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December 14, 2016
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October 8, 2002
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July 14, 1978
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STATINTL STATINTL ApproirRelease 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP84113142R0001 Works of Art Sited Missing in the Congressional Record Executive Officer/DDA Chief/Liaison Staff Office of Legislative Counsel DD/A 78-2724/1 14 July 1978 Tom: You may be interested in knowing that seven of the eight pieces of art that were reported missing in the Congresional Record have been found. Attached provides the location. One piece has not been located as yet. While this does not excuse the loss, the item which cannot be found has drawn little or no concern from the NFCA. STATINTL Att List & Location of NCFA Works of Art on Loan to CIA EO/DDA;se 14 July 78 STATINTL Distribution: Orig PRS - w/att , 1 - DDA Chrono DDA Subject 1 - RFZ Chrono Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 STAT Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 E358 Appriltd For Release 2003/01/27: CIA-RDF41:00142R0001000800074 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -Extensions of Remarks honoring Centeno, Maiese for her dedi- cation to her community. As wife of Win- slow Township's Mayor Dominic Maiese, Cer.tella has maintained an active pro- file through both the church and club, to the beneEt of many others. Certainly, an outstanding woman such as this de- serves recognition. As such, I would like to on her family and friends on June 30 in honoring her. May Centella continue to succeed in all her endeavors., TELE 21..RT OF GOVERNMENT HON. TOM HAGEDORN OF MINNESOTA IN TELE HOUSE OF RFS,REBMITA'ITVES Wednesday, Tune 28, 1978 : Mr. HAGEDORN. Mr. Speaker, while it is the multi-billion-dollar expenditures that do them the most damage, it is fre- quently the petty indignities heaped upon taxpayers by ma-iy public officials that most infuriate them. A recent ex- ample is the case of the 257 "unlocated" works of art that have been loaned out by the National Collection of Fine Arts to various executive offices. According to a report by Dom Bona- fede in the National Journal, at least 257 original works of art, purchased with tax dollars for the enjoyment of the public, and loaned primarily to Presidential , aides, are likely never to be recovered. While rio total value has been placed on these works, it is worth noting that only the highest quality art work is ever ac- cepted or purchased by the collection in the first place. This bipartisan thievery, and there is no other name for it in my opinion, typi- fies the lack of respect, manifested in so many other ways, that too many public officials have for taxpayer dollars. I would like to bring to the attention of my colleagues the complete list of these miss- ing paintings. While I doubt it, I would hope that some of their current "possessors" would. be shamed into re- turning their stolen property. The list follows: TREasu-sz Hvv yOR. 257 WORKS OF Aar ? (The following are the "unloca,ted" works of art, by artist and the year and agency to which 'They were loaned:) W. H. Holmes, "A Md. Meadow, Watt's Branch, Near Rockville," 1/25/46, President Trunaan. Houdon. "Thomas Jefferson," 12/3/46, White Hctise. Ho-udon, "George Washington," 12,3/46, Waite House. A. P. Barney, "Village Street," 0/18/53, OMB. A_ P. Barney, -Bar Harbor," 9/18/53, OMB. Hal Denton. "The Right Honorable Win- on Churchill," 9/26/57, 0M13. Sidney L. Smith, "The Hon. Theodore Reoseyelr.?" 9 ,26/57, OMB. R. P_ Seymour, "Tree Study," 2/1/61, OMB_ R. F. Seymour, "The Rough Camp," 2/1/61, W. A. Sherwood, "Pecheurs- de Crevettes," 21,51, OMB. A. Thayer, -Male Wood Duck,' 8/8/62, P;:ei,dclent's Committee on Equal Employment Onportunity (clef-inlet). .7el. L. Doolittle, "From the High Sierras," 1;63, OMB_ P. F. Dodge, "A Ravine.= 3/1/63, MAE. . F. F. Dodge, "Old Bridge, Jackson; Park,= 3/1/63, ONIGB. ? Gustaf Dalstrom, "Cloudy Day," 3/1/63, OMB. Beatrice S. Levy, "Rain in the Mils," 3/1/63, OMB. B. E. Jacques, "Hampstead Heath. ? Lon- don," 3/1/63, OMB. B. E. Jacques, "Cabin in the Wilderness," 3/1/63, OMB. B. E. Jacques, "Venice Fisherman," 3/1/63, B. E. Jacques, "Mill in Delft," 3/1263, OMB, Dahlgreeia, "Evening Shadows," 3/1/63, 0:1113. Dakilgreen, "Morning Shadows," 3/1/63, OMB. Dahlgreeia, "Winter Shadows," 3/1/63, OMB. . Dahlgreen, "Snowbound - Creek," 3/1/63, OMB. Dahlgreeia, "The . Rail Fence,". 