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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 f lUr. 7~ ?..,.__~~l';.i -ljfi.;}err tY. V'~xi~ 1 ,* G~% INFORMATION REP"ORT'. INFORMATION REPORT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U.S.C. Secs. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which In. any manner to an unauthorized person Is prohibited by law. COUNTRY East Germany/USSR REPORTI SUBJECT Political and Economic DATE DISTR. SOURCE EVALUATIONS ARE DEFINITIVE. . APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. S-E-C-R-E- DATE OF ' . INFO. PLACE & DATE ACQ. STATE X ARMY NAVY X lAIR BI (Note: Washington distribution indicated by "X"; Field distribution by "#".) fb NOV IWO 25X1 NO. PAGES I IAEC INFORMATION REPORT.- -I.NF'O.RMAT-ION REPORT ~~25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Denied Iq Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 B. AJ ed Forces 1. USSR ndUnited" Forces Warja Pact ToMI StKen, Pexaonnel Exchange (GDR-USSR) Between 26 and 28 Sep, 4 and 2 trains went from the GDR to Brest-Litovsk via Kuestrin and Frankfurt/Oder (?) respectively. According to number of a*lee and wsieht, 4 loaded and 2 empty trains were concerned. On 1 Oct, appr 100 recruits from the USSR arrived in Da.llgow and left for Loewen Kasernel in Doeberits C !e . First indications of beginning of personnel exc ango. Date of beginning agrees with that in preceding years, except for 1957, when the exchange started only. on :28 Oct. Recruits have also been observed, at other GDR posts since late September. 110 GDR 1. R?U itinP and Rey1scements a. Since early 'July, an increasing number of 4--week courses for students have been held by various troop units of NVA ground forces. among other places also in Leipzig and Prora/Ruegen b. During his study period, each student has to participate . in at least 2 courses, the first for basis training during the first to second study year and the second for special training during the third to fourth study year c. During a course in Prenzlau from 31 July to 28 August, participants received training on SPG.107e: firing with SPG_IOrys was observed at a training grounds 25X1 25X1 nit. After military training courses for students . 25X1 o t?ehnicsl schools had been held in I'ay through June, training concentrated on students of universities and academies during the main vacation period of July and August. It is, however, believed that it will not be possible to have all students of the latter category trained during so short a paried. There are already indications that the courses continued also after the end of the vacation periods. This will undoubtedly result in interruptions and/or non-attendance of lectures. Places mentioned are posts of training units of NVA ground forces. SECRET -. NOFORN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 SECRET - NOFORN Military training of students is conducted ora the basis of directive of the State Secretariat for Universities and Academies which largely corresponds to a decision by the S1 Central Ctnittee of Earch 1958. According to this decision, military training of students is considered part of their studies. Students who have not yet participated in military training or have been deferred have to join in so-called "production commit-entsf? . Employment of females and male students not fit for military service is handled by the Ministry of the Interior together with the universities or academies concerned. The prorector or. deputy director, along with a coiar fission- of representatives-of the organization concerned, is in-charge of necessary organizational prepaareations and coordination of studies and military training. In addition, all students are constantly being urged to join the GST, as. has already been reported. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 SgCRET - NOFORN Co A 1. USSR Tra~.~.~~ CGDR~, Training activities of several units, particularly in the Altengrabow and Letzlinger Heide area, continued from late September to early October. Upon completion of the third exercise in the Altengrabow-Wiesenburg area, nurerous return shipments of participating units to their posts were observed, Subsequent transfers and movements of columns for another fall maneuver at the end of the month concentrated on the area on either side of the Elba River in the Burg ._ eastern portion Letzlinger Heide section, Transfers of tanks engr and AAA units from various army areas after 4 October were indicative of an assembling for a large-scale mane,Laver in the west,and southwest portion of the GDR. The following was observed: to S x~~lem ry Information on EEerci?ses Thirrd Gds 1 y with Elms Eix?st Gds F~ecz Arnv Tk~ batty 2 and 26 Set) 27/28 Sep, 12 return sh is from Nagdebur to Wuensdorf Beelitz Sperenberg,WWildpark and Satzkorn , and 2 return shins from the Halle distr to Jueterbog/ Altes Lager 27 Sept Wiesenburg rr station: loading of 3 shpmts of AAA units. Another shpmt from Nedlitz/Anhalt through Wiesenburg toward the. east Cominen . According to date and unload, ions of s pm s observed,, the exercise presumably terminated in the tengra ow-iiesenburg area on_26 Sep, In addition elms 34th Arty Div'with at least battalions with l--3D-_-= field s participated (2 shpmts to Wildpark and Satzkorn) several units incl elms 7th s _an v returned their posts by road. 25X1 25X1 25X1 2, E$ercise of Elms Third Sh?ek Armrr (ecz) in the Bury L?tzlin~ex' Heid?m Tanae~nuende arc?a betty '~0 Sen end 1 Oc~u 27 Sep Perleberg rr station: loading of an arty unit presum of 18th Yecz Div; 26.