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January 24, 1958
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 CELVTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U.B.C. secs. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any maansr to an unauthorised person is prohibited by law. S-E-C-R-E-T NOFORN COUNTRY East Germany REPORT SUBJECT Weekly Summary - DATE DISTR ~~~ ~ yn~ -'~M ~ . ~ 4 JAN 1~ 8 i~e+..~ 3 NO. PAGES 1 ~ - REFERENCES RD DATE OF" INFO. PLACE & DATE ACQ. SOURCE EVALUATIONS ARE DEFINITIVE. APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. STATE X ARMY S-E-C-R-E-T NOFORN X AVV X AIR X BI AEC (Nola: Woshin9ton di~tribafioa indkatad by "X"; Field dishibution by "#~~.) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 .r'e Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 SELwkf NOFORN A~, j ~ it7~i 1,~_~~.~g4S~~S 2. Appointment of Uatinov to the ?osition of Deputy Chairajan of the Soviet .Council of Ministez?s o F.D. U~tinov, previously I~.tnieter for tie Defense Industry, Mss made Deputy Chairmen of the Council of ~'inister$. (press) S~IA~L Thie appointment again rai3es the number of deputy minister. presidents to fowr,~and the Presidium or the Council of Z'inistera may again be assumed as being in eadsveuce. I~L must bs noted, however, that this Presidium now-has the character of a little "Ecodomic Cabinet" in which Rut.ganin rapresenta the ~~tate apparatus; Mikoyan - ae a pro~ninsnt member. of the Central Committee Presidium - the-Party and foreigh trade; Kusmin, the economic ,adm~.nistiratioa; Koseygin, the , 2. ` Re~-irah of Cantroversigs b~~we n~Masco~+-_. and Bsl~rade strike were voiced and she-rt strikes base been organised. Soae naseive~resiatanae has also b?en observed among the offioer corps The "Pravda" published two 'sharp artie~lee against revisionism. and nationalism which were clearly directed against Yugoslavia. (press) Thd Central Committee of the Yugoslav Coaa?nunist Party, already. prior to its resalutian on~the P4oscow 12-Party declaration which clearly pointed out the di,vergenei?s of opinion existing between Yugoslavia and the USSR, issued s prc~as directives according to which all anti- So~iiet poleanicswere to ' be avoided ~, In various areas of Yugoslavia, a certa1.n opposition against increased cooperation- Mvith East Blo+~ countries `naa made itself felt, This opposition is mostly born? by ~norkera i~~cluding Party meanbera and trade union men.'`Minor demanatrations have occurrbd, threats of conflicts. Ir.~future, Lhe influence of the.pro-Cominform Yugoslav Communists mast be reckoned ~rith,,hawever. At present, these elements. are sti21 keeping in the background. So far, Tito's rsana pres ge as en a e o cur a nner apprehension generally. Domestic conditions in the ceuntr ive rise to certain (C.~~. It is not to b~+ expected twat Belgrade is going to carry the renewed ideological e~uarrel with ?~~scaw to extremes, Yugoslavia is trying. to~ get rid of its present ieol.etiot~. and. will, therefore avoid everyt~s.irgwhich may increase inset ~ strife among the Party 3esdershipa the bulk~of the Party membership, the Army and the people ' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 a ? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ~`, SECRET NOFORN 3i. ,~,~ Post for Zhukov? Among the Soviet people and in Arm circles tt~e future~asaignment of Zhukov is again being discussed more openly. It is believed that wide circles of the officer corps are sti11 sympathizing with Zhukov, and his re-employment, possibly in the capacity of a teacher at a military establishment, is believed possible.. ~`:alinovaki is said to have stated in the meantime that a Marshal can neither be de_ poatd nor dotimgraded un3.ess` he ~s guilt~r of a arimi.nal offense .