3/1/63, pmaa. Euston, "Pines along the Shore," 7/17/63, OMB. ? - J. H. Euston, "Spens in .the Snow," 7/17/63; OMB. J. H, Euston, "Verd-ugo Woodland," 7/17/63, OMB. J. H. Etistoia, "Sari. Gabriel Divide," 7/17/63, OMB. Tallroadge, "Poplar Trees on the Dunes," 7/17/63, OMB. ? R. Thompson, "Afternoon." '7/17/63, OMB. Thompson, "The Watcher," 7/17/63, OMB. Zella de Millaau, "Sand Dunes, Southamp- ton, Long Island, N.Y.," 7/17/63, OMB, Huxley, "Kentucky Backyard," 7/17/63, OMB. H. M_ Hobbs, "Tower, Belgian Village, A Century of Progress," 7/17/63, OMB, H. M. Hobbs. "The Cottage," 7/17/63, OMB. H. 1.L Hobbs, "Church in the Belgian Village." 7/17/63, OMB. E. T. Hurley, "City Towers," 7/17/63, OMB. I-I. M. Hobbs, "Chimney Pots of Old Brest," 7/17/63, OMB. B_ E. Jacques, "Mountain Ash," 7/17/63, OMB. B. E. Jacques, ? "May Cherries," 7/17/63, OMB. B. E. Jacques, "Castor Bean," 7/17/63, OMB. F. Leslie Thompson, "Autumn Days," 7/17/63, OMB. 1t W. Woiceeke, "Winter's Mirror," 7/17/63, OMB. A. Rutty, "Guardian Oaks," 7/17/63, OMB. H. Winslow, "Wood Monsters," 7/17/63, OMB_ C. F. Gaertner, "Gravel, Fish and Soya Beans," 8/23/63, OMB. 1.-51.11._ Holmes, "Study of a Bridge," 1/18.165, White House. W. H. Holmes, "Maryland Dirt Rd," 1/18/65, White House. A. S. Pennoyer, "Top of the Ridge," 3;29/65, OMB. F. C. Kirk, "Rue Petit, St. Michelle, Mon- treal," 3/29/65, OMB. F. C. Kirk, "Industry," 3/29/63, 03.113. P. C. Kirk, "Harbor at Rockport," 3/29/65, 0).113_ Philip Kappel, "Crossed Trails," 8/30;65, O.:1213. Gerand K. Geerlings, "Black Magic," 8:30/65, OMB_ 0. K. Geerlings, "Inland Islands," 8/30/65, L. 0. Griffith, "The County Seat, Broun County," 8/30/65, OMB. Philip Kappel, "A Marine Pathway," 8/30/ 65. OMB. Gene Kloss, `Taos Indian 0111 Dance," 8/ 30/63, OMB. Philip Kappel, "Lobeterman at Dawn," 3/ 30/65, 0M13. Henri de Kruif, "Gander Realm," 8/30/65, OMB. June 29, 1978w- Charles B. King, "Notre Dame," 8/30/65,' OMB. B. E. Jacques, "Spider Lake, Wisconsln,": 8/30/65, OMB. . Henri de Kruif, "Dragon Mesquite," 8/30/1 65, OMB. B. E. Jacques, "Palazzo MIDRIB, Venire." 3/30/65, OMB, B. E. Jacques, "Thames Shipping," 3/30/85, _ OMB. . ? ?,- B. E. Jacques, "Volendam," 8/30/65, 0:K13:?'. B. E. Jacques, "Boats on Delft Canal," 8/ 30/65, 01V113. M. Hardie, "Low Tide," 8/30/65, 0lvD3, - E. T. Hurley, "Memories of the Pair,'. 8/30/65, OMB. ?''?? K. Holmes, "Venice," 8/30/65, OMB. ?? ? ??' Hobbs, "Notre Dame, Paris," 8/30/65, (AIL' Haberer, "Hill Top," 8/30/65, 01V1B.. ? ... A. Rutty, "Northern Pines,' 8/30/65;... OUB. J. E. Allen, "Connectors," 8/30/65, OMR'. George C.. Aid, "Les Deux Fonts, Se,n???"::?, Remo." 8/30/65, OMB. -? George C. Aid, "La Matson de la Blanch-7: isseuse," 8/30/65, OIVLB, ? Charles B. Keeler, "Old Houses, Place Terra,:.: an Duc, Quimper," 8/30/65, OMB. ? :r C. F. Sahlin, "Salascos, Ecuador," 9/29/65,:. OMB. ?? ???._, C. P. Sahlin, "Araucatiloxis-Chile," 9/29/65:1, 01V1B. C. F. Sahlin, "Santiago de Atttlan-Civate?-? male," 9/29/65, OMB. C. F. Sahlin, "Shaleko Dancers," 9/29/65;? OMB. ? E. Kelly,. "Abstraction," 10/20/85,. .White.-r? House. - ? John Sloan, "Hondo Reservoir," 12/10/66-?,,,, White House. . ? F. W. Stokes, "Poi-du-neh," 3/66, OMB.?..'?: F. W. Stokes, "Gil-Lee-Eskimo Boy," 3/66 . OMB. F. W. Stokes, "Ung-lVleh-Duk-Toe, Eskimo:, Man,," 8/66, 0.11/B. P. W. Stokes, ? "Ko-Lo-Ting-wah, Eskimo. Man," 3/66, OMB. F. W. Stokes, "Meh-soh-neli, Young Eslti.??. mo Boy," 3/66, 0lk+133. P. W. Stokes, "Au-ring-ah-doh, wife of to-ne-ah, Eskimo Woman," 3/66, OMB. , C. Gilbert, "Arch of Titus," 3/66, OMB. C. Gilbert, "Pont du Gard, France," .3/66, OMB. ? C. Gilbert, `Bridge at Moret, France," 3/66, OMB. C. Gilbert, -"Baths of Caracalla, Rome,"., 3/66, OMB. C. Gilbert, "Santa Marla della Salute,t..- 3/66, 01V1B. C. Gilbert, "Porta San. Paulo, Rome," 3/,:0, OMB. ? Ernest C. Peixotto, ? "Quaker meetiag..: House," 3/66, OMB. Ernest C. Peixotto, "Park . Overlooking.', Brooklyn," 3/66; OMB_ Ernest C. Peixotto, "Lake Scene," 3/66:-:- 0ina. Ernest C. Peixotto, "Philadelphia, Ladd... pendence Hall, Chestnut St.," 3/66, Ivl. Citron, "Horses," 6/67 Office of .Eco-. nomic Opportunity. . . Walter Bobs, "Irish Setter," 6/67, SpeCial.E,1, Representative. for Trade Negotiations, ? (STR). '? Roland Clark, "Sundown," 6/67, S., A. Gatti, "Untitled, (Officers Reading.,:-?'