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December 28, 2016
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May 11, 2010
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November 23, 1973
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/11 : CIA-RDP80T01137A000300030016-8 `~ " - ?' . Inc 17r11~~.-YIUU t, 25X1 TOP SECRET/SENSITIVE. The Secretary of the Treasury - The Attorney General /The Director of Central Intelligence The Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission The Secretary of.State The Secretary of Defense Modification of the Security Controls Reconnaissance Satellites for the Products of Photographic The President has approved the recommendation of the Director of Central Intelligence to modify some of the special security controls relating to the U. S. photo reconnaissance program which were established by Presidential Memorandum of August 26., 1960. fically,',the President has authorized that: (1) The fact that the United States Government conducts a photo- graphic satellite reconnaissance prograrn.for foreign intelligence collection be classified SECRET. (2) The Director of Central Intelligence, after consulting the Secretary of Defense, may remove from'the special controls presently governing the U. S. photo reconnaissance program the product of such: collection as he deems appropriate, provided that (a) the product re- moved from the special controls under this authorization sha11 be Order No 11652, classified according to the provisions of Executive and (b) such product shall not reveal the sensitive technical capabilities of current or future intelligence satellite programs. The present special control system itself will continue to exist to provide compart- mentedprotection for those aspects and products of satellite reconnaissance programs requiring such protection: e TOP SECS ET/SENSITIVE (XGDS) - 2, 3 BY-AUTH - HAKissinger Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/11 : CIA-RDP80T01137A000300030016-8 u ?.L.l~J l'iJ L1lV 1'. The President has further directed that the Director of Central Intelligence shall continue to be responsible to him for estabLishing 0 policy guidelines for the security protection and control of information pertaining to the U. S. intelligence satellite collection.prog ram and the products derived from it. This will include the establishment and con- tinued review of appropriate procedures; consistent with United States policy interests, for the release of the satellite intelligence product or information derived from it to foreign governments. November 16; 1973 The attached encompasses many of the suggestions I've received concerning the earlier draft on this subject; and h would like to have your final comments and/or concurrence. MEMORANDUM FOP.: The Secretary of the Interior The Secretary of Agriculture The Secretary of Commerce Administrator, National Aeronautics - and Space Administration Director, Office of Management and Budget Director, Central Intelligence Agency The Chief of Engineers, United States Army SUBJECT: Civil Use of Classified Reconnaissance Systems, Technologies, and Products The ARGO program was initiated in 1967 by the President's Science Adviser for the purpose of testing, on a limited basis, the utility of classified reconnaissance products,as a'tool in earth resource assessment. These tests, which were incidental to regular operations, gave results sufficiently encouraging that an interagency ARGO Steering Committee Experience has shown, however,.that if these concepts are to be put into action on a considerably broader and more operational basis, a routine mechanism, not available now via ARGO, is required to receive, evaluate and assist in satisfying requests for new data. The present ARGO structure is also obsolete with regard to membership, and furthermore, with the advent of the Interagency Coordinating Committee for the Earth Resources Survey Program (ICCERSP), the necessity of direct Executive Office involvement is no longer evident. a SECRET/S,E:NSIT.IVE/XGDS/FY AUTIIHENRY A. KISSINGER update the organizational structure, the following actions are bein; taken. -- The Director of the Office of Management and budget is requested to charge the Executive Comznittee-of ICCERSP with the responsibility to stimulate and facilitate the experimental exploitation of remote sensing by classified sensor systems, and to coordinate. the in- The Secretary of the Interior is requested to form a Civil Applications Panel which will receive, evaluate, consolidate, standardize, e classified reconnaissance data fromncivil community. The Panel will supply information to the civil that they may l:. owledgabl formulate their requests, and will assist in reaching compromises between requests and capabilities. The Panel will act as the inter- face between civil users and the intelligence collectors, recognizing that the Directorof Central Intelligence will not be involved in collection for this purpose will remain incidental to foreign intelli- gence collection. The Panel will be chaired by the representative of the Department of the Interior and will consist of representatives of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce, the Corps of Membership can be expanded at the.liscretion of the Panel. SECRET/S `:SITI\TE/\GDS/ 3l" AUTII IIENRY A. KISSI^'GER En;ineers, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/05/11 : CIA-RDP80T01137A000300030016-8 The Director of Central Intelligence will designate a representative to serve ex officio on the Executive Committee of the ICCERSP and the Civil Applications Panel for the purpose of liaison with the intelligence community, as well as to assist in planning, to address issues connected with the use of classified material, dnd to facilitate the acquisition of clearances for users. Since the civil utility of 'data is enhanced ifunclassifed, the DCI's representative will be an intermediary on questions of the release of derived information. -- The ARGO Steering Committee is abolished. Henry A. Kissinger cc: Distribution list to be added at the time of final classification of this document. t SECRET /S F: _5TTZ.VE/XGD.S/LiY lUT[i HENRY A. KISSINGER