group - (1) . R. H. HILLENKOETTER USN CCOR O (NTELLINCE R i) 0 Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731R001200050066-6