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December 12, 2016
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November 29, 2001
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October 16, 1975
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Approved Foriiease 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80TO10024A00200040020-9 ') 1 25X1A SUBJECT: Production of the Special Paper for the China NIO I want to use this means to formally express my appreciation to all those who played a key role in meeting a rather urgent requirement from the NSC. The time constraints were burdensome, and I know posed problems for all of you. Though more work needs to be done, I think we can be proud of what was prepared in the brief time that was available, and the credit goes to each of you, for you all played a vital role. In OPR we don't have to meet these kinds of deadlines often, but it is reassuring to know that we can do it when it's require 25X1A D/PR Approved For Release 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80TO1002A000200040020-9 Approved For rlease 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80TO100W00200040020-9 OPR Support for NIOs - FY 75 NIO No. of Papers/Projects Time (man hours) 5 405 5 315 1 30 1 240 1 60 25X1A 30 38 1,118 1,120 = 28 man wks.. Approved For Release 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80TO1002A000200040020-9 Approved For$elease 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T0106OA000200040020-9 Name of NIO Non-Communist Area Staff NIO Support Description Time Contribution to NIE 24-1-74 4 Contribution to Interagency Memo: Portugal 19 1/2 Meeting on KIQs 3 Contribution to updated Interagency memo: Portugal 6 1/2 Contribution to NIE 31-75 4 General work schedule on Middle East 1 1/2 Discussion on Peru-Chile border conflict 1 Western European Unity 1 25X6 Approved For Release 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T01002A000200040020-9 Approved For,&Iease 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T01004i000200040020-9 25 February 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director, Political Research 25X1A SUBJECT Asian Communist Staff Support to the National Intelligence Officers 1. Per your request of 24 February 1975 for a tabulation of the subject: Name of NIO Description DD/NIO Conference. (China/NIO search) DD/NIO (China/NIO search) DD/N I O Conference and several memos of suggestions. Time (hrs.) 25X1A Twenty-eight DD/NIO recently been named. Meeting and three-page Three report on Chinese message to Russians. To Hyland at State. Investigated (own Five initiative) status of possible China/NIO. 2. Future such responses may well be more specific as the National Intelligence Officer for China has only 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T01002A000200040020-9 Approved Forgelease 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T010000200040020-9 27 February 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: DD/PR SUBJECT Support Rendered to NIO Staffs-July 74-Feb75 Name of NIO Description Time Monthly meetings er I UN P 9 120 will ap UN Paper II 150 NIO/LA Chile-Peru Stud rou 7 fi i b 1 NIO/LA ng r e De 25X1X NIO/LA Agentina Country Assessment meetings 3 NIO Prod. Office Briefing paper for DCI on food, population, climate 7 NIO/WE Meetings on interagency memo on Portugal 5 NIO-OER coordination-input to NSSM 200 60 r1np0} L0(a 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T01002A000200040020-9 Approved Fo lease 2002/01/03 CIA-RDP T010 000200040020-9 ATG Support to NIO's 25X1A 25X1A Analyst Project Tiny Bayesian Analysis -- The Likelihood Feb 75 of Arab-Israeli Hostilities (this 28 hours project began as a CIA project, coordinated and managed by OPR. NIO for MiddleEast, re- queste to initiate a community 25X1 A project on the same theme.) 25X1A OPR political game on Brazil. Dec 74-Feb 75 The original suggestion came from approx. 220 hours assistant The game was designed o eve o Communist exper" 25X1 A in understanding internal Brazilian problems, and was pegged to the forthcaning National Intelligence Estimate on Brazil, Approved For Release ylit" ILL" 80T01002A000200040020-9 Approved FoNBelease 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T01002iR000200040020-9 26 February 1975 25X1A 25X1A FROM Sov/EE Support to the NIOs. Name of NIO Description The Soviet Image of the US The Relationship of SALT & Detente Time (in hours) 25X1A The Sino-Soviet- Japanese Triangle The Sino-Soviet Impasse Soviet-Japanese Relations 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80T01002A000200040020-9