., Map)," 6/67, 5TH. ... ? . - - C. Gilbert, "Carcassonne" 6/67, STE. ? C. Gilbert, "Church at Segovia." 0/67, &M Y. C. Gilbert, "Compton Ca-41e," 6/67, STR, C. Gilbert, "Laon. Cathedral," 6/67, ST.. C. Gilbert, "On the Canal. Bruges:, 6/67,..;- 5TR. C. Gilbert, "Tower at San Francisco Ro- mano," 6/67, 5TH. r, Delancey Gill, "Landscape," 8/67, sin:t Gordon Grant, "Hauling the Nets,"- 6/6 . ,.. - STE. ; Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 s. 0- Lii ls ne- 1. June. 29, 19 74% p p rill6CREMEZSZ030-tatrbgaMilaangl V19ffill9Pg E 3539 Jacques, "Duneland," 6/67, STR. ? Jacques, "Winterberries," 6/67, STR,- ? . J. C. Young, "Tranquility.- 6/6e. STE.. Charles Culver, "Pelican with Gull on His niesel,s 7/67, oafs; L. Macoeillard, "Looking Past San Francis- - CO, Calif.," 11/67, White Nouse, David Hayes, "Untitled.," no date, White Charles Culver, "Kingbirds at Nest with Eggs," no date, Came David. P. Palmer, "Catskill Mountains," no date, Council of Economic Advisers. G. Antreasian, "New Mexico 37,- no date, CIA. J. R.065, "Farm," no date, CIA. G. Antreasian, "Shield,' 10/27/77, CIA, N. Azuma, "Calm" no date, CIA. it Bill Moss, "Oyster Shell Mounds, Crystal, . , ? les," 1/69, White House. James Rosenquist, no name, 1/69, White House, , D. Thompson, "New Orleans," 2/69, White House. G. Catalano, "The Canal," 2/69, White House helicopters. L. Sturges, "Spring," 2/69, White House helicopters. R. Crosman, "Cook Tower, Rouen," 2/69. White House helicopters. - E. Burr, "Winter Evening," 2/69, White Rouse helicopters. E. T. Thompson, "Acadian Fishing Village." 2/69, White Rouse helicopters. John Bellamy, "E PJuribus Unum," 2/69, White House. Rex Brandt, "Surf Boarders, La Jolla, Calif.," no date, OMB. Edward Reep, "Pamoreana of Farmers Mar- ket, L.A.," no date, OMB. James Twitty, "Old North Road," no date, White Rouse. Richard Brough, "Houseboating on Rainy Lake," no date, OMB. H. G. Wegner, "Ghost Town of Fossil, Wyoming," no date. OMB. E, Fulwider, "Harpers Ferry, W. Va.," no date. OMB_ R. Brough. "Winter Landscape near Scoo- be, Miss.," no date. OMB. Dwight Shepler, "Cabin on Mt. Adams, New . Hampshire," no date. OMB. - Unknown, "Twin Frame ? Rouses," 3/69, White Rouse. Unknown, -J. Jacob Astor's- Former Resi-- dence," no date, White Rouse. ? Smith, "Tippecanoe County Court :Hauge," no date. White House, G. O'Connell, "Madison Series No. 2," 2/69; President's Commission on: White House Fel- lowahips, ? s: ? - - S. MOY. 'Refuge," no date, President's Commission on White House Fellowslalics. Sonia Gechfoff,. "Drawing D." no date, -OMB. - '-- R. Is Cra,wford, "Scene near Beaufort, 6.0."T?4/69, 'White House. K. Appel, "Wild Horserider," 4/69, White Rau ? . se. sreSs J. B. A. - Guillemet, "Landscape," 5/69, 72-White House. - M. Desire-Lucas, "Village Scene," :=White House. - C. Leich, "New England Farm," 6/69, Presi- dent's Advisory Council on Executive Or- :: e:enization. (defunct) . Corneille, "La Soleil Rouge," 5/69, ,,White House. - H. Holmes, "A Storm Beaten Coa_st," ,5169, White House: -.Oldenburg, "Scissor Obelisk," 7/69, White . . ? V212.: R. De?nby, "Valley Near Cedes Cove, Tenn.," 7/69, White Rouse. ? . "Flowers," 9/69, White House. Stamos, "Abstraction," 9/69, White ljtniseS _ ? ? ? _ 'Anonymous. "The Park," 10/69, White Use.. C_ Runt, nThe Falls of Niagara," 10/69, White HO115C. - . R. Havell. "Panoramic View of N.Y. from the East River," 10/69, White House, W. Auerbach-Levy, "Qua], Grande Augus- tine," 10/69. White House. J. H. Moser, "Untitled" 12/69, Office of For- mer Presidents. Currier & Ives, "The Bewildered Hunter," 1/70, Camp David. - Currier & Ives, "Indian Town," 1/70, Camp David.. Currier & Ives, "The Trout Pool," I/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "Blue Fishing," 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "Wood Ducks," 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Lees, "Ruffed Grouse," 1/70, Camp David. Curvier & Ives, "The Washington Col- umns," 1/70, Camp David. - Currier & Ives, "The Rocky Mountains," 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "Looking Down the Yosem- ite," 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "Silver Creek, Calif.," 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "On the Coast of Calif.." 