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December 21, 2016
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June 27, 2008
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November 12, 1958
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Approved For Release 2008/06/27 : CIA-RDP80T00246A004900090001-8 I SOUR OBSERYsTI0WS WITH THE I UOX PU1KOY0 RADIOTEL&SCOPE AT WAYSLEpQTH 3.2 ow. The observatians of the sun by aewas of the 2axde Puikov radiotelesoope (IJbsganList'Desember I9%. In accord noe with the oaten +~iaeflhens a fan-beam diagraw about 16 in width and I' $' liar expected (at.A ? 3.2 c- :n Th1 high resolving. Power of the trument a11o re.: t identtf7 surely local radio sa ,VIth sunspot grou a Ths* dsi17 records of the stitn dur1nge~ Deoomber 23-29 tsh Z9?;,5 are shot in fig* S. The pro feetio~ ~ `ottpota on & L-4F ii 1? z on December 23 d and 29 than -.en it the same figure. Vt..+ tical lines mask the 1101ts bf the solar disk. One oan age that the Lelf.#dthsy of the local rogiu.s on the recerds ceineide nith,thooe~of the aerial diagram, thus the else of the emitting fsdion.. oes not differ much from Its. Taking these dimensions late aooount one can find the brightness temperature of the rsgiene. this appeared to depe a on sunspot group parameters and to range between 0.3 . I.C. Radioemission of these sources was rather steady for two or three months. It arose with the group, rapidly iuorsw,.ed with the group growth and remind nearly constant as the group entered class 7 (Drummer - Maldmeier classification). Sunspot group deny was followed by a decrease of ra:a, ami:osion. The radiation disappeared with the sunspot.. Li some cases the bright green line of the corona was obs?ricc. in tha region where the radio emission had been obsern i bet ores. In 1997 and the bedwia0 of 2994 the action of tLe edseton regions sowneotod with the sun's rotation in sAgdied. Being situated at sow height over the photospeer: axis edssien regions verso sz oted to nave faster than 6rrrespondiag sunspots, therefor comparing the distance or'~`?'anaspoA iron the central sMridir* with that of the edosioa region the heist of the region can be detexaia*a. Two examples of such determinations of height are shown ea fig?2. The hearisontal axii gives sunspot diotsnaes frog the central meridian, the vertical sails - that. of t? e radieorissiea regiono sffeitiwe eaten of omission appeared to 14 at the height 2.07 to n that is in the lower carom.. Of special interest are the rogienns wish appear one e., before the core spending sunspots and also the regions w:ia can be observed on the western limb of the sun one day after the disapposareane of the group. In this way it is possible to predict the appearones of sunspot groups and to observe ooranl condensations two den lengr than the eorrespcxu3tn; aunsyit snaps* Thus our radietelsseope allews to take into accent f ~t* rabiatiea of the coreaal ceade nsatisas sennooted with pets behind the stnos 11mbe the osarselatien between suns;.ot area and selaw radta-tisa deasitl was a1 7$ uncertain owing to the abase of date ant these nebsened sunspot* behins the 11ab. Is *a sass this ssartatat7 is nerosM. During dallr 16.30 1937,0ttaacns .cbse-.-A'.'. of the an at As 10 an hats: been made Ath tt..taa w&r:s Q +staflc~s: o? t? 1 .r +: artenra by J.H. Parllsky. The, eagrces from the central meridian appearse L;. '.,~. ='s at-both ?nve lengths. As the eatasion of local regions at As ?.' ss generated at the height 2.07, leit an be stipc''d t'"a these regions of at arewave s?issien are This ass pt a is in agrament 'xit.h ue!.: a t hypothceia of c: r rw3. Gonda , ations over sana ,'. L J rgdjo _ Yo*61 Three ucaapoaects of the thoxmal Caiar C.....