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December 21, 2016
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June 10, 2008
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May 2, 1957
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~a "I, 4e I SEE BOTTOM OFY m a ns m o GEFORSPECIALCONTRO A, . This material contains information affecting the INFORMATION REPORT United States within the National Defense of the meaning of the Espionage Laws. Title 18, U.S.C. Secs. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation PREPARED AND DISSEMINATED BY of which In any manner to an unauthorized pe25 X CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY son is prohibited by low. COUNTRY Hungary SUBJECT DATE DISTRIBUTED - OB and Training of Hungarian AAA Regiment NO. OF PAGES NO. OF N. 2 USAF review completed. SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT q 25 X' THis is UNEVALUATED INFORMATION . is report is the result of a joint collection effort of the Air the Army and CIA, and is disseminated in accordance with the orce , provisions of NSCID No 7LL~ 1. 2. At first my training consisted of regular infantry basic training, which slowly branched into AAA training. After basic training., our training consisted of the nomenclature of the 85 mm AAA gun, dis- assembly and assembly and dry firing, Field training consisted of25X' overnight and three day field problems, with particular emphasis on gun emplacement and dry firing. We had one field training exercise that lasted for two and one-half months. For this exercise we were allocated 257 rounds of live ammunition UNCODED four guns (85 mm AAA) in my battery. We fired problems witin tints live am- munition and found it to be approximately three percent defectivAo The defects were splitting of the shell casings and thn premature bursting of the shell, The shell casings were made of steel. The condition of the weapons in my battery was excellent, as we were required to maintain them at a high standard. 25X1 3. After basic training I was assigned to "S" (cover for battery). The only type of duty I performed was adjusting the time fuze of controlling the hei t of burst. n file is an organizational chart o the AAA e Regiment - CONFIDENTIAL 4, During 1953 there was a big cutback or release of personnel from the regiment, and all the men that were volunteers were released .25X Approximately 50 percent of the personnel was released, The remainder was absorbed by an artillery unit, 25X1 5 I know of one Soviet with the rank of Colonel who was an advisor . to the regiment, but other than this fact I know nothing more about ft n r LS Approved For Release 2008/06/10 : 6IA-RDP80T00246A000700940001-0 jn file is an organizational chart of the AAA Regiment - CONFIDENTIA Approved For Release 2008/06/10 : CIA-RDP80T00246A000700940001-0 ORG4fIibrlON4L Ch hRT &C MA R E6-I Mrnr 'wrtn SO-SO Approved For Release 2008/06/10 : CIA-RDP80T00246A000700940001-0 0RCJ41v IZ-k'7- II0NAL (I.4RT (9C AAA 1 E6.,Mrnr