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December 20, 2016
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March 13, 2007
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July 18, 1946
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Approved For Rase 2007/03/14: CIA-RDP80R01731 01300130066-6 July 18, 1946 PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL Lieutenant General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, USA Director, National Intelligence Authority New War Department Building Washington, D. C. Dear General Vandenberg: I have had a word with Senator McMahon and also with Representative Baldwin. Both expressed whole- hearted and, indeed, enthusiastic interest and both have promised to see to it that the child does not get lost, strayed or stolen in the shuffle attending the end of the session. I enclose herewith, for your private information copies of the letters which have written these gentlemen confirming and amplifying the conversations I had with them. I think you may be reasonably certain that when you get the baby launched in the great world, his first toddling steps will be guided by friendly hands. My best wishes to you - which really means no more than that I wish success and safety to the United States. I shall hope to hear when I return that you are in business, and look forward to seeing you again in September. Best personal regards. GFE/mb encs. Sincerel yours, Lv1OP1/CDF 63987 STAT STAT Approved For Release-2007/03/14: CIA-RDP80R01731 R001300130066-6 l . Approved For Re~se 2007/03/14: CIA-RDP80RO1731 1300130066-6 General Vande rg July 180 1946 Senator Brien Icttahon United $tates eats * 1t t< . .. D. C. ar Nesaetor peg; Wtion regarding the ,te .the- $U whieeh LV o 4" der the *berg rIt's.t>esas~:su'Dvos ee be taken G Ti 'o 101 as tae . u e i . ? s of " t tsbiti ea it as an # s p a - : of' Common Defense. Xn his bill?. as it is presently drawl, is. ealUedathe Central Imte eace- Agency.) tbSE?Ro $O$4 ,ed merger bi le rrp .e liar ,l s lawhiles,.,1 a ?uthor , ~. o Order. of the President, - has se stating et the.1ee:;etargiea of State by funds oontribsted " p the budgets", lean no, MWds t at :,its . a.,, .and as you-46n, ft t&tor . the Director, to, e ago and t a to .. aa*e' detis#te plans tor-, erxytng,, do to *i is a -.eusntial"'tGk he secartty of t It new appears that S. 20 c* n skan %- et" p? a at this ?easion and therefore hs Ce i + .Ceaaa -on ease not 00 0 irate beri w Ibis l3 tleatre the x 4t In igenerrj',#uthor1ty fright wheree. it. is; n MW so t- i g - q~~ p taxed bt the Congress giving a legal status and its o it+dget so that &VIO&W-404 404 with to rl rk to . s this need, it is my under. standing that a iad 2.l bet pared tth P""* i, 41, of tees and f1 bee : int relydue ed , s i t l us .$n Bea.. bona s .. . the hope t tit: may die paste; and o - - 'ea-t-ee _ "saession of. Con or:" prepsa'aeion. cn,iTw y.areerno +na c - ; xayY u a ut the ioeia it will . be sent` up tti* cat r trot I do not w how o Little; spurious a put, the fate, r it is a matter in rhich?, t1, Comeiate 'on roftlaw fair Military Affairs and Naval Affairs might all hare a:un- terest and unless the bill has a watchful fried who is looking after its welfare, it might very well get lost in the shuffles at the end of the session and than leave our national intelligence Approved For Release 2007/03/14: CIA-RDP80R01731 R001300130066-6 avow ppjea t;, 4 BVJL1 ' ,rar,W-W*~.-x r-adent rote s flid" r ation close rta._;c1laswtstxots I vieew of the 1 was tberefore ' 1hapff when y do what fts posalble t4 ,o-itr . i, will be tarry great 4%1)9 *to # I. I have askad 1 or; .. = st3 l `i 4t es i ', . D.*.ora$W ,de,;of the House as well, sld,'loot afteiR. this. bill I cii awnhaaiee too strongly the great ins ? six moat 3 tip in getting our central I ' s is t of hot , Itottonin tyuate r u lo of the rest ., -_-- - be attracted to -laws man who are not going to' , as ; tM- sitry d s In`a - case,, as .yaat w ? s can be sold ern soh bbs i ' OUP wa $be > Itty ' that them serve the United 8tstes for a 004 33 0idarre: It Am*m+ik to sal b , .r+ ,..... ^-... -.,- , m , j- -- e Vii ;snit e ai Yands bewrg :$ harps to attroo to the a. ice high type of o viliax;;persoun t er y a g s aathori e ,fit .the ? s . -t ' t s d w t i h to ia: t.~. , # m ac co . This is a policy w -ich, n sty d t h er nigh over the ot . serves tbo :Iuport of the ,people an :the Congress of this **=try. Itrs. Mot and. I. wi3.l lot roeeebea{ the d+ightt -~ w+- ;ep~ th. 3rot n t o last. I hope a your own 1.e~g.a a wttb;the elim a~ of the ortunate' ami trtee had t '7rl-ter; into , ? 