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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 I N FORMAT ION REPORT I N FORMATION REPORT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information Affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the =spionage laws. Title 18, II.S.c. Secs. 793 and 7SS. the tra smisdon or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorised person is prohibited by law. COUNTRY East Germany/USSR DATE OF INFO. PLACE & DATE ACQ. REPORT L_ Political and Economic DATE DISTR. NO. PAGES REFERENCES STATE X ARMY NAVY I (Nc*o: Wasisingion distribution Indicated by 71 ~( IR BI AEC LI D DCI 25X1 1 RD LA "I jjjjl~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80TOO246AO45200730001-9 SECRET - NOFoaN k r-P n r B. Armed Forces I. t1S3R and "United Forg_(Warsaw Pact) 1. Higher Echelon Organisation and Personnel Soviet press reports of 13 September confirm Gen of Engr Forces A.I. Proshlyakov as Chief of the Engr Forces of the Soviet Army and., for the first time, mention Lt Cren (Eogr) P.Y..Shvydkoi as Chief of the Y.V. Kuibyshev Red Banner Military Engineer Academy. ~~Goe+eent. So far,. Gen of Eagr Forces I.P. Galitski has been know as chief of this academy. 2. Total Strength, rsonnel E~echanye ((zDR-U~cR) RBD Dresden was ardered,to make available an undetermined number of railroad oars for personnel-shuttle trains for shipments to Brest Litovsk between 22 and 30 September C t. This is a first indication of the 1958 personnel exchange. No corresponding information has so far been received from other RBDs. In 195?, shuttle trains had already been assembled in early September. 25X1 25X1 CrAn.... SECRET NOFORN CS COPY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80TOO246AO45200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 C. A= Training (GDR) Fall maneuvers of additional units continued throughout the second half of September at and near several training grounds. After completion of the second maneuver in the Prenslau - Templin training grounds - Wittstock area, units from Wuensdorf and Jueterbog with large -tank elements were entrained for a major fall exercise in the Stuelper Forest .. Jueterbog - Niemsgk area. Transfers of additional mts rifle and arty units to other training grounds and, in some cases, u/i training areas continued until the end of the month. The following was observed: I.. 3 m== Ipfo on E rciag in Prenalau.- Temnlin Tn? Grounds i tstock bg'2ZgWdM Area 15 Sep Hq Second Ode Meos Army (Tank) from Puerstenberg allegedly at maneuvers: 11-18 Sep numerous oolumne of mts rifle units, motorcycle rifle men and more than.100 trucks, including mare with ammunition, most of them from Vogelsang to Gransee; 16 Sep column in the approxit*te strength of a mts rifle regt from direction Vogelsang via Zehdenick Rheinsberg - Yens to woods near Gross Woltersdorf. Some 100 tanks assembled in the same woods. 16-18 Sep throughout day and night, heavy traffic by columns through Rheinsberg. The columns which went from Fens and Gransee to Zechlin included arty and mts riflemen, many trucks with trailers, and also NVA personnel on APCs: I8 Sep an engr unit with 60-70 pontoons,. trucks with bridge building materiel and 4 motorboats returned to Rathenow: 19 Sep , column of 60-70 trucks with avmunition,.tank care and jeeps from Gransee through Zehdenick in direction Fuerstenberg C ent. Between 14 and 19 Sep, the Second Gds Yeoz Army Tank presumably conducted an exercise in the Prenslau - Templin tng grounds - northern portion Wittstock tng grounds area which involved the following units: by elms 25th Tank Div, preeum elms 88th Bag- Regt,,possibly elms 9th Gda Tank Div, additional army troops and, possibly, NVA units. Since, apart from movements of numerous columns, no other observations were made,. the development of the exercise remained undetermined. It might be concluded from the large number of truck enlvans with SECRET - NOFORN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 SF= - NOFORN ammmmition and tank cars that the supply of troops was the main problem of the exercise, 2. G MISs Army -with Elms ZiXIt Oda Yeez (Tank) he&ngg 2 25 Selp- 21/22 Sep 4 ehpmts Wuensdorf - Cottbus distr 22 Sep 1 shpmt Sperenberg - Cottbus distr 21 Sep 2 shpmts Beelits - Halle distr 22/23 Sep 5 shpmte Jueterbog - Halle distr 22/33 Sep 2 ahprte Jueterbog/Altes Lager - Magdeburg distr 24/25 Sep. at night, approach of 2 mad tank regts, 2 by AAA batteries and appr 120 trucks from direction Dahme via Mersdorf -area south Stuelpe toward ) arkendorf. 