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December 20, 2016
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September 23, 2000
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February 24, 1949
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"~ Has Reviei{ved" CEIdT1Z1',L TIiTELI,T~r'~~~CE GEI'~CY Ulashington, P~?~~ o 0 GUBJECT: .Restoration of Federal Emplogees Pursuant to the Selective - -- ~- ' T; ' a, ~ Individuals who have, left;'postions. iri .the Executive Branch of? the ~ Federal .Government subsenuent ? to 24 June 19/ to enter on active duty with the Armed? Forces: of the Uni.t?ed States, or who do so i i the t futures will. be furloughed or~?separated at their option,. .~ be Upon relsase from `such active duty ,they wZll ?:,be entitled to all benefits provided by law for employees furlo?aghed: ~'or military 2, The legal responsibilities of CIA in this~m^t?t~r will be adm' - ~ servicee . in istered as?~nd3c~ted below: ?. . ?'a, The comboizent in' which tha ; nA~ tr4 ri?A i ; ~ gym,,, ,,,,,,,a .,+ +k,. ?~~. Lima oz en~ry zn~o active .service with ?the firmed forces will: ? ` ?(1) Prepare and forward Form No. 37-3 ~ ?to~ the Personnel Office -at the .time the employee ?first receives his induet;_on no~lce or official notice. of his;~enlistment; Approved,Far.:~elease 2006/1,1106.; CJ~?,-Rp,P8,1.-QQ728R0,Q.,0~00010030-9;; (?} Consider each employee on'military furlough for any promotions ''or- other personnel. a'ctions' at the time .~7e would normally have been eligibles -? b, The Personnel Officer will: ;,~ '~(1) Esta~bl;isl~ end maintain aseparate.-File ?f or each employee which will cpntain a copy' of the ?;employee-s job description9 ~~i,rill bo si,~ried bar the .employee indicating that he :has read. and uv~a,iiu,uic: tiv nim z or review? ? ("2) ~5~Glect a pOSitioTl ? Of, comparable gr~lde to which tYie employee'assigned in the evcnt;of anv reor~anize.t;on witinin ~lx wnien affects the position he held at the time of ..1~7LiTOP~... Tfie. Porsonn?1 Of~iccr ~wi11 rscord. this ,information nn .~ozzcia.~~ recoras, . Approved For Release 2006011106 :CIA-RDP81-00728800010001.0030-9 g a a r es and:. the orpan~.zational un~.ts in t~~hicli the ai a i l no transferreda the Personnel Officer will furnish tha Civil Service Comm3.ssion a record of all such employees, This list:shhll con- twin the ?n~imes of the employees, the da,tos of bir'th;, posii~~:ons~; . rades s 1 i 3 applicable. 1f tho' Agency is abolished and its functions t . the Agency or ?transfcr him to another a~propriato' agonc ~ if in (3) Roas~i~n the 'employee to a comp~nr~^ b1o po ~ition with' in v ua ~ woro;omployed. (l,.) Insure .compliance with the following prov~.~sions: (a) Any person who leaves a position subsonuent to 2l~ June 1~4g9 fore induction: into the Armod Forces f . , ;: or a first enlistment in thQ Armed Forces or 'the Coast Guard ( t r ~ o he . than Reaorve components) for not moro?than three (3) yoZrs, or for cal].. to active duty in tho~ Armed Forces, the Coast Guard,or the Public Health Sorvico~ and who at the end of three (3)~ yo~,rs or asp soon thorraftor a~ possible, receives a certificate of satisfactory cornplction of, training and service and: who makes wpplication for reomployi~ent, within .ninety (9~) aays after release from active duty or from hospi-- talization after discharge for knot more .than one (1) year shall, if :,ualificd, bo restored' to the position cahich ho left, ~ or to a position of like seniority status and pays If the employee is not qualified to perform the duties of any, other position in the Agoncy ho 'must be laced i ~ p n .?that position in such a way As to provide him like seniority, st~ tus a' d ^ n ca ion o the Civil.Service Corunission. . g, zn any case of refusal ? or failure to restore ~ him. and furnish ~ a 'copy of the notifi t' t (d) ?1, Any person on ri3.lita.rtr f~~r~n,~ah L-~,~ t.~?c ,,,,.,..,?~.,.a ~?=yip ?~?? .,,,,,,,~