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December 22, 2016
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April 30, 2010
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January 27, 1958
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 . ~?~[ ~-. .CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U.S.C. Secs. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. SUBJECT Military Installations . in Wroclaw, DATE DISTR. Szczecin,.Gdynia, Czestochowa, and Ha jnowka NO. PAGES 1 DATE OF INFO. PLACE & DATE ACQ. REFERENCES RD reports on military, and .other installations STATE X ARMY X, NAVY X AIR X F81 AEC (Note: Washington distribution indicated by "X"; Field distribution by "#".) A -Wroclaw B -Szczecin C -Gdynia and Szczecin D -Czestochowa E - Hajnowka:~N 5~-~~,,E-23-35 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 r ~,:.~~ MILITARY General Information 1. BARRACIt'S AT I3AJIdCIv,'KA In the forest, situated approximately 7 ~- frau HAJNOi"AKA, are looated military bac?raoks. Although the barracks thmiselves are small, and the estimated numlber of troops stAtioned thero is" no more than t~00, the restricted area protected by barbed wire entanglements stretched for a considerable distano?. The gate nearer to HAJNO~'1KA mss 4 Fan out oP town and there was another one 3 lan further away. For the last two ye building work has b?en 25X1 in progress within this area, Military olltaoted bricks and oth?r building materials Pram H9.7I~AD~KA s at on. On onQ occasion a transport of go~Qds arrived by rail packed in orates end marked "Glass: Fragile". Approximately 100 civilien residents from HAJPIOVr'1SA were working in the restricted area, mostly as labourers, but not even their closest friends knew what they were working on. Qne of them, rdLYYJARC~YK Tadeusz, worked in a chemical laboratory, but no further details are availabl?. PARA-IdILITAFtY ~'Oi' barracks were looated in Ul. Proletariaoka in HAJNOVdKA. They had been handed over to the tocm Civil Administration for use as a medical centre. (a) (b) For the last few months the Frontier none on the Polish aide of the ltusso-Polish border, which in the past was guarded by V:4k', is not guarded at all, and the troops who used to do guard duty have left the town. 3.~ (a) A ne~v road had been constraated during 1956 and 1957 linking HAJPI0~IKA and KLI:SZCZE. In August 195? the road had not been quite oo~mpleted and the surface is ati11 to be completed. (b) YiAJTTpb~,iKA - BIEL.9K pUDLABKI -the road is a wide one, capable of taking three lanes oP traffic. It has a surface oP small atones. (a) HAJNO~rI{A - BIAIA~T~R~ - a wide road capable of taking three lanes of traffioZ rolled small stone surface. Fart of the raed which makes up U1. lgo Ma3e has paved stone surface. t~. CIVIL DEF~AICE There was no evidence of Civil Defence preparations in HAJNO~f+ZCA or in other toa9ns around. No special exercises have been held and no instructions issued. 