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December 12, 2016
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September 28, 1998
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July 23, 1947
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JAN NO. 51 Q PREVIOUS EDITIONS CLASSIFICATION ~/ L fT // JAN. 194J MAY BE USED Approved For Release 2001103164 : CIA-RDP81-01026R000100030010-8 PWON ON REPORT SUBJECT Recall of Soviet Ambassadors from certain Latin American Countries PLACE Washington, D. C. ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED 9y-3 ?! NO. OF ENCLS. None (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO None REPORT NO. GRADING OF SOURCE ' COLLECTOR'S GRADING OF CONTENT COMPLETELY USUALLY FAIRLY NOT NOT CANNOT CONFIRMED PROBABLY POSSIBLY PROBABLY CANNOT RELIABLE RELIABLE RELIABLE USUALLY RELIABLE RELIABLE BE JUDGED BY OTHER SOURCES TRUE TRUE DOUBTFUL FALSE BE JUDGED A B C D E F 1 2 3 4 5 6 I THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFOR.AT~ON AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE 01 THE UNITED STATES WIT.IN THE MEANING OF THE ESPONAGE ACT, 50 U S C " AND 32. AS AMENDED ITS TRANSMISSION OR T. B "EY E I? AT '.' 0" 1 "S IS PROHIBITED BY LAW. IT MAY NOT BE NEFF .. CE. IN WHOLE OR IN PART. BY OTHER THAN THE STATE WAR OR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, THE IRECTOR SOURCE Material Furnished CIG: A CONFIRMED BY OTHER SOURCES PROBABLY TRUE POSSIBLY TRUE PROBABLY FALSE CANNOT BE JUDGED NOT YET AVAILABLE 1. An Intelligence Advisory Board member agency, referred to the departure of four Russian ambassadors from Latin American posts without relief, to return to Moscow, requested CIG1s interpretation to include information as to whether CIG attached any special significance to these moves. 2. Pursuant to reference request, available relevant material has been examined and it is concluded that it is impossible at present to attribute any special significance to the recent recall of Soviet ambassadors and other diplomatic personnel from certain Latin American I33epublics. 3. There are, however, several possibilities of a purely conjectural nature which should be noted. (a) The Chief of the Latin American Division of the Soviet Foreign office recently has been replaced. The changes in the Latin American embassies may therefore be merely a part of an administrative reorganization. (b) There are indications of the development of certain cleavages in the Communist Parties of several Latin American countries -- Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Venezuela. The recall of the ambassadors from Brazil, Col- umbia and Venezuela might be for the purpose of obtaining their explanation of these developments, or giving them instructions for the future. (c) A third possible explanation may be connected with the Marshall Plan -- the ambassadors concerned may be needed for other duties, either in Moscow or at other foreign posts, or their counsel may be sought in drafting Soviet plans designed to counter the Marshall proposals. STATE WAR NAVY AAF