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Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 U.S. Officials Only SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT 25X1A COUNTRY USSR SUBJECT Soviet Railway System 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRE (BY SOURCE) DATE ACQUIRED (BY SOURCE) DATE (OF INFO. SOURCE HIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTIN -THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES. WITHIN THEIAKAN)NS OF TITLE IS. SECTIONS 7$) AND 7,4. OF THE U.S: CODE. AS AMENDED. TiI TRANSMISSION OR NEVE.. LATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT SY AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS 25X1X THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION DATE DISTR. 3 Aortie 511" NO. OF PAGES 44.r NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT NO. The total '.m.pnt lenzth of the railway system of the Soviet Union is 123,000 km. Of this, 33,000 km (268 percent) are double tracked.; 22,000 km (16 percent) are provideoLwith automatic. block signal systems; 45,000 km (36.5 percent) are new style heavy construction. About 40 per- cent of the total mileage is of light construction (rails under 38 kg per meter, without specially prepared roadbed or else not replaced for a long time). c The track gauge is 1.524 meters, in contrast to the standard European 1.436 meters. 3. The rails are preponderantly old and worn out. The maintenance of the tracks and rolling stock varies and in part is inadequate. 4. The distances between stations vary between 8 and 30 km. ), The main lines connecting the Soviet Union with other European countries and those connecting the large industrial centers have modurn equipment (block and signal systems). Changes in the direction of modernization have been planned and are under way on the lines connecting the larger Siberian industrial centers. The ordinary lines 3,the Asiatic USSR, especially Turkestan, Central Siberia and the Far East:, are not yet very efficient, U.S. Officials Only SECRET DISTRIBUTION 60 STATE ARMY NAVY AIR FB ORR EV Ola concur:ease of The caiginados office-duough the Aohtant,thaectcr-of the. (Micc,9i.cOaction and Dissentina6on, CUL, Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 SECRET 25X1A -2- 6. The preValende of generally level country makes possible the use of locomotives of limited capacity for long and heavy trains, Since the light roadbed construction permits. only low speeds (average 19 km per hour), the attempt is made to offset this disadvantage by the use of heavier trains (up to 2,000 tons). . The electrification of the railways is pushed ahead lately, especially in the Moscow and Leningrad areal and the moot 1.mportant industrial dis- tricts (Donbas, Ural, Ausbas- 1.22)andAn the mountainous regions Lof. the Caueasus. II. Administrative Organization 1. The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for,,,the operation, maintenance and development of the railway lines. TY.,10rSti4:ort Equipment Construction Ministry Is responsible for construoWn'and maintenance of the rolling stock. The railway system is dividedf.raoknistratively into ten railway zones, and the zones are subdWAA into numerous administrative districts. aal.V " airAV' a- Northea0a2tne, headquarters Leningrad) comprises trn districts ofaKirov- Murmansk, Archangel, Pechora (Kotlas-Vorkuta), Leningrad, Ottobre (Leningrad-Moscow line) Kalinin, Estonia, Litau. b. East Zone (headquarters Minsk). Districts: Lithuania, Kalingrad (ex- Kbnigsberg), White Pussia, Brest-Litovsk. c. Southeast Zone (headquarters Kiev, Districts: Kiev, Vinnitza, Koval, Lvov, Odessa, Kishinev., . d, Ceti?pre MO.sowlDi. ries Yaroslav, Gorki, Moson- Ryazan Mc nowKUrsk,.MoaCoWaDenbas valuiki), Moscow-Kiev, Moscow (Outer . . CirCIelaa'..' e