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December 18, 1957
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039200220001-2 INFO-RMATION REPORT INFORMATION REPORT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY S-E-C-R-E-T 25X1 NOFORN COUNTRY East Germaiy. SUBJECT Weekly Summary NO. PAGES REQUIREMENT NO. DATE OF INFO. PLACE & DATE ACQ S-E-C-R-E-T NOFORN W AIR F& (Note: Washington distribution indicated by "X"; field distribution by "#".) FB1 I IAEC, 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039200220001-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039200220001-2 cso(CREV H9000 Rlf\\q M9ce._"n 1, SusJlov? s P~ C ' . This aps ption appears to be correct. Suslov, a doctrinaire intellectual, commp1e oen+ s pragmatic ally-minded Khrushchevo So far no differences discerhibleo the Communist 'Party Central Committee Suslesva a standing was considerably strengthened by Zhukov' s raanaval; he apparently advanced to a position second only to Khrushohev in 20 d~~~a~s~~ So~;et Hi;Coramand Assa d in Moscow that reshuffle higher command agencies Soviet Alt 'will continue. Communist Party Central Committee apparently plans action against several leading marshals, accusing them of being responsible for poor ;tutus of Soviet army in the beginning of ,7 and strategic mistakes louring, the 0 Position of Marshals Vasileveki, Moaka lenkc, Timoshenko and even Sokoloveki believed critical. C r , Zhukt v already accused of same mi takes by Korc yew, Accusations can easily be extended to marshals mentioned: Vaailevs~ki. a Timoahenkos Most lenko Sokoloveld 194,.1 Deputy Chief of Staff and. chief of Operations,, at present no active assignment: 1940 People's Coraamisa a r for Defense, .19th. Commander. VD. West Front, at present Commander of White-Russian VDa 1941 Deputy Commander Sixth Army, at present Commander of Moscow MRD, 1941 Chief.-of Staff with commander of West Front, at 3. H?s~ a Attemn4:a to luatgri'er v3 !LOU ' C Rfeu, Noted at reception I Ii m Moscow on 11 Nov that Soviet functionaries addressed rGpreisentativea of Western and neutral states One of Moscow's many attempts to disturb increased coop r tendencies of the West caused by Sputnik demonstrations 40 Numerous reports confirm that preparations for tightening up of. East Berlin and Soviet Zone will be completed by late Nov, Thus possible to put into effect planncsd mews " ebout, See also following supplements o j" j~1 \~ 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039200220001-2 l Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 %, tTSStczoc~cs (rrzt'~ M . 5 20- &-s-SaL Btw 3 ran 13 Y?ovg psr@onn -1 ahuttle trains crossing the border inol g _ USSR ER 5 1 dod tip ON6FSSR 3 1a ddd, 2 capty.9 4 .1 partially loaded trains Thule total of 22 parsomsl ahipmtw oroascad border since be inns of main p sonnal xohan Psxsp Ob wvation of GOTGral troop ahipmte within zone in connection with Fran1fuet/Odgre. as c~ 11 as unloading of. 3 shipmts with recruits in Frazkf t/0dsrq tend to Indicate that, in 1957, Frankfurt/Oder trnsaient camp in , ,ying3y being utilized. No d9finite indieation',-3-available on utilisation of distribution pointy Snow: from previou y ea ) I10 .. In mid-19570 pz93tera in Rosenbbrg/tYppor Silesia indicated that =mbars of tho 1937-?c g Clem to b inducted for a 2-year basin taint in Oct 57 and that inducteac volunteering for a 20. month term as underground miners would be exempt from military mervice? A member of the 1937 lags who,, thereupon, reported for mining vork at the p rtmnnnt registration office, the labor office Rosenbarg, had to , sign -a contraot and was immediately MIUSARMLL] to the Poor k mine near Rauthsn as