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "The Home of the Deer," 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "Peytona and Fashion," 1/70, Camp David. Currier & Ives, "Gang to the Trot," 1/70, Camp David. Currier 82; Ives, "The Celebrated Four," 1/70, Camp David. K. Inukal, "Force Field," 3/70, White Rouse, F. C. Piquet, "General Lafayette," 3/70 White House. F. C. Piquet, "George Washington," 3/70. White House. Frank Skinner, "A Picardy Orchard," 5/70, White Rouse helicopters. Paul Manship, "Patriotism." 6/70. White House. J. Hnizdovsky, "The, Cat," no date, White Rouse. ? B. Jacques, "Sumac," 7/70, OM:B. B. Jacques, "Dandelion in Grass," 7/70, OMB. W. Drewes, "Arizona Evening," 7/70, OMB. W. Drewes, "Canyon Entrance," 7/70, OMB. W. Drewes, "Summer Bouquet," 7/70, OMB, W. Drewes, "Cherries," 7/70, 01VE13. . W. Drewes, "March Forest," 7/70, 0K13. Charles Culver, "Elk," no date, Camp David_ W. Warder, "Sandia Mountains," no date, Camp David. A F. Petrie, ,"Steveneburg Bridge," no date, Camp David..............( P. Petrie, . "Gloucester Boat," no date, Camp David. ' F. Petrie, "Garrett Mountain," no date, Camp David. R. Thompson, "Deer Family," no date, Camp David. ? B. Jacques, "Madonna, Lilies," no date, Camp David. B. Jacques, "Anemones," no date, Camp David. B. Jacques, "Magnolia Blossoms," no date, Camp David. - K. Matsubara, "A Young Couple," no date, Camp David. C. Heil, "Young Blue Jay," no date, Camp David: ' J. Allen, "Wood Ibis," no date, Camp David. K. Merck, "Flight to the Moon," no date, Camp David. P. Giddens, "Port of Calvi, Corsica," no date, White House. Gernand, "Flowers," no date, White House. C. F. Sahlin, "Macurnbe Ceremony," 7/70, OMB.- ' C. Fs Sahlin, "Mayas of Yucatan," 7/70, OMB, W. R. Holmes, "Landscape," no date, Camp David, W. IL Holmes, "On the Coast of Calif.," ? 8/71, Camp David. R. Wilvers, "Country Church, Kettle Mo- raine Area, Wis.," 12/71, President's Commis- sion on White House Fellowships. David Glines, "Winter Triptych," 12,71, President's Commission on White House Fel- lowships. . Mitchell Jamieson, Untitled, 1/72, White House. W. H. Holmes, "Maryland Wheat Fields," 5/72, President Nixon. Charles Culver, "Bucks," 6/72 Camp Davie_ A. Philbrick, "Sloop at Anchor," 6/72, Camp David, Paul Smith, "Pirates Alley," 6/72, Camp David. E. Y. Soderberg, "Leaping Ahead," 6/72, Camp David. E. Fulwider, "Highway to Lewis & Clark . . .," 6/72, Camp David. Ivan Summers, "Old Senate House, King - stole," 6/72, Camp David. Ted Ineutsky, "Tidewater Creek, Oregon," 6/72. Vice President Agnew. Unknown, "A Scouting- Party," no date, Camp David. Unknown, "The Advance of the Calvary Skirmish Line,- no date, Camp David. Unknown, "A New Map Of Va. & Md. & Im- proved Pars .," no date, Camp David. - Unknown (after C. G. Bush). -The Cere- monies of Dedication of the Nat'l Cemetery . ," DO date, Camp David. Unknown, "Pictorial Map of the Seat of - War, Showing Partist . . .," no date, Camp David. Unknown (After E. Forbes), "Battle of Antietam," no date, Camp David. Unknown (after E. Forbes) , "Invasion of Md., 1864, Driving off Cattle," DO date, Camp David. Unknown (after A. R. Wand), "Reminis- cences of the Md. Campaign," no date, Camp David. - - Unknown (after -C. E. Bonwill), "General But-one's , Engagement . ...," no date. Camp David. ? - , Unknown (after E. Forbes), ."The War in Md.," 8/72, Camp David. - - Unknown (signed S. K. Naot)', "The Rebel Army Crossing . .," 8/72. Camp David... Unknown, "Grand Review Of Gen. Thomas' Brigade in Western Md. . . .," $/72, Camp David. - Unknown,. "View of Md.' Reights,". 8/72, Camp. David. . - Unknown,_ "View on the James River Canal," 8/72, Camp David. . Unknown, (after Theodore H. Davis), fous sketches, 8/72, Camp David.-- - - Unknown, (after Joshua Fry & Peter Jef- ferson), "A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of Va.," 8/72, Camp David. 3. Dalrymple, "Map of N.J., Md., Pa., 'Va.." 8/72, Camp David. Kurz 8.; Allison, "Battle between the Moni- tor & The Merrimac." 8/72, Camp David. D'Areangelo, "Landscape 11," 5/73, White House. - Sam Francis, "List Poster," 10/73, White House, Cleve Gray, Untitled, 10/74, White Rouse. George Story, "Abraham Lincoln," 1/75, White Rouse. ? Charles Henry, "Landscape," 12/74, Presi- dent's Commission on White Rouse Fellow- ships. - ? - Sir Aston ? Webb, "Locksmith's Shop," 12/74, President's Commission on White House Fellowships. I. Kerr, "Dogs & Sled . . . ," 12/74, Presi- dent's Commission on White House Fellow- ships. , - ? L. Ochtman, "A Morning in Summer," 3/75, Vice President Rockefeller, Arthur T. Hill, "After a Storm, Areangart- sett." 8/75. Vice President Rockefeller. Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 Approl/For. Release 2003/01/27: 2R000100080007-9 . 354iy - CONGRESSIONAL -10Cutt itve,,Nuoesst of Remarks W.- Granville Smith. "Grey Daye7 10175, Vice President Rockefeller. r' letinerea. Chapman,_ "Oierdere at the: Tuil- eries, Paris," 6/75. White House-Vice Presi- dent. Rockefeller_ f George. Catlin_ *Wife of Bear Catcher;" 3/75, White House: - ic- a Mooreoart, -"Wateree 9/67? CIA. , We P_ B.obins? "Old: Shoreham. Cottage' /67. CIA. C. Stuever; "Old Houses- in. Bavaria," ' 9/67, H._ ne MacKinnon,. "Chelsea," no. date, no location. John Roeenfleld; "Ilte. SmalL TOVria ote the Mize- River,- 2/69s OMB.. Paul Sample, "An American Road in Win-. tere';2/691. OMB.. - - . JUb.l. ICE IN EVE1WY'DAY-LIFE HON. JOHN BRADEMAS,. OP INDIANA IN THE-HOUSE OPIeleeRESENTATIVEes Wednesday,: June 2.8,_ 1978"." ? Mr. BRADEMAS:. Mr; Speaker;. I. had the- privilege,. on, May 1918 of having heard; the Law-Day address-. for the St... Joseph County-Bar Associatiorc in South Bend; Ind., in the. district Lam honored' to represent in Congress-- The address on this. Occasion- was- de- livered by Thomas L. Shaffer, professor of law at the. University of Notre. Dame and former dean of the Notre- DameLaw- Schooh Professor Shaffer addressed himself on this. occasion to, the. meaning of justice. I think_ that- his. remarks on. this- oc, casion will be read by every Member of the. House of Representatives and. Senate with; great interest and, indeed;- benefit.- I. insert at this point in the REcorar the text of Professor Shaffer's remarks... ? Jus-ri? IN EVERYDAY LIPS. One problem, with. the idea. or justice: IP that it is too important. It is? like the ideas of patriotism and love of- neighbor,. func- tionally inaccessible, because we respect; it too much A scholar is not free to critize? the- idea of Justice, but he may be free to break it down arid look at it in some of Its simpler forms, The idea might in- that way- become- more accessible, Breaking the- idea of' justice down into a. simpler form is-somewhat like what Sigmund Pre-ad did to the idea of psychologicaLhealtle in- his book "The Psychopathology of Every,- day Life?' Freud was the. founder of modern medical- psychology. He spent. hielife- laboring. to cure those who were disebled by manias and, hysteria.. Some or them were-paralyzed. Some couldn't talk or sleep or eat. Preud used.. hypnosis to .fineL the causes. of these disabili- ties. He. invented psychoanalysis as a way. to lead his patients to . the discovery of the- Muses. His career was- among. abnormal- people. He- noticed this, and noticed that his work led him to 1,,,eaore the oddities,. curious events, end foulups which make ordinary iife un- comfortable and interesting. "The Psychopathology of Everyday Life" was about the ordinary and the_ normal in. theway our minds work. It's a nice book,. as_ books on psychology go, because it uncovers reasons for ripples in the routine: Freud left his umbrellaat aeriences house, and tried_ to figure outwhy,anct realized that he, .left ? it. because he newel twee- at hie friend's house; he hated to leave, and- he lan- e-bite al blinselfeiles umbreilebehind... I am sumrnonecleto a-meeting I don't. want. attencte I. saw "Fel be glad. to, come." But when I. go, I forgot. to bring papers- fneed for the meeting; Did I really: "forget" them? Didn't I really leave them because.yrn- myself something- about boring meetings? I am fighting, but haven't admitted it - Freud told about a- patient- or his' whose wife had given him a book. Patient and- wile- weren't getting along. The patient. lost the new. book before he had a. chance. to... react It.. He. looked everywhere-. he could. not find the book. . Six, months- later; when the- patient, and -his wife were getting along better, the- pa-? tientefounct the book? in an obvious place. in his desk. Thatersthe "Psychopathology of Everyday Life." Freud's conclusion- was, that ordinary. acettlente and incidents- or absentmindedness are not accidents at all. ? There la alsostustice in- everyday life, .which' is to eases in courts what Freud's, lost urn--; brans waatopsychoanalysie . ? ORDINAEr JUSTICE OF EVERY .17AR- " Ordinary justice is what we, people- give: one to. another because we. hope to-be able to live together; This Justice is a quiet,, everye day thing. Our access to. Justice is quiet and ordinary; too?as quiet and ordinary as the_ psychopathology_ of everyday, Me,. Contracts- are