(C=,q~,;,, Zhukov is now hardly mentioned ern the Soviet press. His re-aesi~ament to a post Which does-not giv? him~any influene:e on wider circles of the army is Well possible.) 4 ~ d~'er of Sov et Wa_r s-h~ P ~ - R ~AOU ~- - Mir f 1 Aaacrding to a still unconfirmed-report, the USSR has offered Poland the lease of a deatrager and several.smailer units `of the Soviet , Navy for the strengthening of the Polish ,eoanta~. 'defense. In tusking: this offer, ,the ~ef'erring to its obligations. resulting from the t~arsaw Pact ~G ents The information maybe true, si~ice Poland, a3ready in late 1956;?prior to the chenge of the Soviet course, received from the USSR some submarines and submarine chasers, and in the sun?ner of 1957, speedboats.) Scret,L Aid for Yemen Under the direction of h3 Soviet.speciali,+ts who'reoently arrived inYemen, the ports of Salif and Hodeida a,:~e beiing imrroved The USSR. is, allegedly, willing to execute this work at its own expense in orderi to make these ports usable for la.~?ger ships C t? This intention cl~rly reflects the Soviet endeavor to hare. available naval baseG also outside tp:a Iron Curtain. In ?i.ew . oP the physical properties c-f the coast and the navigable water, the establishment of modern harborG on the Yemenite coast will only be possible with the greatest difficulties.) Theme P_o~t~.N~-Former Wahrmac t 4ffi~,~s, in the NVA At the 35th Plenum of the SED Central Committee scheduled to be held in Feburuary 1958, the pr. oblem of 'the ~ti~tenibg of SEA control . over the NVA is also to be discussed. A ~na~or point in this,queation is that the NVA is now in a position tp go.~vithout the further employment of former Wehrmacht officers. These officers would have been removed at an earlier date if Marshal Greahko had not supportied .. ~~-~ C n No information has so far been :received on Grechko's attitude to the utilization of former ''ehx~:tnacht officers by the. NVA. The report therefore requires confirmation. Hoaever,.the tendency of the SED to have these officers removed from. the NVA-has been. observed for some 'time. No information }mss so far been received on the relegation of Vincenu Muei,~yrh h had .been reported by JtJE. ) V+ a ~~ .~ ,, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ~'P.` SEC:t~T NOFORN ?o Trad~,~e,Unio~, Conte^ess at ~ostoc~C In December 195?, a tr8.de tAxnioa cot~'ere~ce `s scheduled! to be held at Rostock. This ' confe~?et~ce vrill repor~:~~'~. be attended Polish ? S C nt ? The holding of th~.~ trade unlan ~songrese ~.s probably connected with the ;~?o~~;anda offensive ~'or the nQUtralization of the Bahia Se,~, ) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ~` NOFOi2N Bs Armed Farces I e U,,,,SSJt ~1~-S~.'~~ ted" ~c~ (Warsae~ Pn.ct) Total Strec~th P,~rsgnne~F,~chan ~ (~D~t - 'JS Pl?icrr to 10 Dec 1957', fot.lo~ring act 'it~.frnal border. ~croasing personnel shpmte ob8@~TVed: USSR -GDR: ~ loads trains;. GDR - USSRs G la$..cle3~ trains; . 3 empty trains. Co ent_ Personnel exchange cantinuet~ according to sa~hedule; total of lOt7 border-croasing ~hpmts as f~~r +a'served,) TI. 1. ~Iiah Ech~locc Ur,~pni~stion . Late Oct/early Nov, Col Bauer, h deputy of the Chief of the Air Forco and Air Defense, accompanied by officers of the Air Farce and fir Defense, inaps~ted 1st AAA Div Comanent: This fait?Iy credible report confirms assumption that Set AAA Div, at least since arid.-1957, subordinate to *iaJ Gen Rez~sier, Ghief of Air. Ford and Air Defense, Col Bauer known as ^hisf` of the Ad~.iniatration of the Air Detease in the Ministrg- fcrr :'~ationel Defenss.) 2, Tot :tre h SuCCeB: up t0 Novu~F,iL'~r in ,th? pi`~phgand~a ceanpaign to. volunteer it the ~icient fi~~~ cb~npensate personnel disatiarges made in fall. Co scat: Diffiet~lties in the prrea;urement of active personnel except for officeR s not aurpr~.