3 I: dill: $ the B thtSd 8tat- : . good rye. bolero Ir. 194V W or bloj,A this X .?all beat wishes from both of us to you and your charming wife and daughter and looking forward to seeing you all when we return, I b sincerely yours, theus al . w York to , $OUse And ' ton ib tt cis sort of work ,the government ( ' t ! #* , to i -It is inte.li- I ch ssIas FF I talked iniori . is- helping 1 .1 as... 4-4 x9mmum:90 ~" OIY roug satisf`SCtO?ilY which the "Use of/mb Georg* Field"n Zitot Ron. Joseph Clark. Baldwin House of Bsprerentatives Washingt,, D. C. Door Mr. ISO3 d ins 202 of S. 2444 te: so-walled merger bill wb i.cb. definitilq es- tablishes it as an a exey, under thee supervision of too council of Common Det+lsp-se,r kIn this. bill, as it t prase .-t .-drawn, it is called the :Central Intelligencea,.i envy, . Thi* Authority 4-as supposed to be taken Bare of by -#*Ai.ww t r.; 'ection of i.te, den *_uoyt- t. Tandem erg, U. 5, - . fitly- iti 1946 This is just' to recapitulate the situation regarding the 4 tional Intelligence Authority which is as you know, under Approved For Release 2007/03/14: CIA-RDP80R01731 R001300130066-6 cc: General VandIerg Yesnwhilee,r. the Authority' is operating Wooer the cecutive er oy the Preesid?nt who has, set. wp to eopt~rol~. it' a, board consisting of the; 6ecretaries Qf $tat,*,# Varii fie , N4Vy. It is operated by funds l oentributed. from;; tb a bgdgets of these Depart' its. It has no budget of its own, and as you can see, it, is exta l-y difficult-:for the Direct r tp engage - a -qtr -iuper. anent p .wsonnel or to. ms re. definite- plans for . gaPryi4 tin its work, which,, to my mind, is absolutely essewtial to t security rft the United, ftstes. It-now appears that 6o, 2044 has no chsbca of poses a at this ?e.siow and t s refore the Lout c it of ., Cow*o4 -!e ease will of O me into being. This will leave, the $atioual Inte ilgoncee. Autho~L ty right where it ts.now, unless enabling legislation is passed by the Congress giving44t a ',legal, status and its.. o1sn- budget so that it can get on with its work. To meet this needs it is my under- s$sndtng that a bLll.' la being prepared to tke ecutive offices mod: will be Introduced sim ;$taneously in: both houses,, ,n the hope tbmt it may b paused and become law before this sesstcgt.qf Con- gress pads. I.have reason to believs, that :this bilk was In course of preparstion. when ; talked to you about the- natter, . mitt I do not know bow, soon it will be, sent up to the shill". I am a .little anxious about' the . Late of this legislation because it is a matter in which the Committees on Foreign Af- fairs, Military Affairs and Naval Affairs might all have a legit-- imate interest and unless the bill has a watchful friend who is looking, after its welfare, it might very well get lest in the 4 Approved For Release 2007/03/14: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001300130066-6 Mr. Baldric oa toy it, except from the usual crackpots would `'be very cloa~e;:t? disastrous in view of the, present inter nation*l,L,bftuation with which you are, of cour*, as fully o - versant ail.-1 am. I was therefore very happy when you said; pould look a fter this bill and do what was pgasible :t4-ie ib Seed. I doubt very much tl t; there will be y gre;.t opposi- Ait l:e at the end of nee session and thus leave '-nafional intd,It gonce sadly erippled until next February. 1 think this -1 cannot emphasize too strongly the great urg-' of not lag six months' time in getting our central intelligence ages o :.fuaetiening.. There area lot of holep -is our info tio* about -.the. rept of the world that need fil11n#, r n. This requires, first-claysmenwho are not going to be attracted to this sort.... of work on a temporary basis. In any case, .s you know, the $over*meht, canno t: pay salaries that will coecpete with?private iMuttry Tbs a way that men can be soItd on suok ; bs i~r :f- through the is aoowledge~.thst they can serve tke United.. tates for a consjderable-period, of ime rind be of real use .to -etr- country.. both..Mrs.. Eliot and I ba wr .very sorry to have tQ leave the country # cst at the-ti.ue when your political , oortuaes are in the balance, as . wo should,,, like, to stoy here and hem, as far as . to could with ; .t he i fi- . ht the 17th d strJet f but tptnfortunate y', : we must go, leaving behind us nothing *ore tangible than cur best wishes for - youi! -rea iaatiwn. and repelection. In any ease, we will be b*ck in time to vote for; you.. , ae, acre both parti,oel arly annoyed pt the way the Republican organisation is hdliag eta campaign i* aid it *euld be -.a, pleasure as well as a duty