5. C~ (situated approximately 55 ~ ~`~ of HBZESC/BREST LITOVSK) ) At the railway station in CZEREB~CFiA transports of goods and equipment including tanks, gems and military vehicles, were seen frequently. They were guarded by Soviet troops. A large factory Por treating railway sleepers and telegraph poles was looaltpd 119,{~~e town of CZF.13F6'lCHA. ii~~ 6 S~IANO~r .............. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 -~ ,~.~ M~ J .i ~~ -c~r.~FT 25X1 b. s~~Axo~xA During 1955 and 1956 very large oonstructioa works assts undertaken in S #''IANO~KA. A numb?r oP cranes, bull-doers and other equipment were ~+een on the site. The work was stopped, though it is not known whether this was because the pro3ect was completed or 3ust abandoned. The work appeared to ctozisist oP laying a great nuuaber oP railway lines. 7, SKE"CCH of fit~JATOIsKA attached 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 ~~~~ET ~Y To ., H 1. Churoh 2. Post, telegraph oPPioe and PZGS oPPios j. Teohnioal aohool - meohanioal and timber Rork 4. R~sidsntial quarters Por students ~A the school. ,~. Long,. large building housing workshapa belonging to the school. F. New large house under oonetruotion. To be used by the gr,~vvernment. 7. House cooperative enterprise 8. Government store 9. Eck?ry 10. PZPR Building 11. Local 'r't~ansport, oPFioe 12. Book shop 1S. Saw-mill, tiaaber yards. Tranaloading point Por timber brought Prom the Forest. There were approximatel?~ 2tJ00 people employed at this saw mill. The main praduot was timba~c planks Por oonstruotion. 14. Railway station l~. Charaioal Factory. A tall, ald brisk building, looking rather like a tower. z1raduotion consisted oP charcoal, avid and poasib]y other commodities. Raw materrial came by tractors diceot].y Prom the Forest, and also from area marked 16 and Prom ea~ill. 16. Timber yards, considered to be the largest ir,,Poland 17. T~CREB~SBN Faa tort' ~roduo ing pitch, turpent itti. Next building there were also two lard eatorage tan~b. 18. Factory For building barrels (tubs). 19. Hospital Por inPeotioua diseases. to a large 20. General Hospital. The hospital had ~-rqy eau~gment and operating 21.. WOP Barraolsa vacated during the last Pe~- moms end now taken over Por the use as medical oentra. \~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 { - ~. -. ~t~;~;fT r- 2i 4-lsi~r,lls7 att.^~.~ elo~le llt?~ aMwws !ie rail~as l~t~as: ~. ~~ 1~1-. -~1.ts?- a ~?xs~- ~+-a cn. ~t,~s.- s. 1Ma~N . ? ~ar~ ~, stt fir! i'cr..tlte time s! tMs ~ ~sa~a~~. 'fit l~r is ast usMi 1~-t wears is N saran l+re+- Iu ~ ~ ~as~ia Fie~twl~asa is laeatM, (~4l~i ~ ? !#aaoa~al 1r+ea~it~. 3. b ~ saw !s hrtsi ~a~ ~arj~s~-1 air3sistrr~i ~u~rlfas ~ui~du~i.trti.. 3sa>a~a). Theca sr. rai. a! r~ita~ .t ~.