-30 Sep columns of units of this div with maneuver insignia through Perleberg toward southeast 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 SECRET - NOFORN 28 Sep, bulk 36th Bridge Bldg Regt/GSFG and elms u/i Amph Unit/`Third Shock Army (E'ecz) left ?lagdeburg toward the east 29 Sep, elms 19th Gds Mecz Div left Hillersleben, presum for exercises Column of,tank unit on autobahn south of Ziesar en route toward Magdeburg; 30 Sep, 2 columns totaling appr 90 trucks and headquarters veh on autobahn north of N.agdeburg on route toward the west; Tank and not veh columns, each of 40 to 50 veh, from southeast toward Burg F__1. 1 Oct, advance of tank units across Ible Canal near Parchau in direction Kehnert; Parey - Parchau - Rogaetz - Angern - Mahlwinkel - Te:ngermuende area,. exercises of tank, arty and engr units.-In wooded.area ,Kehnert-"ahlwinkel large mot veh assembly, 2 x 122-mm field how batteries in firing position, pointing_ westward Lgmexit. Retw.30 Sep and 'l Oct, an exercise, presum of units Third Shock Army (Metz), was held in the Burg -.eastern portion Letzlinger Heide - Tangermuende area,. Judging from movements observed, the following units participated: elms 18th Mecz Div, presum elms 19th Gds fees Div (Tk), elms u/i amph unit/Third Shock Army (Herz), bulk 36th Bridge Bldg Regt/GSFG, presum additional u/i units and, presumably, small elms Twenty-Fourth Air Army. follows: t1ie exercise developed as On 30. Sep, tank and mtz rifle units of a div advanced from the Altengrabbw tng grounda assembly area via Burg and the Ihle Canal near.Parchau toward northwest, forced crossing of Elbe River near Kehnert and continued their attack on l Oct beyond Nahlwinkel in a western direction, 3. Exercise of Elms Twenthieth Armv,~presum in Liebi3rose Tna Groundea betty 26 and 30 Sexy 23-26 Sept 9 shpmts from Berlin-Schoeneweide, Kaulsdorf and Dallgow to Cottbus distr; 1/2 Oct, return to' Dallgow and Eberswalde of tank and SECRET - NOFORN 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80TOO246AO45300450001-9 ? manes te Elms let Meez Div and 6th Gds' Fecz Div presum conducted exercises in the Lieberose area at 4, Vaneuv r of Elms Eighth Gds with Alms SemA A"ecz Ar,~ny (Tk) after 6 Oct 4/5 Oct, transfer of med and by tank units and elms engr bn/20th Gds ?ecz Div (Tk) from Jena to an undetermined assembly area in several shpmts 6 Oct9 departure of bulk 31st-AAA Div from their Schoenwalde post 7 Oct, since 18009 mtz rifle and arty units with at least 500 mot veh resting betty Kauai, and Kyrits on either side of Hi hway No 5. Tank assembly in Kyritz The transfer of these units in connection with simultaneous employment of numerous units of the Twenty-Fourth-Air Army in Thuringia and the Magdeburg area tend to indicate that a large-scale maneuver started. on 6 Oct which involved at least elms Eighth Gds Army (Mee%) and Second Gds Mecz Army_(Tk)e Assembly areas and location of beginning are still- undetermined. There are several indications that the exercise developed from the Wittetock training grounds via the Elbe section on either side.of Magdeburg as far as Thuringia. Comment for P Trani As expected, the fall maneuvers continued as in preceding years with the known crossing of the Elbe River between Burg and Letzlipger Heide by elms `third Shock Army (Metz) While there are no indications of additional exorcises in the area of the First Gds Mecz and the Twentieth Armies, the 1958 exercises seem to have culminated in a joint maneuver of the Eighth Gds Army (Feez) and the Second Gds Wecz Amy (Tk), possibly with elms Third Shock Army (Moos) after 6 October. In 3.957, the last fall maneuver, which involved elements of two arxmies, lasted from 7 to 10 Oct o With a view to the early beginning of the 1958 personnel exchange, it is assumed that the fall exercises in the GDR have been completed by all armies by mid-October, 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80TOO246AO45300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 IL Posd SECRET - NOFORN Order of Battle In July 19589 the 5th Engr Regt C/0 Lt Col Belza9 was stationed in the northeast section ohe barracks in Stettin-Podejucho The Regt was subordinate to the 2d (Pomeranian) MD Bromberg and was organized. into 4 battalions9 each of 3 companies of appr 90 men each. Prior to July 19579 personnel were