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December 9, 2016
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January 10, 2001
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October 17, 1978
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Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP814Q142R000F08T NFAC #4545/78 17 October 1978 IA Registry MEMORANDUM FOR: See Distribution FROM . Associate Coordinator for Academic Relations and External Analytical Support, NFAC SUBJECT University Presidents' Visit Presidents Theodore Friend, Swarthmore College; Josiah Bunting, Hampden-Sydney College; William Lavery, Virginia Polytechnic Institute; H. Edwin Young, University of Wisconsin; and Chancellor Wesley Posvar, University of Pittsburgh have accepted Admiral Turner's invitation to visit the Agency on 26 October 1978. Activities that day will be substantially the same as on June 14th when four University presidents participated. The schedule and biographic sketches of the visitors are attached. The five have been cleared for and agreed to Secret briefings. STATINTL Attachments: As stated Approved For' Release 2001/03/04 :.CIA-RDP81i 0042R000500070003-0 Approved For Release 2061103/04 CIA-RDP81-0O1 8000 OOO7OOO3-0 NFAC #4545/78 SUBJECT: University Presidents' Visit Distribution: (all with attachments) Orig - DCI 1 DDCI 1 - O/DCI 1 - 0/DCI 1 - ER 1 - D/NFAC I - DD/NFAC 1 - DDA 1 - DDO 1 - ADDO 1 - DDS&T 1 - ADDS&T 1 - C/DCD 1 - D/NPIC 1 - C/EAP/ORPA 1 - DC/EAP/ORP 1 - OER/Develo 1 - C/ERAC/OGC 1 - C/OSR/SF ( 1 - C/OSR/SF/D 1 - C/OL/LSD 3 - NFAC/CAR 1 - NFAC Registry NFAC/ACAR~js (17 October 1978) STATINTL STATINTL -2- Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142ROO0500070003-0 STATINTL Approved For Ret e. 200.1103104 rCIA-RDP8z1.~0.OWR0 00070003-0 Attachment Schedule for University Presidents' Visit STATINTL 10:00 STATINTL 10:30 STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL 11:30 12:30 2:00 3:00 STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL Coffee and Danish with Admiral Turner Welc me and General Discussion (DCI, Bowie, Visitors) NFAC Briefing (Bowie, Stevens, Visitors) DDO Briefin (McMahon, Visitors) Discussion and Cocktails (Luncheon Guests) Luncheon DDS&T Briefing (Dirks, Hazzard, , Visitors) Personal Briefings a. President Friend Japan: Problems & Prospects et al) b. President Bunting Cambodia: Problems & Prospects et al) c. Presidents Young & Lavery World Hunger: Southeast Asia et al ) d. Chancellor Posvar Soviet Civil Defense et ai Roundup Meeting with DCI Departure AnteRoom of DCI Dining Room 7D60 7E26 AnteRoom of DCI Dining Room DCI Dining Room 6E60 5G00 Approved or' Release 2001,/0 /04 : CIA-RE P81- 0.x.42 000500070003-0 Approved For Releaft4lQ1/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 iE THEODORE WOOD, fit, coll. pres.; b. Wilkinsburg, Pam, Aug. 27, 1931; s. Theodore W6od and Jessica of `on) F.; grad. L 1953; nt. Paul`s.Sch., 1949; . B.A., Williams Coll., 1953- Ph.D., dale, Elizabeth Groesbeck Pierson, Feb. 20, 1960; children-7 eodore Porter, Pierson, Elizabeth Robinson. Asst: instr. Yale, 1955-57; mere. faculty State U. N .Y,,. at Bufalo, 1959-73, prof. history, 1966.73, faculty advisor to pres., 1968-69, exec. asst. to pres., 1969.70; pres. Sw .arthmare Coll., 1973-; trustee Phila. Savs. Fund Soc. ?tern. exec. , . ~ , com. Pa. Corn nn. for Ind. Coils, and Lnivs. Fulbright grantee in Philippines, I957.59; Rockefeller Found. fellow internat_ relations, 1961-62; -Nat. Def. Fgn. Lang. postdoctoral fellow, 1966-67; Guggenheim Found. fellow, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, 1967-61; A, 41 Am. History, 1466. Mem. Am. fist. Assn., reclpaent.Banc.roft prize in ~ Assn. ~. Asian Studies; Soc. Historians of Am. Fgn. Relations, Asia Soc., NAACP,, Phila, Corn. on' Fgn'. Relations, NAACP, Phi Beta Kappa. Presbyterian. Club: Pundit (Buffalo). Author: Between Two Empires; The Ordeal of the Philippines, 1929-46 1965; also articles,. Editor: The Philippine Polity, A Japanese View, 1968. Home: Swarthmore Coll Swarthmore PA 1.9081 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 BUNTING, J O IA ,. Coll` pres.; b. Phila.,. Nov. 8 1939; s. Josiah. It and Mary (Duncan) B.; . B.A-,_V&-Mi1. Inst., 1963, M.A. (Rhodes scholar), ! ~ ` ), Oxford (Eng.) ~,., 1966;. doctoral candidate Columbia, 1970; M. Diana Cunningham, - Aug. 2 1 , 1965; children fizabeth, Josiah IV. Formerly asst. prof history, U.S' Mil. Acad.! men.. faculty de t. strategy Naval War Coll., New ort R.L p p . 