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December 9, 2016
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September 28, 2000
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June 29, 1955
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Approved For Release02001/0910 FrJ ! Aa P8V 0261 R20bb600040002-4 IUA 1-7 1955 "As of DD/P Organizational Documents si sthic h br t t up the result of Mr. Kirkpatrick's proposal to to the first two recomwndations of the These reooa mdatie are as fo l ii.. 1'r'9 f:l Y .~ c [> "i II e first but that the second. should be aece Directive of 15 July 1952, but part of Agency b. That the e} pointing area division chi vi ding for direct dealing be r . t did not represent or conform to the actual aotice as he understood and deemed it to be. Mr. Kirkpatrick Approved For Release 2001/09/01 C 0 far toward establishing a basis of direct responsibility dgmLigg as between . the area division chiefs and "Senior Pepreswta- on the me band and himself as Director on the other. Be said if I -00261'Rd0A 64bbd'I I I ., Approved For Release 001/0c0Q:"Cl U part of the or izaticn hiefs are up as the the position ofibe a division chiefs as least stating that urAer the h a v e owcand, re tated that he had not Ixma aware of this qua e and that he did not with this concept. Re De y Director Approved For Release 2b0 /41" = A 1-0 261 R000600040002-4 CONFINNITIA1 other provisions be appropriate3r revised in the cy's c a upon recorn EN] 1 26 R000600040002-4 rely did contain the kind .k Ccittee ve and cbart, as weU as certain itioaa of the office of the ##3 sties from the Director, ise Statement's with re- ead,quarters organization to indicate that we 'ee to this particular y Directive of 15 to "axr and all other docu- the concept whibh k., in conjunction with which will "reflect " and s*mdt this or