red, subsequently black cap bands. The southwest the installation was occupied by'the.llth Engr Bn, hick was subordinated ,to the 12th Mtz RiMe Div Co, mmentThe information indicates that the 2d and 4th MD include each 2 am y engr regteo SECRET - NOFORN' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 ? ? SECRET _ NOFORN D. Mx~ Force I. "GDR" Orr of Battle ~s au A . f$ e~,d Between 1 Augu it -149 et and 20 September 1958. circuits were flown by No air activity was observed on 19 39 69 delivered to Dessau in crates. Mi-4s which also arrived in crates from an u/i place were assembled and 'given black rnmbers in Dessau; 10, and 11 August 1958 and on 1, 59 69 89 and 20 September 19580 Between 17 August and 27 August 1958, no observations were made. Mi-Is,which had been constructed in Poland under license were some of them were transferred. On 15 September 195139 Dessau airfield was occupied by 9 IL,?14s9 15 FI.ale and 8 Ni-4s On 26 September 1958, the ?airf ield was occupied by 24 or 25 - . Mi 1 or Vi-4 helicopters and about 7 IL,.14so On 18 September 1958, another 12 Aircraft, presumably Yak-189, were parked at the airfield. Since late August 19589 10 white freight care have been seen, but. no loading or unloading procedures have been observed l mme Dessau airfield is still occupied as previously. The Yak-18s were presumably still at--the airfield in connection with the Army Sports Festival which took place, between 10 ' and 19 September 19580 10 Ta?a i_ n of Tropj Prior to April 1957, the officers' pilot school No 5 was stationed at Radom-Saadkow (51 23 N/21 13 E) airfield, Commander of the school and 'airfield commander was Colonel -Schwarz, a Russian wearing Polish uniform, A total of about 1,000 officers including officer candidates and 700 EM were stationed at the airfield m The school had the task of training officer candidates as fighter pilots in the course of 3 years without tactical training. For this purposes the following airfields were available in addition to. Radom Sadkowe Spaala.Gl`innik (51 35 N/20 06 E) with a unit of jest aircraft; Nome Miasto (51 38 N/20 33E) with a unit of jet aircraft; Gro jek (51 53 N/20 56 E) -with a squadron of propeller, aircraft; Przasnysz.(53 00 N/20 55 E) with a squarlr?on. of propeller aircraft. SECRET'.-, NOFORN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 SECRET - NOFORN 2 The units of the school stationed at?Radom-Sadkow airfield were equipped with the following aircraft: , Headquarters Flight: I NiG-15, I Yak-13, I IL-12 2nd Squadron: 2 MiG?15s9.3 UMiG?15s, 10 Yak-23s 5th Squadrons 2 R:iGm15e, 7 UMiG_15s,9 4 Yak.-23s ?th Squadron: 10 Yak propeller aircraft 2, In September 1958, a new airfield was under construction about 2.5 km south of the Piotrkow, (51 24, N/19 41 E) railroad station, between this station and the Piotrkow - Czestochowa (50 48 N/19 0'7 E) road o premi7. itary training is to be conducted at e airfield after its cappletion Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246AO45300450001-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9 SECRET NOFORW Prniliaad~~~ai i~ ~?hi GDR .t.a d Pa ice. Txoons in' r Police DGP) 1, Between 25 Aug and 25 Sep, a training course for the tical def once was held by .the 4th Bn of Border Bereitschaft (GB) Oacherslebena GB Sal.'sedel had to detach to this course each one private of each battalion and compeny _ 25X1 C a This was prssu ably a course c om lso for all "C?13s 25X1 subordinate to. Brig Magdeburrg0 25X1 2a On 14 September, FDJ members from the ranks of the. D-P at the High Ca asr,:d of the DCP issued a procle rition asking Young Sociali5t3 to stay with the DGP beyond the regular term of se .ce (3 -years) until at least 1961 e ill FDJ meanbers following this challenge will .be entered in the "Book of Honour" of the FBJ organization within C it o This means of "Socitdist competition' which represents one of the "final conclutiims' of the resolutions of thin Fifth Party Congress is certainly s~ ing at a raintaining of t - present personnel strength of..the BCP, at 1e11st for some time. 3. On 24 September, the, Commander of the DGP, Ma j Gen Ludwig, awarded two prices each of 2,000 F for the' iention of a border signal installation by means of which a border sector of up to 8 kin could be contf ol.led , The indicator, which was located in the. company billets, showed the point of a border cr6ssing with a 259-meter accuracy 0~. 4. Since Nov 1957, a troop unit which included '1 to 2 cem anies with T~34`85s has been stationed in Bad Blankenburg e e3n Training B ereits chaft Dittrichshustt re and Heavy Battalion fudolstadt. led in the area of the 4th Brig udo stadto T Pe end subordination of, the abovementioned uuit cannot be determined o It ' is, ho?,wever, worth. noting that the unit is eccuipped., ith? T.34/8510. This isa the first observation of such an squihent with GP unit,_ 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/14: CIA-RDP80T00246A045300450001-9