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December 20, 2016
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May 17, 2007
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Approved For Release20 Z 13180R017318003500080024-4 101 M +IORANDUJ1 TO THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE SUBJECT: First -Report of JIGSAW Committee The Interdepartmental Intelligence Committee for Interns.ion i Communism (JIGSAW), which is functioning under an IAC Agreene?t negotiated in May, 1949, herewith submits a status report tog=the- ,-with certain recommendations. 1. Since its initial meeting on 28 June, 1949, the JIG1t"r Committee has made modest progress in planning and coordInat.}$.9 the production of intelligence on international communion. 2. The problems of duplication and overlap in prod teticri, and of exchange of information, are being met by a detailed survey of production, and by an agreement for continuing intf-- change of data and programs. In addition, a sub-oommittce o' JIGSAW meets frequently to discuss related matters.. 3. In regard to intelligence production, the JIGS Committee has drawn up a priority program (attached as Th.o B',g composed of ten projects which are believed to touch upon: t3, most urgent requirements of the US Government in this fi:Ld. The program was established after an examination of some ane hundred proposals which, in turn, were based upon a draft fran;r-- work submitted by a sub-committee of JIGSAW, (attached ar Tab A). 4. Because of the importance the Committee attaches to the early production of these ten priority projects, it is rruomaer-ed that: a. Tab A be presented to the IAC for information amd Tab B for review and comnent; b. The members of the IAC be requested to have their agencies undertake, as a matter of priority, production or such of the projects listed in Tab B as fall within their fields of responsibility. $ECH1t Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-R?P80R01731R003500080024-4 ? Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80RO1731 R003500080024-4 7 E7 5. The Gommittee does not feel that future lists or' priority projects, such as that given in Tab B, need be similarly forwarded for specific approval by the IAC. Instead, it is believed preferable for the members of JIXSAW to exercise negotiating powers for their agencies on pro- blems of allocation and production commitments. F Assistant Director Reports and Estimates Attachments: 2 1. Tab A 2. Tab B SECRET Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R003500080024-4 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP80R01731 R003500080024-4 Caret 1. A continuing analysis of their development with rattierU ve-r-t.f Theory (c) Com aniet doctrine (b) Cwmm st or i.satior. (c) Car un:tet et.rateg;r and tactics (d) Comm ini.a!a and the USSR (To inn1 jde the role or thin USSR in it br fio i t? I _.c_ iaerprctation of at?tenin . t doctrines; the use of doctrine for $ Viet *2it i.~ ~'' 131aWsee; and the funaion of the So t 'te .;Kr tnu pow-al .x e- .1