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December 15, 2016
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March 5, 2003
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November 2, 1955
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Approved For Release 2003/03/28: CIA-RDP80R01731 R0 16000900262 e, -, 331* problems of serge facilities and sees" roads in connection with the possible location of our proposed n = headquarters buildW at : gley, Virginia. Thank you for your letter a The very bast infox'nation I have which is responsive to your stions is contained in a report which I have just received from p~l that the various Potomac Aver bridges for the anticipated periods of CIA car as vement with their rated ca ities, including the in- to the arterial s7stsm in the general area. they who were engaged to study and ma)m rec tions concerning the location of our proposed new building. They have recommended the Langley site and I an mclosinng herewith a cow of an attachment to their r rt which deals with the problem of traffic, roadways, sewage, etc. While they have recommended a. number of improvements l s r k e & Ra , c o n s u l t i n g e n g i n e e r s a n d lmdampe architects, e, indicate sufficient capacity to aco to the Increased load. The ce letion of the proposed bridge at Consti- tution Aveme and the completion of the 39 *Me Washington Memorial Ptrkvay should insure adequate capacity for time." It, there- fore,,, does not appear that the location of our building at Langley., In and of itself, would have an immediate it t on the budg:st of the District of Columbia. The hhoard of Supervisors of Fairfax Witty have assured us that a sere system to accommodate our headquarters will be avail- able prior to the c g-letion of our building. They have two plans r3ocUMEIfl uo, NO 6141KCiF IN C! ASS. i.t,?4:',z. e!'t*E5u' -rot YS 3 NEXT c:I*VM WI BA E: _ AUTH: tits 7k. Approved For Release 2003/03/28: CIA-RDP80R01731~Q0 10yaWaat STAT Approved For Release 2003/03/28 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001600090026-2 for your intreat in paw building for the Centtr4l Intel Siscerelg 3 InO BPS:HSC: Rewritten:DD/S:LK :laq (13 Oct 55) Rewritten.DD/S:Wdtlaq (2 Nov 55) fi a+.,.a1 ,-h4 nn Noyr 2- 1955 STAT v a L - xuuruabuu Deputy Director 1 - Leg. Coun. thru I.G. (Support) t/4- E.R. w/basic. 1 - DCI 1-D/Log 1 - CAPS L. B. KIM ATRICK 2 - DD/S Inspector General Approved For Release 2003/03/28 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001600090026-2 WALTER F. GEORGE, GA., CHAIRMAN J ? FI RIHT' i'N A I eas ,2003/03/28 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R001600090026-2 Hut3tRT H. HUMPHREY. MINN. WILLIAM LANGER, N. OAK. MIKE MANSFIELD, MONT. WILLIAM F. KNOWLANO. CALIF. ALBF_N W. MARKLEY, KY. GEORGE D. AIKEN, VT. WAYNE MORSE, OREG. HOMER E. CAPEHART, IND. 's 1Cnzfeb ,$fafez , iena$e ~tober 5, 1955 Fr. Allen W. Dulles, Director Central Intelligence Agency 'a.sh ing ton 25, D. C. tear ?`r. Dul..les: As a member of the Senate Committee on the District of^,olumbia ',.thich has, as you know, to concern itself with general legislative the affairs of the District, I would be grateful f gzs3f oversight or some further en- li-ghtenment on two matters concerning the proposal, which has teen oubli.cized in the newspapers, to locate the new headquarters of the CIA on a site at T 'n: ley, Virginia. The first concerns the Potomac River. You may have observed in the press my concern about the present state of the River; this fine stream has degenerated into an open and dangerous sewer. It is my understanding .41, ,.,-.,at adequate sewage facilities are not presently available in and around Langlev, and I would appreciate any information you can proper),y give me concerning sewage arrangements that might be made - their appro_timate cost, the kind of treatment to be given, and the like. It appears to me imperative that the Government be the first to do what it can to avoid further pollution of this once-handsome watercourse. The second concerns access roads. The press has reported that increased traffic caused by locating these headquarters at Langley would, in the judgment of District officials, require the double-decking of Chain bridge; I assume that the access roads to Chairs Bridge would require widening to carry the increased load. Can you give me any figures concerning the cost of these improvements as they relate to the District of Columbia budget? 'chile I recognize your imperative need for an adequate building, it is also true that the District is woefully behind in much-needed capital constructs:-xi and I would be grateful for any information disclosing what the impact of these additional costs would be on the budget of the District of Columbia. I shall appreciate any information you may be able to supply with respect to these inquiries. I assure you that n questions are Prompted by my deep interest in the affairs of the District of Columbia. incerel3r, -~ Jayne Morse V ac DOMMENT Ito. #i~'s.w'.c,tdsi4 ti Tf!i TS S I AU-Th. H1 N-2- Approved For Release 2003/03/28: CIA-RDP80R0l3Wj 1 "0 STAT