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December 20, 2016
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July 13, 2007
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June 15, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/07/13: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R003000010005-7 OPERATIOITS COORD 1ATIITG BOARD Washington 25, D. C. June 15, 1954. MEMORAIMA TO TEE OPERATIONS COORDINATIETG BOARD SUBJECT: Evacuation of Chinese Rationalists from Burma (ITsc 146/2) NSC REVIEWED 6/13/07 NO OBJECTION TO DECLASSIFICATION AND The Board is requested to note that the situation prevailing with respect to the Chinese Nationalist troops and dependents in Burma makes it desirables from a political point of view, to extend the period during which US logistic support should be furnished to those wishing to be repatriated to Formosa. It is proposed that US agencies and representatives be guided by the following principles in carrying out this activity: 1. The extension of time does not constitute a new commitment; the con-.- mitment made by the Board Assistants acting for their principals in respect to Phase III, providing for the evacuation of 1,500 persons, is valid, and no new commitment is required. 2. The financing arrangements agreed upon for Phase III, in which only 836 persons have been evacuated to date, should continue, i.e., transportation costs to be paid from the unexpended balance of US $101,000 (approximately) in special funds, and resettlement costs in Formosa met by use of the bala-I,:e of counterpart funds already set aside. 3. It will be understood by all parties that prospective evacuees muse present themselves on or before September 1, 1954, which will be advertisel and adhered to as a final cut-off date. 4.. The U.S. representatives at Bangkok will be informed of the limit within which funds are still available, and instructed to keep the scope of the operation within that limit. 5. The purpose of the activity at this time is not to expend special effort to induce evacuation, but rather to make provision for such straggles as may present themselves in order that the task begun in conformity with the UIT resolution may be terminated in an orderly manner to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. Recommendations That the Board 1. Note the foregoing; 2. Approve in principle a contingent authorization for the State Department to care for any evacuees in excess of the number who can be cared for by balances of Phase III funds should such addi- tional evacuees present themselves within the time limit. OCB File No. 27 SECRET 4~8 _*JL~4_ ] nevi B. ` taats Approved For Release 2007/07/13: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R003000010005-7 Approved For Release 2007/07/13: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R003000010005-7 RCJTIIG AND RECORD SHEET INSTRUCTIONS. Officer designations should be used in the "TO" column. Under each comment a linr> shot' re dr..m an and each comment numbered to correspond with the number in the "TO" column. Each officer should initia ?_checik r 'rk in before further routing. This Routing and Record Sheet should be returned to Registry. FROM: ROOM NO. OFFICER'S INITIALS TELEPHONE NO. 12. 13. 14. 15. IAA R 5! 6110 ~w CON UNTIWL . , CIS Approved For Release 2007/07/13: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R003000010005-7 "ED (10)