~in.~;. Compensation to be Nought about try ~.ncx^eased training of reser~is~xt) rind Codlea, 12 km aarthwest of Kronstadt. Unifarm off' riotantain infantry men differed from the regular uniform in the fo~.lowiri,~ refipect: Beret rsith ~ovia~; st~?c?rr ~Yaf letters cPR Knickerbockers- atad wrap ~rattees Mountain hoists Soma officer. s observed wearin 4~f s service cap with black cap band instead of beret~F~~) ~~?:~. ~~' '~'' ~~ ~~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 .. ' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 NC?F~~~t -3- _(Comms,~;, ~ccupatian of Kronstadt area. by mountain rifle unite confirmed. 2d t".ountaf.n D~.v with headquarters in Kronstadt assumed in this area. Earlier reports on the abolition of berets and mountain boats are disproved try a~~acave renart . Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 NOFORN annex ~a Pert B, Personnel. F~chA From 2 to 10 Aec 1957, follc~tng additional. border-crossing personnel shipments observed: (C/B -Converted Boxcar) Date in Type of December S~ti~ent ~ From To ~-. 2 shuttle Magdeburg-Brueckfeld - .,. 3 ShuLt~.e NPagdaburg-I~ru~ckk~"'elcl Brest.-Litovsk Train Shutt a Brest-~-T..itovak Train Magdeburg 48 empty Potsdam: t~/~B 4 116 a:tles Cott'~n~~ distr {800 tons) 116 axles Cottbus distr (850 tans) 1t6 axles Oreifs~ld {800 tons) slistr l36 axles ~"ran}d?urt/c~d~? (800 .tons) 1.16 a~cles Jueterbog/A~ltes (800 tons) Lager 7 1.36 axles I?er-~n. {900 tons) IY6 axles Cottbus di~str {600 tons) 116 axles Kuestrin {800 tons) 136 a~tles Ituestr:~n {800 tone) 316 axles See1c~+~/'ark (800 tons) Brest-Litovsk Cottbus distr Kuestrit~ S4tiestrin ;tue~trin ~ueterbogf Alte= Lager Cottbus distr ' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ? ? l.. _ ~~ NC3~~02N Date in Type of. 9 II6 axles Cottb~is distr {500 tons; 9/1C~ 116 axles Jueter'~og/Al?.;es (900 tons) I~agsr IO 116 axles DernatA (900 tons) Frankfurt/ Oder Kusstrin C t: Tottzl n~ber of ~hipmants ?c?ros;~irag the border in botfi directions ib increased to x.00 bar aboge-lt sted 1`T shipments .,,.~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 NOFORN C. Arta I. II3S8 1. LoQStion a. GDR 23-29 I1ov, Sahctorkau sut?mer caii~ of Koeni~abrueok troop '~8 gr anal sons foundations beir~; diataantl?d. Barracks seotion~ shipped to~rard D~yad~n and to Ganp Zeithain (1901)0 Unite of ICoeni~sbrueak aiGnal acehool (1521) a11a,Gedly to be transferred to Rathenburg north or ~~oerlits whets initially four lean-ta roofs ,for tsnks will be built Cot~entt Still undetermined whether distaartlin~ of Sahmorkan suanor oacmp io connected with alleged transfer of alms 11th Ods Tank Div.) b. IIu~a~ Soviet occupation obs*tr~red: Buda~,?~,,es_tr, I3a~osy..silina}~y Police Darraoka, ; forcer Fyrrena Joszef Cavalry barracks near IIungaria koerut: Jul 157, uy/i unit with 1,500 to 2,000 men (rsd), 15-20 trunks. 4-5 ~-64s9 3 APCs. , Gabor iron Harracks, fox~ner Gra! Andrassy Barracks on Iiun~axia Ro?rut: Jun 1957, u,/i unit (red), f1.10 boxlike veliiclea with rod and frame antennas, 20-25 trucks, 4 armored scout cars, 2 tracked sedans. IGoesuth Acade~}r on U?11oei-ut: Jun 1957r u/i unit. Forner central argy motor vehicle depot at ;.Iatyas- fo?ld, wegt of aixti~+ld: Jul 1957, rlotor vehicle repair sha~-. Saehalat}t, s?uth of Nagy Ioce stop at Peati .Hi-tar ut: Jul 1957. c~otor vehicle and. tank repair shop with spur track. Late Jun 195?p, a-10 rr-oars 'loaded with notor vehicles and tanks moved into the area. Kiss Janos Barra,cka, former Ferenc Joszer Infantry. Barraak$ on Uelloei-utc Jun 1957? teak unit (black) 500-600 ten ~, 16-20 T-34$. As__zods Jun 195Ts tank unit (biack)~ 4.5 T-34s? Szentendre: Barracks at aoutherxatern ed?ei Jul 1957. ~''tiy unit. ~ineer Barracks: Jul 195?, u/i unit. SzentendredYise,;rads 25-30 motorboats on Danube River. .....r...,~~ .