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December 21, 2016
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June 6, 2008
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October 31, 1961
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Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP8OTOO246AOOO5OOO5OOO3-8 J ~~~~. g?~3~II~~ 1 ~~II~3~~V~ AND ~~~~~~~~0~~ ~~~~~~g~ COMEIDENTIAL ARMY review completed. U. S. ARMY MATERIEL. COMMAND EXPLOITA'PIO~; REPORT BULGARIAN PRO TEC TI ~! E )MASK MCN-18977 Prepared by U. S. I~rmy Chenical Center, Maryland ~~ie~;?4~Ir~DED AT 12 YEAR INTERVALS NOT AUTOMATICALLY DECLASSIFIED DOD DIR 5200.10 ,-~"` CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP8OTOO246AOOO5OOO5OOO3-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 T COidflDEN~~A~ ~.~TT~R R~PQ}~T ~I~ AN PRd'~'ECT~Y[ 1lK ~~~ U. S. ARi~iY Cg~bl1 CAE COti~S tN`i'I~l.4 f ~ENC~ AGIENCY 1~1~!>D ~FFt~i~ ARMY CH~MI CAt, CLNT~lR, HAQYlJ~t? boA1~GRATI~T1 ,~~+ 12 2+TOT AUTOtvf~TICAL,~y ~~~ ZNTE~~ApaS .D023 SIP ECL,~~SI~'IED ~~oa,Io Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 _ Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 pp Yl~A li$8~lttbi rs?~t 8a~~rw# #ii 11MA1i?r'ri##s>irrR+~i,~rs+~ r r~xM!*b~+_~4rr+.~MS~rt7rt?#syr+ir~aer#+~~~~' 4' ~ M~~i-i#s r i 1F s't # r 3~ ~k ,f a +F 1~ r. t M a A"'! s r r t,!~~r k ~ M 1~'Y~~1~ibl~k at t~~Ui~i!'~fiP~F ~-M IF#778#'N ^IT 'R t ~1~~~F~ r$ ~~ y ~~~L~.~~ ~~rar?kYtt7rrrfA#9tfYi#M?Afr irirr?#r##Wrts?y ~~ IF~~a4~l~r71w#irllst#??+r IF d1Mr~!#r71s#r#a~$w++r#$M+llrax?r#r ~~It~ ~ ~ wN ~~ 7rR iF ~ 4! 1PRi $ } i' $ R ! !'~ T M i iT i r ! 't r $ O M t 1R If ~~+~~ ~41~~y~~'Ii+IttLM~#~rpy~ ~+i~~'~I~r`~+~r'~ ~~e`C~~~~...~~ metal ce~veer proteets tfai txetiet valve< Ths base t~? the metal tubs, has a meatai ~ianget and rectangular rubber washer to fecilitatet carrying thec rmti,uth pieRce3 asse:tinbiy. 'i''wo ea~ctaetded rubber stubs ctrl the +~aceethpi~et ee~abie the wearer to secure Chet pesition +~# the rr~uthpiece in use. ~ gray a~ccardian rubber pease is attached to the +~tai tube and the effiuant apesning of the Ganiste:r. A spring wirer nose ciip Stith rubber tabs is used tc~ restrict air fives through the vase. Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 the c~rn]Fster #~ er~t~ioseci in ~ sheet metal conte~ner with ~ se~i- 1 ~~r u ~ ar t n~ ~ ~n the itvp . The outs t c~a ~a~-t~r i seer ! s r i b~e+~ far rstnf+~raent and Ae#~t#~ed brcaxm end gray. The bottoms !s cri~apeQ and saYde~-~-d tQ the ~Y? pro,~~tians are attache+~ at the top +apan~ng. T~ ii rings ere attached to the conteir~r far ~ cloth crrry~pg strap. They tnt+ar~Qr ~tr~t~on of the urnister and the route of air thrextg ~~ ~~ s~ ~r~ f~gur+ sad to the sided fiber. !~ adjustable elest~a rubber d is attethed to the syeplece far dcanningl, lt~ber prv~~tions on aa~h end of the eyeiriece secur+~ the e~la~st~c band. eye iio99~e~s are cede of g1-ay reblaer with ctrculer glass eysr gr lam ionat a fiabi~t >i pres+iar+t the diaaension+~~ date for the ilutgsrtan Prate+~tive 1'~b ~ a ! r L+~ngth ltidth Haight Melght t`.c~panent ~ ~ n ? ~ n. ass f ~+. grn tix . mister t4.0 5.~ 9.) e 3.8 e itl.2 ~e.i3 6h 8 b us+a M ~ . @ 2 1i.0 ~.3 .~ 1 .,~..~,. .~.~. . 1C~1 ~~.9 ~A ~~i Goggles ~ y ~ ~ ltL.y"T y ~rV } ~ r r 7 1 y ~^' rrr Al Ml~4RM r-~ft.f- ~r~ ? ~.Q [ a ~ l en5/~ ~ w+.ewu. ..