~s.~a i~w 4. ~t~s~M' C~ti1h ~+t~ro asss a. 1-~t tt~r was. aa1~N txiY7~ ~' Ei~iiiCa~-' `rM~4c~ 10.011. ~rOtiw~' - fiiA$t~al ~is~~f GIu~-. ~ti ~ ~ 111`8 - ~s jakr+rt 10.E ~~~ _?~ ~t14~-el-~~ L3.n~. -~. Tak;,~- is ~p at tpia ri01. $. Yilitwt~y Is~rw-tis* attiar - is twee K~,liq-~r 14ie4allipws~ Otlisar T-ta1 ball lash raM11~1~1. f1+Mtw~ 1~ (1Pa~slaua lllasln 1Ps~wes~traaa~a >~litathi IAlsraal Strvia-t)' . .,: 6. Ottisi s!' t1M , ~.A~ .>~tilitaie~ l'risee~llr ~{~ Trii' !'~hsar ti'talli sss aaN-Irat~ Moe al~~I1M? 7. , IMRieo~lcat xili~r'Qs~et~ a~ Plrsseaat~c?s C~tly,ar? 0.ti. a!' 1M Yilitar~-. `P~aMSyts~!'s Qtlias wq Isl. X(3~L(1P'~~,I t>rta. 8. Sl'fatsiei ~'~ OtP~isa ~ hear' Lima Sferl..N~ 'lbis ii a eisi~Ml Uai! ? ? ?!!!.t Si ~~ ~ ~ ~~' if~s'~r'~ ia1's~ 1D. l~itel~ wh~n1, tssiliaa st niiitac~r tet~ee~sl,lira. 13. ~tili~ wAirrs +rsnre~r~wtiaw tar :;Llitru~- ~re~1 l~ilias. 1J~. a0rr8t~0atc Z1-1~,,A,~l +1Q101~ i~is.le. Yilita~ fietse Yshi~i~ t'esrlu ~a.4 31. 1~. 25X1 I!. Ctii .aas~ ~r larrarrltw 11~eia; rpairwi !sc ,ti1aa M? ~ a~q. 16. 13tat3sasi tm~r ,arcs Xais~tsair si-l~w~r la-Rtalisa 1r++~eriirat use ]1.~tali.. - rNrieR# le~ulrrt sattil..~ i.iti.l~iw .~' ~ parit sqi#~-.. Ts- r ~+~st'aal>? `tUa litrat aiae~ts sipet lays wni~r !sr wr# is l~Q ` _~ecre~ ; SEC~E~ ,/1~ ilr~irat ~tlrt~- ]~yi~al.......... .25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 17+ ~~ianal yilit~ liapital 18. 401pS+ - (Giserp- Oriyiale ~~ Latn3~sse Leloat~isi~ ? Dassat~sl- eenlre tar Air Fsree l[siiiai. All eit!'~!~ *ilets aso~iesA hare. Air lhrra ~lS~ts t~tarlmsi ~~ allta. 1!. tetlC - V'ria~rrUi-il- Military clww~i ? C~a~isi~a trrair- ltt~ Zca. 1~7CQ - 1tilitar,- 8,tsiseal a..raawE - ~e~sbr~a asrsNa ~e~aswa. 21. A~],y eenstr~rtai reaiiwatial hausas. 25X1 22. a-rriaaR fly H ~3+ Yei~reirhiF flttisa li~Yili~a ~1r,9rw-ato3,ai~a - eit~s ~iliti~-) der. is wise lsaatNl it~'ise st tA+~ i'his is sew rrrar! t? ~aisial Yiaistarstwa ttfraw ~ewtetrvpob - ~eetL~n ~t twe ~istr~- tar Internal .Attaitw+ It is ~aaaralla- laurw in ts~u that 0~ e~tiaes are laptri l~r*. 24. Law Oeurts aai ~'ticesasuter's ~ttisN tar twe tau e! ~ROQLI-li. 2;i. lla.2 Priw- 2b. First t3e~iisrriat ~. 27. GrARDIi ? marts Cin- of ti~a Yuistrjr st Iateraal Affairs ~ars~sal. 28. Yelereiah3~ :A~twistrati~ at tha LiE~ ? Lease 111` Selii~rr trleeir tLias ,Pr~1-,~aslaS ~s]sitrs.). , 2!. Tewa ~li~lsistcatien et LPw. 30. n~ Ottiaes e! TOPZ {Tesws~a 01rau PtsMiwtst?3rssa - Se~iaal AA D~rtew Cacsanis+-tira), T4PCa -~ Tsrsaswh UUrana yrseeiw t71rsl~ssru ReSiet~,l 1,ati-Qhawssal ~~rtare ~D~ta~w t3rp~iaat3.N-, saA TQpA ? 'Ba~isnal Grpniratirll tar Digs ap-itlst Ater 19artara. 31. Teen YO ~~ni #n Ol. i~italia. 32. Military Yatsrinary ~er~riee 33. xilitary Dill~tia~ ottiea 34. veiasei~shil- Party Otflee 33. In this ara: ar. 1ee~-teis ~lasa~tw a~ sa~Hrs officers seYe?1. Fet~arly 4 1-attalierta ~w+res traLai hen at a ttws, ~ anty z ara traiaM at a times. btti Tait Fbst, agaiRai with T?