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December 20, 2016
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May 16, 2007
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May 2, 1952
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Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900 SENDER WILL CHECK CLASSIFICATION TOP AND BOT OM UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL (SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME AND ADDRESS INITIALS DAT Mr. Angleton *5 g'~JJ F I g 4 5 6 ACTION DIRECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY APPROVAL DISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION SIGNATURE Remarks : Jim: This is all we can fin in our file on the subject you called me about. Kindly see that it is returned to me after it has served your purpose. 25X1 r '0J vIe'I,'y :oCrIpl tF?I:jj FOLD HER SENDER FROM: NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NO. DATE EA/DCI UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET FORM NO. 3 Replaces Form 30-4 -- AppMAAt For wahisgn fdb` 765/17: CI/-I b'" ` IO1'7~~ 'Yd d?? b026 pproved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900430026 UNCLASSIFIED RESTRICTED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET (SENDER WILL CIRCLE CLASSIFI TION TOP AND BOTTOM) CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO DATE 2 le 3 a : F \ J _y complete l: 5 25X FROM INITIALS DATE L-OD 2 8 APPROVAL INFORMATION SIGNATURE fl ACTION ^ DIRECT REPLY RETURN COMMENT 0 PREPARATION OF REPLY DISPATCH CONCURRENCE E] RECOMMENDATION FILE n REMARKS: \ P Q,4;t/fit I~~ 1 SECRET CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED UNCLASSIFIED FO EPP.R1947 30-4 pproved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900430026- Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-R SECRET j=rath VIA t SUrZXT.t l? '~ e FRI maintains representatives at ten foreign posts; with more than one man assigned in sme cases. (TAB A) Addi- tional representatives have been assigned to already established and posts within the Last months. I`+arthl er caves ~icrn of this arerntly is contemplated. CiA has not been advised of new ne on *a4djtio:zal alai ::;en by the 431, and bas been given information upon query as to duties and relations with CIA personnel in the area. (TABS i, C) 2. The authority by whizz the FBI maintains representatives abroad and a definition of their sponsibilities have repeatedly been sought by CIA without avail. Discreet ].nq,t#,.r.Y to the State Department has disclosed a similar igna e.nce on the part of that department. The FBI, through its "? iai.son officer, has stated that its representatives conduct liaison with foreign govez nts on police :natters, espionage, and Co lunist affairs affecting the internal security of the United States, and of concern only to the 4Z I. The rzcaning, par tic a r .y of the last phrase, remains an clarified. In practice,, it appears to be interpreted as authority to conduct liaison on any subject pith foreign intelligence services and, if occasioned, to participate in intelligence operations. No case is known of a foreign service being Z'efor2'ed to CU by an I attache on the grounds that the at ter under consideration was not within Flit competence. The 11--z al z L,taches do not restrict their contacts to police or internal sec nri ter services, or their activi- ties to the countries to which they ostensibly are assigned. (PAD D) 3. The foreign services, uaainforitd as to the respective of- cial responsibilities of '1-'i :A and the FJ i , alt best are confused at worst, are in a po iticn to pla'i One J.S. service against a x'. In kee,ai With t:a;dtion L t n eliiaenee liaison Practice, they riust be expected to exploit this opportunity. Professional ;~c;alousies between the services a' orei_~z country aro ofte l en- eOUntered, 'o conduct liaison ad;ra,ita. , stances requires tact and diplonnatic iauc?~ ~ under t,se dire 1119w For aoze than one Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R002900430026-0 25X1 y SECRET to undertake this Liaison crates an mediate danger of;- or both foreign services being,Rffronted. There is, in addit an annoyance to forei n services brought about by being pproacc1 d by two U.S. services on the ease or similar subjects. b. Foreign services repeatedly seek information on affairs extendin^; into the U.S. That such infor.iation can be obtained throuh CIA is expected, both as .:,.::matter of routine liaison and as one of return for infor:aatjoxt provided or activities conducted for CIA. In the past, CIA has been unable to comply with requests because of the Fl'I reluctance to release data through CIA to foreign to '!3I attache rather than use C Las as an unsatisfactory Channel, it Y+aay, be expected to do so, to the obvious future disregard of CIA. 5. During the past several months, serious efforts have been Made to avoid duplication by the CIA stations and FBI representa,- tives, and to insure coordination at 1 ashinaton and in the field. Some progress in this has been noted. The difficulties, real and potential, outlined above renain unsolved, however. They will con- tinue a long as FBI attaches with uxidewjnod responsibilities con. stitute a second U.S. intelligence ;service in the foreign field. 6. It is vi opinion that relations between CIA and the FBI have improved since the Directors net and discussed mutual probleas at luncheon, and since the iaiauguration of the regular monthly meetings. It is recom ended that the following actiion be taken That I press for a definite statement of functions of legal at- taches at the next monthly oeetin, and if' no satisfactory state- aent is forthcoming., that I take the matter pere l.ly to lair. Hoover. If results cannot be obtained in the above fashion,' I would then Deputy Diree or Pans Enclosures. A/ iy n r3rtpatr ck LY to B. KI KPAzDICK Assistant Director Special Operations SECRET Aooroved For Release 2007 /1 7 CIA-RDP80R017 '1"R4029f 0430026-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R002900430026-0 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R002900430026-0 SFCPFT or about 28 'arch 1952. the 'ITBI liaison re areserrtat Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R00290041, sir. .i. J. Pa h stated that his provious, assignment had service from the various foreign services that has CIA actin On behalf of the BI. because the Legal Attaches have been able to gent rriuch fasts Legal Attaches. He felt that such action would be unfortuna hefoi.'zn aspects of U.3. internal security cases. k st need fair foxes representatives to handle with iol sex expand file area of their amrage, He farther stated that felt it would be highly desirable for CL to brief any new 'mot going to the field. ae stated that the FBI had a de":i: stated L r 1. there vas no intention to add to their number c FBI. As such he was f' iliar with their i+? tiities, duties assigned cases, as well as with FDI vice as to their role. as headquarters' supervisor for forelim representatives o 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R002900430026-0 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731R002900430026-0 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R002900430026-0 At the 11 March 1952 meeting of CIA and FBI, the FBI charged a CIA station with the "deliberate withholdis of information" Troia CIA replied by statink; that it was apparent that neither the station nor CIA was clear as to the sphere of Interest of the Legal Attache. CIA did know of the ms's general responsibilities and interests with regard to interiaj security, but was not clear as to other interests. The FBI replied that its "interests ,are limit- less". It is only its operations which are closely limited.