~...~ ..... Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 )rr S i~lY ` '~, ~`. M ti ~i. Yra~ - ~ - NOFORN S s barracks inatal.latGion on south side o! 8udai- uts Apr 195?, u/i unit with 2,000 - 3,,000 aen (h7adc- 'bordered ~ epanlets)e 15-20 T-34s. i~,yp f~~~: bsr~+.oics I km sout;~eredt of oi4,lr, on vsataarn side of rr lino to KiskunEEa]~tss spring of 1957, u/i unit. farmer Hungarian border 8'~ batrscks at norxhsastai~n edge o~ faun, on northern aids of road leading to Paosvarads Auk 1957, rifle (?} unit, Send q/i . guns in barrac.~c yards a ~i~ Sep 19570 unit in .compeuo6r strength marahieg through town. I~vanerowe nfficsrs with dlosnder~ta 0 .25X1 (~~~ Aceord to other info, Soviet units in Buagary in Lte Nov 195? Were subordinate to an u/i high oomsand is Budapest and divided into three comaand arsasa . a, Western ca?and area With u/i headquar~t~sa~s in Ssskeafihsrvar Mass area west of Danube River With u/i Dim Kapn~sr - SOprott ? Ssombathely - l~Ca~end, formerly 17th Gds Ritl+e Div, u/i Div'Celldoeem,elk - Yesspremd -Nor, 318t2t Mt Rifle Div (?) Dombovar - Tamasi - Nag3rkanissa -Peas - S:skasard, and area bstW Danube and Theias Aivera s~ uth of Keoaksset with 35th Gds Macs Div Kishuihalas (formerly Sseged) .. Kaloesa - Kiskun.. fel~gyhsss -Baja - Saeged 25X1 Central area iv in Kecskesist . as oo~and agemy.. Thai extension of this area ~ (Cegled - Gyosngyoss - Assod - Sxentendre - Sarborgard) confiroa previous assumption ~.-st 2d Gds Mess Div is a rsinfot~aed combat unit. ' o. Eastern area {Hq 17th Cads Rifle Div Debrecen) caaprises northeast Hungary With au apparent light occupation (security mission?). The 128th Gds Mt Rifl+s~Div (?)? formerly observed in this areas could nto 7,ongsr be cc,nfirmsd. The 17th Gds Rills Div Was tratisferrsd ft~om Ssombaths~.y to Dsltrsean in Oct 1957. The high-command in Buda~st is directw.y superior toe u/i unit Dunafoeldvar, possihty at~y unit (arty _oomeo~ander?) or army reserve; u/i unit is Viet -. G river guard unit 25X1 It is assumed that southeast Hungary is aocupisd by elms ?.4th ? Tarilc Div (Timisaa~a) in area east of Sseged and elms (?) of atrothsr u/i unit in Bekssoaba area. 2. ,~; (GDR) Activity of Soviet Ara~,r troops Wee .limited to intensive drill in barMcka inatallatione4, drivi xag schools $ seed oceasianal training o! small aoluns near post. Only individual engineer units Wars engaged in movements outside of the3.r poatag.Ar~r~fng of AA firing in WustroW Was expeetsd fog miytn~~o',:~5?t Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 -35EC~ET NOFORN IYo 2? Nov, erns 36th Bridge Bldg Refit/GGFG with at least 30 r~br, pontodna ead aatwlt boats left ~caserns {5287) ~ Magdebm~e for cone-da,T pradctioe near post 7 and 9 Deo, three volumes with a toter of I20 engr whs final n~aaeroua T~iP panttiana coved in diar+eatien~ use west of Dosberits; origin and c~eatination ufi u L2 Deai preaum alma 3d Engr ftegt/~ourth Gds Meer Army with appr 30 truoka with ZMP pan'Ga~ona letL Potsdaaa moving in northwsstsro dirsotion ` . Elbe River for high-i~r~.~Cing oftioera 26-29 Nov, ae aemb7,~ of 30 jeeps - X0?.40 sedans and nu^anw engineer vehs in southern elation of Muablberg sngt ttlg ~. 4 demonstration b9 engr uz-ita at the Firgt Gds Macs Ante (Tank) inwlvirig elms 2~D6th B~/9th Teak Dim vas preset Lel,d at b. ~AA~.Va~t ? 