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December 20, 2016
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February 26, 2007
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April 25, 1951
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Approved For Release 2007/02/28: ClSRE0"[01731 R001700090002-7 ?w 25 April 1951 MEMORANDUM FOR THE FILE SUBJECT: IAC Discussion on Collaboration of Intelligence {ti and U. S. Operators and Planners in the Preparatia o!' Certain Studies (23 April 1951) 1. On the question of the disposition of scheduled NIEs (*) requiring inclusion of information on U. S. military plans and. str( _t;[ i. s in order to make them useful estimates, there was considerable list'_-=oE of the jurisdiction of the IAC and of Intelligence in this fiel:l. 2. Reference was made to the view of the JCS regarding N l'-3C,, namely, that the McMahon request was not made on proper author.=,y sore was it made to the proper agency and that nothing further could be with the IA.C draft estimate in view of General Marshall's letter. 3. With respect to NIE-13 it was indicated that the asset of opposing friendly forces (including U.S.) would be vacuous b. that for the IAC to get into the business of "war-s:amir would be opposed by the JCS and would in fact not be -prop - or useful. 5. It was recognized that the problem lay in finding some ;nid- point between these two extremes. There was considerable hope )'.presee d in the arrangements reported by General Huebner and confirmed b", Gerc.t" Megee which have been established with the Joint Staff. These a'raLf,.e ments provide that the members of the JIG, who have complete acc-s the operations or planning information essential to make their a-,ti + useful. ?y1O . /CDF Pages NIE-13: Prospects for the Creation of an Adequate Western uate Western E:;rop.- ts Defense NIE-30: Soviet Capabilities to Interfere with US Delivery ors' At43'? : Weapons to Targets in the USSR Approved For Release 2007/02/28: AUUM-L01731 R001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28 :. T0R01731 R001700090002-7 6. General Huebner felt that the State Department had a 4imilr:- responsibility and might develop a similar arrangement. Mr. str~_- agreed and indicated that his people are in close contact witl police officers in the Department and as far as he knew were providin; adeu-v and proper guidance for the intelligence estimators. 7. In the case of an estimate on a primarily military su.)jeet ";he view was expressed that this was properly a job for the JIC or JCS rat::r than the IAC. Mr. Jackson pointed out that the DCI's responsi:)ilitN (in. his capacity as Director of Central Intelligence as opposed to his position as Agency head) might require him to endorse or coiwneat or such a paper even though produced by JIC. 8. The possibility was also raised that the jurisdiction_z1 ar?a of Intelligence within which the DCI is responsible may extent furti_(:r into the operations and planning sphere than the Service inte.lligenc4 chiefs would be allowed to go. ActAu~ Assistant Director, Intelligence Coordination Original: Mr. Jackson cc: AD/NE AD/SI SECaET Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80R01731R001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80R01731 R001700090002-7 %W S-E-C-R-E-T ^+' OFFICE OF INTELLIGENCE COORDINATION 23 April 11 51 STATUS OF PROJECTS Progress Report No. 3 Problems in which the Office of Intelligence Coordination is involved are listed on the attached pages with brief co:rs nt, In each case O/IC is either providing assistance to the As-isti-A. Director(s) concerned or is carrying the main responsibili-,y b-, agreement or assignment. By making such a list available from time to time O/Tr seeks to acquaint the Director, the Deputy Directors, and the Assistant Directors with the current business of 0/IC and lo provide them the opportunity to make suggestions with respect to these problems and their solution or to suggest other pro- blems of which this office should be aware. This report is divided into two parts: The first deal, with matters actively being pursued. Part two lists proieryts considered. to ?have been aiatisfatctorily adjusted for the time; being, but in which this Office retains an interest. JA IES Q. R.EBjm S-E-C R-E-T Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80R01731 R001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001700090002-7 SOW 5 E-C -R-E-T ""' 1. Psychological Intelligence Support (O/RR, 0/0, 0/PC) Problem: To recommend the necessary arrangements for iiter_ agency support of psychological warfare. Status: The problem has been discussed with all agencies concerned both from the planning or operatin. viewpoint and from the intelligence side. As a result of these conversations a tentative break- down has been made of the kinds of intelligerce support that are required. The immediate need is: (a) to find