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December 9, 2016
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September 16, 2000
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June 15, 1949
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Approved Forgelease 2001/09gMIDP81-00755R000100080048-4 OGC HAS REVIEWED. 15 June 1949 MNHOWIDUM TO : General Counsel FSOM : Chief, Confidential Funds Branch SUBUCT: Representation Allowances 9 1. It has been recommended by 050 that the Confidential Funds eegula- tions be amended to permit the granting of Representation Allowances, either to a specific individual or to the Chief of an instellation or activity for expenditure by himself or his subordinates under his control and direction. 2. The General Counsel has expressed no legal objection to such broadening of the regulations but recommends considerable elaboratioe of the regulation, in order to more precisely illustrate and define the "Aepreeee- tation" category of expense. Accordingly, the General Counsel has drafted e proposed revision of the "Representation Allowance" portion of the eonfidene tial Funds Regulations. 3. CFB" believes that the proposed language more realistically and more fully covers the subject oe' Representation. 'ee wish to point out, however, that the proposed concept of Representation includes specific types of ex- penses which cannot be controlled on a precise accountable basis. These items are those; eeeele: (a) Involving the living expenses (quarters and oeher personal expenses) of officers and employees traveling on special missions. (b) Involving the living expenses, (quarters, servants and other per- sonal expenses) of officers and employees permanently assigned to foreign stations. 4. Because the representational element of such expenses is irrevocebly eingled with the personal expenses of the individual which in turn are, at least in part, already assumed by the Government in the form of travel per diem, quarters allowances, and post allowances, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to properly administer such representational allowances on a strict accountable basis. 5. In lieu thereof, it is urged that the reeulation be revised to specify that "Repreeentational allowances will be authorized arid accounted in accordance with supplementary reeulaelons prescribed by the eirector." 6. It is preeposedeth4tesupplementere regulations be provided for each of several ypes of representation expense. Tentatively, it is believed that the following approach would be workable, practical, and reflect a reasonable degree of administrative control: Approved For Release 20 I 7 1:4 RocIA-RDP81-00755R000100080048-4 (a) e 2 - Approved For Release 203gatilA-RDP81-00755R000100080048-4 Extra tare travel accomodationa - to be authorised in travel orders for that portion of the journey during which the traveler is requiree to occupy better than minimum first-class accoano- dations for the reason that he is representine the U. S. Govern- ment while traveling in conjunction with officials of other Lovern- Amts. (b) Supplementary Representational Per Diem - to be authorized in travel orders during specific periods of travel during Which the traveler is required to incur excessive subsistence expenses for representational reaeonsi The maximum amount of such additional per diem (not to exceed 0.0.00 per day) to be recommended by the appropriate Assistant Director. The traveler shall account for his expenditures at such points of duty by a certification of his average daily subsistence expenses 4p to the maximum coebinee normal and supplementary per diem. ) Representational allowances may be authorised in travel orders for entertainment and other specific representational purposes to officers or employees traveling on special missions to a maximum amount deemed adequate by the appropriate Assistant eirector. auch allowances shall be properly accounted for. (d) Representation allowances may be authorized by Assistant Directors to officers or employees aaelened to overseas posts for periods not to exceed twelve months, subject to further extensions. such authorization may be to a specific individual or to a atation for expenditure by the Chief of Station or his subordinates under the former's control and direction. Such allowances shall be properly accounted for. (0) In special eases where an individual's representational responsi- bilities directly attributable to his ga duties neoessitete etc- cupance of quarters at a cost in excess of his normal quarters allowance, a supplementary quarters allowance, fixed in amounts may be authorized by Assistant Directorse each supplementery allowances may not exceed the normal increments provided in atan- dardized Civilian Allowance Reeulatione between contieueus quarters groupings of employees and in no event may exceed 000.00. Leech allowances shall be accounted for in the same manner as the regular quarters allowances. In special cases where an individual's representational responsi- bilities directly attributable to his aa, duties necessitate per- sonal living expenses in excess of those he would normalle be ex- pected to pays a supplpaenteserarepresantepeen allowance eay be authorized by Assistantliiii4ter. teen jexpenses could includee but are not restricted to, additional servants and other increased maintenance costs. Such allowances shall be claimed and accounted for by certification setting forth the'deiailed items covered and the actual or eatimated cost thereof. Approved For Release 2001/3EtktyRDP81-00755R000100080048-4 Approved For 4p lease 2001/0916-3 CtIA-RDP81-00755R000100080048-4 SECRET 7. In view of the contemplateu extension of the principle of Repre- sentation Allowances? and delegation of authority to the Covert Assistant Directors severally, it is suggested that the Director may desire that CFB submit periodic semi-annual reports of all Representation Allowances to the Sxecutive for review, in order to ensure coneistenc:/ in policy as between the Covert Offices. 8. In the event it is deemed desirable to incorporate some or all of the aforementioned suggestions in the Confidential funds Aegulatione thew- selves rather than in supplementary regulations, it will be necessary to considerably modify your draft proposal to. the Oireotor believe that his would be generally preferable. Chief, Col!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Branch Approved For Release 20CSECR3EFIA-RDP81-00755R000100080048-4 25X1A9a