29_30 Nov, ehma 3d.Gd~ AAA Div with 6x100??mt AA guns sud 6~7?td AA guns tmwsd ~ prime movere~M~rdeburg for ehart.'Ea:a 6 Dsc,'tiring ~dstail oi' 3d Gds AAA Div with 3x100-mot AA gims~ 4 truQks with psraoimel and equipment, tiresur tros Wuatroiv laadad training in Letsltnger ~ieids (~ Training o2' engineer tk~ool-a at this titr is um~attal sad still u/i, while training of other tt~oopa is norwl. Tha announced beginning o~ ~ tiring pr~tl.os would ~e with pre~riroua gearse In 195G, the new Firing period iti Wustrow aLo ataurtsd in mid-~Dea. . at Bruevkfeld rr atatian, Magdeburg ~$ The Wert training gear will k~egin earl~r ~aa 19?8. Adsgvats tion by cadre peraonniel was oom~rleted betcre ohristsr~a 195 Elea 27th Mts Rifle Refit tlu~t transte~res~ to Iusbtbeen tt~g_~a 25 Nov, returned to Seba~terin~~sePn {Buohhola) post on 3 Des ~~ After absence of about 1!, ds~-s, retorn~ tc- Potsdam post of bulk LL AAA, Rest allegedly tram Alton grabox ts~ fir eocpeated be~Er+ 10 and li Deal (~g#ri nth regir~nta presum is tiring and weapon tng. Training nativity during tiret,..ia s3mi2,ar to that in Not.) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ,a~_. NOF~~ tier aas~aepap.re Will be ~ die.. Po org:us th the aeoperatioa of umpires to miits involved in sevsana>. pxart~c~ss ~ iCSv1i paswapapa2~ will inelnde c~i.ci rm t-xa '~in3tag pi~-aais IIZa ,~,~ o~'..B 7' 9th M~ Rule F~:egL/21~th Its Ri.Y1e Dim is 3chneideo~wshl~, deaati.v9ttsd. The ~0 rsor+aits of the refit W~ tr~afierred s is outside of SGh~eidea~eht post on 2 Ms3r..An additioxrl t~00 ao]dis rs ai' 2d, year oi' seradc a were discharged on 4 ~ 195? after 1? months of aerviee. Thee vaoaat uartets of 9th Mts Rills Refit vote istr+sdiate3,y oe?utpied bjr Taalc Uait~ previously quartered in se's barracks irwtsl~tiond Os 1 aad 2 Mey 19578 this unit was rs- inforved by soldiers Who Wore red sad f or 1bSaak asp t~andi~, T2rss aoldisrs probaba.y Weree raoruita who k,~e-d received ~trainia6 with other u~ai.ta. 911 alew]ty erri.ved persornw2 Wetirs imasdiataly issued bLdt eap baAds (~~,~i This info e~aaf'irms the das~.ativation of the 9t~- Mtz Rift Rsgt. The sokiisre of the a~egt who a+sns acct discharged were dis- tributud to other units outside of tie division ores. Thin supports the assumption that the ll.th Mt$ ~tifls Div vas sithsr dsaetivatsd or merged with another div~.sion~ Of t~s units of tbs divisioII deteslairaed during the aesotxl halt od' 195?8 only tba 49th Mta Rids Refit ( ) w~-s cson3'irmed until sep l95?Q Teak Unit was repentrd2y rapoa~d ss tsink reao~anaiasanee battalion squipQed with T.~3/s1e tour-vhaal 1~PCse and mQtoro~ra~.ea with sidecars. Zts subordinat?.or~ ha~o not 'bees dstez~ainepd. The sttw~th Was sstisbatsd at 2?0 men in Apr 1957e Unit fa a1]egedlq Lo bs inarassed to regimexeta2 strength. Thee arrivals in Msy poasib74y tilled up onlyy the vaeeuoi~e s of the batt+al io~-a ) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 NOfORN ,~g~ta~i s nn-Pfur "Tr~~ing~' GDR e. End 26-~?9 Nuv, traffic posts, road blocks, 24 tents, one veh park with 5 buses, 30 ~eepa, appr 50 to 60 sedans and an additional large number of vehs of all kinds observed in~Krsinitz - Kacobsthal - Fichtenberg ICaitzachhaeuser area (southern portion o:~ Muehlberg engr tng site}. Immediately on the Elbe River bank,. 3 observation posts, betx!!en them benches arranged in terrace form, Noise^ and tracks of full track amph vehs observed in th? entire engr tng area. One shed at Muds Kaserne (1801), R~.esa, almost completely vacant from vehs loaded with TMP steel pontoons xhich had previously been parked there ~Cggor~ s,~nt,_ Assv~ed that engr tng demonstration, preen before higher officers, he1.d in area of t'uePalberg engr~ tng siteb Purpose and development of exercise not determined. According to observations at pants and vehicle observed, elements 286th Engr Bn/9th Tank Div and addition e s of engr units/First Gds M~,c$ Army (Tank involved.) 