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December 20, 2016
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February 15, 2007
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June 28, 1948
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ease 2007/02116 :CIA-RDP80R0173~001300030041-4 28 dune 1948 over the ass that there is some I notieed in rea$ing $ ugly head. evidsnae that undu? favoritism is-rear ng 25X1 a circular for my signa- 1ii11 lease make up ~ployses, tw~- gor distrib~ on all Central Intsliigenae Agency explaining that no promotions, conde-nning such practices, lean?, eta., are made an assignments to duty, allocatioaa of Mork, that of mer t, ~rhiah is to be aonaidered as any other basis than ----~- industry, integrity, inclusive of the aharaaterisiti?s ~nsaeisstwell as those other. loyalty, length of service, PT~p ood ~pioyee. unnamed characteristics that constitute .a 8 undue favoritism in promotions, eta?, mqy ~? exeraiae of any make the supervisory official sub~eet to dismissal. Will Colonel Edwards make a discreet, not formal, investiga- tion to look into axCr oases off~.voritsm that may have already occurred. ~ -,~ ~~ ~/ R, H. HILLENRORT'T~ Rear Adcairal~ tlSg Intelligence Director of Central Approved For Release 2007/02116 :,CIA~2D~OR01731 8001300030041-4 28 Jens 191e8 ~~~JF~t+ND~ FORS ~acaoutivs for 25X1 R?aecutive for I?~S ffi'JBJ~T: Alleged security Yriolation by 1< the Director of Central Intelligence has pvrs~-na~3-lY :~ earefullY reviewed thc~ proceedings and statesents, submitted in thg sub3e~ct ease, and has arrived at the fol].o~dng find3xags: a. A breech of sec?:zrity did, in fact, occur in that twr~ persons were pl.ace~1. in positions requiring the handling of classif3,ed Tcaterial before being completely cleared. b, assiCr~ed the tiro uncleared persons without e;:prr~ss?d official authority. c. T~~ere is no evidence of deleterious motives on the ~~ of ~procrspptixig such action. d. The present organization for effecting clearances of nt-z'sonnel and the ad~inistrat3.on for carrying out notifi- cations of cl8arance are badly defined Frith no clear-eezt delineations of either ~mcedure or resgozu;ibility. e. Tt~e present secuz~.ty e~rganizatlon is lacking iti reepons~,ve controlsi in that open breaches of security existed for approxi-nately a .meek before being discovered. 2. it is, therefore, directed: a. That continued on duty status in his current grade, but that a written reprimand shall be administered and aa-de a part of his official record. b. That the gxecutive for P.2~ prepar? and submit to the Director of Central Intelligence for approval a procedure far effectin notification of clearances which will bs clear, fo?1-proof, and narrow reapoz~ibility to cb~terminable person- nsl. ept in extraordinaxrty cases, all notifications of clearances will be written. Approved For Release 2007/02116 :CIA-RDP80R01731~ 1300030041-4 ? c. That tY~e executive for I&S prepare and submit to the Director of Central Intelli~ance for approval a procedure ~ developed that analogous v3.olatians of security ui]1 be c~- tected in ttte minims arac~ticable time after oceurreace. d. That the ~ nersoz~s rx~ar xrorking tinder prc+viaional clearance e~secute :sc~creCY' anree~r~ts forthwith and that their final investiTation.~ far clearance be expedited #.o cx>mpletion. ri `~ As i{ ? ~1~?:aJ\~V Sri 1Wii Rear ~idm3.ral, t~W 1}i.rector of Central Intelligenc+~ Approved For Release 2007/02116 :CIA-RDP80R01 s. ~ ~ a! eeori~y ' h~u~ caC el3t~1.e, oo~,e~ ttlet. #~e 2:e~ed or s rriont herd otc~,i-2 aroi~3v~e~s ~ ~ )~ suota ~ arse ~~ a~ .d reMtu2t its >~ ~~.~ ...,~..~,...,_._ __ 'lftC1~~21es 29 .Pone 19116 ~tribut3ons 33.gner f s csopar ~l EaeC for Ade~d Exea for IB~ti Personnel file Execs. Director