an example. Law students_ study complex. cases of_ disputed: contracts. Hollywood: even makes movies about law stU-- dents_ studying contract disputes- The courts in one Indiana county may decide a hundred_ lawsuits this month and which, involve con- tracts, But today; in the same county,. tens. of. thousands of. contracts will be performed witliouedispute--everything from two-neigh- bors who agree to share_the cost of, repairing common- driveway to a term loan agreement. to. finance a new factory at-the edge. of- town. For every-lawsuit over a will which is tried, in. our courts, hundreds of wills are opened, read; and quietly carried out For every criminal case which goes to trial, hundreds- or violations and the law are re- solved or-avoidect by police officers, public of- ,ficials, and such ingenious institutions.. as the- night prosecutor's' office in St. Joseph County. Alt of this happens-because. most of us-are willing to- give' Justice- to' one another.. We are willing; even; to give- more than Justice; we- are willing to- pay- a little extra as an In- vestment in order and mutual confidence' and- a peaceful, conamunitr And so, if we- are wise enough; we don't demand' ale our rights. The mortgage. com- pany takes a. late payment_ The' man next door- throws- my- son's- ball- back. over the. fence. The police officer takes more ebuse than- he- should- have- to take from- e. drunk. or a cocky teenager. That is- the Justice or everyday- life_ and,. everyday life In our main access. to Justice Everyday-justice is not an accident, anymore. than the psychopathology of everyday- life is- ars accident, evsercee Is- A VIRTUE, - The justice of eyerday life depends on good: .but the goad: wilt on which- everday justice depends Is net good will, at large.. It. is not a matter- of- my- extending kbadnese when I feel like being kind. The good will on:. which- justice depends in more: disciplined than. that This. good wile bae.beers built on habit?the habit of Justice underlaw: Thattlt what we- mean when we say- Justice; la a vir- tue. That it i.e a habit, Virtues, are, good. habits:: One reason tens of thousands: of contracts are being performed today, without dispute:, La. that. we. expect one another to. keep prom- lees. And' every- year hundreds of lawyers, - - - and other: citizens worle, those rules- ?vete' ? to create lawsuitsjsbue, to prevent. laweuita- Lawyera and: legislators in, Indiana have : been revising the rules. on. probate ofewillse almost continuously, since. 19.53?not there, will be; morkewillein court,,but so,that there will be fewer Wills he court. Poe_ naostpeople Justice. is-not a. Matter oe:. - going to court. It is a matter of habit: eV-fee a. matter,. first, of a personal, good_ habit: Justice is also a social. good. habit;; the good habit is: what. we call goyernmentenee der law. - Juetice. Is not a. gilt of- tbe governmenti it is a gift at all, it is a gift we give- =lean-ewe. other. Before Justice: is. anything, else?, It_ tree 7 - our willingness-to-work things out togetbereee " And then it is- ourt willingness: to' work: met ee,.. - ruleafaa one.anotber to. follbw., nese to work out the rules isewhat wenneanl: by, "justice. under law.e. Our access to elistieee. is an assurance that most of. us; most ofthe ; timeewilLkeep. our promiseawill followeehate our relatives say in their wills; and: will give decent respect to police officers rtrpriCE: AND Thlit_ LAw. _ Laws comes; into. thie at tbe point et. which: we begin to expect things fromeane.- anotheeee Lave is the, conversation. we have, whet try to work out those expectations... Heinle" neighbor: and, I. calmot agreeon who she-el:lee fix the driveway, we are going to, turn somewhere somewhere foe a. settlement- of. otut agreement. Whateveturn to.lathe_experieneeee of. the community on. fixing drivewayseTlese- Includes our own experience, and, oursoemee attempt to make- sense of. our experien*, This is not a turning away from-the viethee of Justice:, but it- is: -turning away ficeie reeee liance solely on good will Good will ianet.Lee necessarily- a. habit; it. Is. pot. as dependable.; as a habit. But justice Is a habit; it. is more; dependablethan Theeixtue of. Jus- ? ? lice is involved when my, neighbor. and ; disagree on repairing, the driveway beceuss the experience of the: community on. Exffie driveways backs--up to- an Idea_ about. what- a Just person, e virtuous person, should. dee in- the