Donets Zone (headquarters KnarkoV)0 DistriciS:Doriets North, Donets South, Kharkov,,Voroneth,likhaya, Stalingrad, lower Dnieper and Crimea (Stalino). T. Caucasus Zone (headquarters Kraan4ar),?' DiS!tricts: North.Caucasus, Ordzonikidze, Azerbaijan, Transcaucasia. g, ..Voiga,Zone-(headquarters Kazax) ''Aistriats: Kazan, Kuibyshev, Orenburg, Ryazan-Ural (Saratov). h. Ural-Siberian Zonejheadquarters Svrdlovsk). Districts,: Perm-Molotov, SVerdlovsk, Chelyabinsk-South Ural Tomsk, Karaganda. i. Middle East Zone (headquarters Tashkent). Districts: Turkestan-Siberia, Tashkent, Ashkhabad. ' j. Far East Zone (headquarters Krasnoyarsk). Districts: Krasnoyarsk, Fast Siberia, Tranabalkal-Chita, Amur, Far East-Khabarovsk, Primorsk- Vladivostok, Sakhalin. SECRET ;3 a:ratac a1110,. -. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 1 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R00012050M100-6 SK,RErt ? -3- Main-Re.liway Lines . , B'ymain lines-doUble-track lines are signified; They have a tdtal length of .33 ,OO km They.'are.divided into main lines running from Moscow, and mainlines connecting other centers.with_each other. .. Main lines running'frOmMoscewt - nd n the mountainous reaoris of thQ. Mdatow-Ledintrad 1'651 kra}: This-line has the heaViest'traftic in'the entire Soviet Union, with an average of about 80 pairs of trains daily. The following branch lines run from the Moscppeningrad line: r At ChudoVe, a line to Posadnikovo and Volkonstriye on the Leningrad- Murmansk line., A second branch to Novgorod._ At. Okalovka, At Bologoye , branCh to Neb.4.64:010 _on 5he ??flgrdrn1tQv line, VO i'll4wii0106Ya.;oslav and 6ne.lo Pskolt., 7 ? .? ? : At 14k4o1a14.0 a. branch to Veliki Luki?m the.Mpscow-R149,101. , ? ? The Leningracl7MOScow main line is provided-lath a'signal Systeit-Eina. is of heavy ConstruttIon. A'larte part of the line wts'ne:41y built after 1945. The most vulnerable places on.the4ine..are,three:e.,Volga 10,41dge. at, .1a11n1n the rOdi junction at acilot*,,,aCilthe Volkhe bridte at-Ciluadvo. 2. Moscow7R1ga main _line (92? km) nasAbe folloyng.branches: . At NovoSOkolniki;-a btaneh to Dno-Batstakaya (sie)-Leningrad, and anothe]q to Nevel-Polotsk and Vitebsk. , Atjiqz0kne,'a'branch to Pskov and'anothr to -Daugavpils. At Krustpils,a branch to Daugavpils and another to Jelgaya,-Tukumsr VentSPils (on the 10*0. Atf1ay1nas,,a.10c41 11.ne_t,019t:Kupuna7Gulbens-Ape. At'Riga,- a, recently e1eetrif1ed21369 km long to Tallinn. , . The entire MospowRiga 'heavy dnetrudtion'and'hatK?OnAelpletely _ _ , rebuilt since 1945. It has about 60 pairs of through trains daily. The sensitive points ,on this line are the railway junction at Novosokolnlki;, the crossing (Duna b:ridt4,at.KrUstpiN", and the railway Junction at Riga. , , 1 Mainline Moscow-Minsk-Kaliningrad andflinsk-Brest.Litovsk. The MoscoW- , Minsk line is 747m long It fOrkstt4Minsk into the Minsk-Vilna-Koliningread line, 522' km long, and the Minsk-Brest line, 349 km long. a ; The Mosdow-Minsk-line has the'foildwing:CranCheil At Vyazma, three branches: to Rzhev on the Moscow-filga line; to Tula, on the Moscow-Kharkov line, and to Bryansk on the Moscow - Kiev line. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 SECRET 25X1A At Smolensk, threa..branches: to Vitebsk; to Roslavl and.. Bryansk; and to Sukhinki on the Moscow-Kiev line. At Orsha, four branch lines: to Vitebak, to Lepel, to Mohliev, and to Crioiev (Kritshev). . C, The Mnsk-Kaliningrad (K6n1.gsberg) line has the following branch lines: At Molodeohno, a branch to Polotsk and Vellki Loki, and a branch .to.Lida.