+rrwr . ~ r i ~ Tr iJ~ ~ . ~~ rw~.r w +1 . ~w ~.~4 MMi.w w +IMr*.. +MLi ~ t ? 1-~~ 13.5 +~ ~rr/ ~r~ ~r~ i 7r i s ~ 2rQ ~! 1~7?~ V~~ ' The ~-uigeri+~c~ rPr+~taetive ~s1~ rw* t'e~e~iV'ed in e~e1le~+t condliton. Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 EPi IAL ~~~ "~a6ie ~~. D. Markings rkin~s an the 9uigarian Prrte~tive Mask are presented in Tebie i1'. ~arktngs Cc~pa~nent 1`4~rtci rtc~ i.xat ion i~4eani ng i#i B 1 +ack ink step ors ------ --- - - - - -- s~G: G36 C~9'7 A ~ ter ~ ,ea ?~ i gure 7~ 3 ~ 1~ i ack t ntc stnn~ on bas+~ of canister C~t1a~~er (se8 figure ~) cn -55M Black ink stamp car, X1-59.79 t~asa of Banister CR~naHO ~ cccP (see figures ~) Xl.~~~ Blue i~nic sta~~a on ~ tc~ of canister 3 Blue ink starr+p c~;~~rsite stile ref Maerth? autiet vatv+~ piece Blue ink stamp 4n i 39 ~`g hose under tips at canister end ~~ Bieck ink st~~r+p ~n Qatar right s i c3e {see figure 3) Mack tni? stamp on ~n~~~~~ 101 cuter left ~~~~ see figure ~`) Molded marking on t}5 inner I of t side ~ see f i gur~e l t3~ f I Z~ i it~9 ii i ~e t nk s temp are tap (soe f i gore i t t>~-tlet Valve ,~ ~,~ Melded marking an valv+~ bas+~ (see figure 12j Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000500050003-8 a~~. ~ ~z oa~a a. Dl~t' penetrattan and Atr Res#stancet The pt~p ppndtratton of 0.3 micrcxt particles at a ftow ra-t~ of 32 titerslrninute was 54.t~ and 'the atr r+ssistanc~a (pressure drop] gross the canister at a figw rate of 8S ~tterslnntnute was 87 aan e~f tester. water sorption of the canister after $f>~ R. H, hum#diftcation was 41.A grams. ,~ --- -~-:- ~-.i~l?st..ilalvs.#.eakaue~ ~it_s results c~~ dry-va#ve~, amrnpnia vapor ~ rea t r ~ -. ,. - ...:. ,~;,. p~- test rirt t eau e~'vava- ---~-f- ts pre~tsrtted in Fable t t l . Run Mr. Rraathter i~'un~ Rates {tlmtn~ #~.~, x~,~ 54.7 t r. taf. ~ k tan. xert ion j /py, /~~ n. D t /~ /~/~ w~ ~~ dsWV'~ V.VV.7 V??~~ ~~1 ~h+eraj i Avari~g+~: tI.OD$ #s a'ri +es#stancs to hem at A ants. The results of canister res#$tanca to, , cyanagen chlort a at att ntermtttant ftatz~ rate of $0 1 i t+~rs/wet nut+~ and FS Bch l orr~p # cr i n) at a ~atstant flow rate of 3x # t tars/ ~tnute ure p.resggrated #n Tabu iV 'Che canister wens huatld#~awed at 8th re~tat#vs ht~atdi~Gy artd th+a gas`a#r stresat eras 5~'9b relative humid#ty. tGll~; ait;t~wgh n+a lcutger a standard cheaatcal agents has the ability to ra~t~dly pbnatrate a canister which ccxttatns ur~t~pr+sgnated charcaat. requires catatyt#c decaaposttton to render it harmless, and ont~r a good tapregnated charcoal wttl do this efferct#valy. Thvs, CK t#fe g#wes an apprcuc#r~ttan of the degree of lrapragnatton present an a charcoal. Although ask present, the pc+ss#btt#ty of CK being used as a canister penetrant - ~ n f utut~e chew t ca 1 waRfare seeats reatote, t t # s qu # to pass # b 1 a that othe~ir agaevts; with ch teretw # d require cats i yt 1 t deccsapos i t i eQp may be dawalc~ed at a lsitar data. ~'ar these reasons, canisters acre tasted far restsa~ce to CK. ~~ t s used- # ti these tests because # t t s adsorbed cat the charcoa t in exactly the santa'~asy as GR and VX. ilecause of its r+slart#ve safety and ease ?tf handl #~ng' coaapared to the n?rws agents, P~ is wait l nutted to the avaluat#