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December 9, 2016
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March 6, 2000
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August 17, 1977
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- Approved For Release 2002/05/2 : b 8 =00261 R00030005000 (2 3z DD/A Registry ITP'977 MEMORANDUM FOR: Acting Director of Central Intelligence VIA: Acting Deputy Director for Administration FROM: Robert W. Gambino Director of Security SUBJECT: Newly Discovered Documents Pertaining to the Agency's Research and Experimentation with Drugs--Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD .(U) REFERENCE: Memo from A/DCI to Deputy Directors and Heads of Independent Offices, dated 29 July 1977, subject: Implementation of Records Control Schedules 1. (U) Action Requested: None; for information only. 2. (U/AIUO) Background: In complying with reference request, representatives of my Office initiated a review of all Office of Security materials currently being stored within the A ency'.s Archives, located 25X1A On 15 August 1977 I was in orme- that a 25X1A review of the inventory of materials located within the Agency's Archives disclosed the existence of eighteen boxes labeled Project ARTICHOKE. It was further determined that the inventory of the archival material is not incorporated into the primary Office of Security file index. In view of the fact that the boxes of Project ARTICHOKE material are not retrievable through our Security indices, it was presumed that the material had not previously been reviewed during the Congressional inquiries into Agency drug-related activi- ties. The materials were immediately returned to Headquarters and are presently being reviewed. 3. (U/AIUO) Our review thus far has established that while eighteen boxes of material were stored within Archives under the label "Project ARTICHOKE", only fourteen of the boxes actually contain material related to Project ARTICHOKE. The remaining four boxes contain material totally unrelated to Project ARTICHOKE or drug research activities. The four- teen boxes, which contain approximately fourteen linear feet of documents,-have now been inventoried, and a cursory IMPDET Approved For Release 2q0 / M, rA' 00261 R000300050003 , BY 0 6 3 3 4 4 CONF1101N T IAL Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP81-00261 R000300050003-5 review of the documents contained therein has been completed. In essence, the boxes contain extensive information relating to the 1949-1956 period, during which the Office of Security was deeply involved in the Agency's research and experimenta- tion with various drugs. The programs under which these activities were conducted were known as Project BLUEBIRD initially, then later changed to Project, ARTICHOKE. 4. (U/AIUO) While it must be stressed that our initial. review was quite limited, it would appear that the material within these fourteen boxes generally does not contain any major activities in this area which were not previously reported to either the Rockefeller Commission or the Congressional Committees during their investigations of the Agency. However, the boxes do contain detailed infor- mation related to Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD which appears to elaborate on material previously reviewed in this regard. In short, these boxes would,seem to contain the specifics regarding Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD which were lacking during our past attempts to locate all documents pertaining to the Agency's drug-related activities. 5. (C) Our initial review revealed several types of information contained within these boxes which appear to be of significance in terms of either new or expanded information. a. The boxes contain approximately 300-400 soft files relating to individuals who were of interest to Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD. These are apparently individuals who were utilized, or contem- plated for use, as consultants by the Agency in conducting research concerning the use and experi- mentation with drugs. The fact that the Agency utilized.many individuals in a consultant capacity in this area has been previously reported; it is probable that the identities of many of these indi- viduals were not previously retrievable from Agency files. b. The documents reveal that circa 1954 certain experiments were apparently conducted during an Agency-sponsored training class related to defensive measures against the use of drugs. It appears that Agency employees were utilized during these experi- ments and concern was expressed since the employees had not been asked to sign a waiver of liability. The names of the employees were not listed nor can Approved For Release 2000 - Ag0261 R000300050003-5 Approved For Release 20027 /0'2 : IG T3 261 R000300050003-5 it be readily determined whether the experiments involved the administration of drugs or the use of hypnosis. f. The documents contain extensive materials relating to the history, administrative, and budgetary aspects of Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD in much greater detail than that previously available. g. The materials contain one large volume which deals with the history of drug-related research and experimentation carried out by the Office of Strategic Services. Approved For Release 200@/ 1 --F f4 0261 R000300050003-5 Approved For Release 2002 0/: 1Y8 618000300050003-5 1A h. The boxes contain extensive information related to the Agency's research and experimentation with the use of hypnosis, to include several photo- graphs of subjects under the influence of hypnosis. It is probable that several of the subjects were Agency employees. In addition, several movies and 35mm cartridges of film., which have not yet been examined, are located within the boxes which appear to relate to experiments in the field of hypnosis. i. The boxes contain one ampule of Thorazine, a tranquilizing drug, and a display board containing samples of several drugs--some of which were then being studied 25X1A The boxes also contain a crudely fashioned automatic injection device which was apparently tested by the Agency. It should be noted that the automatic. injection device is quite similar to one developed by the military services for the use of combatant troops to inject an anti- dote for poison gas. 6. (U/AIUO) As indicated, the general facts surrounding the Office of Security's participation in Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD were previously made known to the appropriate Congressional Committees. Further, while the fourteen boxes do provide the background of these projects in much greater depth and detail, the documents were almost entirely origi- nated by and/or addressed to I I, a retired Office of Security employee who was interviewed by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. I have initiated a thor- ough review of all of this material, to be conducted in coordination with the Inspector General's Office. 7. (U/AIUO) It should also be noted that while the review of the material related to Agency drug activities is of immediate concern, I have also ordered the review of all Office of Security material maintained in the Agency's Archives since that material is not retrievable through our primary indices. 25X1A Distribution: Orig - Addressee 1 - ADDA 1 - ER 4 Approved For MMIft. // NTVr1-00261 R000300050003-5 ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional) Newly Discovered Documents Pertaining to the Agency's Research and Experimentation with - - E-E-l-RD . FROM: EXTENSION NO. 7~}~ Robert W. Gambino Director of Security 6777 DATE 17 TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) DATE OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom RECEIVED FORWARDED INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) Acting 7 D 24 ~ l~UG i977 2. 3. 7. 11. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. .IJNCLASAI!I . ged For INTERNAL ~levgg MV/05/02 : CIA-RDP81-061~6~5KdA3-5 El SECRET )WITIRAL SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ USE ONLY ^ UNCLASSIFIED