25 Sep after 0645, firing of tanks'and arty, and attack of ground targets by N'iG-17s at Warder - Xarkendorf tng grounds. 0655, assumed atomic explosion in the approximate area of Scbmielickendorf with smoke mushroom, 400 meters high and 3,5 km wide. 25 Sep 0820, arty column with 5 x 122-, field haws from Yersdorf toward Petkus. 0900-13309 approach of by tank regt through Mersdorf in direction of Warder-Markendorf. 2100-2250, several columns totalling some 800 trucks from Lynow - Paplitz - Gross Ziescht area on route toward Werder-Markendorf. maneuver of tank, nits rifle and arty its in the Jueterbog - Belsig - Altengrabow area 22nent? An exercise which concentrated on the Stuelper Forest - Jueterbog - Niemegk area was presumably held between 23 and 25'Sep. According to available info, units of the Third Gds Mecs Army including elms 14th Ode Mts,Rifle Div and, presum, elms u/i AAA Div from the Glau area and units of the First Gds Nees. Army including by elms 6th Gda Tank Div and elms 2nd Gds AAA Div/GSFG were involved. Prior to the evening of 25 Sep, the Twenty-Fourth Air Army participated with elms Ftr Div Merseburg. SDCRLT - NOFORN 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 SECRET - NOFORN 3. The following deVelopment can be assumed: Upon assembling of by elms 6th Gde Tank Div with elms 14th Ode Mts Rifle Div and AAA units in the Cottbus area on 23/24 Sep, these forces advanced northwestward to Stuelper Forest on 24/25 Sep and, turning southward in order to avoid an atomic attack by the enemy, continued their attack via the Warder - Markendorf tng grounds westward as far as the Niemegk area. The assumed enemy, which may have assembled in the Altengrabow area, could not yet be identified. It might have included elms Third Gde Hoes Army from Jueterbog. Trainine at T. a. Ohrdruf .12/13 Sep elms 112th Gds Fts Rifle Regt/39th Gds Mts Rifle Div (Moos) returned to Plauen, prom m from exercises at Ohrdruf exercises at this tng grounds b. tslin?et Heide 18/19 Sep exercises presum of arty units/207th ! is Rifle Div (Mess) 23 and unloading of u/i tank and arty units at 27 Sep kesedorf and Jaevenitz rr stationatioresum for T_/jam ctEcumaj, in u/i tng area 21-26 Sep by elms Mts Rifle Regt/let Macs Div transferred from Berlin-Karlshorst, presuan for exercises 25 Sep tank unit et Macs Div from Doeberits loaded for exercises exercises 24/25 Sep tank unite/6th Gds Meoz Div from Berlin/Biesdorf and Bad Freienwalde transferred, presum for 4. Artillery Trainine 19 Sept 23-27 Sept 27 Sep, loading presum of elms u/i AT Regt/Third Shock Army (Macs) from Gardelegen for exercises transfer of elms 34th Arty Div/GSFG from Potsdam for exercises elms 18th How Arty Brig/6th Arty Div/GSFO to ed to Rathenow, possibly from Altengrabow 7~ S1!X RET NOFORN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 5. weer Trainine 10-13 Sep, bridge building practice of elms 134th Gds Engr Bn/llth Gds Tank Div from Meissan at engr tng' site south of Muehlberg sent., The fall maneuvers in the GDR, which have been conducted at short intervals in several army areas since mid- September, resemble the 1957 exercises with regard to scale and duration. The practicing units were in most cases composed of several reinforced regimental elements of various divisions which, presumably under the command of an army, launched quick and, in some cases, distance-covering attacks with air force support and under the assumed employment of atomic weapons on the side of the enemy. After the completion of the third major exereisecf, elms Third Gds Mecs Army and elms First Gda Meos Army (Tank), there are indications that, after early October, the Eighth Gds-Army ,(Moos) and the Third Shock Army (Macs) will also begin with their fall maneuvers. 1. a. On 9 Sept units 1 Loebau post from 6th Tank Regt returned by ra I to the direction of Hoyerswerde this it 25X1 J ,Q&. O ther report indicated that the 14t h Tank 25X1 Regt had been sta tioned at the Nochten tng grounds for 4 to 6 weeks after 16th Tank Regt al conducted advance b. On 18/19 Sep, inf early August. It can be as ong with other units 7th T d formation exercises at t units apparently of the sumed th ank Div his tng at gro elm und e D s s. iv transferred to Ma gdeburg distr in 3 shpmts 25X1 Coement. T here may be a connection with anno unced 25X1 exercises in the reportedly were t Magdeburg area between 20 and 25 S o involve-units 8th Mts Rifle Div. ep whi ch co Between 18 and 22 Oep, units 8th Mtz Rifle Div including tanks and arty