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December 12, 2016
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September 17, 2001
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March 22, 1974
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F. TI 9'~ 1 ci j $(1 Rat H?~~. "' f ilddy-/'i17d ':trd f $:?~=~o62srR or Approved Fo, 22 March 1974 WATERGATE - GUIDELINES FOR AGENCY FILE REVIEW 1. The Director, has called for another review of Agency files for material connected in any way with what has come to be called "Watergate. " The purpose of the review is to the extent possible to ensure that Agency management is aware of all such material in our files and that there will be no future "surprises" in this regard. component will be the .responsibility of that particular directorate g. or separate operating component, the role of the Office of the Inspector General being limited to that indicated in the following paragraphs. On the completion of the review within his area of responsibility, each deputy director and chief of separate operating component will certify in writing to the Inspector General that a review has been conducted in accord with these guidelines, and will r tt h e t u g e znes, tiv ich have been prepared by the Inspector General. 3. The review within each directorate and separate o eratin 2. The review is to be conducted in accord with these general ici 1' h' por o e Inspector General the findings of that review. 4. The. target date for completion of the Agenc fil .5. The review must be comprehensive, This does not mean that each and every piece of paper under the Agency's control must be looked at and studied in this review. It does mean that all files, including those in archives, in field offices, in proprietaries, and anywhere else, must be considered. It will be up to the manage- ment of each directorate or separate operating component to determine what specific files must be physically searched and read, and what files need not be so reviewed. For example, it should not be nec- essary in this review to search anew through files which are known to contain nothing but past issues of finished intelligence publications. n o e setting. of a new target date for his component. Y e review and the reports to the Inspector. General is 10 May 1974. If a deputy director or chief of separate operating component finds that he will be unable to meet that target date, he will consult with the Inspector General t1, Approved-""RLlge~4~4/Q$zrP81*00261R000600010030=6 Approved For Release 2001/.11/08: CIA-RDP81-Of2B1R01TO800010030-6 In making this determination about any given set of files, however, each management level must bear in mind that the term "Watergate" has with the passage of time come to cover a wide range of topics, events, and personalities, including much historical data. In para- graph 8 below, is a list of subjects which are to be considered in particular. This list has been prepared as a guide for the review. It should not be used, however, as reason for excluding other material which, while it may not come properly under any of the headings given, may nonetheless be related to "!Watergate" in the broadest sense of the word. -=6. Any material relevant to "Watergate" (in the sense indicated above) found in component files will be forwarded to the Inspector General. In some cases (e. g. , if a given file or set of files is found to contain significant quantities of relevant materials), a component may find it desirable to segregate certain files for review by rep- resentatives of the Office of the Inspector General, a. Whenever there is doubt as to whether something should be forwarded to the Inspector General or otherwise called to his attention, the'doubt should be resolved by for- warding the material to or otherwise notifying the Inspector General. b. Any operationally sensitive material which require special handling may be discussed directly with the Inspector General. 7. The requirements of paragraph.6 above do not apply to press clippings or to any material which has already been brought to the attention of the Inspector General since the beginning of his office's "Watergate" investigation, i. e. , since 14 May 1973. 8. Following is a list of subjects which must be considered in this file review. As indicated above, this list is not necessarily all-inclusive and should not be regard as such. The entire list should be considered within all components, even though the file search on some topics will be more narrowly targetted. v nap 7 ~.-? pne ^.a, S R Approved Fl ae"QQ11IQ8 : CiARD U,~U10010030-6 ?ilartrk V Au 9" ti. v'~i3. -rip t d: or Reteas bb l1 ~d$":`"(;1A `F ~p fl4 6 :0 t!P030-6 a. Watergate Break-in(s) This heading covers the June 1972 surreptitious entry into the Democratic National Headquarters at Watergate, the subsequent arrests, and any and all information connect- ing the Agency in any way to preparations for the break-in(s) in June 1972 or earlier, the individuals involved, and the alleged cover-up efforts. G. Gordon Liddy James W. McCord John J. Caulfield Eugenio Rolando Martinez Careaga Juan Rigoberto Ruin Villegas Bernard L. Barker Virgilio Gonzales Frank Anthony Sturgis This covers any and' all information in Agency files related to Ellsberg, including the requests for and preparation of the profiles on Ellsberg, the case of the so-called Pentagon Papers, damage assessments, Agency associations, the Ellsberg trial. The "individuals involved" includes but is not limited to thane listed in the attachment to 23 May 1973 Memorandum for All Employees, "Agency Involvement in the Watergate Case": H. R. Haldeman -John Ehrlichman John Dean Egil Krogh David Young E,... Howard Hunt Approved For A s ijh/ pcj Rp.P8 u 00 6.( 10030-6 Hank Greenspan STATINTL STATINTL 25X1A This covers any and all information in Agency files reflecting any knowledge of the alleged break--in, or plans for such, of the files of Hank Greenspun or of the newspaper in Las Vegas with which he is associated. The review here will be limited, at least initially, to a check of DDO European Division files and records, if any, on the request of Howard Hunt in 1971 to -a former chief of European Division for information or baackground the Hunt y be available The Inspector eneral will consult directly with the Deputy Director for - Operations regarding the review on this subject. e. Other Requests b This covers any information available, regarding any .STATINTL requests boor Agency assistance on any matter f. National Elections of 1972 way to political conventions or other meetings, campaign mail, support of other governmental organizations in connection with the campaigns and the elections, and political activities of any sort by Agency personnel beyond that of a legal and clearly personal nature (e.g., personal contributions to candidates). . support for candidates, security activity related: in any to the national elections- of 197 l972 , including intelligence knowledge, however obtained, reflecting activity related 25X1A This covers any records that might reflect any Agency Approved For Release 2001/11/08 : CIA RDP81-00261 R000600010030-6 1177 01 . Ui' t , U, STATINTL STATINTL Approved For. Release 2001/11/08: CIA-RDP81-0.0261 R000600010030-6. Director for Operations and the Director of Finance with regard to the review on this subject. possibly a file review in the Office of Finance. The time frame for material. on this subject will be calendar 1972. The Inspector General will consult directly with the Deputy and a check and h.. ITT Agency or Agency personnel with Howard Hughes or any of his enterprises. This covers any and all information connecting the This covers any and all information connecting the Agency or Agency personnel with Robert Vesco or any of his enterprises. 1. Robert Maheu This covers any and all information connecting the Agency or Agency personnel with Robert Maheu or any of his enterprises. n Fa^gT nw, Approved 40001003-0-6 ~JsirirarJ .i,yiaiS iili~ rn~6^~y a.e. !