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December 14, 2016
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October 8, 2002
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August 25, 1977
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Approved For Release 2003/03/10 2 AUG 1977 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence 01 s,a,Raq VIA: Acting Deputy Director of Central Intelligence FROM: Michael J. Malanick Acting Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT: Analysis of Newly D vered BLUEBIRD/ ARTICHOKE Documents REFERENCE: Memorandum for Acting Director of Central Intelligence, dated 17 August 1977, subject: Newly Discovered Documents Pertaining to ... Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD Action Requested: None; for your information only. 25X1 2. Back round: Reference memorandum contains the results Ot an n t al review of subject documents. This material has now received a more thorough review by a team of Office of Security (OS) personnel assisted by a member of the Office of Inspector General. The purpose of this review was to organize and summarize this collection and to determine if it contained any new information which had not previously been reported to Congressional investigative and oversight committees. A summary of the contents of this collection is attached. 3. The reference memorandum reported that it appeared a material contained in these 14 boxes generally does not contain any major activities that were not previously reported. This current review of the material comparing it with what was previously seen byRand providedIto;the Church 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/03/1 =-! 61 R000300050004-4 Approved For Release 2003/0381el40261R000300050004-4 25X1 C teams to several countries was reported to the Senate. We have now discovered one or two trips that we did not previously know about, but they are not of special significance. We had informed the Senate that hypnotic experiments were conducted using volunteer Agency employees. Wo now have detailed infor- mation on Q _ a p rjiAents including the names o e em yel es involved. (NOTB: Included in this collection are pho as-gn-C-A-mo an picture film of hypnotic experiments on Agency employees. In view of privacy issues, this material should be tightly controlled.) This collection also contains detailed information concerning individuals in other Government agencies and in the scientific and academic community who were contacted to discuss techniques of BLUIBIRD/ARTICHOKE interest. However, most of these contacts appear to have been on a witting basis and unlike MKULTRA there was no significant' funding of external projects. S. hile this material does not contain any signifi- cant research areas not previously known, the level of detail does provide data which will interest Congressional investiga- tors and could be exploited by the press. There are a few items in these documents that may result in unfavorable publicity: tecnnque, _or _. e a statements re'ect n the idea. How a the idea. However . -M, 7-7 omeo zees statements, w6re'published out of context, it would appear the idea was given serious consideration. 25X1 C Approved For Release 2003/0 .. ?002618000300050004-4 Approved For Release 2003, h : ? W1-002618000300050004-4 25X1 C 6. Included in this collection are two boxes of files on is in other Government agencies and the scientific community who were consulted on BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE matters. Many of these people were later given research con- tracts under the MKULTRA program. This caller.-mss Gr~~u,~ gva~ abi r~~ ~at;~dua3 5. When this task is completed we will be prepared to address the problem of whether addi- tional institutions will need to be informed of an unwitting association with CIA. Vichnol J. V .l~njn Attachment Approved For Release 2003/03/ Michael J. Malanick Approved For Release 2003/03/1 J CT: Analys ARTICUQX - A OGC W/o OLC w/o *tt D/Security 25X1A A/DDA a D S- -T Robert W. -Gambino Director of Security Date Approved For Release 2003/03/1 cif- . T 61 R000300050004-4 lU161 R000300050004-4 Discovered LX. 0 25X1