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December 9, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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January 14, 1959
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 Approved On gence Agency: ANY or Release 2001/04/05 Sig ER. 81-00261R000600030 ? ;ORR INFO MATIOtr Director of Central Intelli-ence Director/Plans Doeuty?DireoteriAliminietration Assistant Director for Policy Coordinetion Assistant Director for Special Operations 1. The o parately and in p 9 JunuarY 1952 les will govern adniziistrattvo Policy Coordination eithin the 2, Officers responsible for fr t be allocated personnel, funds, and of e aissions assigned than. 'limy will cess of their operations and for the prudent eans allocated for these purposes, ation will no land system. for the will so far as our ressuroes adequate for the performance he d responsible both for the sue? and effective expenditure of the I. Subject to the above principles, the Leputy Director dministration is charged with and is responsible to the undereiened for all administrative sup- port for the Agency. This responsibility extends an operational levels to include appropriate audits and inspections of the handlint of funds and materiel allocated to operating offices, 4. Accordingly, I desire that the Assistant )irec for ,Special Op.. orations and Policy Coordination each designate a staff officer to be responsible for administration within, their respective organizations. nese administrative officers will be under the command of the Assistant Directors of the operational offices concerned. Their efforts will be directed to the supply of those offices and of Jr* operatioas for which their respective Assistant Directors are respon- sible, The Deputy administra serving on will coordinate r/Plans will be provided with we acceptable and qualified t by the Deputy Directoriwainistration. This officer, and primarily responsible to the Deputy Director/Plans, rations of the administrative officers of special Operations and Policy Coordination and will be the channel through which their demands are preeented to allocating authority* The Deputy Di r/nlnistrat.ton and his Deputy, Gaol ite, will main- tain close personal contact an a hibiely restricted betas with the staff officers of the operational offices mentioned in preceding paravaphs in order to insure adequate allocation of means consietOot with the other requilvmants of the agency, proper security, continuing support, and the Appropriate audits and administra- tive inspections. SECRET Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 Approved For Release 2001/04/ftitiRDP81-00261R000600030075-5 0 SECURITY INFORMATION severaj. respects the above represeats a xajoz change in administrative procediwe and it i ? wlder6tood IT, all concerned. Tho a ached copy of the Minutes o1 the ConSerGrlccwhich this procedure waa outlined and agreed to is attached in an and to refresh your minds as to he discussion which took place an ?Lease br1nL,7 a effect delay WIiER . sirru Approved For Release 2001/04/05 rt1ArROP81-00261R000600030075-5 SECRET 0 0 Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 26 DeceMber 1751 VENOM= FOR Tirs mcm sUBJECTI Support. far PC PEW= I General Bath a es 25X1A SECURITY INFORMATION So operatione Colonel johnston, IU.c, Wolf . larkpatrieg? 25X1A 25X1A The DICI stated that hxd called thir etinet exp The operations of PC SO mould be handled within the CIA. annexed to this memorandum as Tab A0 and explained it, berimiinc *t the bottom. 25X1A it is ported to the that a a diviei the Acenoy ea 25X1A is in substance the quarternaster for PC?25X1A e? that the operations of AD/PG are position is to 25X1A up- he!!!!!!!!!!Lave tc, merry primarily about analocous nsibility is to AD/PC ee the quartermaate /SO and e operntions of AflftO ro ported Prrl it Ia ie to the be bility to insure ability. MO mill also we an adminis it who will act in substance as his Nuartermaste quartermaster is to service but he vill analOgy of the huartermasterfr arield Ar, and assigned to Anor. !loth a and AD/SOfe quarternes with this man and on747 through %rim mith tho office of DP/A. PE yPt undeei. function of Pis The DCI cove d by the Theater 0-4 woL e& arnetly The support ar CIA as a whole tU be the responsibility of DIA, who wii 25X1A heve as his depty. nr/Pie nquertermastern will be in constant touch 'with the Office a DTA es tho vartermaster of an Army is constantly in touch with the Chiles of the Theater 0-4 The DCI earolained hrier4 how this arrancement levels et Personnel and material to be employed ermine their missions. d oporate in deem'. nc respective offices in The Ols for 1.D/1'C and AD/S0 mill rejuent the s 'port t to accomplish their respective idsion fri the jJ or 710 tweet tbe Office of np/A. In s req'ieat4 leve reduced* It w1.11 then be necessary to deeithE whether o ei zasione can be performed mith the levels of personne be .alade amailibles If they coed perfann the missi th these lesser means, it mill be the responsibili consider neceerary in turn, would have to be extent as terial inally of the operttinr do the job with the available support* Tt not, the missions will readjusted to be commensurate with the support available._ Approved For Release 2001/04105 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 25X1C 25X1A -Approved For Release 2001/04/85 ? CgRig1-0A61R000600031075-5 SECIIRITY INFORMATION to AD/PC, the DCI xde it plain that after it d 4st levels of support, in terms of personnel and materiel 4 him by AD/Pc ati AD/so, it would be the 0 te insure that such personnel and fortunes of assigned missions, reservinc of inspection and audit, be