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December 14, 2016
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June 26, 2003
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May 12, 1948
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Appr,d For Release 2003/07/03: CIA-RDPeR01731 R003100080080-6 ER 9418 1.2YAW 194$ MEMORANIATK Ft: Mir. John H. Ohly Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Subject: Letter and Article bar J. Anthony Marcus Returned herewith are the articles and the letter from Mr. Marcus. go had sent to as the booklet and the articles prior to say reesipt of these fret the Secretary. t1~NED _~tG? S a D Distribution: Director Central Records Note for record: Copy of SID letter to Marcus is attached to file copies (date 7 May 48). Approved For Release 2003/07/03 CIA-RDP80RO1731R003100080080-6 W r R. It. AILLENKOETTER Rear Admirals, USX Director of Central Intelligence ApprgYed For Release 2003/07/03: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R003100080080-6 COPY ~:"94I3 CIA 713 7 May 1948. Dear Mr. Marcus: The views on Soviet Pussia contained in your letter of May 5 are interesting and I ap- preciate your sending them to me. Believing that Admiral .lillenkoetter, Director of the Central Intelli'ence Agency may be interested in seeing the material tirhich you sent, I an forwardinl- it to him for his information. Sincerely yours, /s/ James Forrestal Mrr. J. Anthony Marcus President, Institute of Foreign Trade 205 East 42 street Mew York 17, N. Y, STAT May 7-48 I=' 10 _''`R RECORD: Fors=carded to DCI fr S/D, 11 May 48 Enclosures to this: Ltr to B/D 5/5/48 for information and return& from Marcus; "The Real Russian Challenge"by Marus Nov 47;"Reply oc: to Russian Criticism" from NY Times Director 2 Jan 48 by Marcus; "What became of Central Records Lenin's Dream?" by Marcus Nation's Business April 48. Approved For Release 2003/07/03 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R003100080080-6 Apprcl For Release 2003/07/03: CIA-RDP 01731 R003100080080-6 5 May 1948 Vice Admiral A. S. Merrill, USN (let.) Hotel Carrara Santiago, Chile Dear Admiral: Thanks very,ftch the news in your letter of April 29th. It is vveys fU* to hear frost you, and I an only sorry that we have to get your news by letter instead of getting itt p rsonally. STAT the man You wrote about, has alreadv been selected' to work for 5s, and we are now awaiting his security clearances. The story of your visit, with all the shooting and fishing certainly sounds wo fearful, and I know you are having a most enjoyable time, amtit unquestionably will help subdue the effects of that operation. With very best regards, believe me, Sincerely, D Distribution: re to Wbasic letter ` Central Records R. H. Hillenkoetter Rear Admiral, USN Director of Central Intelligence Note for Record: Original returned undelivered. Routed (1) to Exec. Reg. (2) Central Records and (3) to Personnel Branch file on 26 Jul 48. Approved For Release 2003/07/03 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R003100080080-6 ~ect~~ 11; A. S. 9304 Appr,d For Release 2003/07/03: CIA-RD W 01731 R003 1 0080080-6 HOTEL Ct .RRERr1: SANTIAGO, CHILE Apr-'_1 29, 1948 Dear ",.illy"-_ I an, writin; hurriedly to advise you that a very good friend STAT of line named left here by steamer last night on his *a~- to (1) put his boy in the Academy and (2) call on you with re- STAT and to his application for a job -- which I believe is being processed. II speaks perfect Spanish, has lived abroad many years (always with his feet on the ground) and has a most attractive personality. Ills wife is also most charming. The comilany he represented here had to close their office due to Chilean inport restrictions. During the latter da s STAT of the war I recommended for the post as Secretary to the T I am told that his performance in this capacity was highly sa is ac ory. At any rate the record will showl I hope you will have time to see him when he calls. This visit has b ion most delightful and interesting. We ;iave spent most of our time shooting and fishing and recovering from that da:iage3 operation of nearly three years ago. I still get a bit dizzy when I climb stairs but the rest cure is doing a lot of good. I hope you are enjoying the very interesting and important job. T know you are doing it wvellI l ;7ith best regards-- Sincerely, "Tip" Merrill STI STA Approved For Release 2003/07/03 : CIA-RDP80R01731 R003100080080-6