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ca SSA SYfi ry *so momma DIP son 1 . J ~aaamaq I . , se . Ratios pages 1 - 4 us flattest and an fartila part of the RsiRariaa territory is the Plovdiv plaint particularly its southwestern seotioms anal trict!s villas. This plain is taasas for its abuaiaat preduetloa of high quality fruit, gropes And vegetables, net only all over Bulgaria, but also abroad, far beyond the bordsn of the oouatry. lbs trials plain is toasted in the lowest part of the valleys of the viaba and Stara Saba rivn:s,chiek run from dos western arcs of the Rhodope to the Maritsa River. On the south it toeehcs the stomp slopes of the Rhodope, near triokia villas, and on the west it is bounded by the Scsuparski bills, .hick are as high as 400 ^ in alti- tide. During the sammmr, those barst yellow line hills tors a sharp watrast to the triable plain, sovsred with thick sad fl t greenery. On the cant the plain toushsa the low hills now historical Porushtitea villas, and on the north the plain widens out and ruse as as loscp- arable p.,t into the vast Plovdiv plain. T1, c? greatest length of the Rritin plain, from inch in villas to too r?_ouin railroad statics by the Maritsa River$ is about 1$ bm. Is the :.ttsr, particularly around Rurtovo Senate villas, the plate narrow ba, but Smack wider at both its cods. From the foothills of the h.Aapm mountains the plain widens to the wet and mcrgss with tbo small plain in the valley of the Stan River aoar IspmrUdmvo village chick iaoludaa parts of the lands of Sosarsbo wad Syya vil- lages, peStora sboliya. Us trickle plain has as overall area of about so so b,. Its surfocm to entirely flat, and is slightly iselinmd Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-0028OR001300160026-4 to Lac ninsavte tad tae t;v, ? stsr. its alttftft IS eat sea a. 1R. plats is cowmd .tt-depaatta tree me wafts we ftem fa atria plain is aMrastsrtay IV its an omW summer ay eea?srasinlp MIN Raters. it "Ma am Om" at sM wesba tear aat has a geed draft, shish is tatnnbla to me flusf treas. The oversee seal raiatall hem is 460-NS lit per Mt as rick is aarsn now safticlaat. Msuflts an portiaalarly severe is summor. Sewer, tkaaka to artificial trrtgatia 1huft sae aartiaatarlt la- taaiticd Oaring the rears of an paaple's ngtaw faucets at tM Crisham plait so longer .tint its yrinaltaral yield. Sre.Mt ban been entirely seatwrsd. A thick atarh of camin dram a me wten of am take am Stan Be" Starte aad arripsos almost all tM led of this fertile "elm. no Crisham plait as densely powlatsd. The largp.t sattie- teats bore are Criatta vallaga (7.000 powlatia), Critic retire" station (oar 0,000 people), sad artae rmare village (30000 pope- lets..). as satire plait be" at cedar .altivatla. lbere an as Stacey gross". The Criekim population is pearly supplied with arable lead. lien the national averW is 43 dessrto of arable lay per Subspace peasant tvaily. Site is this plait here are ealy 12 dsnareso respeetlnnly, i.e., 3.3 dace lose. About 3/3 of the Is" bore balsas to the lira trrbers' Oasporatia., Sit an all rue add an moans as select as the sentry. flay Mn apactaliaed is tM produetia of trait, grapes, w nietablo.. flasks to artificial intgatta. abuadaat fortillstagt ay the ear Increasing iatredwtla of eaders agretechaleal anus. tM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-0028OR001300160026-4 sespsratin taa^ars and ptinnf eaaars is as Randals plain be" IS and staW a/riealteal yields. Bice is Iwo anon, $ swap a poor am harvostod. UW aala asrisultaral steps Is the Brisk" plain an fruit, sratoo, sad vegetables. Is twe fields the pa stIns ealsrieaae of as population is very sataaaiw, and the psapla?a rosin soma agSussof it. Fruit sewing takn that plan is local yrioaitaral pndss- tioe. Is any settlements it aoosasts for half the total mesas of the ppulatioa. Oroharla oooupy Only ; of the arable land is sal- geria, Silo Mrs they eosin y f%, mad is the area of Burton Mars village orekards assoust for 405 of the total saltivaud area. Osnriap the stirs criekis plain, the orchards look like a real feat. If you travel by rail tram the Wrinkle retinal station to Pambean, you will moan vast ass am old orehsrda tsar Burtovo ioaaro, Inn dalo, sriohia, Isporihbovo, and lyada