pieces left Luebtheen tug grounds in 5 ahpmts d. basic training,of the recruits started immediately In early Sep, several troop units received replacements. Regardless.of training activities of the units concerned, 2==t. The new arrivals were observed some 4 to 6 weeks earlier than in 1957. It is possible that summer training will terminate and/or fall discharges will'start earlier than usually. SECRET - NOFORN 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 III. Poles 1. Ord_erofBattle In May 1958, the 82d AAA Reg ,as stationed at the barracks of the former German naval airport on Kamper Lake near Deep. The regiment was commanded by Major Stefaniuk, were red capbande and was subordinate to the 16th AAA Div Koeslin. It was.organized into 6 batteries, each of 6 x 37-am AA guns, and had a total strength of 30 officers and 500 men. Each one AAA Regt in Strasburg J.W. (West Prussia and Koeslin were also subordinate to the above Div mment. The 16th AAA Div Koeslin , the organization of which had not been definitely known so far, can now be assumed to be organized into the 82d AAA Regt Deep, C/O Major Stefaniuk, the 84th AAA Regt Strasburg i.W, C/O Rye (Rosik ?) and the 86th (88th ?) AA Regt Koeslin, C/O Major, Sliwinaki. 2. Trainina According to press reports, Polish 1858 fall exercises included the assumed employment of atomic weapons (press, Sep 1958). Comment. No information has been received on type, scale, duration and area of the 1958 Polish fall exercises. The abovementioned press report is worth noting, however. Previous reports indt -ted that the USSR had no intention of e i tellites with atomic weapons. The Soviet and Satellite press constantly criticize the equipn+.ent with atomic weapons and training under atomic wartime conditions of the West German Bundeswehr while, on the other hand, Polish military personnel has been trained on behaviour at the battlefield in case of atomic warfare for a prolonged period. E>lnployment of atomic weapons 25X1 25X1 by both parties had been assumed not -"- -1 taff alletrent and command-post exercise in May 1957 25X1 t but also during the 1957 fall exercises 25X1 During summer camps of a Polish engr a the am g ng grounds, two training A-bombs had been employed in 1957.and one in 1958. These training A-bombs were made of I ton of explosives, 250 kg of lime, 4C0 kg of tar, 200 kg of glue and 2 x2CO-liter gasoline and benzole barrels. The training bombs were ignited from a concrete shelter 5 km from the bomb. The explosion made the bunker shake. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 SECRET - NOFORN D. A& Force I. ,a 1. Order of Battle a. Doeberitz Airfield On 5 September 1958 intensive working activity was observed in the workshops. Loud jet-engine noise was heard from the engine test stand. No railroad care were seen on the spur track, nor were aircraft observed at the airfield. The hangars at the southern edge of the airfield were closed; they still belong to the SVFRYKOV Army Unit quartered in the eastern portion of Richthofen Kaserne. The billets at Karl-Liebknecht Platt (square) were still occupied. Schoenwalde Airfield On 4 September 1958, a single-engine propeller aircraft was observed taking-off. No changes were observed. c. Felten Fuel Depot On 4 September 1953, no changes were observed in the army fuel depot and the officers' billets. d. &furt-Bindersleben Airfield Between 10 and 20 September 1958, no aircraft of the Soviet Air Force were,available at the airfield. Two radio trucks each with a Soviet'Air Force sentry and an antenna system were observed at the eastern edge of the airfield. Four apartment houses located along the road leading from the airfield to Erfurt were occupied by Soviet Air Force personnel wearing blue service color. Four trucks were parked in a wooden shed Co .!ants In 1957/58, Erfurt-Bindereleben was vacated by the Soviet Air Force and handed over to the, East Zone Lufthansa, e. Loebnits Airfield. Loebnitz (51 30 N - 12 40 E) airfield For about 6 months, levelling work has been under construction at Loebnitz airfield. No further details were reported __ 1Comment. This information is obtained for the first. time. So far, the airfield has neither been reported, nor used; it was a home field of the end grade within the framework of the 4th Air Force Administrative Command (Luftgau IV) and had been completed by April 1940. S 'RET = NOFORN 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 SECRET - NOFORN -2- f. Rom, k- '1arienehe Airfield The following information was obtained between 7 August and 2 September 1958: Irrigation of Marienehe airfield has been resumed since 28 August 1958.E old steamer continuously pumping mud to the airfield was observed'at the westerntank of the lower Warnow River. According to unconfirmed statements, the planned extension of Rostock-Marienehe airfield was cancelled. According to recent statements, a civilian iirfield was to be constructed. The scheduled construction area was allegedly located between?Brinkmannsdorf and Roggenthin Cow Rostock-Fl rienehe airfield is not suited for extension; the airfield had been constructed badly so that portions have been under water. 