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A total of.1,370 new track'kilometers are to be put into.regular ,service in 1960. ,A total of 686 second track kilometers were laid in 1959.. In 1960, the length of second tracks to be-laid is over 500 kilometers. The quota of vin-impregnated ties is. to be reduced from 30 to 5.2 !percent. Electrification pf railroad lines'. The series production of freight train diesel locomotive T.l,-10 has begun. The Ghdanov plant produces 60-ton tank cars. The railroads employ- 156,000 engineers and technicians. Transportation Summaa for April, 1260 Summary Io USSR II. East Germen*y New restrictions are expected to be enforced on Berlin traffic effective with the 1960 winter timetable. 1 .1 1960. 50X1-HUM '{ An East German. traffic .a''guncy was opened on'9 April A "Ge.neralverkehrsplan" (general traffic plan. ) for Berlin is expected to be drawn up by early 1961. "Ge;ier'.l Traffic .Plans" for important junctions are to be discussed at with. the.West Be,clin waterways' law. Wages .within traffic enterprises increased-effective 1 April 60. On occasion' of the 10th Anniversary of the German Railroad worker new demands were_raised`for an increase of work productivity. Situation of_sovereignn authority over.West Berlin waterways in connection ';-The volume of mil .Lary shipments deerea ed due to slackening; training activities. First indications of change -in armament in some units. Tree egiripment of kitchen cars in Berlin-Ostgueterbahnhof i's possibly an indication-of forthcoming troop movements. -Military rail border traffic was intense and marked-by the arrival and return ; of, troops and the arrival of heavy tanks. Commercial 'rail border traffic was normal. A, Central Conference of Women is to be held in Leipzig in Ma?r 1960 for the purpose of establishing a new work pro ai-E. for house-wives. Scientific research and' development work is to be :'_ncorporated in Socialist planning. Reichsbahn,opergtions slightly eased. The R-eichsbahri coal situation was very good. the Leipzig traffic conference in June 1960.* 1962: Cooperation between tne:_ .Reichsbahn and the transport police is to become closer. 'The . Berlin - ,Rostock Magistrale is to be completed by the spring of 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 The beginning of construction of the Berlin - Rostock Autobahn (super highway) was antedated. The estimate of costs of the Autobahn was rejected by the Central'Committee.of the Socialist Union Party. Plans provide 'for the improvement and. construction of roads an,,. bridges during the period of the Seven Years' Plan. A.closer cooperation is stressed among air line companies of the European Satellites. A new air line was.opened between Berlin.and Belgrade. Friedriohshagen line. A new S-BUhn half train has been put into operation on th,.,, Koepenick- Test runs with gL~uge changing wheel sets continued. III. Poland During the first quarter of,l960, the PKP (Polish Railroads) transpo^ ted_64 million tons of freight. The Krakow - Wieliozka suburban line has been put into electrj.c operation. The conversion from steam to electric operations of locomotives meets with difficulties. The construction of the. Brest/Litovsk Plock - Schwed.t oil pi .-e line has begun. USSR Railroad Transportation, a. New Lines A total-of l0 370 track kilometers, are to be 'put into regular service in ?960, The program concerns the following lines which partly have been put into operation already. Kulomzino - Irtyshskoye Connection between the Trnnssiber':3n and Central Siberian IViagi otraleo Uritskoye ..- Pesski Section of the Central Siberian Nagistrale; originally narrow- gauge, Irtyshskoye -. Karasuk Section of the Central Siberian Nagi s tral e . Akto ai - Chinese border "Line of Friendship" betieen the USSR and China. Taikhia Tash - Kungrad Prolongation' of the Chardhou line in the. direction of Lake Aral. Arbuzuvo Mikhaylovskoy'e Branch line of the Bryansk - Lgov line to the East. for tapping new iron ore mines. Kakhovka -. Snigiryevka Prolongation of the Fedorovka - Kakhovka line across the Dnyepr River to the Apostolovo - Kherson line, S-E-C-R.E-T 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246A054700220001-0 Aziatzkaya Kachkanar In 1959, of 686 kilometers of double-track-were?laid, including the Agrys - Druzhinino section of the Kanash.