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December 14, 2016
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April 12, 2000
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September 19, 1946
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Prepared by Col E. K. Wright, USA Approved For,.Belease 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001200050072-9 19 September 1946. MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD: In compliance with a verbal directive from General Vandenberg, a meeting was arranged in the Pentagon Building between Mr. Edgar, Chief of our Coordination and Planning Staff, and General Abe Lincoln, Deputy to General Norstad of Plans and Operations, War Deprtment. The purpose of the meeting was to make arrangements for our securing from the Plans and Operations Office, War Department, such cables, messages and other matter handled by them which were of intelligence interest. The result of this meeting which was held on 17 September was a tentative arrpngement to be discussed at a further meeting in my office on 18 September. On 18 September a meeting was held in my office with the follow- ing individuals present: Col. Bastian; representing General Norsstad, Mr. Edgar, myself . The following agreement was made to the mutual satisfaction of all present: a. At approximately 093O4each morning, Colonel Bastian would deliver to us all messages, etc., handled by their office as of that date w'i.ich he believed to be of intelligence interest. b. Colonel Bastian would turn over these messages to Secretary to the Director, who would receipt for them and establish a run- ning file. I would turn the messages over only to General Van- denberg or myself. C, Either General Vandenberg or myself were to determine which of the messages should be forwarded to our Research and Evaluation Office for background. In the event the Office of Research and Evaluation desired to publish any of the messages in the Daily Summary, a clearance would be received from Colonel Bastian prior to publishing such messages. Colonel Bastian was unable to make definite arrangements with regard to the handling of "eyes onlytt messages and agreed to inform me as to the manner in which General Norstad would agree to the handling of such messages between Plans and Operations, War Department, and CIG. On 19 September, Colonel Bastian called me and stated that General Norstad was not in agreement with any part of the methods which we had agreed on the previous day. He said that General Nor stad dick not want Colonel Bastian to deliver the messages to u:s, that we must arrange for officer courier to read the messages in Colon{l Bastian's office. I inquired as to the expression "read" as we had hoped that we would have 25X1 1 . a +YC_.,t.a - r /1 _ c euu cq r !. ~a L JF .[, f t d' s/A,, 336 (q-19-44) Approved For Release 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001200050072-9 Approved Fo Jelease 2003/07/29: CIA-RDP80R01731 R001200050072-9 the actual messages for study and research. Colonel Bastian stated that General Norstad insisted that the only thing possible was for our repre- sentative (courier) to read the messages and make such notes as necessary for the purpose of informing General Vandenberg as to the contents. Colonel Bastian further stated that insofar as "eyes only" messages were concerned, General Norstad had informed him that these messages would only be shown to General Vandenberg when General Vandenberg is over in the Pentagon or in the event a message is considered of exception.l importance, they would request us to send over a courier to pick it up. Colonel Bastian also stated that they would prefer that an Army officer be selected to read the messages in his office rather than a State Department representative of our office. All of the above places us in-a worse condition than formerly with regard to the securing of intelligence material handled by the Plans and Operations Office of the War Department. It gives us no more freedom than formerly and as a matter of fact, restricts it slightly inasmuch as Mr. Ruddock of our R & E office (a civilian representative of State Department) has been acting as a liaison between CIG and Plans and Operations Office, War Department. In view of the request that our representative be an Army officer, we would be required to provide an officer without research and analysis experience to review the messages in question. Approved For Release 2003/07/291: CIA-RDP80R0l731 R001200050072-9 Approved For Re ease 2003/07/29 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R0 1U00050072-9 *Pool NO. DATE CLIISS IN'.! ERAGENCY OPERATING PROCED- lEES SUBJECT l 5/8/50 C Briefing of Service Attaches by CIA 2 7/7/50 C Conferences with US Government Officials Returning 3 8/4/50 S from Abroad Non-Governmental Visitors Interested in Intelligence Matters Approved For Release 2003/07/291: CIA-RDP80R0l731 R001200050072-9