villages. Into everything is hidden by the think forest of fruit troos. Absadaat water babbles alas the armarous annals, irrigating orderly orsharta, floss tress are heavy with fruit. At the sipt of those vast orchards, as eastt fail to realise that this plain to itisod the orehsfl ganba of Urge*. no BriMia plain isaluSs ever 14,000 deems of onlaf, and this represents more than the man total of the orchards sa the entire shaahove Okrmg, sad equals 44s of the erehards is the sla- povpad Ohag. In density of trait tress, the aishia plain plans hip is natarlssa to other piano is Bulgaria, no r-:sarian average is 1B4 donna of erahards per 1,000 persons, Silo this plain has do deews per 1,000, OW is Barton Mere village there are 140 deeare5, is., $ does"s for every i people. -3- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-0028OR001300160026-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-0028OR001300160026-4 TM Sriebis Plata is a typical Si. crabs". Cu a national average, only $01 ftf all srebsrds in tbs so=ts, are apple osshsads, chile l an ? r at w total stand area. The as' : scans types of apples ssltiwted Mn an A,vesiys, cartovrba, Slatsa Sias rarssaa, etc. Mrs ormharde an esltinated by sedsas fleas, partie- ularly sa the tars 0orbere Cooperatives. They ere abundantly irrigated and tertiliaid, sprayed by +eslal asS$ses, and dsalS with skssioals by airplane. Ors airplane as Met 3.000 Mwrss of o rebards daily, thus doing the .afl of about 1,s" Workers. Tbs yields of the fruit pow" of the srieia plain are fasout. Applying sodamegrcteskaigsee, they protons s to 5 tons of apples per dears. The shfs*isns is this field have obtained rsoord yields. Thus, for lastasss, is 10iS is Oartono bean village, the aversgs yield for $0 Mews as 0,741 kg of apples per Mears, and is flags village S Maws yielded 13,000 bg sack. The entire plain produses about 20 to 40 suits kg of apples nasally. The majority of this produos is exported, ass tin part is eossu^SA in the ooustry, and a part is proosssed in the naming eambiss at trials railroad station. Is addition to apple orchards, tad trials plain bas also a all number of peach onhards (over 700 !assns), sherry orchards (350 Meares), and plus orchards. Is the as (bnrabavso ssaodelehs stpasstve, !date tars) near Sartove bean village Looms and other subtrspleal fruits grew in p+eeskouas. The production of new sherries and peaches asst be increased is this part of the sentry, is view of the seeds of the cassias isMstrp. pacts of the plats. V1as ands saner naat me" of the Irtakim plaice. They two ? about soli ad the arable last of tiia plain, Si!. vlse- yarrs oooapp an an average 1% of the arable issd of 00 satire entry. lets, under ireigatioa, they produce 49000 bg of `ryes per dosage. must of the gropes are dessert types, large and swat, famous is bar and foreign markets. A this important agricultural brawl is the alibis plain is vegetable production. It In Important for esport purposes, and also supplies the ensuing industry with raw Materials. The plain ranks Wong the best areas In Bulgaria is Production of ve"tables; in particular, of early tomatoes. It includes vast vegetable gardens. In the country as a Whole vegetable gardsas senor only 1% of the arable laud, Whiles here sack gardens occupy 11% of the cable lard, i...2 more than 7 tines (sic] the country's average. A great guaeity of tomatoes (mostly early) an grow in artovo sonars village (1100 Sissies), at aishia railroad station (over 000 /ceases), is love solo village, "die" village, and others. Ives tM courtyards in the villages of the Iriobla plain are planted with tt^atoes, easefully cultivated. In this respect the people have great backlog of enperiesee. The producers are being aided by seieatifto Workers is the field of ve- getable growing, and by wisely employing soviet experience. Groot re- sults have been ask tend through the culture of tarto seedlings Which can withstand a temperature of even do as sea be traasplaat?d to the field early, and produces early tomatoes, for ?ssrele, is 1904, is the Larsen sosare village MS (Trudeve ssmdS$lls be?perativao sto- paastvo, ram yorhers? osep?rstive) plants cultivated is the orrdiaary p yielded sa average of 1,010 kg of early tomatoes per does" and as