carter below ground Y / I on of mzm m of 1937--class for basic training after Oct 1957 r rp tedly mportod, Blic vd that, as a result of r 1uotioa of Po9 isrh forovb only pz&t of 1937-lass to serve 2 as /or 3 Y care end the Beet to receive short-term (3-month) training as already obe do t~ininggi,nstead-of-militsry-servios campaign started 18 Aug 56, Poeeibly unsuccessful since,-after an ounmaznt of oecand reduction of forces on 19 Aug 56, many people dui goy military s'ip' (about 508000) ?xpeoted not to b, Inducted, Labar shorn in mining further increased as a ro t of departuz of ma n from Upper Silesia and reduction and/or discharge of Polish labor battalion personnel employed in minime labor Bn.~ xambarw of which were employed in mining observed in _% k until 4erch 19570) 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 S III. .. R cxu~.t ~ s~.nd tap;, ant ~d~,n~4t~,on Reported from several Czech cities that members of the 1938 and 1937-cusses registered from draft in 1956 were inducted for . 2. .year basic military trainin in ' lat n ata 57_ 2 1en Induction of 193?-class expected. Bulk of 1937-class already inducted in 1956.' Postponement of discharge of air force, tank and Ps unit mam.Lxws reported for the first time. Discharge of arvq . and air force personnel so far after 2 and 3 years,, respectively, always in the fall. Accord to available info, PS, unit members ? so far discharged after 27 months, ice. In Jan. If info on prolonged term of service also 'with other branches of army correct, .believed .to be one of the r-asures expected in order to overcome personnel shortage in the fall of 1957, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 Amex to Part B~ Personnel shuttle trams ob er;red beta 3 and 13 NOVD incls ct 4 C/B - converted bode 3 Nov Brest-Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder 54 C/B occupied 4 Nov Brest-Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder 56 C/B occupied 4/5 Nov Cottbzas c5Lia t o -~ Greifs said disc 11.6 axis's 850 tans 5/6 Nov Greifs ld Kost royn n6 " 700 6 Nov Frankfurt/Oder - Cottbus distr 116 " 700 6 Nov west-Litovsk - Frankfurt/Oder 56 C/B occupied 7 Nov Fran art/0ddr Kostrzyn 116 axles 700 toss 8 Nov Cottbus distr Komtrsyn 116 700, 8/9 Nov - Greifsw ald distr- Kestrayn 116 " 850 9/10 Nov Cottbus di.str . Greifswald distr 120 19000 9/10 Nov Cottbus d1 tr Keastrmyn 116 ~' . 800 10 Nom irmt IKIaestrrin, 116 " 650 11 Nov Greifse ald distr- Cottbus distr 116 850 13 Nov Cottbus, distr Kostrzyn 116 " 650 C eante Ntmbsr of pore shu:~ttle trains crossing the border from bbginrdng of ma-In pars exchange program on 31 Oct increased to 22. Shptts with 700 tons sight esann partia11f_ l oaded, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039200220001-2 211~-h:~' C M Permanaent occupations of T:bnisoara, Arad, and Lipova with Sov tank units confirmed. S fall Sov unit. reported in Sannicolaul Mare 50 kin bSW Arad,, On 6 Jun 57j, 6 Sov tanks seen there. During Hungarian re9o1ution, higher echelon headquarters,, tank repair shop and supply base for Soviet troops , employed in Hungary located in Sannic,,olaul Mae. RR station blocked for civilian traffic for prolonged period. Sov troops loaded there and several 10O tank vehicles daily filled from rr tank. cars. Sov aircraft land&sd area near rr_ station f;~ mn ~ Info on $ ov tank wait stationed in the Banat since l9l46, probably 24th Tannk Div, confirms prey assumptions. Other reports also indicate that elms of this div employed in suppression of Hungarian _revolts, possibly via Periam-Sannicolaul A!.are. Dw7ing revolutions,; .,,O'03 dri ored and track-laying veh counted passing through 'Periaam. Sov operational