27 Nov, Ob30a 5eeckt TSase7?ne (528?), M~?deburg: departure of at legat 30 vehs loadcrd xith pontos~ns, assau:`t boats and other engr equipment toward eastern direction, 1800,_r?turn of column to kaserne C t? Doparturo of-elms 36th Brid~;~: Bldg Regt/GSFG for a day's exercise, presum in Biederitzer Busch area.) ' 7 and 9 Dec, zest of Doeberitz on Hamburger Chaussee from eastern direction and proceeding toward Nauen: 3 columns with engr equipment, incl atAproxirnatc total of 120 vehs- incl. trucks with TMP steel pontoons 12 Deer noonr Potsdam: depax?tvre of engx? column from kasernes north of Pappelallea toward-Bornetedt. Column incl appr 30 truck TMP steel pontoons, txo ve~ia xith ho~.stisa~ gear. and 1 deep (Comon$g~, Ox?igin and destination of orsgr calumng obse~?ved on 7 and 9 Dec undetermined for the time being. Column departing on i2 Dec pa?esum involved alms 3d En?nr Regt/4th. C;ds ~Iecz Army Q ) b o ~?_AA Unite 29 Nov, r"agdeburg: foZlc~-~.ng columns cra~sein~; aorti~ern road bridge in xestArn direction obr~e:~~ed~ 8 li prime movers, b x 57~mm AT guns, l .range finder, 1 radar, 1 oharging unit, 2 tracks; IO M-51, px?ime movers, 6 x 100~mm AA .guns, 1 range finder, 1 radar, 30 Nov, retua?n of both ~o:~u~av~r,, erg road bridge in eastern direction ~:_~ `'` .~' ~~~ . 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 - ~- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ~.~_ ~..~ A- ~ ~,: ~. y' SECRET NOFORN C mm PyreFUm elms 3d Gds AAA Div rich departed for short-term training to Letzling?r Hg~.de.) 6 Dec, Brueckfeld rr station, R~agdebur~: entraining of 3 x 100-?t AA guns. on prime mov?rs, ~, trucks o~:cupied by ep reonnel, crates snd equipment, 1 field kitchen, 2 charging units. After 15 Dec, arrival of advance details at Wuatrow firing range assumed, Beginning of firing practioes scheduled faa~ late December (Commert~;, Also fn 19x6, s~aW firing period started at Wuatrov firing range in mid-Decemberv Entrainita in Z".agdeburg presua involved advance detail of 3a Gds AAA Div%`Phird Shock- Army (I~Iecz) .) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ( ^~ D. ~.. I. S 1. SEC tEi NOFORN ~stson f T3'aa~s Until 1~9sy 195?, about 70 tii-l. helicopters, 70 t~ransportesti, numerous biplanes and small trainers' Were o t Kaunas airfield (Aleksoten, 51,53 N -2353 E) a . The observed Ti,-2t3s confirm the previously assumed parssenoe in Pushkin of s reaonnaissanos regiMent equipped with IL-28a.) (5942 t) - 3021 E) within are hour, 4~t~'cs ~ (cc~t: . - Kaunas airfield is believed to be occupied by 1 Leliaopt~r school, 2 transport regimnts and I helicopter transport unit. ) Oa 12 Sep 1957, 30 IL-28s took off fr~ hkin airfield trainers were available CQn~*+a anel ~rainin~ of ?Troogs Until June 1957, a technical officer school was iocatsd? at Eydtkunen airfield (5438 N ~? 2P.ri;3 E~ vhiah Lad been built in 194?. Training courses lasted for one year: A total of 43 - single-engine. twin-sn;ins and four?~sngins (~ Eydtkunen airfield Was reported previously. Techaioal Plying school mentioned first time.) (~_ - Probably test landing on completed" runway (extended to the east by about 200 miters. Reoaaupstioa by flying unit possible at anlr time. Formerly occupied by Ftr Asgt~Gsoss Doslln with i4iG-17 Ds, ?iiC-r19s, and 7Cak~25s. Previously occupied by courier squadron of Fourth Gda 2~Seca Arr~a Since #ov 1957, personnel have arrived in Fi.now restriatsd .area; about 1.00 men observed on 11. Rov and about 1,000 man on 23 l~ov. approeahsd for landing ~~rioir~, On '4 Dec 1957, runway lightingsystem was completed and tested on r ino+~r airf ield '~~ Abort 1200 0~ 11 Dec, a sxopE-bask twin-jet airoraft~ probably aYak-25, circled tvios oust Fino~t airP3sld and Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 ,~ ~? S E ~~` ? ~' ~ ?