2? jpdQ1r14p 2J b. by 31 October 1958 Fseenemuende Airfield The following details were observed with regard to construction work between 7 and 25 July 1958: Repair work on the WSW-ENS runway (Sl) 1 Preparation for concreting the NW-SE runway (S2) z., Peenemuende airfield had been vacated by flying units; no aircraft were available any longer. The Sonderbaubuero Dessau (special con- struction office) was ordered with the,,followinp. construction work: (1) Widening of the runway (Sl) by 2.5 meters on either side, i.e. a total of 5 meters. (2) Improvement and extension of the runway (S2) as concrete lane enlarged by 720 meters in southeastern direction to a total length of abut 2.300 meters and a width of 60 meters; the concrete cover in the center was 20 cm thick. (3) The Soviets ordered that all concrete work was to be completed Conslept. The runway (8-1) which sloped sideways required repair. the intended extension has been confirmed. C t So far, the runway (S-2) had an asphalt cover;. Construction Project at the direction of Kummersdorf Firing Range Between 9 and 21 September 1958, improvement work was under way on the road leading from Schumke Depot to Sperenberg Forestry. Construction work extended between the former entrance of the depot and point 43.0. alo the Sperenberg Forestry, across the ditch to Schumke-See (lake) in the direction of the Teufel-See firing range. Iron tubes and pierced steel planks were unloaded; the pierced steel planks were trucked by special vehicles in SECRET - NOFORN 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 SECRET - NOFORN ~CQ nti Incoming shipments of construction material and speed of work were obviously pushed to an unusual extent. a-& jqWMdenberr_ Airfield The following information on Neuhardenbarg airfield was obtained between 4 August and 3 September 1958: ,The southern taxiway was completed except-for the connecting pieces. Work on these connecting pieces (turnaround plates) was nearing completion. The area between runway and the southern taxiway was already covered by?grass. The runway and presumably the northern runway were also completed CSMnt,. Upon termination of these works, the runway system at Neuhardenberg airfield will be corpleted. d. Air Force Material mat Strausbertr (1) Between 9 and 23 September 1958, there. was no change in the activity and occupation of the material depot for air force devices at Hegermuehlenstrasse (former rolling mill). Jet engine crates were again observed on moving motor vehicles. (2) There was no change in the activity and strength of the personnel employed in the arena workshop at Hegermuehlen- strasse (former aircraft repairshop); the personnel wore red bordered black epaulets with and without artillery insignia. (3) No shipments were observed at the Strausberg railroad stations, (4) No changes were observed at the NVA supply depot at Elisabethetrasse (former VEAB-building Comment. Apart from vehicular traffic,, no changes have been observed in 1958. e. Cochetedt Airfie d Between 28 July and 9 August 1958, Bau-Union Sued (Construction Union South) did construction work on the runway; due to difficulties arising from the foundation soil, construction work was extremely difficult. A few side-buildings were constructed by Sonderbaubuero (special constructions office) Dessau Co a is Cochstedt airfield and the runway under construction have been confirmed. f. New Flying Field at Kedingehaw en The new flying field at Kedingshausen, about 5 km northwest of Stralsund ( 54 19 N/13 02 E) was )..000 x 600 meters large;. On August 1958,' red white boundary markers were observed along the edges of the flying field; there were also off-limit signs reading: "Airfield off Limits". A firm grass cover was used as sheep pasture. No air activity was observ The area is suitable for being extended. SECRET - NOFORN 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 