~-.2 eredo 1, The asw,Sat ssn *xiah ou.r. i ddet L t.lit i T Cj. was ' utst d.11' .` xk.tathe of cbservatiaaz+). It is S1107-3 :; Shaw t:zi faits if the t.a taa1 '$sk. e.< ft. ';rt4n&tai in 15341 1C>6tU i U: A->W", ~.? :b.a flux fz:'r& 61 ,. ,r 0*'1nt. L .he gatax BY::4 +i alb ..w Approved For Release 2008/06/27 : CIA-RDP80T00246A004900090001-8 The aathsr is aratstall to Prof, 8.F.IDuikin for aCVi^s in this work. 2. WYssanora 1.N. Istsstra of the Palkm-o Obsernatrys I62V 1958 (in ;rssa). Approved For Release 2008/06/27 : CIA-RDP80T00246AO04900090001-8 23-31 jlecemb?e2 /s.% Approved For Release 2008/06/27 : CIA-RDP80T00246AO04900090001-8 THE ?OIARiS _TOtd CF SOLAR RADICEMI.TCN AT. 1.5 m. ilAVFIFNGTH By U.J.Alekseev snd7itfev ck, 07" Solar radioemission is usually characterized oi;v ~,y t-- a ''itensity, i.e., by a single value at ? gi'venfrerre..cv, 'zatZoh ellipse). wR'th a polarimeter give us o'uasider'ably more exte:ncive rmatio:. than the usual observations,. 7t is very 1'u- -'a.t'that the abaracter ofrpolarisation of the raei,- determined by the valise and direction of the -a -frtic field of emitting regions. Thus, we ccnr4,' *'LL q:t.z.A .adinemiesio: with a magnetic field. wM )1 }44y hi:gtier than the field in the region, whic}, wi- stIif,by optical methodse t should be slev noticed, that one of the moat in- :.r and unsolved problems is the nature of the ric- 3 s.-:ar radioeeis>iirn. I` 1e clear t'nat .41e-* `Lf - rn:_ e rn'fttization of radloemission will contribute to t: cif this problem. In spite of the itapo= tk1ice eTzcy of the prcUiem, investigations to solve it e brriel,l out oLly in a small number of observatari-~z. Alstralia' al:. the nor! "arried 011 il! Stt' OL 72 ire Fi'iyr;i-3i iustit-lte ,?cf '!,: .. 9 UEE,i~ w :t~r__rls ..,^ur_ted on 0.-,e rotatinc a??ran, :=i r::el. 'T:.`? ret antenna C0.1.1i3-.. d1 poles with a rei'ect0,^? r? e and the L.l441g refw'-: .r. ^".P receitier.. 7-a wlt~ It t r;o1y reare mad-, "mpoLent cf tce signal, t P horiz+ is ignale obtains! as a result of coLl,cc: phase displacements: left polaritattor ( Cf coanonent inclined at 450 to?the horizontal c ,,^ right polarization ( Of - -900). The sers!t`?ri'.? }.< rectiver is 2.5 0, the band is 150 $c/s, the "me is usually 0.5 sec. The band of the system is d-:- by the output of the' intermediate frequent, syo- n. The total band of all the previous cascades is a. Jobserve tione of solar eaisaion~have been carr?e; from august 1957. They were carried on with an antenna flowing the Sun and with a sea radio interferometer. Tb,i e;.'enna of the described radio telescope is situated on th't 7a^r See shore on the level of 284 meters, which correspcn+:_ to tpi! width of one lobe of the reception pattern 818. Approved For Release 2008/06/27 : CIA-RDP80T00246A004900090001-8 -3- .'e first c:nclusion which can be drawn fry rations relates to the change. of the dogra" it on of the radioemiss.on of separate bu:a ' For *hi determination of the degree at pila Yc'a* icr. d?ar:ne, a day and from day to day, the ratio ,:ci us1s on d:.fferent channels of the poiarimeter were tei and plottel (fi;3,2). On the curve the ?e! reduced so that the first correa}onds to t1_e e. _tens`ties o,. the sienyl9 affecting the ck_a 'C degree of signal polarization-. does, not deren1 't '.t.i intensity of the signal, but iq determined ?'y the e ree of polarization and the portion of the polarize' if the-total signal intensity. Each ;oust of th is