is?sr of 4,607 lava per deeare, Whirs plants g=sa by tae sold Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-0028OR001300160026-4 7-006 ier.' 030000 sw domes. !UM-woe are else erNa in model 1'a?1s pets. the trials plain end w saw pacts of the Plovdiv Oeatiya preduse about 495 of w total yield of early teaatsso to 9algartao no oreduotiw of red psppero at w Snip. type, ate are pr s??d is the eanatag eaterprins at as Die 3* relined station. is also moll developed. trait grow'"$ vlasyards, and vegetable posing eatiroty doaisato swisultreo is w Orinkis plain. The other ap'iealtural brannkMs an poorly developed born, and tail to Mtisfy ewe Si. sees of w local popatatia, for Laetaaos, grains Mom" Mir 90% of the arable land ere, but they an partly soma as seeded crepe. Usually, after w early twatas an piohod, the fields are plants with eora, apish, under inigatiw to f rtiiisod areas, yields 900 to t00 kg of orals per does". Industrial crops end livestock breeding are poorly developed. no triolin plain not only has a moll developed agrieallture, but also a developed industry. The met important industrial neater here is w trickle railroad station. It is a now ssttleat, grow up around w station itself. Unta1 w fires World War, there was nothing bore but several sail lane. Is ills the population w only 994 peoples and in 1094, 000. later, dw to w expert and preossing of vegetables, fruit, and grapes, w popslaties grow rapidly. In 1N0 w Settlement (-srged with the neighboring polateve village) numbered 9,900 potpie. Mwver, w rapid growth of industry bore resulted Is a population inoroaso to over 1,000 people, aad is oertala seasons of w year 9,000 additional avers our from nevly, paaardaik, and w seiglboriag cities. Winkle is growing fast, sad is looking an sad more like a city. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-0028OR001300160026-4 The DIMIm milrsS statism is sae of thle lamest satin of a* astamiam s iaf beasts!. Attar their aatismaliaatiss, the osaaiat omtsrprlass t*iab were ostsbliabed Mn bob -a- ISIS and 1W an expanded sad nsderslaed, becoming $5 Titsa as Mato Gamins slue. It pooessos about 38,000 tons of verotablos aaasa lp, a Law" part of Irish are supplied Am tbi Diets plain. !be saublae produces tomato pulp, saaasd Vegetables, Jollies, preserves, swot preserves, eeanod fruits, fruit Jukes, ssnrd Met disnss, ate -- a total of about 100 different kinds. The Itriskia railroad station is as important vies predustion canter. sbs Tinprca enterprise located lore processes over T,000 tons of grapes saaually,ad produces oomsiderabls quantitios of ligrurs, wine distillation products, aptrits, salelm tartrate, ete. A larp awNrn wine cellar will be built an soon. ass wad largest industrial enterprise at triants railroad station. It is the fruit of the vital 3ulpriaa-Soviet trisodabip, and is the only Vulgarian enterprise of its kind. harp quantities of Hood pulp are prooosaod, and cellulose is sad. an by using as- rrous obemisal substances aad the abundant water supply soa-isa from gloss-b" iarst sprIgM. Ise cellulose is used is tko production of entree type poor, from tie a special factor" mabu-s paper bass for Ike transportation of sbsaioal fortilisors, swat, flour, eta. in addition, tko combine insists a tastery for Us extraction of tammates from the barks of sak, spruce, and other tress. !boss tamatoa have meek use is the Vulgarian leather industry. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-0028OR001300160026-4 quality trait, sset+ss, - nn"t...les, Sna W OMM41, lathy to fa" tars 5816=L14 Unties k is SYltias, s Mow pert at tie puts. of as. dais rose to t. nitn a aeta - IS Oweebusl.ntia, rerassW, I asr z, w ::: .? ? , VMS, tsri. as wlaOsr et 1t0D, I al ?P sawrwr tits. ? a_ A Ssatsa Maseiratis MPwrlie ynsarws, Jollies, easd lash, Irsss eis ebovrtn, lesateer, eta try trials, I as tanlwlnlt N'- I at tie dsirsa of dewlepssst of Sit tslprias natal iaSwetrF, attar is is law" asessra skew is cis Warted sad rigs gsalit7 pndsoe at do Dials ntorprian? isatsd is tie sidat at ewe et lks an tsrtile Plates .s ?slpria. (Psis 1 original) roster K as t iaris flats (Pys s original) stnSzrg field is try Driekia via" (psis 3 original) sia "VStssise" Cssaiag 0061aa at tut ariaris Sauteed Station