out if this is an accurate, complete, and meaningful breskdovcu (b) to determine who will provide each type of intelligence, or what portion of each type, :ad the extent to which each requires interagency coordination; (c) to clarify agency responsi hiliid and to recommend appropriate ways of achieving necessary coordination. CIA has the responsi bill..,.;' and initiative to see that appropriate intel.igezr:,; support is provided for psychological warfare ant! that the intelligence activities of government departments and agencies in this field are properi; coordinated. Intelligence Support for Civil Defense TO /NE, 0 SI, O C I, O /SO, 0/CD) Problem: To effect necessary arrangements for intellivenc= support for the Federal Civil Defense Admini. tra- _ ;n. Status: The problem has been discussed with Mr. . Babb`tt of FCDA and with the other agencies concerned. A recommendation is being prepared for the DCI for possible consideration by the IAC. 3. External Research (0/0, O/RR, O/SI, 0/CD) Problem: To determine the optimum degree of coordination e all CIA and IAC Agency requirements for external research; and to see that necessary nodifica>ioni are made in existing arrangements. Status: 0/0 proposals and the comments of other offioes have been received. O/IC is discussing the nro- blem with interested people in the agencies concerned. In the Social Science field, ERS is compiling a list of research projects not contract_d for by the Government. Government sponsored proje_ are coordinated through the Research and Devolopmen; Board. A representative of the State-CIA Ex ?erna' S--E-C -R-E-T Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001700090002-7 S-E-C-R-E-T Research Staff sits regularly with the comrtttec of the RDB dealing with social science matters, This committee includes re resentatives of (Army), 0/NR (Navy), and (Maxwell Field). uu 4. Evaluation (0/0, 0/SO) Problem: To arrive at intra- and interagency underst:ndizgs and agreements to provide evaluation of 0/0 and 0/SO reports, Status: Agreements have been reached on a bilateral bas: between CIA and G-2, ONI, and A-2. Unders t& ndin already exist for evaluations by 0/SI and Q/RR. Further discussion is necessary before agreements' can be reached with the State Department. The r o''- of 0/CI in evaluation has not been determined, 1 5. Requirements (All offices) Problem: To develop adequate arrangements for providi'ig coordinated requirements by priority for the various collection units, particularly with -esp3ct, to 0/S0. Status: (a) 0/NE is preparing a general guidance for collectors from the point of view of est:~matos, This general guide if deemed useful will be coor- dinated with the other agencies. (c) 0/0/C has initiated desk to desk contact with OIR, State, as a means of improving both State requests and State evaluation, (d) JCS paper No. SM-626-51, containing G-2, ONI, and A--2 requirements (mainly for covert col- lection) is being matched by other requesting agencies. These will be screened for possible non- covert collection and the balance segregated accor- ding to: (1) 0/30 current collection capabil .ty; (2) 0/SO capability under present planning; aid (3) those items for which no current plans exist. (e) Current probems concerning daily requests for information, if not resolvable by 0/SO directly with the requesters, will be referred to 0/IC to :i-E-C- E-T Approved For Release 2007/02/28: IA- DMOR01731 8001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001700090002-7 achieve a solution, by reference to the Dir, ,cto' necessary. 6. Interdepartmental Committees (All offices) Problem: To review the existing interdepartmental co1mit!"011? for which this Agency provides chairmanship and ..3 review the interest of the Agency in those ,..-_ier~? has only membership. Status: Offices of CIA have supplied committee data to Cy"-, This office is now filling gaps in the data Vherc incomplete, A preliminary survey has been submits,;z to the Director. A summary of the Agency's ,oTmr--.tee relationships with recommendations is schedl Led fr,f early May. S-E-C R-E-T `"r Biographic Intelligence (C/CD) Problem: To suggest the most effective biographic fa(..;.lit for the Federal Intelligence System. Status: A report, setting forth possible ways of mee Ling this problem, has been prepared by Biographic: Register of O/CD on the basis of IAC Agency ?epl . s to a survey questionnaire. Tentative views )f o/1: are: (a) complete centralization of bio-ap;fic records in CIA would not meet the requiremen s o' all agencies; (b) specialization and partial cent.; ization is possible; (c) greater coordination anion existing biographic facilities is essential. Pertinent directives have been approved by the Secretary of Defense after IAC concurrence; imple- menting manuals are being coordinated among the non-military agencies after JIC approval, The agr.ement by which CIA will represent the oth-r non-military agencies in these matters can be con- cluded as soon as the manuals have been formally Approved For Release 2007/02/28 : tA"R 01731 ROO1700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001700090002-7 S fl-C R-E-T Scientific Intelligence Committee (0/SI) Problem: To examine the problems of 0/SI in the fief: of interagency coordination in the planning and pr= duction of scientific reports and estimates and to make appropriate recommendations. Status: Proposal`: of the representatives of the Deftanse intelligence agencies on the SIC have quest:oneci the responsibility of CIA to coordinate scientij' . , and technical intelligence in the federal irEtel:.