II. "GDR" Order of Battle Con,nen , So far, 7 Il-14e, 6 Mi-4s and 16 Mile have been presumably were NVA/L personnel Dessau afield On 10 September 195%, Dessau airfield was occupied by 9 IL-14a, 10 Mi-4e and 15 Mi-la; Il-14,s performed cross- country, flights, Mi-4s conducted local training flights with 6 infantrists and.2 life rafts aboard, ind Mi-ls performed circuits and short cross-country flights. Between 10 and 19 September 1958, 18 Yak-18s with tail wheels were observed at the airfield'on the occasion of the Army sport festival; they daily made flights in formations of three or four aircraft and had small pennants with different nationality markings fixed on the antennas between cockpit and tail. wait, The crew carried at Dessau airfield. Fri t/Oder - fig low KaseEne Between 10 and 20 September 1958, about 40 percent of the Buelow Kaserne at Frankfurt/Oder was occupied . Drill training with carbines and driving columns with trucks _02mant The Buelow Kaserne at Frankfurt/Oder has been occup. ed by the instruction and training battalion from Neubrandenburg since about 20 August 1958. R thenbur? Airfield On 17 September 1958, 26 MiG-17a were counted at Rothenburg airfield 25X1 25X1 III. Pala d C , s Rothenburg airfield is still occupied by the 2nd Fighter Wing of the NVA/L.. 1. Order of the 50 MiGa with Soviet oven in moderate weather national markings attacked Gross Stein ( 50 N/18 06 E) airfield in mid-June 1958. Subsequently, intensive air activity was conducted, Meanwhile it has been determined that Gross Stein airfield was not occupied in early July 1958. Therefore, the Soviets had been stationed there only temporarily.., No indications have been observed so far that Gross Stein will be permanently occupied in the near future, presumably due to the poor condition of the runway. runway at Gross Stein airfield 2. Lo istic a. In late June '1958.,, work continued on the western extension of the C r The rjinway extension is reported for the first time, but has not yet been confirmed. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 SECRET - NOFORN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80TOO246AO45200730001-9 SECRET - NOFORN coal mfnes b. In July 1958, Katowice (50 14 N/19 02 E) airfield was given up because the around had subsided up to 1.5 meters due to underground This had already been reported in the meantime, this information has been confirmed by the Pblish press. IV. Cs plc a~kii 1. a. In August 1958, a pilot school of the Czech Air Force equipped with propeller aircraft was stationed at Prostejov (49 27/N 17 08 E) airfield Ciment.??Previous reports indicated the existence of a pilot 'schoolAt Prostejov. b. In August 1958, a small unit of the Czech Air Force was billeted in temporary buildings at Reichenberg (Liberec) (50 46 N/15 01 E) airfield, Air force personnel were mainly trained as cargo- glider pilots. Pbwer planes and large gliders were available for training Camiaent. A pilot school of the Czech Air Force and a training center of the SVAZARI1 Organization are assumed at Reichenberg (Liberec) airfield. st In August 1958, Bonualavice (49 56 N/18 06 E) airfield had a plain, dry grass cover. Three or four wooden hangars were located in the southern portion of the. airfield. The airfield was uec'usively used by the SVAZABM Organization for prenilitary glider training. Almost daily, the gliders were seen aloft Comment. Bonlh.avice airfield has a 1.200 meter-long purposes 1oQistia In August 1958 it was determined that Moravska Ostrava ( 49 47 N/18 16 E) airfield is to be excavated because the area is needed for industrial ~~ So far, Noraveka Ostrava airfield was mainly used as~tra ping area. for the. SVAZARM Organization. V. Hag Troop Technique Eada According to the Hungarian press (Esti Hirlap of 10 August 1958), the first miniature radar not of Hungarian make was tested at the Plattensee with full success in-August 1958. The set was produced by.a Budapest factory, Finommechanikai Vallalat, The?dooumattation material was furnished by the Soviets. SECRET - NOFORN 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80TOO246AO45200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 SDCRLT - NOFORN Order of Battle to It was learned in June 1958 that the flying unit stationed at Brasov (45 41 N/25 37 E) airfield was-to be dissolved on account of Soviet pressure.'Some-of the young, regular officers were to be transferred to Foceani Soxth (45 40 N/27 12 E) airfield So far, a Rumanian ground attack regiment equipped with IL-10s has been assumed to be stationed at Brasov airfield, while a Rumanian pilot school htie been carried at Foosani South airfield. The dissolution of the ground attack regiment has not come as a surprise, since the East Bloc countries more and more tend to. either dissolve their ground attack regiments, re-equip them or change them into fighter regiments. 