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December 21, 2016
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June 10, 2008
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May 9, 1957
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.~~~' ~~ O lt= =I D~EmAdP~I~A~~r SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR SPECIAL CONTROLS, !t' nrv r ? Th6 mateHal coatalne In[ormaNon al(ectinq the INFORMATION REPORT Natloaal DeEewe of the United States wlthln the me?laq of the Espionage Lawe, Tltl? 18, U.S.C. PREPARED AND DISSEMINATED BY secs. 799 Imd 79~, the iranamisstou o: `evelatton of whkh >a sap mosses to as uaauthorlse,.j CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 5X1 twa fe prohibited by ]aw. COUNTRY yF~~.~- +~'C~J n~ r q r ~. ~ t ~~ { ~ e. SUBJECT - d" DATE DISTRIB UTED ~ M ~ ' ~ ~] tl ^~" ~+.~.[~~~.~~ yw~+y y~~~ of w ~A~iVi48.'! a~ sa ~+ AKi~i~ w _ _.. NO. OF PPGES ~/~ NO. OF E CLS. yy ~ _~ ~ ~ yy ~ ~ Y~y R~T~'~ ~~?i?'de SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT 6 25X1 THIS IS'UNEVALUATED INFORMATION [?~is report is tabs rasnlt of a ~oiat eollaotion effort of the Air Pbroey 25 the Army sad C7Ay and ii dLaa>ainated in aeaordamea Frith the provisioaa of SeCID ~7Q] 25x 1. i 1 2. I can pinpoint the lotion of the t~eatrrdl. Warehovas ~On file is a alfleteh of this vat?ehouaey the l~eg~lad. of trllich is as 1ro],lovaa a. Wise sash fencBe = 1'~ asters high erith three e?-ands of t>e~~beFl gri.xw~ on 25X1 topa< b. Main ents?an~ c. Guard Lovers m ~. arith atxvng searehllgY~~ e~xld, rancKS~?ted "by ~xk'Ilag gtstada and telephone ~asmanic~tionso d. ~aa3d barraclsa = Fo~? stories him, oonld houaa ~~~',.y a Y~ e. Giu-rd shed f. Dldia edsiniatration of.Sioes m tuts stories high g. Guard home for s~ on duty h. Weapon varehovaets =The build,ingle are built off the greund aai c~n?s pillars ao that the floors are on the aaare leereel as the d~~i~ery tr+L~k tailgttea. They are ronatrueted of red brisk a>sd axv! apprcaein~!e',~ 17=18 aettsa high> In ft?oa$ of e~h vareheuaey there is a ~ ~~.vw*x+~ loading area. Building 8a 6?oatasiua tools a31d pasta fOr B~Nill ~T.~ and pi0i'F-,(tlli8 (TT 7.62 M 48)m Building 8b m f.?AAtaiaB 60 1'~y 't ~ a~ ~.`~ i~ ar~rtaL?s pllta '~;}afS "ME9~E"tl0. USAF review comoleted.~ Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700910001-3 Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700910001-3 6~~=ffi~'~~~~5~$~~ A~ p ~ o ~'~ ~d ii~tt gas. {~ilAino $~ a i0~eeg riles and ~-~~ p Optical s1~St~e a7l~ titt9 ?mtt~a7, inserts, 7Bui2diag 8i > g~ fx 48 7.62 >) and a as a a'Dai~aes point it-r a` Ana in far rabaiading> Building 8a = ~lsaning as+~teriala i'or w~ons and parka plus tae H and I 7.65 net p3Etel~. i. Starnes dr~ars i?Or ooodwa+~ ale cleaning 4 ~, BeOOrds ~oB for the e~twaa. k. Watrt piap bmtae 1. ~},~ des of va~rioua rises scattered ins 2v~seily ^ooded aaesao These aarelboases sxe surrounded b9 ~~ gyag 1~ ~ ?aa~tains 7062 m aub~nwinw gun snawnition and 6 nn