- Sverdlovsk, line. 1960 plans provide for 50) kilometers of double track to be put into .service. I~~ht=of-~. A total of 50 million old ties were repaiwed. between 1957 and 19590 'Tho share of uxaimpregnated ties decreased ircia 30 to 5.2 percent. The present average serviceability of ties is' about 13 years. Electrification Branch line of the Perm - Goroblago- datzkaya - Sverdlovsk line to the. northern iron ore proces.:ing?combine in Kaohkanar. In addition t6 the already reported line, the Alabas:hly - Kushchinski Most branch line of the. Transcaucasian tagiszrale. has been put into, electric operation in 195.9? The electrification of the Snamenka Pyatikhatki (Donets Basin) line, which is heavily used by,freight traffic, has begun. The electrification of this line is not included-in the. 1960 program. no11int; Stock operational weight is 138 tons, the axle pressure 23 tons, and the rated; speed 100 k7n/h. A total of 6,;500.kilogram of fuel. oao. be carried along; ,in the`loepmotive The,+plant for machine construction at 61idanov (P~.a,riumpol) is to produce tank cars with a capacity of 60 tons instead of the .previously, produced 50-ton tank cars,. Itp pr%,d.uction is also to include special tank 'cars for carrying propane gasp The plant for, the construction of transport engines at Kharkov has begun the series production of heavy freight train diesel locomotives of type Tk-IQ, The new locomotive with the Co Co axle series is a single-section unit. The 12--c3tlinder diesel engine actuates. six electric engines and has a capacity of 39000 HP. The In 1959.. a-total of l569.00ti engineers and tpc.hnicians.were ? -employed-with the railroads, as against 58,000 Versonnel in 1940. a East , Germany of East 'Ge_iaany was opened on 9 50X1-HUM April 1960. Chief of the agency is Man re Mui:ne.r. 5..E-Cr-R-E-T 50X1-HUM I.neral_Informati German tr,.i'fiC agency, the "'Pourists 1 and information Center i. Same as' in Stockholm, on l6 'February 1960, an official East 50X1 HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 A small traffic agency had been atti,ched to tha commercial 50X1-HUM representation in early 1960 already. A new major railroad ferry is to be constructed in 1960 for traffic ii,, The editorial staffs of the East German periodicals "Fahrt frei" exchanging their publications b0 Berlin Traffi-e "3ituation railroad 50X1-HUM o Llfective with the 1960 Winter Timetable on. 2 October 1,60, access to West Berlin will be subject to further restr_ic--ions through the following measures: (a) All trains from :Gast Germany to' Berl j.n-Ostbahnhof are to be routed via the Outer Rinfa Changing from long-- distance to S-Bahn trains on the last station before ento .-ing West Berlin will no longer be possible. (b) S?Bahn and subway traffic to and through West Berlin will be reduced to about' one train per hour A twe nty_five minutes stop is sch9duled for careful control at control stations, (c) Road traffic is to ;mass through four or five waector crossings oily, and. is to be subjected to strict controls. iio A "Generalverkehrsplan" (general traffic .plan.) is being drawn up for Berlin and is expected to be completed by early 1961, iii o According to a.n announcement of ADN, the ' est. Berlin Senate waterways by issuing a new water law, . c:nd by c stahl shin n. .e- pare.te water 'administration? 50X1-HUM unlawfully arrogated. to itself the jurisdiction of the As was reported previously, there is ccmpl to ~ i _;greem nt on the sovereign rights over the trc:. 