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April 15, 1958
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 I.NFORMATION RE'PO,RT.. INFORMATION REPORT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U.S.C.. Seca. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. SUBJECT DATE, OF INFO! PLACE & DATE ACQ. rPolitical?, and Economic DATE DISTR. NO. PAGES? REFERENCES SOURCE EVALUATIONS ARE DEFINITIVE. APPRAISAL OF CONTFNT IS TFhITATIVC X (ARMY X NAVY X lAIR X FBI I IAFC (Note: Washington distribution indicated by "X"; Field distribution by "#".) I 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 1 0 1 1 0 1-- 1 . 4, I- M-1 f 1V. Construction of Heairw V---4 Presses in the USSR Difficulties in the construction of heavy forging presses have apparently been overcomeo An increase in the' construction of sueh.preeses has been observed since 1957. This increase involved predominantly horizontal and vertical forging presses ,with an effective pressure of 1290009. }090009 .3559000 and 709000 tons9 some of which were earmarked for non-ferrous metal processing, possibly in the-aircraft industrya.' Thus, the USSR has reached world standards with regard to construction of forging presses0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 5 .~ 2,E ~\ 00 V Power Su Dly- in Czechoslovakia Csechoslovakfa has not been able to fulfil its bituminous coal production plans since 1953. Since, in 1957, Polish bituminous coal deliveries were even smaller than in 1956, industry and traffic were temporcixily seriously h adicappedp The shortage could only to a small extent be compensated by increased utilization of brown coal, also at the expense of domestic fuel supplies, since, because of urgent liabilities, 3 to 4 million tons of hard coal, coke and br?= coal-have to be exported annually. The increased employment of natural gas and fuel oil also did not suffice to overcome the fuel shortage efficiently. The main reasons for the bituminous coal shortage are believed to lie in the stagnation in the Ostrau mining area and poor coordination with the machine industry. For the same reasons, the 1957 electro. ener.7 production failed to reach plan targets. Also-because of extensive export obligations in the field of power machine construction, the increase of capacity did not come up to that of preceding yearn For 1958, a further aggravation rather than an improvement is expected with regard to power `supply. VI. latensi.f olleoti iza on in the Beginning in late January '1958, the GDR has experienced a new propaganda wave. for agricultural collectivization of a so far unknown extent. Farmers are constantly being told how much they would improve if they would join the LPGs, that individual farmers would have no chance in the future, and that it would be impossible to maintain farms working on the basis of privately?operated enterprises beside an industry working on the basis of nationalized 'production material supplye It was. stressed that productivity and crops were considerably higher within the LPCs and that the general tendency was toward large-scale production. In this connections the SED tries to prove to the farmers that it was unwise to stick to individual farming as could be seen- from the ,number of 160.1,70 miniature and small agricultural' enterprises in %lest Germany which had been liquidated between 1949 and 1957 as a result of structural changes. Along with this propaganda wave go coercive measures against privately Awned agricultural enterprises in order to make it impossible for the farmers to go on, There are also other indications of increased collectivization tendencies as for eple, , Gerhard Gruenberg's nomination to the SED Central Committee0 Gru.enberg has been First Secretary of the SED district headquarters in Frankfurt/Oder since 1945 and has been reported as one of the keenest advocates of collectivization since recently. Fred Oelsner, who apparently stood for a more gradual collectivization and for the dissolving of uneffective LPGss was reprimanded. A reorganization of the TITSs after Soviet pattern (turning-over of ;ITS machinery to Koll~hozes) has been turned down by the SED on the grounds that, as previously in. the USSR, main tasks of