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December 9, 2016
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July 7, 2000
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September 16, 1977
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Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000300050001-7 DDA 77-5164 16 SEP 1977 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence VIA . Acting Deputy Director of Central Intelligence FROM Michael J. Malanick Acting Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT . Report on MKULTRA Inquiries 1. This memorandum is for information only. 2. On 5 August the Acting DDCI established a procedure to handle the surge of letters expected from the public in response to DCI testi- mony and press reports regarding Project MKULTRA. Currently, the responsibilities for MKULTRA letters are assigned as follows: a. Letters asking "Was I a test subject?" are answered by the Assistant for Information, DDA. Unfortunately, the files available to date do not contain the names of any test subjects. b. Letters from institutions and requests for information about specific, institutional involvements are answered by the Office of General Counsel. c. Letters from persons citing the Freedom of Information Act and/or Privacy Act in requesting information are answered by the Information and Privacy Staff, DDA. d. Other than the above, requests for substantive informa- tion on the MKULTRA program are answered by the office of Technical Services, DDS&T. e. Letters from citizens expressing their concern about past activities but requesting no information are answered by the Office for Public Affairs. f. Letters from Congressmen requesting information regarding their constituents are answered by the office of Legislative Counsel. All of the responses on the above are monitored by the DDA Assistant for Information to ensure consistency and accuracy in our letters. Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP81-00261 R000300050001-7 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 CIA-RDP81-00261 R000300050001-7 . Statistics on the letters received and answered to date follow: Letters received (excludes institutional inquiries, see paragraph 2a) 77 Outstanding 29 4. Three types of institutions surfaced as part of the MK7,LTRA program: academic institutions, legitimate business enterprises, and federal/state institutions. In the past several weeks, the General Counsel has notified 76 institutions of their involvement in Agency drug testing programs. We offered to provide these institutions with copies of the documents pertaining to them, and many have accepted the offer or have sent representatives to review the relevant materials. 5. To date, most of the inquiries have come from distraught parents or formerly institutionalized individuals. Concerned parents are writing in because their children's attitudes and behaviors changed during the 1950's and 1960's while in college or military service and they think the CIA was responsible. Former mental patients and prisoners are worried that they were experimented on during their incarceration. We are informing all of these individuals that we cannot confirm their claims but will notify them immediately if we learn of their involvement from our records or notification by an institution. Ys/ Michael J. M~.~.rin^ Michael J. Malanick Distribution: Original - Addressee AI/DDA: . 1 - Acting DDCI 1 - OGC SA/DDCI (Mr. Meyer) ER - A/DCI/PA 1 OLC 1 - OTS lli- DDA Subject 1 DDA Chrono ydc (16 Sep 77)' _ 2 - Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP81-00261 R000300050001-7