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December 21, 2016
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June 19, 2008
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April 23, 1957
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Approved For Release 2008/06/19 : CIA-RDP80T00246A000700600001-7 SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR SPECIAL CONTROLS, IF ANY This material contains Infomratton affecting the INFORMATION REPORT National Defen.e of the United State within the meaning of the Espionage Law.. Title 19. V.S.C. PREPARED AND DISSEMINATED BY Sew 793 and .994. the trae.mWton or r.yslatton of which In any manger to an unauthorized per- CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY son is prohibited by low. Qrsaiation of 43rd Independent Signal Reg uent DATE DISTRIBUTED 23 Apr 57 NO. OF PAGES 2 [This report is the result of a joint collection effort by the Air ]locos, the Army and CIA,sad is disseminated in accordance with the provisions of R$cm #7--7 1. The 43rd Signal Regiment is a separate unit subordinate directly to the try of Defense `see Sketch #1 only one other such signal unit, a sigsal battalion stationed at Vac. the 3rd d Regiment is stationed in Budapest. 2. The regimental staff includes- Political officer - Major V Eq Comdt - Istvan Mm&er (Major) Intelligence Officer - Istaaa Makray (lot Lt) Counter-Intelligence Officer - Csptaia AM Officer - Ire Beene (Lt Cal) Tech Service Officer -pine own Arms Officer - Rome uakac%m 44 Officer - Name unknown 43rd Signal Regiment - BP 7th Co - BP 8th Co - BP 9th co - BP Separate Sig Co of 43zt -BP Oo USAF review completed. some units of the 43rd Regiment follow- 25X1 25X1 25X1 322 DISTRIBUTION STATE ARMY NAVY AIR Approved For Release 2008/06/19 : CIA-RDP80T00246A000700600001-7 Con is an organization chart or the 43rd Signal - classified COIl7NTIALe 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/19 : CIA-RDP80T00246A000700600001-7 cf- v? r. ~.v ~?, rf~fi V' ?aI `-I I. p~ vl CNO? of& ow ` (swircf-.. 40 flw,i wR 4 a 44 is rex-/ /*V/ Tt71r/~f,ws ' 9TH516. a REf J_ $sw/ fr SM RAC'0 4G L.I n 5-s,, M y a V M/N/S7P?v 9F L~fFi A r' AF780 ' ec1 'IFS O S/(r /9E67' , C. 14091rLFENEA?c,