neCessary for DD "quartermaster" to o Office on natters of detail, but it was made clear exorcise control over the employment of person/lel a be held strictly responsible for their effective and point, the DCI stated that he w1h upon Jr. Wolf to exercise general sup fiscal and supply matters--that he notation, "Signature recommended, to him that fumds are available and thltt2SXlC ng? rogues tituted a "Inajor acted. t had always been his vioi as such, rather than any system. between 25X1A Acting Executive Aesis to the flirector 25X1A I DWA 1 DAM ? TAM' Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 SECRET " Approved ForRelease2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 SECRET c MEM NDIJM PORI 14'101is SUBJiCTs rtsratack,s January 1952 Adsinistra ve Draft Memorandum of ia Sttt Principle* Governing Adminiet for OO and OPC. our or Pirce out General tire Support of rtcent date with ed iD the sUbject mildly to me of with ru that the ft memorandum ars les you and be able to ction to our ot gave me - in passacen ch were q acceptable pt your reasons for r8h- t tis time from ther sp lling-out in not spocifically covered su...,plies and materiel. 2. It has occurred Of us to hAVO. SD informal, re procedures under the Director's m o submitting. this memorandw to ral, as *hat I understand to be yore.. This memorandum i nLtre1y itt0 formal and is not intended to be modificktion of the Are torle muarerldWm, but if -you agree- it could serve es a kuide to oureelvey (and, to tte. extent you may doom desirable, our o4n immediate. staffs), d * which Vi n c be very uttLl for both rilltanjiry7.3 cming and aecor, I am of m,y ownvtevd and 3-0: Tau will recall that one of my with the identity of the "allocating .autho. last 11m* of the oecond submparagrah under plained to me that -VA* allocating su::,hdrity Approved For Release 2001/04/05 sw-RDP81-00261R000600030075-5 Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP81-002,1R000600030075f SECRfT. 1- 14,fr 25X1A own offices but that this MaS atechnical And not a policy function. More specifically, ;mu stated that polity determinations as to Lhe allocation at reeources would be made hy the Project Review Com. mittee (oe Which we both sit, together with Mr. Dulles), and when approved by the rirector would be carried into cifect by your office to the full extent of our capabilities. h. I undtretood yo to tars with respect to thc, ps.rarrat num- bered 9.", that this meent tient y-ur office woulZ not have its awn edministrative ttructure exteadine down into or alongside of the operational structure in such a way ae to parallel and doolicPte the administrative elements of the operati3me oc:arizztion in Washington and ove4eas. That seems to me to be the clear meaning of this paragraphs but I hould like to be certain ve spree on this point. I further uoderstand le this connection that the opeeetions organisation will not establish offices Which peJ-1;,11(1 nrd dupli- cate the offices of control adninistration. 5. With regard to the provision of the Directorls memorandoe relating to the tura:thine by you to me of an accepoable And qualified adminiStrative assistants Iunderatand that you have destenotod Mro tar this pospooe. ics or 0ourse,tU17 25X1A acceptable to me in this coneectiono and it is my underWAINttne and belief that he will be in a position to function ef ctv?1 and to the satistaetion of both of 124e as he hold, the authorities and responsibilities Which we both propole to de1v7ate to him. 6. With z.gard to the Tett:Le' complex subject of 2rocurement of materiel and supplies, I agree Iith yoo that it is not possible to spell out in complete detail the method bi Which procuruceLt of materiel and supolies will be handled in evry conteiesble case. However* it is mr 1;rpression that you capresled acre. ment that there were a reseber oS general principles which we might agrcc Won and within tho general framework of which we sh-Lul,, be able to nark out any westions whith might arise. Thc?ac; eenerel prin. ciples axe as follows: at The procurement machlnery of your offict will be used for the procurement of materiel and supplies within the United States to the largfot extent c- -oat. ible with the efficiency of the to-Al procuremnt effort and the security of operations. This would mean that the major butk of U. Si procurement will be Approved For Release 2001/04/05: accomplished 1-00261R000600030075-5 Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : ClAREr8100261R000600030075.. 551 I\ti compliable() through your office, but th'A, ther( may be certain cases When procumment is aecompliChed the United States by the operating branches. Ir any such eases you would be consulted in advance an. yilq would be kept fully informed as to the particuUrs. I:4 Any such procurement of materiel and supplies aa Ogla best (most empeditioualy and cconorically) bor procured abroad rather than in the U. S. will be pro- Ourudo as at present, by the operlItionn office!1. The determination as to whethrr any itcms of significant procurement can be effected best within the U. 5. or abroad will be arrived At by consultation and agreement between the owating offices and central administrion. If an important foreign procurement mattcr can U., va- dat:T.4 or better accomplished with the help of & r(pre- imitative of your of 'ice? such reprk-stritaive will be nada available by you for the purposc to the appreriate area division of the operstin7 branches. 7. 1 should appreciate your informing me whether, in your opinion, this memorandum epn u betwecb ourselvAs as an informal record of both our views. ,14 We ? ?L. Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : C_c_11 -r iPmivia1-00261R000600030075-5