2. In July 1958, there were indications at Sibiu-Turnisor (45 47 N/24 05 E) airfield for a transfer of the flying unit. According to rumors, the airfield will only serve for civil air traffic in future. Some of the personnel of th- flying unit were to transfer to Turda-South (46 32 N/23 47 E), while the rest was to transfer to Arad-Ceala (46 11 N/23. 16 E). Sibiu-Turnisor airfield was daily approached two passenger aircraft flying the Bucharest (44 31''W26 05 E -- Brasov (45.43L N/25 37 E) - Arad Ceala route $Ment% A ground attack regiment is assumed to be stationed at Sibiu Turnisor and Turda-South airfields. Arad-Ceala airfield with a 2.000-meter-long concrete runway. has so far been unoccupied. The presumed transfer of the -flying unit from Sibiu-Turnisor has probably taken place within the frarnwork of re-eguipnent o3r tactical change of the ground attacksegiments, as had also been.obaerved in other East Bloc countries. 25X1 25X1 SECRET - NOFORN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 F. Premilitarv_and Paramilitarv Organizati,ne 1. G 1. Militig and Police Troops a. Deutsche Volkeoolisei (DV) BDVP Wiamut is co-ordinate to the 14 territorial DVP Bezirkabehoerden (district authorities) (BDVP) and is subordinate to HA Betriebsschuts (enterprise protection) (BS) with regard to employment and to HA Ausbildung and Schulung (training and instruction) (AS) of HVDVP with regard to training. The following BS offices (ESA) are 4ubordinate to the BDVP (BS) Wismut in Siegrar- Sehoenau near Chemnits (Karl4arx-Stadt): Aue (Scbreeberg), Auerbach, Chemnits, Crossen/Zwickau, Dresden/Plauen, Johanngeorgenstadt, Rodewisch and Ronneburg and training section Wildbaoh near Schneeber b, AktiyerBrandecbyts (Air De 9e) (1) SECRET - NOFOPN During the last week of the course on home defense held at the Academy for Economy in Berl in-Karl shorst between 11 August and 5 September 1958, participants were detached to a DVP fire station for practical training. The course terminated with a fire extinguishing practice with salvaging of casualties and practical first aid Si fire fighting units were involve (2) A BS unit "Aktiver Brandschute" (fire brigade) of BDVP Wismut (Slegmar-Schoenau) newly activated in June 1958 in Wolfgangmassen near Neustaedtel was " " oqrrmpd yith'A gn-t-&11PA Comment. The DVP was to be generally equipped with such vehicles. 2. P emilitarv and Paramilita= -Organizations Combat G uQs KG) All combat groups of the Wismut enterprises are subordinate to the corresponding BSAs with regard to training and commitment, The A/S officer (instructor) of the BSA is simultaneously KG commander and/or commander of the KG staff. The KGs of the BSAs -entioned add up to the Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246A045200730001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9 SECRET .- NOFORN following number of Hundertschaften (ITS): Aue 10 to 12, Auerbach 6 to 8, Chemvnitz (Karl_Z arx-Stadt) 4, Crossen near Zwickau 4, Dresden/Plauen 5, Johanngeorgenstadt 5 and Ronneburg appr 10. Weapons were stored at the ' individual BSAs. In addition, there are also KGs which are made up of personnel from nationalized and municipal enterprises and are subordinate' to the territorial VPKAs b. In early July 1958, the Central Administration of the AZYW (Amt fuer Zoll and Kontrolle des Warenverkehrs) (Office for Customs and Control of Traffic with Goods) moved from BERLIN NW 7, 45-46 Luisenstrasse, to 11 Dewetallee in Berlin-Karlehorat. The actual personnel strength of the office amounts to 350 to 400 persons, while the present total strength of the AZKW amounts to 5,300 persons I I , Yu oyelavia Pper iilit i'rainin~? In May 1958, the People's Committee Belgrade established a camp for premilitary training in which, until rid-August, 4,500 young people received theoretical and practical basic training as well aspolitical indoctrination in 10-day courses (Yugoslav press Aug 1958) Commence The information confirms the establishment of so-called "Premilitary Training Centers" in Yugoslavia, SECRET - NOFORN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/16: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45200730001-9