the N'rS in the GDR were development and support of LPGs and winning over of individual farmers It was pointed out that there was no connection between present Soviet considerations and Viehweg?s revisionistic concept. Vith this unambiguous statement, the SED leadership again stressed its intention to maintain the TMMTS . as political etrongpoints in the aural distracts. See also supp?.ementso Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 UV I Ace to press raparts, wi dra 1 of Soviet troops from Hwi ;cy sited o2 15/16 P Wirth 1958 o Hoports raceivrod do now indicate whether or not Vie T-AtYnd ?.i $r Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Msanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 old types ? w Co ao Withdrawal of Soviet T~ooe from the GDR to the USSR (1) Following a farewell ceremoxV of Soviet troops in Brandenburg an 1.0 Iftr 1958D about. d soldiers mounted two mains uhich had already boon lamed with about 14 heavy lea about 16 light a 14 primemovere ? 40 tx kes o 8 tank trueke s 12 rapairshop ticks, and 8 sedarie the guns woro covered with tarair ' the motor vehicles were g2ML pt& Presumably elms AA. Div/Third Cde Meet Ado Farewell ceremony took place as announced. (2) Departu of Soviet units from Lvtebbon scheduled for 23 r ar? repratox' measures observed since U war Loens, Dissenchen and Alv~ensleban Kasernes in ottbus are to be vacated by Soviet troops in the near future. Dissenchen Iserne scheduled to be turned over to NVAO Prapara measures have, been observed sines early Har Luebben and Cottbus are posts of 9th Msca Dive. Type and number of tops involved not yet determainedo Farewell parades souled for 21 and 26 Mar In busbbsn and Cottbus respectively. (3) On 5 Her., Soviet troops from Doeborits with 25 is T-34 tanks D trucks and billeting cqui ent were entrained at lgo railroad station On 5, 6 and 7 kLar total of 4 shpmts rom LZUIP11V to Brest Litovsk f) e Withdrawal of troops from Dooberitz not been annoua m , Presumably additional units of the Fourth Gds M es Ar r departed o (4) (5) Following a farewell aeremorr of Soviet troops in Potsdam on 10 1'arD about 500 soldiers with old La guns and motor vehicles, apparently 00ap0 were loaded Go ents Departure for USSR of pre bl,y combined troops with obsolete egnlpmento Following farewell parade in Rostock on 1? Mart loading of elm of an art-brigade. Farewell ceremonies and loading of AA unit at Wriezon (prrs8) Pc wa k The dates agree with previous announcomeats0 Presumably elms 3rd AT Brig/GSFO left Rostoeko So .far,, Wriesen has not been known as, o , e, pow, , -probably only loading 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 (6) Between 26 Feb and 13. Mar l958o a total of 46 shpints left the GDR for the USSR from following places of doparture d F uerstenwalde appre 16 _. shpmts, llgow apps. 4 ahpmtss Jueterbog appr. , shpmts, OranieWourg appr.. 3. sh sfl},,,Frankfurt/ Oder appr. 9 shpmts, Bzrnau appr. 2 shpmts, ' Eberswalde appr. 2 shpmtao Most shpmta carried soldiers w no and equipments and some only Ell mLe A total of 40-50 shpmts approximately agrees with the shipping volume required for a mechanized division. However,, previous observations indicate that the shipments did not involvre an entire division; it is assumed that especially organized units, mostly with obsolete weapons and equipmnt, de rted0 Most of the units belonged to the Fourth Ode Mots Arrq, and presumbly, predominantly to the 7th Qda PIzcz Div in Fuarstenwalde and Frankfurt/Oder. Frtbermre " obse tions made during the last weeks indicate that also transfers in Fast Germs have probably been made. Type and extent cannot be determined before the end of the withdrawal of troops. b. Possible Transfers to Gera Post 3-8 Mr r 1958m' loadings in Gera included 42 x 152- gun howitzers 14-379 16 x 122-mm field guns 1431/37D 63 prime. movers X509 20 prime movers ra-12, 20 full-track amph veh,.22 amph tracks 6az6, 2 amph sedgy 4x., trucks, tank tracks, anition, clothing, covers and other equipments and a total of 1,OQO soldiers. Personnel, weapons and moto8? vehicles came from Renss Kaserne (8141) and Tins Kaserne (8i42) . on 8 lam, Rears Kaserne was still occupi'ed' by a fa?a : ' tillerymen and the