1,f ; installati~r.s` 50X1-HUM See Transportation Summary of October 1959. a~ of Germany makes reference to the Potsdam Agreement, but is, however, unable to produce any written documents, in this respect, Up to now, the waterways =:rere admini tered and 50X1-HUM maintained by the . Main Administration Waterways of the East German ' Ministry for Traffic. After had straightened the Lower. Spree River in 1955/56, and after the cutting to the West 50X1-HUM Harbor had, been core pleted# the new connect. ing cc.nai was handed over officially to' the East; Berlin authority, i.e. the Main Administration .Waterwa..yso f Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 -5 a ie Increase 1. Effective 1 April 1960, employees of the List German traffic sector, particularly of the lower wage CTO4ps, are gradually to receive higher wages. The raise of wages was effected in enter- prises of short distance traffic on 1 April, in motor vehicle traffic and. inland ship :ins; on 1 .:ay, and is to come into effect in transport entortrises of the Deutsche ':.el.chsbahn on 1 June 19 O. The wage compensation paid on the introduction of the Central Prerziiun System (effective :7ith the fall of 1959) will be fully charged up ac inst the increase in wa-os. .'.'err preniwn rates, represell sting -'an appreciable, improvo;_:ent of via es, cane into effect for locomotive and train personnel on 1 April 1960. As reported previously, the "Praemienzeitlohn- , system" (bonuses and wages issued according to time worked) caused much di :,contentment among locothotive engineers. 2. -Railroad Transportati or. a. G nero1 i. On occasion of the "Tenth Anniversary of the German Railroad o'r?cer" and of the traffic conference to be held in Leipzig in June, railroad for{.ers. were asked to produce new ":3ocialist Deeds". April wLo prcrcIoLiued the "i.:onth for the Promotion of Order, Discipline and 'Mean liners" and was to be a preparati_ fi for the "Co"mbat for i,iodel ~.'iork and High Transportation Per- forrlances". in hay 1960. ii. During the traffic conference in Leipzig, the general traffic plans for the central stations at Leipzig, Halle, Rostock, Dresden, Erfurt, 'Magdeburg, -and Karl-I:Iarx GtLLdt, are to be discussed along the lines of the general traffic plan for Berlin. iii. On 5/6 hay 1960, a ~,entral .omen's Conference was, to be held :,t Leipzig and vas to be attended by worsen committees from all RHDs. During the conference, agreement was to be reached on incorporating the previ.oul y unutilized recverve of house- rivoc in the uorkin; process. Full equality had already been granted to woven during the International. ',.omen's Day in February 1 960. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 ivo During a conference of efficiency experts and inventors on 6.7 April 1960, a sensible use of the newer methods was dananded; carclesa application had often been useless and damaging. Shortagc of suggestions for Uprovenent. from the young railroad workcrs#was also criticized, Research and developnnt is to be incorporated in Socialist planning, Party act.ves arc gradually to convince scientists. of the feasibility of adapting the thinking process ? to a time-limited program 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/1Y0/20 CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 b. Operation and Traffic i. Compared with the preceding month, less pressure was pit on Reichsbahn operations. Car and locomotive requirements could be met a little eLsier. Contracts concluded between the Reichsbahn and major commercial enterprises are to~enfore a 24 hour loading and unloading period corresponding to the Vier-, brigadesyst-ern (Four Work-Group System). Previously, the industry had passively resisted the introduction of the long loading period. ii. In late March, Polish supplies of bituminous coal to the Deutsche Reichsbahn were fully resumed,, The coal sitmation, particularly of RBD Berlin, was excepticnally good. Locomo-? tines were almost exclusively fired with.bituminous coal, iii. Military requirements of the Deutsche Reichcbahn decreased in consequence of the decreasir;g training activities of the GSFG. Transport movements seemed. to be an indication for a partial reorganizaticn,.. The assembly of a considerable number- of cars for the NVA was con_1iectec 'iith the ist May celebrations. An indication of the possible forthcoming return of troops was the checking of. boxcars with regard to transit fitness and their possible emptoyment as kitchen; cars. Appropriate cars were taken to Berlin-4stglte_rbahnhof for equipment. (a) Military shipments (rockets?) moving to the area of the Second. Gds Tank Army were; rioted in military border traffic. At the same time, the return of-soldiers and military goods vas observed. It is not assumed that the outgoing military