practice rOands. gldg 12b =aimed tapes of sal, araw aom~nitioa. N,so ssokke grenades end sssrke pogo Hldg 12c < rime and whine g~ anasiai.tion= a. Aeagons rebuilding a~ ~' ~P n. testing building 3. The Central, ife~hause ~ bvilic in 19530 The whole area anOaspasaee p~t.a~,ex~i~~a) te~ae g~ Yatehtovsx?n~ ~r].th 6ta~goi~a?g ~ located alOn6 tbt l~nOe< Tlue area between the tawex?s is e~ b9 ~iu8 guaa~. A letie eliout 5o balers wiAe oulaida the flenra is ol~sarad and to aid in dsrtecting 8ootpriats. The rcma$iaatis~ of tb~e is soessd~at poor beceaise tkee pro,ect rye rush~od and mat oi? t3be work was done by c~ak~~? t~a?kare 4. Building 1,3 is ~ wa gogtxii99A9na srui repaia~? shop '~91n'~PP~ ~'' k+,~r.~^ in flue .g ia~uding aetiLt,~.. d~xbput amity ids e~bo 500 a~ ~' ~Ym ~?g in 195+, iahe~e ~a ~e~y 1i.41r,~ work and was dailn 'to on3y 15?20 ban. The ran 1?aw {the l,cret work load is tdtnEt the w~epons not in use ~?e all nee. 5. itespona w?z9e reOei~Lt ilroa the 1ASret to l,~.h oi; sash neunt~: and wex~ returned f'~?oa the 1,5~kh to i~ae 3~h oia anni~h. The weapoua into the Fot xai2s1 station and wee shipp?d. ~' ~'-? s`?o~ tr, the rarehova~e by tick and moans 6. Tlss ~~~'Y ~ dim w~ respousibla i?or 'the i216p~3Ri d.(+ng aeOeptaue~es storage a~ d3bseainatian of kb~e ~,'~eeiug weapenes a. Carbine, Tiber 7.62 a 1,9~~ This t~ ~' l? t>b3 BoviOt 7.62 ass l~ssin carbirne 1[ 1,9~Jt> Tt w~ in HungerJr and wen a inane tO al]. uni+,.g ~i er tips l~ini~-e?S* of ~ter~l, /lt~a`#re m T were 3y $,000 o9P t wea~one in the Ceffita?sl, waswshouse (i954)> oS tie ~"~va~ l~~ e~?c: C~ RdlmI D~=NAP>I /-~i. Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700910001-3 oraated ae~d * tbx ~ eh9,pp~d o~ eat ~ no4+~3we. b. Si.fle, t~rbiae 7e629 M 5948< 'this Wei rem sLy eieaib~ to the Scrriet 7.62 net 1Rraaint Ri>r'1_e M 1,9./30. We a~Lea herL riSiss agaippsai With trio aigistaa. Theme Wesx~s ~x~Y~ mate7ay 6,000 0~ s r~.~t~ea 3a the (~atral, ii~ehouees (5,Q5~)s of Whioh aabout h~ Wex?e ps,dbed ens reee~y to be ehippeaa. In Attie 1954a the o~ tbs ootmty po3.ise Wee Siroot thrs "limnae~" rifle to the near I[ 1y48 7.62 nee rise. o. 7,62 D!i "doryimnrr' Maelsine fiama 1?hia is the aaeen as the Soviest aiodesl emd is vase oa]y by the boadas? troops. '~e+~ Were ~ 150=580 0~ ~beae Wee~e atorea eat the CEmtx?aB Aaiebovs?. A1.5 s,~asaaoa3.ea aua pares Wex^e ealao stored ~ the ~m hones. 7n 1953, ~ x~oei~eA. loo o~ these rise~ona tYxe Detenrre liin3stzy. d. 7.62 "bYeac3m" Meaohine tines IDty eSx2tlar to the 3ov3et Weegwn. Issued only to hornet troapa emd apeei.eaL aseurity troops. Appra>Et- mette>iy 150160 oP these Wes, With aueoc3atted esc~saaories anti peas ~ store~e ~ the C~atraal STecs9ehouae (3954)e e. Subsaohiue tbm 7e62 1+1d, M A948s Thin Weagx+n is ~ ~"t3uitett?", emd is eeaereal, inane to a'3.1 e~'4eeer!mtse Tt is Y s~s9Ssar to the Soeiet 7.62 ~, PFP:~, anbmrarine gtm. About 3,~3,5~ +~'e stored eat the Caentz~. Wal~hr:vses. dbr+nxY; ha3aC ~ peac?3ced tmd rs~y Zor iatrediats ahlpmeu~e !. "T' ems "Y3" PiatoS,~s Tk~ia is a ~ vernion a~ the Qern~n 7.62 > "iTsS.tet?" pia~l. The Wea~oaa a~ iaavrsd to the a~gx~: polies ("8" or Ite~r) e~na the ,~tie~e Dent n:Cxie:Yrs~'tss= (19~i8-50), In ~~954 *1ae "I" ana "a" p:teto~$ Wex~ tae3ag ~;e~d in ens rep.7.aoed by TT, g 19488 7.62 n~a pieto5,a. Tkue operc[.ik5na Wa!79 about 506 oac~~,ed isa Juxie 19~-0 8~ ~' , 7StLg ta~?