signal unit with 250 men. Tins ' Kaserne was vacated ept for a small gnu' detail Comments So fare the 308th Arty Brig and an u/i amphibious unit of the Eighth Gds %?f cs ArW had boon carried in Gera. The type and number of troops and equipment loaded tend to indicate permanent fifers. It has not yet been determined if the units were transferred to the USSR within the framework of troop withdrawals..The transfer to the USSR appears possible for-the artillery brigade, but Improbable for the amphibious unit. The signal unit, which remained in Gera,, belongs to the Twenty=Fourth Air Aray. Intensive training .activity including practices and firing on training grounds continued outside of quarters and posts. as,. In connection with winter exercises, the folio ing supplementary observations were; made s Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 2/3 1- hr, 17 ashp to Frith elm of rainforead last 14ees Div and 10th Oda Tank Div returned from Altengxabo r area afte.' joint exercise from 27 Feb to 2 is 1958. 8 Irv 15 a hpa$.e with strong elms of 18th Nees Div and 94,th Us I4tz Rifle Div (Meoz) retuned to poste from Magdeburg area where exercise W been hold i>aj Gen Wagner had been trained in the USSR for a prolonged period and cloyed in the Ma~ Staff of the Ministry for National -Defense until at ~eaat spring 19560 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Appro tely at the same time Col von Witzlebrn (fnu) replaced k-kj Gen Rentzaoh (fnn as ref of M'litzry Diotviot, _exnts Col von Witsleb n previously was a of-of-staff of 4ilitaa7 Di trict V. The now assignment of %jaj Cans Rentabch and John are reported for the first time. r lmo=iQx~ 6~ The folio ing units of the 20th Tank Div (Div Hq in, Houstettin in Jam' 1958) are stationed In Hamerstoins 28th Tank Reg Uq southern carp 64th Tans Rog t, western camp 9th Tank Trig Dn, southern camp 31st Ntz Rifle Regtp northern map tank repair shopo of Div-,, northern portion of western camp. The installations and quarters of the former Germ= Weh-z-mcht are still being utilized,, in addition to 12 new, la e five-story barracks buildings for officer dependents C ~ 4 Stationing in Hammerstein of the 28th and 64th Tank Reg'ts was, last reported in Dac 1956 According to othw reports v the 64th Tank Regt was to be either disbanded or anasf orxed to Pa ikenburg in and-1957. The 9th Tank TE13 is reported for the first time and p ops i bl ip idontioal with the division NCO school reported in Dea 1956. The' 31st Pis Rifle Regt has been carried as tic regiment bait has iso been reported as "heavy regiment". According to reczntly reported personnel strength and organization, the motorized rifle regiment of the division be - concerned, 2Q In July 1957, the tank regiments of the 20th Tank Div; stationed in H aerstef n were organized as follows: Unit Personnel Strength 2Sth Tam Refit Regt Hq with u/i hq cow Sig compax ' appr 30 Rifle company appr 40 Engineer 11 appr 35 AAA unit appr 20 9tak ,companies each 4-0 in additions Ambulance platoon Repair shop platoon' Armaont and Equipment aa/i 30 short=vsave,v and tank radio de cee light infantry g mine detectorev river crossing' equip t 4 a~ 1. 39/37 nn AA . gun appr 80 x. T=34/85 tie Total strengths appr 6M men 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Rog t Hq with hq company Sig company ) Rifle company Ragineer co ) similar AAA unit Wi number of tank companies 1 SP eompagv 1 tasks unit in addition Ambce platoon Repair shop platoon ? to 28th Tank Regt Appre 900 x Tr.3! '85 and IS-3 tanks 6 x ISUl22sfl3xlSU1529 1.0 x 100-mm N-44 Ah guns Total strength: apps 800 s The 9th Tank Tag Bn (NCO school of division) also stationed:in I aerst?in had a personnel strength of appr 4CO and was equipped with 40 s T.3h/85 tanks and, 5 oldc'tfpe SF glans, bV t with no other heavy weapons e Compnt t . Info generally agrees with etatem nt received until la 6o Also this time,, no subdivision into battalions of the tank regiments was reported. The reported difference in the equipment of Polish tank regiments is probably due to the fact that difficulties with regard to materiel and personnel have not yet permitted.a uniform organization. and equipment, The personnel strengths of both regiments