goods were preliminary shipments of the expected return movement. Thee supply of heavy tanks and of main equipment- was continued, (b). No special features were'observed in commercial border traffic. In March, three tankers with about 559000 tons of crude oil, and up to 20 April. tliree tankers with about 35,000 tons of crude oil arrived at 'vvisma:c Harbor. Beginning 1 August 19660; the first 'crude oil tankers are to be discharged at the new Rostock oil harbor.. Crude oil supplies.from Austria will continue in 1960 on the level of the preceding years, i.e, at a monthly rate of about 20, 000 tons. Uranium ore shipments departing for the'USSR included in February, 11 shipments with about 8,250 tons; in March, 14 shipments with about 10,500 tons; and-prior to 22 April, eight shipments with about 6,000 tons. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 50X1-HUM v, The Reichsbahn ,:nd the. ti.,ansport police aLreed upon a closer cooperation, Railroad workers are to support the Trapo in large . .scale-searohes, and the Trapo as to support jhe. Reichsbahn'in the eliminatie;n of. jamming of goods, Railroad:improvement La-lendorf (Berlin - Rostock Magi strale) 'lin'e. which had been dismantled after 1945,: was, postponed from 1. May 1961 to. the spring of?1962Q ,,The dam across Lake Tiefwaren (Northern .appendix of Lake T+iueritz) Of -Vie depth of the ? lake, The leading engineer was; sentenced to rs' impri?sonment for sabotage; the previous -construction management was replaced by. harbor construction experts from,Kostock, Rollin- Stock Test_.runs with the' Kram,6r/Neeke' `T'ype'gauge changing wheel' sets $Trial wheel sets of type Grevesmuelii' of an estimated value of Q.5.. million DME were -scrapped VEB Wheel Se-t PlanVI1,4enburg developed` a.cone eivably serviceable as. the. Kramerfiecke Model. .`rhe: wheel set.: are -shifted on the.. axle, . , Th v?60' locomotive 1600 HP.) for' 'heavy switching and light pas'sen er. diesel locgmotive,? The loco iotive was develo,ed by vEB wn -nUMvM.., iii;. The new S-Be1in half train of ?constiuctiiin series ET-170 :of VJB Waggon14au - Ammen'dorj.?-was :put -into, service on the ? K6venick Fr aricnsnagem sine an late March.?1960, 'after numerous failures,: :had d'ocur d;.during one' yes,r!?s tenting. Before long, another.-,. Personnel. Changes ,Accordingto 'rumors- .spreading within :the 'Ministry for-Traffic.". Deputy I+ina.ster. for _Instal?lation`s?, -Kurt -Leiser, will soon?-be..:removed rAccording to'recent information,- th-e conatruct-tonof the Berlin ~RoatockAutotii n (super. -highway)ie 'to.begtn iri 1962 already, instead !of' in 1963. construction. activities ui11 start with. the. completion 50X1 H ,r,~ 17.n. the North, and near Utz in the West...F ollowing..tie completion:' 0f this project, a diagonal' connection, similar to,the raid. traffic The-' construction of the Autobahn is to begin Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 0 w S-E-C-R.L=.T 50X1-HUM In the second half of March 1960, Deputy Traffic Minister Leiser submitted the first stud7,on the Autobahn project to the Socialist Union Party (SIM) Central Committee and tried to substantiate the estimated costs of the projects The Central Committee sharply rejected the calculation, arguing that it was founded'on the present statue of techniques and failed-to take into consideration- ~the expected -apid progress of technology and mechanization in East Germany within the next-two years. Improvement Plans dn'the Berlin Schoenef:eld`- Belgrade airline.. after the West European "Airunion'- pattern. !-During their first meeting in'Warsaw, -attuning of-flight schedules, and problems of mutual aid were. discussed. b. On 5 April 1960, a plane of the Interflug airline, opened. traffic Air Transportation a, The airline companies of the kuropean satellites East Germany, Bulgaria !Poland, Rumania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary plan to closer cooperate During the period of the'Seven Years' Plan, a-total of 25 percent of state roads, i.e. about 2,7,00 kilometers, are com,letely to be restored. A total of 700 kilometers, of long-distance roads, inclu- ding,103 kilometer's of by.Fepa$s roads, are to. be constructed.' Of the 4,653 bridges on the East German state roads-a total of 177. bridges are to be reconstructed, and -19659 are to be' reinforced. Prior -to 1963, all. auxiliary bridges are,to 'be. replaced by solid structures. A total of 388 filling stations, of four different sizes are to be. established. ,After 1965, of 600 kilometers of Autobahn are to be construe' tedoThey are to connect the central German industry centers with the Autobahn system,. On .1 April .1960-, the turboprop 'passenger aircraft type "IL-i8" which was purchased- from the USSR, weAt-on its maiden round flight During.