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December 20, 2016
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May 16, 2007
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November 20, 1951
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Approved Fo elease 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900410 CONFIDENTIAL lntetaepartntental anunittee on lnternal 15truritV 2107 Department of justice, AasIiington 25, 39. t?. ICIS-P64/46 November 20, 1951 Honorable Walter B. Smith Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. The Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security is conducting a survey of existing arrangements concerning the exchange of published materials between agencies of the United States Government and organiza- tions located in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and its satellites. The Committee will appreciate your cooperation in supplying infor- mation, as called for on the enclosed questionnaire, on any exchange arrangements of this type in which your agency participates. It is requested that each question be answered and that answers be as complete as possible. Additional information concerning any important aspect of your exchange program not covered by the questionnaire would be most helpful to the Committee. Your submission of the requested information should cover all of the exchange arrangements of your agency with Soviet bloc countries. In the event that more than one administrative unit of your agency conducts such exchanges, a separate reply should be prepared for each such unit. Requests for additional questionnaires and inquiries concerning the questionnaire should be directed to Leonard Bienvenu, Secretary of the Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security, Code 197, Exten- sion 551. Your attention is particularly invited to the fact that a security information classification has been assigned the conduct of this survey, as well as the answers to the questionnaire, in view of the relationship of these exchange arrangements to certain governmental programs affect- ing the national security. 1. evi e'!,v (: o r I I ete CONFIDENTIAL - SECURITY INFORMATION Approved F0elease 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900410010-9 0 We shall be grateful if you will undertake the requested survey immediately and submit your findings in triplicate to the Committee within thirty days of the date of this letter. In the event your agency does not participate in any exchange arrangements with the Soviet bloc, a notification to this effect would be appreciated. YMOND-P. WHEARTY Chairman nterdepartment Internal Se itv CONFIDENTIAL ? SECURITY INFORMATION Approved Fo elease 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900410010-9 CONFIDENTIAL QUESTIONNAIRE 1. List all exchange arrangements you have with organizations, both public and private, in Soviet bloc countries 1/, showing separately for each exchange (a) name of foreign organization and description thereof (i.e., government agency, etc.); (b) origin of exchange (i.e., state international or executive agreement involved or, if readily available, name of agency first suggesting an exchange); (c) list of U.S. titles sent from January 1, 1951 to date; and (d) list of foreign titles (in original and English translation) received from January 1, 1951 to date. If information on (c) and (d) is not available for indicated period, then supply information for another representative period. 2. List any Soviet bloc publications which you consider of interest to the United States which you are not presently able to obtain by any method. Describe any efforts made to obtain such publications. State also whether, to your knowledge, such publications were previously received in the United States and as of what date Soviet bloc shipment was suspended. 3. Describe your method of conducting exchange arrangements: (a) What proportion (approximate percent of total number of publications shipped) of your exchange arrangements with the Soviet bloc do you execute (1) through International Exchange Service of Smithsonian Institution, or (2) other (specify), (b) By what method or methods do you receive shipments from Soviet bloc organizations and in what proportions? 1. 2. 3. too 5. International Exchange Service Department of State lst Class Mail 2 6. Freight shipment nd Class Mail Book post 7. Other (specify) (c) 1/ Albania, Bulgaria, China excluding Formosa, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Germany, (Russian Occupied Zone Only), Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Manchuria, North Korea, Poland and Danzig, Rumania, and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. CONFIDENTIAL - SECURITY INFORMATION Approved F4f elease 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900410010-9 CONFIDENTIAL ? 2 - (c) How are your exchanges with Soviet bloc organizations negotiated? (d) In developing an exchange arrangement with a Soviet bloc organiza- tion, to what extent do you take into consideration the factor of securing a fair return for materials shipped out? (e) Do you review your exchanges periodically to insure a fair return from material shipped out? (f) Have you refused to enter into any exchange arrangements with Soviet bloc, organizations and, if so, on what grounds? (g) Have you deliberately withheld from exchange arrangements any pub- lications? If so, explain. (h) Do you request publications not offered specifically by the Soviet bloc agencies and to what extent are these requests filled? 4. Use of Soviet bloc publications received: (a) What uses do you make of publications received through your exchanges? (b) List specific Government agencies which use publications obtained through your exchanges. 1/ (c) List specific private groups or organizations which use publica- tions received through your exchanges. 1/ (d) Do you use publications received by other Government agencies and private organizations by exchange arrangements with Soviet bloc organiza- tions? If so, list all such agencies and organizations and use made of such material. 1/ 1/ If complete list of agencies or organizations cannot be easily compiled, give general indication of number and variety of such agencies and organiza- tions, and list outstanding examples .CONFIDENTIAL - SECURITY INFORMATION Approved F elease 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900410010-9 CONFIDENTIAL 5. List any informational materials which you ship to Soviet bloc countries under exchange agreements that are neither in printed form nor available from the Superintendent of Documents. 6. Describe any action which you believe you might be able to take for the purpose of : (a) Withholding from exchanges publications of relatively low total circulation but comparatively high technical or intelligence value. (b) Increasing receipts of Soviet bloc publications of greatest value to the United States. (c) "Loading" shipments to the Soviet bloc with material of psychological warfare value. 7. Do you have any exchange arrangements with organizations in non-Soviet bloc countries (a) by which you acquire Soviet bloc publications and/or (b) through which you suspect that United States publications may be re- shipped to Soviet bloc countries? If so, specify. 8. Please furnish any additional information on exchange programs with Soviet bloc organizations that you consider significant. CONFIDENTIAL - SECURITY INFORMATION