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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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August 25, 1970
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Approved For Release 2000/08/ ton 1)ff261 R000300130002-7 m 25 August 1970 25X1A 25X1A MEMORANDUM FOR:: Director of Communications FROM OC Representative, Project ASPIN SUBJECT Report of Project ASPIN 1. Attached is a summary of the final Report of Project ASPIN and some notes on the possible impact of the report on the Support Directorate. As it was outside the purview of ASPIN to study any component or process other than those in- volved in the production of intelligence, the possible impact of the project's recommendations are implicit rather than explicit with regard to the Directorate. I hope that my own interests are sufficiently catholic to have caught most of the significant areas of interest to the DD/S and subordinate offices. I will continue to review the report on a more leisurely basis in an attempt to glean other items of interest to the Office of Communications and the Directorate as a whole. 2. I woulc' like to go on record at this juncture to state that I thoroughly enjoyed my stint with ASPIN; the infor- mation I gained on ADP matters, the DD/I, the DD/S$T, the IPB and information handling in general throughout the Agency has already proven to be of considerable benefit in my new assign- ment. 3. In addition to the personal satisfaction I experienced in studying, analyzing, and reporting during the course of the project, I was impressed with the caliber of people seconded to ASPIN, particularly its Director, felt we had difficulty in communicating at t e outsetlole I project. I camp to f the this candor and directness Iillearneduthatahecisya prrettytfine human being, and I feel that most ASPIN Staffers have benefited materially because of their association with him -- they cer- tainly will be more objective in approaching problems in their new assignments. Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : CIA-RDP Exctadad tram aaicmafi dowrgrzCin^ 61iF 0130002-7 Approved For Release 208J3fYtf4P81-002618000300130002-7 4. The benefits accruing to the Support Directorate through representation on projects such as ASPIN, while intangible, are felt to be significant and considerable. I would encourage such representation in the future even though there are no direct benefits to the Directorate. Attachment: Summary of Final Report of Project ASPIN Approved For Release 2000/08/30 CIA-RDP81-00261 R000300130002-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : CIA-RDP81-00261 R000300130002-7 ^? UNCLASSIFIED ^ INTERNAL ASE ONLY ? CONFIDENTIAL ^ SECRET SUBJECT: (Optional) Report FROM: 25X mes Bldg. TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) Director of Communications OUTING AND RECORD SHEET of Project ASPIN OFFICER'S INITIALS 25 August 1970 COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) LUu,^ PI P.! J ~ .N h ,U$ALfl.LLI- 3-62 01 U "eoirioIWt pOecSIGRE$eleasEg00 0E ,AE'DP OtTflRpAD30013tep2- USE ONLY t_I ~1NCLASSIFIED