-Mosty-Volkovyskldouble. traked) ? .? -At Vilna, three branches; to Grodno.;2to Lida and Baranoviphi, and to Pabrade (sic) and Daugavpils. At Kaunas, a branch line to Radvillskis. AtCerniakevsk'(Insterburg) double track; to.Goldap, and 411 t, - The Minsk-Brest Litovsk line tIlrolebraChes: to Korsze (Korschen), to Soviezsk (Tilsit) and Klaipeda Memel). has the following branches: ? ? ? At Baranovici, four: to Lido. and Vilna; to Volkovyak ana Bialystok .(double track). and to Luminetz, , This line has been.complately rebuilt since the war, double-tracked and of heavy-canstruction? The daily capacity is about 70 pair of trains,- :There Is a special transfer yard at Brest for trains from the Soviet union to - Poland and vise versa. The line gauges,are different. 4, Mossow-KieV4Lvoy-Batovo 414 main line coionects Moscow with southeastern Poland,.0isebolovakia and Hungary -.:?:.,1t. has a length of 1,600 km 'with the ? following branah ? " At Tikhonov-Pustaya, a branch to Vyazma and another to Tula. , ? ,. .At-Sukhinici (sio),. three branches: to Smolensk; to Falansovaya- Roslavl; to Gordssevo (sic) on the Moscow-Kharkov line. ,At'Bryansk,rfour branches: to Orel (double-track); to Gomel and Kalinkovishi .(doublo-.track); to Smolensk; and to Vyazma. ;)(;. ,an_ iMportant double,-track, branch to Lgov ? and ,Kharkov-, .? , This line was. improved in 194941950. . . , . . .At Konotopi: a i .,lne to Kursk. :1'rh,i.s: iine, is double-tracked and was rebuilt with heavier construction after the war and provided with an automatic, signal system. Itscapacity is about 60 pairs of, ,.rains daily. , ,- . , . il; *).,'::, ? , At Bachmach, a line to Gomel, and another' to RoModan and Kremenchug. , ,,. , ... . F .. . , . . . ? !. ... ? ? ' At Kiev, same branches of second-rate importance. . .,,.:; .t.,.. Atlieghin, a branch to Chernigov and Gomel, and another to-pTiluki ., andprebenka. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 ,4NO.R5T 25X1A YgryiMPPrtant, dPUblerack line 415 km long to Platikatki (sic). It was built completely new, but in light constructicnAy? ? At Kazatin, an important double-track line 415 km long through Derdi.040:,-R,oviWandjciyer0i_isi01-WBre At, Kalinoyka: and. VA11401gEtc *WIttlAP944-4114,1k JAI At Shmerinka (sic), two single-track but important branches; one throughlrapnyark4.14104 Rudniteai 4oltpdkali'KotioVak,:apkftAdglVaa (sio)?to Odeseathe other:,toOknitsa (sic), Chenovskiy, Beltsi, Unseni, Kishinev, Benderi, Bessarabskiy, Pru, Reni and Ismail. At Grechany, a local line to Kamenets-Podolsk. liTarea At.Tarnspol, neshtY,- Delisten '(s1.0..): 3,114 13011411: ( on the Rumanian border. : Bi- At Lvov, the main line from Moscow divides into two important lines. One goes to PrZeM70.W and the other, to atoVo eipp and,U7hg9r94 slovakiaWbPrd The,Mospow-KmotoP section of this line was double-tracked in 1946 to 1950. The rest of the line was relaid with heavier construction aTter."thP war.' ,This line carries.'7erY,hPavY-tPaffic. Itssdaly-capaoity is 004,79 Pairs,of,trains,: The .111W 1,s cf-gre,at strateg10 iVIPPrtanoe because Jt-Connects:Moscow.yith 411 southeeltern,5urspe# .Ttbasmany'vulnerable points, suqh4e,tbe,cro.s4inge of the.greafq7,T$Verske th.a.:Pnieper and the Dniester. Main line toscow,TularOrel4lharX0v4,9.zova.74.r7E:04t0V connects_Mcscow witn.the soutbern,UUraine and CriMPa4' it 14:3511cm1ong and: has the folloWing_branch gneal _ at a deub,le-Arack Iimei to Uz ovaya-,. and T11404Ova (sic) on the Moscow-Kiev line. At_ Orel) a double-track linenef, 549 4111,,,Orel-T, Kursk ,-a double,track lineit;i1UrskzLgolior pairs of tr/ins :daily. - At Sarayevok and,Belgotodcalbrancn..1h1?... At Kharkov, a branch to Gotnya-Lgov-Navlya, double-track with about 70 pairs of trains da1171 another?double-track bran0r350 km .long to .Yama-Nikitovka,.Debalzevo. At. Lozovaya, a double-track line 179 km long to Zaporozhe, and from there a single-track line to the Crimea through Fedorovka-Melitopol- Dshankoy-Simferopol-Sevastepo Veesond-11,ne to