--the first quarter of.1960,..the PKP shi._sped 64 million tons of freight;' i. e.. three. million, tons more than were planned, and 5.'l,milli-on tons.more.than during the first quarter of 1959. Electrification The Krakow - Biezanow _ Wielic'ka suburban lute has been put ' into electric operation. The-running time of trains on this line was reduced from-36 to 21 -minutes. The.line has been.the of the 1959 electrification program, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 ~; Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 S-E-colt- B-T had already been-discontinued since 1957, -and- that the production .,of electric locomotives was far.behind.the 1957/58 program. In addition, available electric locomotives, particularly of the East German types-,-t-04 and E-05,, frequently, fail to operate. On the other hand, the increasing.turnover of freight puts increased pressure on locomotive operations. All these difficulties-''will presumably not be overcome before 1963, Only,30 steLLm locomotives of the PEP_ pool of locomotives were withdrawn-in 1959. This is due to the fact that inspite. of the.-obsoleteness of the Palish steam .locomotives ' the production of steam locomotives.for domestic requirements co lolling Stock crude -oil The construction of the Polish portion of the"line started at the future refinery at Plock and is to be coi;,pleted by 1963. The pipe line is laid below. the.freezing level. of the soil.. No reports have as yet been received on-the diameter. of the pipes. According to a photograph, , however,: the diameter can be assumed to be 600 to 700 millimeters-.- Crude Oil Pipe Line -The construction of the-crude oil. pipe line, extend from Brest/Litovsk (USSR) in. north-westerly direction tc.Sohwedt (East Germany) via Plock (Poland), has begun in April. The.700 kilometer pipe line is to supply Poland and. East Germany with Soviet The Soviet section of the pip line leading fron the oil fields ? ? in the Volga/Ural-Area via Penza_o Bryansk-- Mozir to Brest/Litovsk is already under construction.., 50X1-HUM ~a, : Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 S, Military Supply- inApril 1960 50X1-HUM ,I,. ~ Supply Inetallations of the National People's Army (NVA): The-planned decentralization'of:supplies is.still in the init al stage. With a fear exceptions 'units are-supplied either by central depots; or ?directly? by , .produeer EIb' - Supply. Installations of the GSFG_ ' The, mbtor?.Vehicle repair-shop at ;Oberschoneweide is to be.trans- zeesen, I The tank :repair .shop at Sohonebeck has- been attached to. the "Third. Shock Army,. \ . The engineer ecjuipment park of-the-Third Gds Army was transferred to Jiiterbog, 16-. -Supply }Troops- of the. GSFG (without Nenty Fourth Air Army) Group and arny' are 'short of supply serviceu, iv. The present ratio _of combat elements, to s4,ipply servic&.'s ,is 3::10 Possible developthent. Military border Crossing raffic in Februarj 1960.. A total:-of 36 Bupply shipanent.s and 'six., return shipments were noted in February, The,` supply' of radtor- vehicles increa:s?eda' : '. SQL-C R.'EGT S 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 about, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 S Xb Supply. Installations- of the A'PA (-see also -Annex 'l) -10 General The. uecentrali4ation`.of the '-supply' ix stallations, begun in 1y58,- is still. inn the initial stale, 2. Army The' capacity of the army installations of Military Districts III and V is .poor. The. installations, are-predominantly to With a few exceptions, ' divi si c.ns-: and independent: army -troops are supplied either by the?central;depbts subordinate to the _Ministry for National Defense, qr 'directly by. the 'rbducers. General.