~ tanks. It is ~auibla twat it has casently r+ea :t-iii ether S'his hest is hii~etei L- tha warraslcs ter~sr3,F a?s fi~N iry 2StY Iat, lest. heat of AA Arty equi~aA with . ~ of hessiac ealitit~ side awl. ~titi~lr (~ acs) .armtia`. 36. Harriet xilitaty ?.t-isle ra~air vs?r.. 37. L~taatr~r dnLs~trs sohe.l u..w~t after Taidss Y01lCIt~CO. 36. Pri..a ~..1 3!? Ps~wiateia HesFital. a+0. On tya Nnter et O1. lI~OZ~.TSS1- aai V1. ~ilcelaJa ~ts~a is leeatat we~~cra w..t.l lraliwAi~ts to w~c oir-w (xat is a~ct.h) ~~?~~ /4l. Da aithsr sins ................ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30: CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 ~i. Or ~11~'iW :~. W~. ~ir!'~'10~ID`iA y~tyr#lr~i+~l~ l~r ~"sr 25X1 ~. ~a#Zt~ lli+rlt : ~ f-!1]~t1M a tarp ~t wit (~~ ; lwis~lalira) aart at -~t~ws ln~s. tIMC ie- 1~ .: .. ~. ~ ~-~?QeWtr ~~1-~ !s ~ _~wa hrw-'rw At 1~ ~#+M d ~ a~rr-t S~lr ~,~-` ,~ 1rl~ip ~r i~ a~rN~ ~~s ~-llit .diet ~E'.~1 r-~1ti~ ~ri],~ ,. ~ ~ ire tiuults~s k sa si~+s a~~iM ~- ln~+~,~ ~N"r t~ ~ ~ ~! ail wM+l-~ 1Y~r peyi*Ot ~~ M~ ~M~N ~IMa, ~~~ ~ Nw ~a1LM ~1. , n'a~d~>rwr !!'~p- ~ll+N tliiii9is~ ii1 ~urNii~j- pl1~i ~. ~,3. sp ~ .iera t .ice ~fitM iiaira (awe iq~i# is .apt . ~ ~- .Zi ~l~~ # s1. ~~ fie .uiwQr ~ trr .~.~ ~i !fir ~tf~ri~.#~a ~ !Ir ~~ ~ ~' '6~l~ ,~~`~~, ri 1we~ carer a1a 3r~-~M $~pt~l,tt Qatar q~iM :~ir+la. (rsrw3,a~slcl~ ~ii~f+l~r) ~~J .3~ ~-tJ.~aO- ~~t ~oiirc hair 7a~? _ i~ ~ .lat ~qar area raie~M ~ ~we~r i~tti o~+rrrii ,fatals A.ri~.~r~-' ~. ,~ ~. ~.~antait x~- .ar got,. l~arl~e iwia ft~l~,~a, .t ~ tom. a~sta~., tae~a rre. ~r-tni` x?e1s ,~~. ~.~. w~-3. t.als (tad) .~r. ~. irerr i. mat .tntlaa .t' l~ra.a~s: of w ~s*t a.~~s .t?~. aw ~ss....r.e~ ~a~ 4'~. ~gr+Mlrle~r ~ (~' : rrt t~~ art s~~ t~ pro ~ y Mt ~ erM w~ loaatN ~p aatar tMeb ai~r7~rr~ri~ *~ `~'~M~? ''~ret Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 S~ D+t~-ile ~~' ~r.6 is ~ rih ?e L~tiwte in = RG~:Li-~'~ (r, (ij (b} ?iaia ~stcaaN Ott ~~ eltie~. ~'~usty uralaA~ ~ree'ts tcN X11 ~bttrl ~i~~~ her?? (e} OPti? at the eld,e!' ~!" a~aurit~r Par the H . (i1 .a~ttrae~ ~ rut naei. tee ~rarra?b ~i[?~r? tl?sy ari t>atti? ailitagr t# rtati~ (aae+l~ i? ~.?. Mkt rs~tlt ~?~ ,. flat lyt nirlE?t 4 !s a ~N~iat~ unit;. lava Yilitarsrs (a) Ia 111.1iti~id?w~sa w~+? 1??~ai tiarra?I~t ???u~tul ~ 1f~1! t~itar R1~is wov tY? aais 1-tlt tiaN is aXZaZ>-CDF (>~+ir 1??atia ~ i ~ ~>. (t} ~ m,,A~rslryp,lC,y ~. t>t? ~ t. tie ltaii? stati?., a ,,,~ b~ unit. ?at~i.atMt at rte .~j-, was stati +~a*.t?r la~? tR~lt ~+it iw V1. tliari,lc, situat?a ~ ~ '"`u trw!?rt k~ "LiIQZII~~~ ~, (~) 2a lll?~a t?w (it? ~~titr? aaclp~ 10 ?04 ~t?Ma ~ atty~) ii 1Nrati lrlisa lfa~al ~1~??l. (ti~ ~ ,t>N ??ar~s ?+~ttiit fit' tt~.8wiat?w~t ~ ~?~- DL tl ~' ~~~~s *~t'rao?