increased as compared to 956 info, while the number of tanks increased roportionally0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 D. Asir Force 10 USSR 1. Location o2 Troops Slice o?arly/Edd 'Ibb .1958fl Mors oburj ai 'iold hao beoo ovoxooeupied by 80 Wo a According to m =@onfslio 1 eatatemoat; contintwus & activity by MG-19o.vill ? llogcdly be ooxaduoto t at Iorsabur3. This atatomouat tonde to it.ieato that rooquipi ent with MIG419c is poscih1?o Darin tho rooquippi of the T oaty-Pourth Air Air from MG -150 to MG-170, Mo seburg played tho role of an aircraft pool from vhoro ;ho nov aircraft were distributed to the rogimoate e ) 2. jegigtica ~QU? Zds x~bo fi M ie1 (arcs a]do) The length of the runway of Nouh denberr rairflold is 29100 motors 0 No further coaarote works will ho oc ried out with regard to the loangth of the runner. xoevation work at the oeetern and wo$terh ends of the runwcq are only e iod out for lovollinff the l taoe , G e seed for sowii mg is available o L y ling work on the drain e pipes is still going on. 2smms at 8 Since 9 FO 19589 undorrroa d oonotruotion has been interrupted and the workars have hems on leave. Info In the layi z of the draino pipos d oxeavation work in the oxtoasion of the r ay tampor ily led to conflicting data, on the les h of the rums , A to h of 29100 motors h& been confirmed.) 1. o@ation and Ty aisw of lroopo In Fob 19580 yob TWA/L personnel including 19 piloto and 4 radio operatoe were assigned to the t Zone Lufth aGa in order to be trained a pilot's for yasscr4or pl aQ s o This moaeure annoyed the other moffibora of the Yufthaea whop being former pilots, hoped to be row employed with the Et Germ=s Lufthwnoa. Commoat s The INA/L. furnisho6 personnel for air transport unite, thus also for the Mat Zone Lufthana whieh9 .in ?e e of were is assi. ed the same mission'. Photo who coo physioaily not fit for flying Jet a ghters are principally concerned. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246A041700130001-4 717- Foie- io PO D On rho b i of prooizQ dato which has boon rocontly V0201ved, tho Poiioh Air Forgo hw a total atro th of i%,000 non as compered t'o prov,wu tly Obswad 259000 mono P io to the fall of 1957n Soiforadorf (51 U Nf 15 56 E) wi 'iold has not boon permanontly oocsapiod. At intok ralo of 1 to 4 rooky during tho aw.unor- months of 1956 and 1957, aui morouo c ll conventional aircraft trnsforrod to tho field for 1 io 4 wooks and conductod air activiVB o l - ? aaca onal 9 MQ88 pa$achuti teas observod a PhrovZhout tho yOar, 20 - 30 Soviot soldiers g dod tho fiold gh h no mac.+oy Md only a f ov p?- nont installations ochnic+ l P is a Tho former GeY''rR airfiold at Stett in=l ?eckov (53 26 11/14 28 E) vas improved by Soviot coldiors bogisaning In A 1956 e Work hm not yot been comp1otod by the per of 1957. A total of about 1?.110=15s and. G417o t ozo parked nithin tho fonoo arowi tho bar 'aoks instal la`tlon along 1 ckov Stroot (ul0 Elickietio a), thioh was occupiod bar Soviot . The alior ft yore towed by trucks along ul e Lukazla ki.o, o to StottinmXrackov airfield whoro tho o ineo dory wta rtod for toot runo this had formerly been done in tho barracks aroae I~SepA1957D '10_r 12 =Go waro iarkod at the fiold but Choy on$ s Info on improvemant work at Stott ,n.IKrOckov iQld and paxkcd LjCo has boon confirmode It is unoloar if tho Lids Vero aasembiod or repaired in the bake inotallationo St ttin"Kckov airfield. possibly ie a 1:1.0 distribution point.) 4. hRE12t1aa From 1952 to 1957, tho Polish oon tructlon ngia V aborg -40GOOiation for Baginooring and Construofion Work" Polioh abbreviation BZRLJ, at No 81 ul Pomorska9 L)rdgoszos (53 06 N/17 58 E) 9 with En6noor Xorzioinovoki ere ohiof M6 Eger Bart0l as deputy c'id f, perm enployod at $eriouo Poll oh air 'iolds for around lovoiling and ooncrot uoi-k- The owe poreonnel inoludod 19500 workero, .in cdditlon to 200 offs? oe and construction aupor eory pars oxnne; , and 500 additional wookora during tho su1mor aiiontho The construction firm, directly subordinated to Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246A041700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 ? I DOW Ayd oisoo (milit'y district), vas employod on tho follow airi'ieldys By9oey,03 19529 Prmsea (54 15 w/ 18 40 E) 19539 Zo ito (54 25 N/ 17 46 E) 19549 Gdynia (54 35 1/18 32 E) 19549 Grollnow dorf (53 35 17/14 55 E) 19559 5ohnatoi (53 53 11114 2 E ' 12569 Sahnoidomuehl Vest (53 10 YJ/16 43 E) 1957 IV. Coc choolovakia tiring the aumer.months of 1957, about 30 Jet aircraft very sta-tioned ' ribo/ uaice (49 48 11/13 02 E) airfield Comments The sod airfield at S ribo/Erpuoieo has a 19800Qmoter grass-covered taxiway. According to the Soviet pattern, it is permanently used au auxiliary airfield by a Czech fighter regiment in the Pilsen area. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246A041700130001-4 In ee y ~a ~a n Berd r Po i (i0?) e Tito rvccived 58 AT guinea 'g Si g and nerj fsurd"Yhco1 3E O d Qccut Caro in Jain/Fb 58 i w midoftbo, a total, of abut 400 G in fr*m* Dittrjchohuotto hnv moved Into R dolatadt Revenue-Office in varioao groupoo ` ( C o m m e n t . Info probably. r fer; to data tram cfer of the tag RDPaiS-8chaft from Dittr'lchehmette to Idol tadt, Vh$ch had ali ady been as oumced for Dzc 57 P zc ropertod c ibh thia unit for the drat. tame. ) At least until April./ 589 the cm.AtfL cwpaign i0 to con entrac r ~ on pargonnol - fax tae DOR and oubQeq n bjy cEcin ..In Feb 589 apecial c rec ting . dejoP? ware. introduced in' ordea td W-In young ran for the-.MP aaid the ' .ert i o1ico f Bp) 1 oe tra ner muuuy eniiettd with the D GP 6ent fl Sow 15,000 men a aegoy t@ t a~ l toaA for the AOR by Jun 58 a The min:ba incmaze of .peraonn3l s bread on tho ? ? a$z tion inta bender t-ro?poo la eo zt-' tod at 100000 man b. Lent R@1Sce )Ta adeition to SO ie% 3dviaero with the r h. of ot; f nf2itmcun INA of 'f @f&icere are aleo epplcyed L:71th the 'IVY, officers have pvesnm' ab' boar effiployo , m ftnotg%atwo- wince -oid$195.i o then tVe oxw; i do of the 1P o. tad.) ~~~e.~.v,b~. ? as I~r~ac~3 a pOZ!t police 001i0o) p in 0o 579 ~ c.T c p I~ae eohocll mortio od p o blly io tho OontrLI ~nt1aEW f 32 somas ren chi?h had been t ofo d crith r cotin?tion in the opri'a of 57,) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246A041700130001-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4 #*WPPV .1 0, 9 Lil1( ' , ~o ~ocis?t~1c fog- Sporto s-i;1 chn.co (G~, T In thO 1958 o erc term, GST camps,, co ? paa1co r fog all s tudontF)0 woo to bo or nipod by TT D odonn, Only ota3dent0 who volaantee foz, tore: in tho production uil1 bo axon pted. The saao rv lation Yi b also to applied to s-11 other GDR nn voreitieo and acader 1eo Q Co ont, S ilr c?~nr0;?o.had already boon hold in prooodix Qa? ; 1578 md.June to lato Au ust) under the nt at:.on ~y~ or Cape F9 '103T Se ~ bm Combat -,o KG 1b lowi a rooolution by the SED Po .itbure of 15 Ibb 580 a~toh .Honnockore SED Central Co ittoe Secrotia* in char of coeutrity ttoro, an 15 Fbb .580 gneetod the SED Eosirko hoadq art: ro to z~ocx=alt a total of 100000 men by late 1b, and another 25*000 on by Into-Mar. 589 In order to reach a total otrrdh (ce E,90n if this L bar should be reachode it t be born in mired that o in ocae caoeo -noro than 50 gs--rcorat of tho rocruaito will Participate In is nig at . it lovola In early 58v the tot el otrer th of-combat groups vac eotiaated at 2009000 to 250,000 aeno ) A traladxag school for cc bcst groupo hao been located In 8oh~ r~~ tr f~C~erako alxace early Jan 574 C?uroa laat throe months, or-cceedi each othom th i torrinption of one cJeo . The intructore am fu shed by Potodzm sal eo Av or olaao ee have a atm th of about 300 on Cg ut ra$~ The aim of these counreee is to train oaab=leadorc an Ebb 58, an alert practico c'sia hold for the 47th and 56th d t h or ec afta of Suab-nq ~rli %ilt g_qnto Recently, alert practices, eimliig at a rodtaction of t}. o needed, have repeatedly been oboea. do Thin la tshe firat ~ pert 1--3ntionirig n berg of Runde rte chafto,, On Brdoro of 1WDVP, fib inspeetiono. of combat groups by BDVP co ttooo are to take place in all doss in late Liar 50 (GR _ ont, According to an unconfirmed report, auach a final inopoction hao already taken place in early Liar 58? on 00030i?n of a street fi ,.tinn oaeroieb, with the pTablonsz Daotmetjoan of ant rroupo". ) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/18: CIA-RDP80T00246AO41700130001-4