circumstances_ Irethis. way? law backs..e: up to a challenge to our better selves_ When it is any good, at- all;, law-is a, challenge:4o.: our better selves. When. my- neighbor. and Lturn to the ex- perience Of the community, we are likely-tee end up- consulting: what . a- virtuous person:: :.." should do, whether we:realize it or noteThat'a:e.,: What-happens. when. people turn to the law. ere : Law is what we have decided_ together ta eeees pect of one. another.. As. my colleague friend, Professor Stanley Hauerwas says,. leetee Is the space God gives us to work thing:re-mite for ourselves. ? Of course_ force. is- involved:- Part_ Ofethee: idea-of law is that. force wilL be. use& necessary, to enforce the rules- we cidecl to. have._ Justice- under. law is a- noble. e idea, but it is also a sad truth._ We:: haves ? found- out, that. we cannot get, along; with.'s, - good will alone. We have to work our rulesi,,-;- And we have to- enforce tee rules. e Bet government under law meanathattliee - rules- oome, before- the force. The- rules :We - have worked out together come first,' elietee the force, if force necessary?ands ites ; usually, not. necessary: For every broken leeleee there are a million Instances- or law obeyeele The Justice In- everyday, life, dispenses, -for the most part, with any. need for force.: ? 's - It is as important as anything_ caneee pots. -f:0 confuse Justice with force- FOrCe. COMO': from the government. but Justice does- not -- comefrom the government: Jbstice is-the we give one another as we go about livire'e under the- law, -and as, we go about making" the law fit our lives; Our-truthfulness liedee ing this; is; where- Justice' comes- from;-.: -. Justice harlot the-result of power-I-Vie:not the result of force. The idea that governe raents-provide:goosiness--that power_ praeleee justice?it where, tyranny begins. Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 Ju NS 0.1)0 o hair that halo allot Ti set out lieve The Got his dist gull lea v lion will natit one 3 the 11:4 natl fatal nati corr lives what -is so pens place gift pens temp citize pies We in e), our lawy other this favor nen c Presb Jame lathe Who feder, fully said. is tiu IN Mr. as we of Olt Share effor Of St rate Amer 1-tor, Q Ur) culate Tiop e, ete cja .1 pot so rekizia :1,ZI.c1 re Maces "We are pr COPOrt Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 TRANSMITTAL SLIP 5 July 178 TO: Jack Blake, DD/A ROOM NO. 7D18 BUILDING Hqs. REMARKS: Jack: Okay, Jack, fess up, where are they??? Tom FROM: I 0 LC ROOM NQ BUILDING Hqs. """?.2z1-1 REPLACES FORM 36-8 1 FEB 55 WHICH MAY REUSED. (47) Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 SECURITY Approlkor Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP8 1Z% File DISCUSSION OF CLASSIFIED OR CONTROLLED INFORMATION IN PUBLIC AREAS OF AGENCY FACILITIES STATI NTL STATINTL 1. Employees are prohibited by regulation Ifrom ,=. discussing classified or controlled information in hallways, elevators, restrooms, and cafeterias. This restriction must be observed because of the number of non-Agency visitors andEO; service personnel permitted access to Agency facilities who hold less than full staff clearance and have no "need-to-know." 2. A common and mistaken assumption exists regarding classified conversations in the HeadquartersE-eaff7cafeteria. Cls.ified conversations ? in this facility, as well as in theV.isitors cafeteria, are prohibited. All personnel are reminded that classified material must not be discussed . in ei-tirn?cafe-tert-a 14harstni203/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 r STAT Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 STATI NTL Z7,7"7-7' Appro?M'cielitatt; 2603/0/2r1Cth ty00080007-9 SECURITY HN- DATE DISCUSSION OF CLASSIFIED OR CONTROLLED INFORMATION IN PUBLIC AREAS OF AGENCY FACILITIES 1. cautions employees not to discuss classified or controlled information in hallways, elevators, restrooms or cafeterias. These restraints are based on need-to-know principles in view of the access of a number of non-Agency visitor personnel and/or service personnel hold- ing less than full staff clearance to some of these facility areas. 2. The configuration of the Headquarters staff and visitor cafeterias, sharing a common wall, may cause some confusion with respect to classified conversations. A common assumption is that classified conversations are authorized in the staff cafeteria and prohibited in the visitors' cafeteria.' 