~1as w tie ri~r~ o~?r. ~ ~~~ ~? tl~ia a wll wales w!?r? ~wll aarai >~ l~~,T ~rM. 44t? satial uaita ataii~aK sari ware ~~~ tie ~ ~ ~~'~~ n~'~V ~1~. 3000 tea. ~: 6N (a} sIIOSSaxx >~~ , ?trtf.~ii ~ us.~ ~, .iui.a air.r.rt awi lqr a~t?rs ?' Y?~ 1ir alvrlw, Ian 1'S? w~ ~ ?arriM ?ut a tl-? airlili w i~qr~ iraiA~,p? (~~ .. ~k..irti?la Aa? wt t~? ti.. !1?vr, us?i a~ a st~~a~p ? ita~ (a) ~ I-.ta~a R?~b- ~p was 1~?at ?i a lest ~aa~ ?t (a} 143a Iruti~,dl,~ wi~ih was a ~itwitiao~ L?atf!?~ ~~~~ i~ as='tus~r~ j.~ iu'~~ (i) ai~titi~ i . t1~~s ~~~ ~t !ir lsuti~a a?? ~~ ~ !fir ,~i~?ut u? ?kN~1- -3}. llti ?! ~?~ ~; (1) TL?r? wN ?m?tlt?r lart? ?i~iliaat 1-?yit~l i~t Ll?~s- Mai!?w~ ~_ ~~IIr - JC .. Lk sri~],woy- liar is a ~. ~ ~ ~wt>tl? fsa?~t lia? ~, ~y '~' ~ ~ ?! +~~t~'ltiatl,~ kai 1?aR a? t~Nt ~ this 1laa. ss (0?? s~k 3 'tta?~i) ,..fir ?t dr?t?h u t?11wra~ 1. ~? ~ tiri~, 1?,~ t? alp, Yaia stati?t is >~zo9GiaIIe ,it i?L ~'fas war ~aa uu at rr-,~i,r?i ~ Jti~r l!S?. 4'!sttir~ rws t)tat ~rrlt .~a r~?~ rurf~L?n ?t the >Mrl,i~p will '?... ~?as tl-? ..a~aaL~t ~in#~ tlr ea-il t~ a!a?1wl ut?ri~s l,y,~y, ~- it t3~~p- ws~s?~ia iris lri wr1G. aau~ ~~ iz tAe water sear tk? -riis?. it, birth ?t ~ ruias ?1' t>t? lrytil~ra~r tiri tl~r? is a ~~ ~ ~f Yaia ??st 0lti?? tx'at-isinal l~ri#,ts ?w~stru?b?t is +q~~r?~, l~sa. ~ ~..... 25X1 ~~-serer ~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/30 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039800120001-7 ~ A!~''o~ ~ !aa tlMt aattl~ a!' tka ~=~n-iatawai Wry ttrey is ? ~ ~~ta ?r~irrati?,. 11ea wtelc is tLs ~u av^ut 1l~7~ ~. It,: waa t? lratrr 1~4 ~~~ guar asnll~ti ~ ~ 1,19? tut i~ . !~ !i fw arR ~t tita t'~eiarklai ward tt~p ~ti]l are. TMt Yarl,~ip iir ~~ tabs t~-a trs. 1~as aai a~t~t. liaa fit' ~au[,.tsr!'tia wt bf~-ar s3~a at tYa>!. . 4. ~ is a '~iirtp 1-el~a 3+a~iu ~ ~!, r Nu~sisa a!' '~'~ ,Mt' testt~. TYa Tsai t~ tkt ~tdiis ~ Z1iTA !~ riia f~ i~rNt~r !s!a a rallw~ r'1aRwt, ~. 3'M3s niaiult# nu~IriaY tams, #~ ra3lwu4- liar to tla ~ ~,~,~ rta~ia~ is at fr~at s~ i~ nrr ar t-s -ri,iia +ratasas ~ tLa station is ~~. ~. - is : 1~~uea#~r ~rr~e Ms r s~sar tea tirt lira atatiM. ~t to ` it is a Al tt i -Mir (7) ~Mtru~ruai iii flat ra'? ~ tea at~aa Ta #?4+aew tia ra~-i lari~ tr ~ t1- 1~tarun ~ shit saui luilultai awprrial strum !a ~rl-+~tti-~lli~t .lot' tu~t9[ ra rNwut~rtisa t!' tM~ sii -riya. !l~aur+s is a Yrl,/,~ ? it~6lt ~ ~~~ ~ -a ai au ti-a'tieLit~s w a!- a~ulit raiata~nrri a+mialtvrti~, ~. ~a~ it s raiia~ ria~uuft arar tia ~! la~iu tr~ aaaa ~~ !~N ttia li>M t* i~LQZ10DI~1 ?atrt. ~a ~yy~ is a t krwt~ ?!' ~~: ~~ Xprt ~ it a . rslal-as~ ~~~ is Mrs ~s'ee~rtiN? ~~ir. ~ `" Yatsra llti >trl~pu tiaa~s is a ~ia~twt ~ ,hri roc tla- rail~gr lia?. A naiwt takes tl~a nai agar tYe ral,lnayr liaa. 14i. ~~ ~y,~ ~~~, ~1-~i* l~lia i~bW,~~y- j east is it a ssw ~? 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