~+ NiC~~'RN II. 1~ ~4'4~48.5~ Tr? ins Sep 1957, Oppela~umpsrtadorf airfield (5038 t' ~ 1?47 S) oocupied by about 200 Polish~personnsl and 15 PO-2s, u/i number of tlT-xs (?), 36 low-wing monoplanes, probe-bl,- IL-10o. ho air activity. I1-lOs observed first timr in mid-Jun 1957 Aircraft allege delivssed to Poland from Czsoh+oalavakia ~~ii~= Apparently concentration?of IL-l0a which wars Withdrawn from aerviceo .Delivery of other airoraft from C$eohaalove-kis unconf irraed.) In spring 1957, Polish Ftr Rsgt in Powid~ (5zx3 r'? - 1751 E) Was aotivatsd by Ftr Div Hq Breslau-Schos~~arten (5106 I~ ' th the support of.Ftr Rsgt Breslau~Sahoen?artea Between staring and summer 1.957, Ftr I?egt Bra#]su- c oengarten trainee 30 young fighter pilots: Local flig~-ta and cross-country flits with UMi(~?.15ai local fll.~ts with two-ship formation flights with I?IiG-15ef faring xith gtm camera of t4iG-15s fl i iu elements of two, night local flights by UtiiG-15s ~ ? (l This ooufirms presence of previously dasumed Ftr Div Hq in Breslau-Sohoengarten, Div Hq superfor to Ftr R~sgta at Breslau-Schoengartea, Powidz and Poznan-Kt~+sssiny (52x0 N~ 1658 E).) 2. .C~nd end_Traiz}~,na ~fr.~agp~ Until Aug-1957, Polish Air Force officers unde~rirsnt training is old Polish barracks insta]lation in $rakow (5006 N~ ?1955 E); probably one-year courses far future insti~aatasa in gas dsfena~, air raid protection and atomic protection. ? T?~trength inol cadre gersonael 500 officers, 120 I~COa III. a 1? ~t~A..~ Tro. ?~ua.. IIntil 20 Nov 1957, Gabrovinitsa airfield ( N ? ~,31b g) was continuously used only by jet ai,roraft (Co n Airfield presumably occu~~ti~ ~er??B~,gr~ian fighter ? regiment equipped with ~Q~$ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 She is no longer required with the i p ns on._ lotilla (9. Baubslehrungaflottille) I. ~t.~~amc previously assigned to the 7th.Floti~a. ~l. #~oq of NVA/fee a. Previous reports on the p~asibls deactivation of the 'lth Flotilla in Parow' have been confirmed by various .inforaa Lion. In ddition to the minelaying-and minesweeping boat, HABICHT which~ia ui ed with Soviet radar, three additional HABICHTs were-transferred to the lat 25X1 flotilla. HABICHT vas observed at the 25X1 Peens Shi d. Th m ineleying and minesweeping boats, 25X1 HABICHTe believed to be identica 2. ~Sr.Q1~0ilrci. HAHiCHT transferred to tie a ~ o a since KRAKE is availab]Es as traiz}ing boat for IQtAiCB crews . ) Ci. The ~tAREs mentioned belong to the - lth Flotilla in Warasmuende. It remains to be aeen,.ing to schedule, KRAKEs 0 will be -put into serrrice e. The f ~ t ery vessel of NVAfSee of SPFRHER type made its acceptance trip with 4 torpsdos SECFk~T NOF0~2N and reached a speed of 13.22 S tents The boat hga no davit for taking torpedos on board. Technical data: overall leagth, 2b meters; designed waterline,. 24.15 meters; length between perpendiculars: 2l, meters; width 4.35 meters; draft 1.4 meters; dead weight capscity, 99 tone. ~+ ~ ~ - ~ NVA/Sae Vee~7 a - _ .._..~..~~~s a. It is known that the inshore minesxeeping pinnaces of SCHWALBE type, which are-assigned to NVA/See, are being modernised. They are being equipped with new main sad awdliary engines, W/`1' gears, 25-? twin-barreled AA a ,and their weight is being lightened. The following additional infoa~mation vea ona on No 28, finished, acceptance trip after modernisation; ucrned over after modernizat on construction o~-aitie~ 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 ~,,,,~,,,~,??q,,,~,? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 i SEC3~T 'IJOFORN was turned over after modernisation construction No 1? waR turned over after nodernisittion It is also planned to install vste~- drama in the foreoaatle of SCHWALBEe, oonatruction Noa 25 thru tr2, these drama are to provide for a better stability when water flows in through fire b. The coastal protection 'boats of the second oonatruotion aeucies ieioluding the tactical ~~ -Tamar inatallat a" at n 1 Sane of the coastal protection boats bad already been equipped With Soviet underwatez~ hydrophonea.of