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December 23, 2016
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December 12, 2013
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May 26, 1969
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r Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/12/12 : CIA-RDP81-00770R000100110051-2 VI. 26 May 69 15 FOREIGN PHONZ FIRMS' NATIONALIZATION SOUGHT coo RCLfA PERU 1 4im-alDiplomatic Information Service in Spanish 1934 OMT 23 May 69 P Crextl\Lima, 21 May-In his most recent meeting with the productive sectors, Transport and Communications Minister Gen Anibal Mezn Cuadra stated that the progressive nationalization of foreign companies exploitlng tha telephc),ia services in counzry must bp done. ccording to our legal moans and economic pvzslbilltics. Pein.4 is one of the fe4 countries in the world where total exploitation of telezommunicstions is not in the hands of national enterprises, he added. BRIZFS MISSING OFFICIAL- Santiago, 3 J1.7;4-The deadline ending the official search for a missing Piper Cub and its occupants, Emilio Oelckers, director of the Investigation 1)epartment, and ,four other persons concluded today. Nevertheless, search operations will continue indefinitely. It is believed that the aircraft will not be found until spring comes. when the snow whiah has fallen in the past 8 days begins to melt. Neanwhile, Tarapacas Police Chief Luis Jaspard da Fonseca has been named as inve..;ti- cations director. It has been confirmed that the Investigations Department deputy director. Eduardo Zuniga, will be transferred to an important job with the Production Development Corporation (CORPO). Abner Castillo, Melleco police chief. may be appointed to replace Zuniga. ((Santiago Chile Di lomatic Information Service Spanish 2338 GMT 3 Jun 69 P) n,,f-Inecifiari and Annroved For Release @ 50-Yr 2013/12/12 : CIA-RDP81-00770R000100110051-2 RR Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/12/12 : CIA-RDP81-00770R000100110051-2 DE RULPSE 0140 1552118 ZNR UUUUU R 042117Z JUN 69 FM FBIS PANAMA TO FBIS WASHDC FB CZ BT UNCLAS WA P042117 'ADMIN -73 041- ?Sov(z_c-t-I /NIL" -014#BOREL/KRIBEL FROM CASTELLANE CZ 949 APPRECIATE SUGGESTION FOR HANDLING OF SOURCELINES FOR SANTIAGO AND LIMA DIPLOMATIC INFORMATION SERVICE TRANSMISSIONS. THES CASTS ARE FREQUENTLY TRANSMITTED A DAY IN ADVANCE OR SOMETIMES ON A MONDAY FOR THE PREVIOUS THREE DAYS. THIS PRACTICE RENDERS INCLUSION OF DATE/TIME OF RECEIPT IN SOURCELINE MEANINGLESS. CHOICES ARE INCLUSION OF SUBSLUG (EXAMPLE: BULLETIN ?N0128 FOR 5 JUNE) OR INCORPORATION OF THIS INFORMATIO IN SOURCELINE WITHOUT DTE/TIME AS IS DONE WITH SCRUTINY ITEMS. RECOMMEND SCRUTINY APPROACH BECAUSE SUBSLUG WOULD BE UNWIELDY 10 BRIEFS. IF SUBSLUG APPROACH IS DECREED PLEASE COORDIATE FOR BLACK BOX PROCEDURE. 04/2122Z JUN Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/12/12 : CIA-RDP81-00770R000100110051-2 -