~stse h. "Brusosaka"s Au~eatie P3.s*ola9 6.~5 t+SY e~ 765 NI~Ye ~'la~~sr~ U:~~se~h~ aemata~turmd gia+o5s We1a isavsd on1~ to es3.e'q~~i:Yein=+3r~s~ed !1ltH 25X1 i. Light I~o1b12',? Ctvs19 7e62 P1NY, IK -`.y'e's ThY.a ra~~,1?4vs +~aya~~,~as sd:f.~F'~,'ta.? Of the Sf?Yie'~ 7062 ffi ~ 7 ~Ll .T31P~9 guno T.~ +s....~TJtx T'.,~.~.,8e it "Go5J1o 3~o3oa" (a~att~r gnxi)< Thin Wearpoaa Way 1sa9seaa3 on9~ +'~ herder end Int~3, 2r,~ui?ity tx~pa a Ttx++ ~nxtnaa ~~r astaacvi. ~on $il~r i.sau?d with the We~,aa. This *ec~u?at be r gr?a~,, +~ AA #Yrae ha~~rrsr9 it ~ ns~ ~~~ 25X1 pra~~ic~aL tb? tFaxrpe aislikns~i it 3zee~ae~~r~r. ApE,~c9~~.~,~ 1505.80 of tt~?se~ Tana W~ atnrea eat t~ Gsnta?s~.1. wa*~eh!rraue~o ~ SuZaaahfne 6rm 7.62 Y~lS, It 1~50s Thin Wane a Flaza~Lsn dt~5.upsd gam. SoWevsr, it ts~ tk^ aaaYyi`f~~i~.t{~..st~,e~ofyyt~ss 8aeis+~ PP '7e~ a~ anr?~whin~ ~y~ r rate of about tvo thousawd. yeaxll~o Also produtv8d ire soesll foals, stogy l~mpa, mine lams and vaxioua light 1'ia6tureao b. Factory ~2 = "}>anuvi.aE" (aechani.cal. tao~+) Besda~at ~, Raver Iw,1oa itt 26. In 19b8 this plant etaAt^t~sd gxw,du~ing a h8, 7.62 nn auhaichine ~ it the rate of tvo tbol~d, per ninth, The Ministry ax 7nterna], Aimee ire ree~ieQd about 1,500 per month until. their auppli,~ reacried 15 thausando We also received 500 light machine Buns ("AP" 7.62 ~) and. about 200 AA counts. In 1952, the plant started pa~ducing (3oryunov Maohin,e guns for the Ministry o8 Ik+iense. They oleo ride al.ara cloaks, parts for esv'ing asehines and toolso Ia 1953, the par,duction of antors for "Csapel mo.toxrycless" began. In 1953 plant ermployed one thouaarcd persons c. Factory ~3 = Magyar dcel~tr^v GYas? (r~1TO, ~=n steel factory) Budapest XZ7S, Vaci ut. Ia 1950 ps~aduced 81 ~s and 120 ata aortas. Also lathe chucks of various sizas v$iich vsxe shipped to i~g 1~$R. Soae chucks vane sasnt to a tool faestory st Budaq~eat thap constructed lathes. Plant e~layed 1,500 persons in 1952,.. d. Factory ~4 Csokol.ad~s Gyia (chooolate factory) Torokbetlint 25X1 ['$7 26 H ? 18 55 F~~On file is en avisrlay to AM9 M 773 shoving locitio e s p produced :1,0 timusauiS handgt9enacles Sor us and also mnufarturtcxt Praotice grensAss. Pinespple grenades, "M 39", sere produced here for the Ministry of Defnnae. Alter ].953, my organization sorted rees~iaing these Pineapple grenatlea frca the Ministry of Detensa. 81 sa end 120 ~n mortar shells Were aanixfactured ," !or na in 199?51. 60, 81., 120 and 150 mn mnrtus 6hrl.l.a vase cads far the Miaistxy of Def'ensso ilood,an "boos nines" seal.. "puts" nines vase d47_ao ar-t, in x,952,