staff determined in Saaennicolaul M are :gar r:)a from Mw, 56 to Jan 57. Since elms of Sov unit from Banat still bai.ieved stationed in southeast Hungary,, Sannicolaul. fare -:visibly still supply base for these units.) On 23 Oct., elms 11th AAA refit Air Defense transferred from Strauasberg--E;geredor# 9 allegedly to WWolfen near Bitterfeld I Pre .ously reported that 15th AAA Regt/lst. AAA Div Air Defense being activated in Wolfen. ) 2. Oder an~ttl.e In the spring of 1957,, reequipment of 5th AAA Regt (Ueckermueade) t-Yaa officially a announced and started. By late ' Jun, all gun craws filled up to 1/6 and 37 AA guns of 4th AA Btry replaced by 4 x 1O0-m AA. gun s9 I x 14.5 n AA machine gun and 1 SON-9 gun-iayi radar. All other batteries allegedly also-to receive 100- AA guns and regt to receive track-laying prime movers. Each battery to receive. 6 guns (possibly warms-time equipment) In late Jun, the lot to 3d Btry a3'i;ill.had 85-mm AA guns,, the 5th and 6tth Btry 3? -um AA guns which were not used for training- at that time Cou era Arrival of 19 mm. AA. guns for AAA rogt of rM reported for the first tune. Assumed T/0 of 3d and.5th AAA age after reed ,pmu to AA batteries, each with 6 x 85-mm- AA guns and 3 AA batteries, each ,-ith 6 x 100-mm AA guns and at least 1 % 145. mm four-barreled AA machine gun for each battery.. Such an organization largely corresponds to available Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039200220001-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 observations on possible development with rogts/lst AAA Div Air Defense, which may be scheduled to be organized into 3 battalions each of batteries with 100-mm, 85-mm and 57-nri AA guns. The AAA regt of mts r t cdiv will receive 57-mm AA guns as' standard capons I I It remains to be seen if and to what mttent these reg? s will be equipped with twin-barreled AA guns on self-propelled mounts. Equipment with 85-mm AA guns which was planned and, in some ~asses9 started in 1956, considered obsolete.) Structural plan for arty regt of mtz rifle div provides for 2 battalions, each of '3 batteries with 6 x 122-mm hows, 1 bn of 3 batteries with 6 x 85-mm field guns and 1 bn of 3 batteries with 6 x 120 or 160 marts (Comment: However, 2 how arty brie not observed with arty regta of mtz rifle diva so faro If 4 brie are rapurted, they include 1`' how bn, 2 gun bag with 76 and 85 mvm guns and 1 bn with 120-mm morts.) Still undetermined if exercises at divisional level or above held. In ssoaxther pcwtion GI in Oct. Individual observations as, for ea pie, retain shpmt from RBD Halle to Storkow, the rr station of Engr Ba Kaxs chens?e,o on 26 Oct may indicate such exercises during second half of Oct. No definite conclusions possible.. Except for-short-term utilization by . individual units, firing ranges. and tng grounds. assumed to be vacant and units believed to be back at posts since late Oct/early Nov. During first 10 day6 Nov, usual barracks duty 3hcl maintenance of veh9 and weapon and advanced combat training up to reinforced battalion level. In some cases, traihing of recruits, groups of which kept apparently arriving since second half Oct. Ceremonies, in.-some cases followed by parades, held within barracks on 7 Nov, the 40th anniversary of Oct Revolution. On 23 Octp I shpt i of 60 G (gondolar car) with brand news, khaki- colored pontons passed trough Neuruppin en route from Brest Litovsk to Steadal area. 3 0 CA a " Prest bouid for bridg ; bldg engr refit Klietz. ) In Nov' 34th Msez Rsgt, C/O It Col Makarewicz, located' 25X1 in Stolp. Refit subordinate to 8th Mecz Div 9 C/0 Col Gross ________ 25X1 In Koeslin. It was organized into let Rifle n with 2 rifle cos (each Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 50 ? 