Tamar % type. The squipwent o! the coeatal protection boats of the 3rd Flotilla?with these bydrophones indictatee that NVAfSes will not De~asaigned modea~n submarine ohaaera {project "Hai") in the mae~ufacturs. ' III. urrouaded by sandbags ~ . have not yet been observed n AA battery wsa observed a a sou a -son east oft harbor. Three guar of ius caliber' could bs clearly Wade out f5rom the sea. Four light gone,. one each at the northers end, in- the cetrter, and at the vrve of the new manger piste, and anaZher one on a polo ne~cE to the . hsrn shed ~rore observed in the harbor area. Three light AA gone tiding one of about 37~ oaliber and mounted on a single gun iage, and two of.abaut 20~ caliber-mo~mted on a triple gun carriage, th bsrre3~e aide by aide were seen north of the harbor along the esside prmeaade. The crew was is nearby tents whioh were ~, The AAA emplacement .in the center of the new mole is the a f hove-mentioned emplacements rd~ich has been known Another enplaoearent with 3 guns is located near the ~ light and has repeatedly-been confirmed. All other emplacements e new, and show, if confirmed, the increasing significance of the ' bor for deliveries of Soviet weapons and materialo) to be o t V r (Stalin vas agsin obaawed on in 9arna Harbor. escort destroyer R G -C Which vas th t is therefore pa~obablc that the destroyer is one of the two scaa~t destroyers ah w ~ Wed over by the 1~SR to >tie Bulgat'ian,Nav9? particularly sines RIGAs Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 i' ~? rv ' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 , ~ SEC~cT NOF~"iRN ~'mil?~t~ry~a~,~itay Tea{ aina 1. ~~man_Berd~er~bliae B6rder police personnel transferred to~AZKW se~?vice, including f.,e. /d1 men of I~u?tha~ aantrol office (GKA), a fo~rmsr pass ocntrol point (KPP) (lea As pa~eaumed, the AZ3fW and the subordinate harder oontaol offices require a Larger number of experienced personnel for fvlfilling.increaaed missions including peas ~oatrol.) Snde late; Sep/early Oat.. 1957, the "Bereitsohaften" 81ong the de~maroation line.-and the Ait~-um-Berlin haw been re-organi$ed ea a rNuilt of the reported reorganisation at border police-into border ' troops. At the same ;time, the Absahnittaveawa].tu~ngen (asotion ad?niniatration) ware renamed bd~3gadte. The staff_oP the Roe ladarf border police Beareitaahaft was dis~eolved on 20 Not 1957 _ , ~,~DLG,I. In aonnectlon with these changes, it can bs ve for the"Abtsilung and/or a reinforced reserve for the Hrreitechatt or Brigades ai]1 be built. up; f~oa? this re-~erve mainly heavy ti-eapoas hags been delivered.). Beginning in Feb/~`ar 1957, ter?na].ehrbereiteahaftsn (GLB) (border training ~reitaoha!'ten) have been aotirated from Dittrichehuette 'tr+a#ning ~s~o~d : insfruation regime~tt with the purpose of building . up trigade reserves Yhich train yroung NCOs~aaaord~.ng to directives issued b9 the Bsi~ades. Training Fereitmch~ften exist for: ~igade,I (Pei?leberg) since mid-Jun 1n herleberg, since Sep apparently in Gloewen Brigade. II (l~.agdebuarg) sines, May/Jan 1957 in Magdeburg Brigade .III (Erfurt) since Feb-195? in Nordhausen Firigade N (Dittrichabuette) in Dlttrichnh a Dec 1957 presuni in Rudolstadt ~~~~ It can be a8sumed that the training regiment in Lndvigafelds and the training battalion in.Glowe havi been, or will be, subordinated to Brigade V (Grose Glieaicke) and Brigade VI (F.ostock) as GIs ~rsspsctively.) Beginning 1 Oct 1957,. the VP Bereitschaften East Berlin have been withdrawn from service in the sectatr and retplaaed by personnel oP Berlin police stations C t? Info confirms the withdrn~- ~f at least 3rd VP Bsreitschaft. s to be seen whether only ;~ this meas~a?'s.) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/04 :CIA-RDP80T00246A039900140001-4 25X1 25X1