1.972; formerly resource fellow Aspen Inst.; pres.. Briarcliff Coll.,. 1973-77; res. darn en-S dne . pres. (Va.) Coil., 1.977-. Enlis'ted in USMCR at seventeen,. and. served 2 years prior to 1,963;. served to raj. AUS, 1966-72; Vietnam. Mem. Council on n. Relations. Episcopalian.' Author: The L~ic nheads 1972; ? The Advent of Frederick Giles. Contb& editor Harper's. ma. Office; Office of the Pres Hampden-Sydney Coll Hampden-Sydney VA Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 LAVERY, WILLIAM EDWARD, univ. pres.;.b. Geneseo N. Y. Nov. 20, 1930; s. John Raymond and Mary Irene (O'Brien) L.' ? . ~#ich. State tJ. 19 ~ ~.5.' 53; M.A., George Washington U., 1959? , Ph. D-., U. Wis., 1962; m. Peggy J. Johnson, Apr. 7, 1956; children-Dcbra Kevin, Lori, Mary. Tchr. Clarence (N.Y.) Central High Sch., 1953-54; asst. to adminstr. Fed. Extension Service Dept. Agr-, Washington, 1956-66; d-ir.. adminstrn.-extension div. Va. Polytech. Inst. and State U., Blacksburg, 1966.68, v:p. finance, 1968-73, exec. v.p., 1973-75, pres.m, 1975-. AID cons. to El Salvador, 1969. Dir. Dominion Bankshores Corp, Mern. United Fund-Community Fedn., 1968.72. Bd. dirs. Montgomery County Hasp. Served with AL'S. 1954.56. Kellogg Found. fellow, 1960-62. Mem. Omicron Delta Kappa. Epsilon Sigma Phi', Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kappa. ppa. (Blacksburg). Ho Club. Rotary me: 604 Rainbow Ridge Blacksburg VA 24060 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 YOUNG, H. EDWIN, Univ. pres.; b. Bonne Bay, William and Annie (McKenzie) Y.; B.S., U. Maine 194I.A., 1942; PhD, U. ~~is., 1950; f ~~ children-~.~' ~ M. Phyllis smart, Feb. 14, 941 ~i#, John, Dorothy, Nathan, Barbara. Instr. 1942-47x mem. faCU~~ U? Wis., Maine, 1947-55, ~ 1947-66, lnstr., asst. prof,, also. prof., prof. dept, econs., 1955, churn. de t. 1953-61, Utters and Sci. 1961- P dean old. 65, pres. I j. Maine, Drone, 1965-68; chancello U. Wis., Madison, 1968.7 r Coordinator W' 7, pres., t1 a Wis. System, ~s?-Gadja Mada (Indonesia) P 'roject. 1etn. In Relations Research Ass~t. ds1. (pres. 1965_66). Editor: (with M Derber) Labor and the New Deal, 1957. HMadison WI ours: 602I S Highlands Ave 53705 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0 CPYRGHT. Approved For Releerse 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP81-00142R000500070003-0~ husiastic Conservative." Religion: None. Home: 1 St., Longbridge Deverill, NR Warminster, Wil- 1:ngland. Agent: Curtis Brown Ltd., I Craven Hill, WC2 3EW, England. R: Women's Royal Air Force (WRAF), flight offi- 19-63; full-time writer, 1963-. Member: Mystery of America, Crime Writers' Association. r.VG S: Dover One, Scribner, 1964; Dover Two, r, 1965; Dover Three, J. Cape, 1965, Scribner, 1966; ream with Everything, Scribner, 1966; Dover and kindest Cut ofAll, Scribner, 1967; The Chinks in the J. Cape, 1967, Scribner, 1968; Dover Goes to -cribner, 1968; Neither a Candle Nor a Pitchfork, Meld & Nicolson, 1969, McCall Books, 1970; Rather /)ion Sort of Crime, McCall Books, 1970; Dover I vain, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1970, McKay, 1973; itlr a Bargepole, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1971, 1974; A Meddler and Her Murder, Weidenfeld & +n, 1972, McKay, 1973; It's Murder n?ith Dover, , 1973. Also author of The Package Included Mur- .75. IGIITS: Ms. Porter told CA: "Began writing in o be able to retire from Air Force. Continue writing e it is easier than work. Consider sole duty of my writer is to entertain." She speaks fluent Russian d in Air Force), and is especially interested in the is and equipment of the Imperial Russian Army, arid the Soviet Union by car in 1964. The first "Dover" seas published in nine European countries (besides 1d). and in Japan and Brazil; the later ones also have to translations. i,ETHWAF'I', S(aniuel) N(oel) 1918- 1 'NAL: Born April 16, 1918, in Willeysville, W. Va.; F Frank and Etta Postlethwait; married Sara M. . March 22, 1941; children: John, Robert. Education: ant State College, A.B., 1940; University of West aa. M.S., 1947; University of Iowa, Ph.D., 1949. Pol- f)emocrat. Religion: Church of Christ. Home: 3180 rs Home Rd., West Lafayette, Ind. 47906. Office: ical Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, 7907. 1:R: Public school teacher in West Virginia, 1940-41; ?rsity of Iowa, Iowa City, instructor in botany and v, 1948-49; Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., int professor, 1949-56, associate professor. 