- -- gence system? This issue is currently under thorough study in 0/SI and will be di,cusssc'. further informally with the Defense agencies. ll. Economic Interpretation of Photographic Materials (o% q, Problem: To develop the most effective arrangements i-y7 wt.d economic intelligence can be derived from *otoccr: materials within the governiient. Status: Exploitation of Defense Department resources anc those of Graphic Register of 0/CD has been exnloreci by 0/RR and 0/IC. It now appears that 1vt:i:LF! muct: of value can be produced as a by-product of 1Lir 25x1 Target Analysis, the results are likely to prove disappointing as contributions to current economic intelligence. Further investigation of phot:)grae}T sources is required, -1 - S -E-C -R -E-T Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 8001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80ROl731 R001700090002-7 "a S-E-C -R-E-T %No -'I Watch Committee (0/CI) Problem: To analyze the operation and effectiveness ,).f thF IAC Watch Committee and to make recoxmendatt _ons r its improvement. Status: After analysis with 0/C I, 0/IC has forward to the DCI a list of suggested modifications we will be discussed with the Chairman of the 't 2tch Committee at an early date. 11.. Coordinated Report of IAC Agency Intelligence Researwl c- E s 0 RR , Problem: To examine whether the preparation of a coor{line. tr,, report of IAC agency intelligence production- shci,' be continued or abandoned and to raco_mmend tie prrper location of this responsibility if continued, Status: Investigation among the end-users of this report conclusively shows that it does not serve th, purr,,,;, for which it was designed, Such residual va!ue is it may have can perhaps be more effectively real .=ct through using existing CIA Library fac_iiitie.?. International Communist Movement (0/S0, 0/CI) Problem: To establish arrangements which will provide: (a) detailed research on the organization, techniques and individuals in the International Communist Movement; and (b) an adequate appraisal of the aim^,, activities and strength of the International Communist Movement in each country or region. Status: With regard to (a) 0/SO is developing a count.=r- proposal to the draft plan suggested by 0/1C. A.i ; ,, regard to (b) 0/CI is preparing a paper defin:_ng the needs in this field and how they might be met. These papers will be the basis of further intra_ and interagency discussion.. S -E -C R-E-T Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80ROl731 8001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80ROl731 R001700090002-7 ...- S-E-C-R-E-T PART II These projects are considered to have been satisfactorily adjusted for the time being. 0/IC will keep in touch wita the-r from time to time, however, in order to assist in any furt-,her steps or modifications that may be required. Interagency Operational Liaison Statement of principles was approved at the Ass Lstast Director's meeting. Incorporation of these principl: -s i-t-o an Administrative Instruction is now in progress. --13. Briefing of Outgoing Military Attaches -~ 5. Debriefing of Returning U. S. Officials Intelligence Support for 0/PC ,A6. State Department Cables , 7. Foreign Service Economic Reportin roposed Executive Order Proposed Executive Order is expected to be issued in May. $. National Intelligence Surveys (0/RR) The IAC on 15; March agreed that the rate of pro cuct_7; would remain at eight for this fiscal year and -that, he matter would be reconsidered by the IAC in June. The DCI recently acceded to State's request for add--.- tional support for their part of the NIS program. S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80R01731R001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001700090002-7 ?..- S-E-C-R-E-T 0/IC has been given the responsibility for arrartgin4. Ils MG 251 - Protection of Strategic Resources an Industrial Facilities Abroad for the production of research which may be needed prior to fLe: investigation. S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80R01731R001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R001700090002-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/28: CIA-RDP80RO1731 8001700090002-7