60 men), I t co W x 82 --am morts0 50 - 60 men), and 1 by machine gun co; 2d Rifle Bn i th 2 rifle cone 1 AT co, 1 wort co, (each 3040 men), and 1 sig pl; 3d 3n (00 school) (90-men) with 2 cos; 9 -month ccwses9 tag, of subleaders of rsgt; and tank bn (130 men. mostly R Qe) with 2 tank cosy each with 3 T-34a, 1 tank SP co with 3 JSU-122 s anti follo ing stared veh': 58 new T-34a, 3 JSU-122ss 1 SU-10O e 16e. a total of 71 arm vah with tank bn; arty bn with 76 field guns and 120-use arrts * ran co with 4-5 BTR-4()e and 20 sidecar motorcycles; engr urd.t o 60' ien, sig unit of 60 men; maintenance unit (22 men) lncl armorer artificier and mot veh pers) ; mot trams co (56 men) 3th 1 (adm) p19 2 (mot trans) pl with 1 sedan, 2 GAZ 67 Be, 20 ZIS0150s, 18 GAZ518 Incl 3 fuel tank trucks; ABC pl (12 m9n) 'for administration and maintenance of gas protection equipment; 3O-piece uilita ry band. .Total strength of 34tth Mee:, Regt e 120 officers and 730 NCOs and EM. Regt consisted of cadre peas and equal number of soldiers in first and second year of training. In 1955 and 1956, each 200 reservists and untrained pars up to 45 years had been inducted for 3-month training with reSt at summer camp hamburg tag gr. Tng bn. organized by refit C went- a. Info confirms Stole as cast 34th Mecz Revte Cal Makarswics mentioned as C/0,32d Mecz Regt Stole in Aug19560 ?obably 34th Meez Rsg-t concerned. 32d Meca Regt carried in Kolberg. Lt Cal Gross confirmed as C/O 8th MFcz Div Koeslin in Aug 1956. c. 0rganizatie s of 34th Mecz Ragt generally corresponds to Soviet org. 27th Mecz Regt (G1atz)/1Oth Mecs Div (Oppeln) and 55th Mecz Regt (Br aunebsrg)/16th Mees Div (Elbing) also similar organization and about came strength as 34th Mecs Regt, d. Number of stored tanks too high for 34th Mecz Regt, Possible reserves also for other units of pool; or of 8th Mecz Div. Similar observations made also with other units f Tank Regt (Stoip) , where .30 tanks are stored and Brews' rg, where tat* depot is boa The 111th Army AAA Regt, ~ stationed in Goerlitz in late Jun 19570 C/O Ma j Kordas, Chief of Staff Ma j Gransort. Prior to Mar 1957, refit subordinate to 4th laf Div in Crosson/09 subsequently, in connection with reduction, subordinated to 11th Mecz Div (Sagan). Soldiers wore still red cap bands which ware to be replaced by black ,saes 0 Regt consisted of 4 active and 1 reservist battery. A regt NCO school dissolved in Apr 1957, participants distributed among batteries. Few NCO aspirants transferred to Sig NCO School Saagaann.. In summer, individu?al soldiers discharged ahead of time for personal reasons, replaced by others from deactivated units, Strength and armament: Unit Personnel Weapons I Btry 86 man '. 6 x 85-mm hv.AA guns 1 x 14.5-mm-twin-barreled mach gun 2 ce :apps 80 6 x 37-mm li AA guns 3 sv 80 a0 4 x 37 nm" a n 4 B3 90 80 4 x 37-mm n n n Reserve Btry qr 150 2 X. 85-m n n ro Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246AO39200220001-2 (3ith MeczRegt) confirmed Stolp until Apr 1957. )iq 8th Mecz Dive Koesli.n) reported for the first tim Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039200220001-2 b *- F,-E. V, M01PI-ORM Total etretaagth m cl hq unit; at lsaet ' 500 men with 151 trucks and an ia/i amber of reserve guns mostly of 37o Barracks installation of regt Harmsdorferetrae:sc also occupied 'by railroad protection unit with 37xn AA guaas aqd 12 b7-= by mach guns and a chemical unit.' other k nova elms 11th ! erc. Div-, arty mort regt Sagan and u/i unit. Sorau _(R9mmqUt- Info confirias ': is in line itb. the reduction of Polish forces, units deactivated