- overhaul of arms, equipment and carried out .exclusively in central workshops'of,the Ministry, whereas the repair of motor vehicles is mostly done by. civilian Airforce and Navy The supplementation and. maintenance`'goodsof ,the Supp1y Installations of'' the GSFG ( ee Annex 2) The following ,,changes. have been ,noted since: January 1959t Motor Vehicle Repair Shop:."Progsess". i*,if Kerlin-0berscli6neweide is to be transferred. to 6eesen by-1962. `'he. oeesen plant i,as ? so far -been. a branch plant of the Gberschoneweide repair shop. a In the area" of the Third Shock Amy,- the, tank repair shop. in The present workforce consists.of.about 500 Soviet personnel. 'The monthly repair,quota amounts to-about 25 tanks. The o The erfgineer equipment park of the Third Gds Army, p: assumed at .Sjper.enberg,_ has apiiarently been .transferred to Supply ? TroopSof the GG ?(see.Annex i ) 1. The 'actiual strength of the army sunsly troops -not- tired with 'the- presumable war tr-en ;th (miunnuit strength!) : is estimated Supply services of combat elements up to division -Arm supply troops Supply troops of the group 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 ..50X1-HUM., Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 V ?0 The ratio of combat elements to, supply services within the a0? Supp.lyservices of, the divisions:- The shortage-of transport and-medical-personnel is insignificant, and can be overcome rap.' of ware The equipment of the-Soviet supply services with more .powerful transport vehicles, modern tank cars, workshop trucks, aabulances, i roved aggregates, :repair'-ho. s etco has been under _way since 1956 and is expected to, comiileted ?by.- about'1961a Supply- troops 'from armY upward: Due to .,the shortage of personnel: land to econoldical .reasons, the- improvement of supply services has, made Tank aid motor vehicle repair 'sexvicss?, however, have con- siderably.been.modernizeda A si }iIar development is expec- ted within. the' remain ngrepair services, of artiilery,'tele- comniuni'cations engineer aid ABC, supply units0 The. remaining, services for:road transportatioxi,,'road construction.. and maintenances, . depot ,administration etc. are . not expected to be enlarged ,tq'-vrar strength The' small number of road.tranEportation services and the.- -omall loading; capacity, is" worth -noting. In the event.-of atomic warfare, railroad supplies ~-ri1I ?particu.larl,r be trpLnsportation;In that case,, road.-tT,,~ns;p.ortation.wi11have? Military- Dordei: Cxossi,n Traffic in Februa'ry ?196 As~?a.;.resuIt.-A# comparison,-,a total'! 0 t 36 supl~l~i shipments grid ci six. return -shj.pmen-ts were rioted-. in F'eb. unary ,19600 (The load of some shi_,nents' Could not be identified) lfhe following,.quantities _wcre established:.. Ibua Ammui tiorr s-Re-c-P-L-T 50X1 -HUM Artillery OLeoes. `(? 455 2-) Total tanks including:- T-54.8 u/i.tanks Total motor vehioles. ;including: Prime movers i-50: flW - ? GIS-~15'Os ' -ZIS-1518 . 4In-15:1, ser.?i_trailers Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 GAS-51s. 50 MAS-200s 20 u/i 543 1'ank cars 25 Ambulances.. 32' %'Jorkshoip trucks 18 Ami:4zni ti on Tanks u/i Total-motor vehicles. including : Tank cars 50X1-HUM There wa:; a conspicuous -1. r? e amount of motor vehicle supplies in January :and 'eb:iruar' 1960, The number of rotor vehicles noted in 'January was 463, including 143. u/ vehicles, and in February. it was- 846, 4ncluding 543.u/i vehicles; 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/10/20: CIA-RDP80T00246AO54700220001-0 Military Sup:,ly Installations of the I VA (up to and including army) Ammunition ' Fuel Kluess Hoben- Priemerwald saaten Uolfsruh Gorgast EQsuig. (}st 'constr. staje c0imple- te.4) Hennersd'orf (atuni ti on & equi, jinient uej)ot ) Mi ttenwalde (repair.& ?instruotiun material shop) Leipzig- Leipzig Lindenthal, (presuma- (presu ably, bly for for army troops army troops only) only . Rations 50X1-HUM Strausberg ..(formfJ Y Div Potsdam Prossen-"* * (Transloading Depot for 'Kitchen Utensils) 1-ieder- Kruggau*** Gorl1tz* * I elime oplitz-, Strausberg Schl,au- gbersdorf, roth (motors vehicle fuel-) Peene