1956-63, ,sor of biology, 1963-. Military service: U.S. Naval ve, active duty, 1942-46; became lieutenant. Member: heal Society of America, American Association for ,dvancement of Science, International Society of Plant 'hologists, American Society for Cell Biology, Na- I Science Teachers Association, International Plat- Association, International Society for Stereologoy. na Academy of Science, New York Academy of Sci- Torrey Botanical Club, Sigma Xi, Lambda Delta da. Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Awards, s: National Science Foundation faculty fellowship, POSVAR, Wesley W(entz) 1925- PERSONAL: Born September 14, 1925, in Topeka. Kan . son of Vladimir L. and Marie (Wentz) Posvar; marned Mildred Miller (a solo artist in opera and concerts). April 30, 1950; children: Wesley William, Margot Marina. 1 1e4 Christina. Education: U.S. Military Academy. B.S.. 19:h. Air Tactical School, graduate, 1947; Oxford University, B.A., 1951, M.A., 1954; Harvard University, M.P.A. ant Ph.D., 1964. Religion: Episcopalian. Office: Office of the Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. Pa. 15213. CAREER: U.S. Army Air Forces and U.S. Air Force. 1946-67, with rank of colonel, 1960-67; Air Prosing Ground, Fla., aircraft project officer and fighter test pilot. 1946-48; U.S. Military Academy, West Point. N.Y.. 19'1- 54, began as instructor; became assistant professor, dcpart- ment of social sciences; U.S. Air Force Headquarter. Directorate of Plans, Washington, D.C., member of long- range objectives and programs group, 1954-57; U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo., professor and head of department of political science, 1957-67, chairman of Division of Social Sciences, 1960-62; University of Pitt,- burgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., chancellor, 1967-. Consultant to various government agencies. Member: Association of In- ternational Relations Clubs (member of advisory council). American Political Science Association. American Academy of Political and Social Science, International Studies Association (president, 1961-62), institute for Stra- tegic Studies, Operations Research Society of America. Association of American Rhodes Scholars, Western Polit- ical Science Association (member of executive council. 1958-60), Rocky Mountain Social Science Association (president, 1959-60), Rotary Club. Awards, honors: Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, 1951-54; named one of ten outstanding young men of America, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1959; L.L.D., Carnegie-Mellon University. 1968, Temple University, 1970; L.H.D., Miami University. 1968. -`~ WRITINGS: (With others) American Defense Policy. Johns Hopkins Press, 1965. Contributor to periodicals,t POTOK, Chaim 1929- PERSONAL: Given name pronounced Hah-yim; horn February 17, 1929, in New York, N.Y.; son of Benjamin Max (a businessman) and Mollie (Friedman) Potok; mar- ried Adena Sarah Mosevitzky, June 8, 1958: children: Rena, Naama, Akiva. Education: Yeshiva University. B.A. (summa cum laude), 1950; Jewish Theological Semi- nary, M.H.L., 1954; University of Pennsylvania. Ph.D. (philosophy), 1965. Residence: Philadelphia, Pa. CAREER: Ordained rabbi (Conservative), 1954. Jcwi.h Theological Seminary, New York, N.Y., national director. Leaders Training Fellowship, 1954-55: Camp Ramah. Los Angeles, Calif., director, 1957-59; University of Judaism. Los Angeles, Calif., instructor, 1957-59; Har Zion Temple. Philadelphia, Pa., scholar-in-residence, 1959-63: Jewish Theological Seminary, member of faculty of Teachers' In, stitute, 1963-64; Conservative Judaism. New York. N.Y.. I I NGS: Workbook in Plant Science, Burgess, 1948: managing editor, 1964-65; Jewish Publication Society. Phil- ?'rrok of Intermediate Plant Science, Burgess. 1950; adelphia, Pa., editor, 1965-74, special projects editor. Science rl 16'n kbook With rr A:nl'rr Program Al)- 1974-, Military service: U.S. Army, chaplain in Korea. , h. Burgess, 196 { "~Q~~I n Q 6fiCelreatisa,2001/03/047: Eli-'IA iRD-P8i1'1oarn42tR?00.50 07o'O? -0 rience Approach to Learning with 1,mphasis on Jude- sembly, P.E.N., Authors Guild. Awards, honors: Edwar -nt Study, Burgess, 1964; The Audio Tutorial System, Lewis Wallant Award, for The Chosen; Atheneum Award. IV R 1'06' Kns she, ist. 8u. sit" ficti at G cics fell the his her. tha? boy bee goc cee "-I- S hi dji" plo plo alrr qut acv: stye frai gri Po knc est a: em ac d ur Th Wi B1 We 191 Re 29, 20, Cr. I'll PL cc St; (S, 191, CZ CI da let Ph le de se rn+