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May 8, 1957
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~a ~ o O~ SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR SPECIAL CONTROLS, IF ANY 7hls material contalas Information aflectinq ihs RT I'NF'ORMATION REPO Natlonal Delenee of the IIailed States within the memlag of the Espionage Lawe. 71t1e 18, II.S. C, PREPARED AND DISSEMINATED BY Secs. 798 and 794, the traasmissioa or revelation CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY COUNTRY Hu SUBJECT USAF reVleW COfYl pleted. DATE OISTRIR UTED p 1 _ O 1 4~ J~ j ~ Cooks Training School at Papa/Kitchen NO.OF PASES I NO. OF ENC LS. Facilities and Organization of the 7093rd V ___ Rifle Regiment SUPPLE MENT TO REP ORTp 25X1 I N is report is the result of a Joint collection effort of the Air ores, the Army and CIA, and is disseminated in accordance with the25X f N ID N 7, provisions o SC o ae Cooking m This consisted of one day in the classroom and the 25X1 next day doing practical cooking, In the clsasroom we were in~ structed as to the amount of calories needed for a working man per day; but nothing was taught about the calories necessary for a soldiero In the clsasroom, I was taught the norm systems which is as follows: Norm #1 consisted of 160 grams of meaty 30 grams of noodles' 5 grams of fat, an unknown number of graroa i of vegetables, sad 20 grams of brown bread, Norm #1 wsa assigned for infantry personnel and for the per sonnel attached to a major infantry unito The armor and reconnaissance personnel attached to the infantry units received,in addition to Norm X19 100 grams of cheese or butter, b. Practical Cooking c Thia consisted of actual preparation and cooking of the food, ce Political Instructions We were subjected to two hours of political instructions per weeko 25X1 2e The kitchen of the r e eg men a approx ma e y m e These men were called Fusiliers (sharpahooters)o Tha following organizations messed at the kitchens with the number of men indicated opposite the unit: 1 7093rd Rifle Regiment 2910th AAA Din Hq Co 4056th Heavy Artillery Bn 1 Reconnaiesanca Platoon 1 Chemical Section 1 Technical Section ? x M a 3. Cooks w9re assigned to the kitchen on the basis of one ~ 100 men fed. We had a total of 14 cooks working in the . and they worked in ahifta as follows: s. 1st Shift of four cooks worked Prom 2100 hours to 0700 hours the following morning and was responsible for preparing and ccoking breakfast, b. 2nd Shift of five cooks worked from 0700 to 1500 hours and was responsible for the preparation and cooking of the noon meal, While I was theree two cooks from the 3rd shift helped the 2nd shift and overlapped into their ahifta c. 3rd Shift of five cooks worked from 1500 hours to 2200 hours and was responsible for the preparation and cooking of the evening meal, Kitchen helpers were assigned to the kitchen from the unite feeding at the kitchen,-and they were furnished on the basis of one helper per 100 men fed, We received 15 kitchen helpers per day from the unite feeding at the kitchen, They assisted in the preparation oP foods did moat of the cleanings and performed all general dut2es, 4. Organization of the kitchen personnel is reflected on the organizs5X1 tional chart, ~n file is an organizational chart of mesa personnel ~ CONFIDENTIAL, b, The usual and normal meals served by the kitchen were as foll.owss a, Breakfast -Served daily between 07000800 hours e:onslating of 200 2 grams or , liters of bleak coffees 500 grams or a5 of soups and 200 grams of brown breads liters b. Lunch m Served botween 1230=1400 hoursA consisting 500 grams or a5 liters of soups 100 grams of mea~ (only or beef served)s and 200 grams of brawn breado of pork c. Supper -Served daily between 18001900 hourse of 200 grams or .2 liters of black coffees 500 grams or ,S liters of soup, and 200 grams of bx?own bread, There was a slight variation in the noon meals but none for br?akfast or suppers When there was any variatiane it consisted namely of coupe and it was the practice to serve a different soup asclz day for the noon meal. The diet and portion aerveds in mg ai*faxianp +aas not sufficient for the soldiero as there wsa much grumbling among them, The men never complained to the mesa personrrelg as they had to ?~ccept their food without commentm Eaeh man received the same portion, 6. The kitchen was equipped with cooking kettleae ladleae knives and stirring ladles, Food was cooked in kettles set in brick~canatructed stoves. Fuel used was cokes coals small brickettas and sometimes lignite. Coal was the chief fuelo ~n file is a sketch showing layout of the kitchen ~ CONF a 25X1 7. The unit was on maneuvers for one month while I was there These maneuvers were conducted at Osku ~7 09 ft 18 04 E~ which is ap~ proximately 30 km west of Veazprem, Food served was the kind and in Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-R DP80T00246A000700930001-1 the amounts served at the campm Cooking was done on a mobile stoveD cons w h was similar to the stoves at the camp, ~ci 25X1 Pile is a sketch of the mobile field stove m CONFIDEN o ere wea no type of packaged ration for issue in case of emergencye The only kind of emergency ration was raw bacon, which was stored at the camp and was for issue in case of emergency onlye 8. The army corps located at Szekeafehervar ~7 12 N - 18 25 E~a pro vided all the supplies for the camp at Veazprem, Food was drawn on a two montbabsais, It was trucked in and stored at the camp, Meat for the kitchen was supplied da31y by a slaughter house located in Veazprem. Brown bread was furnished by civilian bakeries located 25X1 in Veazprem, ~n fill fare the followings a. Organizational chart of mess personnel; b. Sketch showing layout of the kitchen; and c, Sketch of the mobile field stoves ~ CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700930001-1 LbX'I ~,r > ~ ~? U t ? . ~ -. i . _ . ~ ~ T ~ n O Lt ~ o T ~ r- M I t I ht~;.sc MreR,c'~~,;vpe j. - f ~~ ~ ~ r a . 3 ~ t n // ~~ ~ { t ~` ` ~1.1 C F (.O O K ftA/ ~IIARf~P mF f1~G~ k~ ~r. - ~?n~iden~~j Con~idt~al Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700930001-1 . Me~~~s ~~a?p St~Ms ~~d~ntl~ ++Hr~+r{~hH'kNRe xr ? r ~ .Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700930001-1 X1 ?' ~ ~ Crontide t'a1 ~, ~ ~ ~~T ~ Mess ~+ EliSo /~v~ L i,U) . _~ 1 1 rest I~eRe ~i~~De _~ ln.-u 3 ~~ i rrs, Vb~Th ~ . . ~ontiden~ KeTr~cs BF 45b I.~TER CA'AC~?y. 91AI/N~ RNM ~o 0 ' ~ ~ ~, Y~TtR ~7Mrtt 1~lI/1 tf. ~{ ~Mt-1 (1) A~u1~/r *~+~ K~rcMra Q Q . ~'I r KarT-.c c ~F ISD ~ iTE0. (,hpAC,r-~ ?r~i~d~ ' Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700930001-1 'Qi4/1YKNTAt J!S ITC M~N~ ,~ AYOVT i 75X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700930001-1 PIS ?, Conf~~ential ~03~~-E ~YlELD ~or~fjd~n~ia~ Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80T00246A000700930001-1