3. All personnel are reminded that classified material should not be discussed in either cafeteria. AZI4Vrj-rr":77117- ":77711111 TIVio IMF IF App -Acjitogipp:403icry?( pfk-ftDP, oorREqooi 00080007-9 STAT Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 Approvikor Release 2003/01/27: CIA-RDP810142R000100080007-9 JTH 77-229 2 June 1977 ? I talked to Cathy in Regs Control Branch regarding this suggestion. She said. that on 5 May 77 - they received the proposed Headquarters Notice from OS. On 12 May they sent it to the DDA for approval. On 23 May they received. it back.Mitti an the routing sheet it wentfrom Ito ? Mr. Malanick. Mr. Malanick wrote a note to -"Ter our discussion, lets hold off on this". ? As far as Regs Control is concerned it is cancelled for now. (The proposed Notice.) But Cathy said that at a later date they may go ahead with it and have the notice put out. (She had a call in to I about something else. She said that she would mention znis to him.) STATINTL Janet S: t July JTH JW . Per Cathy in Regs Control Branch - OS has not resubmitted the proposed notice. They were told before to hold off on this. At this point, nothing has ?been done. -. ? Janet Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 UNCLASSIFIED 0AirERNAL USE ONLY COliknENTIAL ApprovilliPor Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81W42R00010008000 SUGGESTION EVALUATION REPORT SECRET TO: Executive Secretary Suggestion Awards Committee SUGGEST ION- NO. 77-229 SUSPENSE DATE INSTRUCTIONS; Please complete this form in detail to guide the Suggestion Awards Committee in making a final deter- mination of the merits of this suggestion. Retain third copy. 1. ACTION RECOMMENDED DADOPT DDEcLINE El OTHER (Specify): 2. REASONS FOR RECOMMENDATION (If more space is needed, use plain paper) STATINTL Referent comments by are correct. Paragraph 8b(2) is explicit with regard to the discussion of classified information. In addition, Paragraph 8b(3) of the same manual floa-41614g4: cautions against the discussion of classified information in the presence of other non-Agency-"service type" personnel. This includes the GSI personnel who work in the staff cafeteria and are not cleared. It is apparent that the suggester is assuming that classified conversations are .authorized in the staff cafeteria and are not authorized in the,visitors' cafeteria. If this precaution is unclear to the suggester, it is likely that many other Agency employees are operating under the same assumption. In this respect, the appropriate regulation circulated to all Agency employees in the form of a Head- quarters Notice would probably be more productive than posting warning signs in all cafeterias. STATINTL This office will pursue the matter regarding the issuance of the appropriate Headquarters Notice. 3. TANGIBLE FIRST-YEAR SAVINGS (Man- hours, material, equipment, etc.) 4. INTANGIBLE BENEFITS (See guide on reverse aide of third copy) STATINTL 5. WHAT OTHER OFFICES, DIVISIONS riDATE ETC. MIGHT ALS2/133T THIS IDEA? Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R00 )10008-6607-9- - - urity Division/0S .1141C FORM Njah USE POE IOUS Aecirirn r-, INTERNAL 4-- - 1.41 Approved Fo elease 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-001 006100080007-9 TLE OR SUBJECT OF SUGGESTION Security Problem in the Hqs. Visitor's Cafeteria RESENT METHOD ISOGG.ESTION NO. 77 A L i / Uncleared personnel are permitted in the Hqs. Visitors Cafeteria. The Visitors cafeteria shares a common wall with the Staff. cafeteria. Classified conversations taking place in the Staff cafeteria may be quite plainly heard in the Visitors cafeteria unbeknownst to the speakers if-the listeners table is situated near the common wall. I SUGGEST The common wall be appropriately sound proofed, if this is not possible, warning notice be placed on the Staff cafeteria tables near the common wall. ADVANTAGES The situation is such that now it is difficult not to even inadvertently hear conversations unbeknownst to the speaker through the common wall. Eliminating this problem will obviously enhance overall Hcs. Security. FORM 244 (2-74) USE PREVIOUS EDITIONS 0 SECRET 0 CONFIDENTIAL e. ? -ri?ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY , IMPDET CU BY DUNCLASSI.FIED (47 Approved'FOrRelease 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81=00142130001.00080007-9 r ? STAT Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP81-00142R000100080007-9