Kaluga- ransk4kme1-Kalinkovichi. ghda-?J'conotpl, with Go 1r' At Konstantimovkai an important doubletrack- ilne 170 km long to Yasinovataya-Stalino-Volnovakha-Marlupol; newly rebuilt, but of light -01)-nOruction;., -$EUET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 " SECRET 25X1A At Nikitovka,,,an importantAunction point from which various lineeTun to south RUssia. At Gorlovka, an electrified double-track line to Debalzevo. At Taganrog, an Important connection to the Black Sea. At Rostov,, lines to twppic,,y:,.1 The Moscow-Rostov main line was heavily,danaged,,durini World War II. It was completely rebuilt withheaVy,construction andllap:automatio,sifsaai,systs,?? Its daily about 70 &Ireof trains. , ? 6. Min line Moseoii-Ozherele-Valuyki-Ktipyarisi-Debdlzevo Iftetwi); a. This fine is 966 km long with the foilowving it.portant junction points: OsherelyeUzlovaya (4oub1e-tpaokloranch taTula)k Vo1ovo;,E101: Verlyetts); KastOrnaya) KupSransk '(pranchesto Kharkov and Belgorod); Popasnaya; Debalzevo. At Valuyki a branch line goes off to 1,104-NY(TARC-W.4.0pv-Rtishonevo-PeS?syzranl 1,100okMH4ong and ouple- ,frickeri )kt. 14ortant 40.kt branchfliria"tOWnOiataYa4Dayepropetrovsk- ? ? ? Platikhatki-:bolinteevo-Krivoi.Rog. 04 ,Mbet of ihe,Moicow.=bebalievO 1ia was bAili after thetar:::1:taisheOiTY,. 'conetruOted with autOmetic.sighasystetiLand has,a daily'eapatiyW?abOUt?' 70 ImiirS of traine.- , , ? Main line Mosaak,y,-Ryazan-Liski"-MillerO,Vb-Abstov4rthOir",13a,kli., 2,550 km "long., Xts Main juric:tion' pOints -ard aS " KoiOtilap junction point of tJ1,4 eleotrified line from Moscow, Rybi.e.n,'whreLthe"3;1318 kt.tica.n-Siberian line to Inzasisban (sic)- XlitybyebevOnelyabinsk-Omsk-ovosibirsk-Stalinak begins. Ry (sic), Vernadovka and Penza. Michurinsk, line'to'Tambov, Rtisonevo and Saratov. Gryazi Otroshka (sid)" Liekl, junction point for the line Valuiki-Syzran. Millerovo, line to Kondrasheveaya and Voroshilovgrad. Likhaya, line to Stalingrad. Zverevo, line to Debalzevo. Rost'Oii SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 SECRET 25X1A ? Batsissk (sic), KuShchevskaya Sosika (1c) . . Tikhoretsk, lines to Kuberie-Stalingrid and KTAnTily;110.mproApisk. Armavir, branching-off point of the South Caucasus line to Tuspec- , Sukhumi-potl-Samtradia,(Batum-ShorapaniTqcashuri-Stallnir4if14, where another brach goes,off:to Leninakan-Erivan.pzhullaA,Mindzhiyan- Ospanli-Noviesaliani fsic),-Astara,on_the Caspian Sea. ,NoVinomyaskayk-, , MineralnyyeVodi)departurpo)1*AR, Byg,tiprOc ftri.4 431,0Ygois.r,41,:: '? GO(41;f7; , VH1' two e1eCtrifisabranahes.,,v.4 ' ! ? ,A ? ?P , . ,PpOdnaya, branches to Nalchik and Astrakhan WS K000 (sla) Beslai (sic) GrOnzi (sic) ,617r9=4:7 Gudermes _ . Shamkhal .14a,kha? ; Baladzari (sicl.?., line: to SaNski. (sic): Baku Baku This line. if of heavy construction from Moscow to Prokhladnaya and is double- . , tracked with automatic signal Syse ir.ep,Teen Oudermos' and ,Makhachkala. The daily capacity is about 70 pairs of trains. The rest of the line is single track but,strongly built. Here the daily capacity is about 30 pairs of trains. 8. Main line Mosecw-Ryazan-Inza-Syzranalibyshev-Vladivostok. This line is 9,283 km long. The main junction points are: Ryazan Kustarevka Russyevska (sic) Inza SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 25X1A SECRET:" 14rangh line to Stalingrad-Likhays, Kuibyeliev Kinel, ?'branch line to Chekalov and Orsk t ka ( s )', - Ain? t on p o int f ;two lb rage h. struction: one to Surgut and Agriz, the other to Sterlitamak. ront thu Chishai (sic) ,Uta Vyatovaya' .Berdyish,brandh iinesAo:.BakaLAtedl,Deuzhinoc(siC). Politayevo (sic) ? .9, Chelyabinsk, branch line to Turkestan through Kartaly, Orsk,- .Nahaagae:leib).; Aralsk-i Tadhkeht; SamarkandiAlukhara, Stalinabad near the Afghan border. : Kurgan, branch line to Sverdlovsk Petropavlovsk, branch line to Akmolinsk and Karaganda, whence local .21.nee run to Lake Balkash. !Omsk junction point with the other line from Moscow via Kazan- STerollovok-Tyumen. yurga,:beginning of the line to Alma Ata near the Chinese (Sinkiang) ,Vordetk. ' Taiga branehline to,Tomak)_C: fehinsk, branch line to Abakan ,'Kra3n6Yara1- Taythet. Irkutsk Ulan-Ude- Chita hKaganovich Skovoredino SViobodny SECRET ., ? Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 SECRET!..' 25X1A :DtZhnevkabilanch'.1.1ne to.:..KOMsoMelsk and Sovetskaya Gavan opposite the island of Sakhalin, Khabarovsk KII-J-11v3he1,, 'Man Vladivostok This lire; ba recently been improved and the European section heavily rebuilt to a daily capacity of 80 pairs of trains. The Asiatic section is in very poor condition. Parts of the line have been electrified, viz., the section Ufa-Chelyabinsk-Kurgan, and the section Novosibirsk-Birsk-Novo-Kuznetsk (Stalinsk),- 449 km. (Parallel to the m in line.) 9. Main iina-Mpeoow-Goxkl-Kirov,Sverdlovk aMenAbiski.2453?ikm. This line was opened to traffic in 1950, relieving the European section of the Trans- Siberian,line, ,It h: pe following principal Junction points: Or4oyto..Suy9vopH14, NpvaitybrOmoh) line. to' Ivanovo Vladimir, connecting line to Ryazan Gorki, branch line to Arzamas-Russayevska . _ . . Kiltelnioni,line to BUye-Nologda Kirov, line to Kotlas .L. Tar .(8,i0), line to Verkhnya Komsols Pilp,00,s4r (sic), line to Agriz (sic). dikOVAaYa.f61-0- , ? Molotov,i alectrifiedline.tokSolikamsk and Chusovskaya (sic) Kuzinoljineto Berdyansk Sverdlovsk, electrified line to Goroblago-Darskakaverkh (sic)- Otrurie-Bogoslavsk (sic) and lines to Kurgan and Chelyabinsk. Boganovich, line to Egorshino (sic), Alapai (sic), Evsk (sic), Osvaserov,(sic) and Polumuchinichy (sic). Tyumen Omsk - ' This line is of heavy construction with an automatic signal system and has a capacity of 60 pairs of trains daily. The Sverdlovsk-Kurgan section will be double-trackedfi which will considerably shorten. the Journey to Omsk. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 ) Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 I, 1 SECRET 25X1A 10. Main linpfMesCOW-Arkhangel., This 1 ne Is-I,092-kM long. Its prine branch lines are at the folloWing points: ZagOrak- - Aleksandrov Yarosiav branCh line' to t41rKirev"-614- KeAosha-Velogda.:starting-point the PeObera basin, via, Kotlas Vorkuta. This line Is1,563 kni in 1950. and 1951. Oboterkaya (.00',(Ma4ye-f*erk1) line. to Onega. . ? , -1:- Ishkogorko (sic) This line 184OubletraCked fat'a; Obozerkaya, with heavy construction and an automatip.signal system. The daily capacity is about 60 pairs of trains. The line branching off at Konosha is electrified as far as Vorkuta. The rest of the stretch from Konosha to.Koshva will be electrified. The Moscow- Pleksandrov'sectien-has also been electrified; and the section from Pleksandrov to Yaroslav is being converted for electric service. .v. Regional Railway Networks 1. Karelo-Finnish Network, ,Center at Leningrad with the following lines: Leningradi-Murmansk, 1,450 km. Leningrad-Viborg(vipuri), 150 km, double-tracked. Len1ngrad-Eskov,..276 km doubleTtracked. Leningrad-Senkovo-Moscow, single track. Network. 0enter at Riga, with the. following lines, all single RigaTallinn;-electrified''' ' ' - ' ? of thb?line Connecting' Mezhog; UlchtA,-Kethva (sic) Ahd long and-was completely overhauled 2. Baltic PIP; -Pskov.-Tieningrad P ? ? ?? ??? 7.11:1C. . R1-$a'....4unas 1040 -Kaliningrad (K6n1gsberg). 3. Arainian Network, Center at Kiev, witlitha following single-track lines: track: Kiev4orosten-KalinkoviChi Kiev-Fastov-Zhitomir . SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 SECRET ,Y -11- $ Kiev-Kazatin-Berdychev ? lier-Kazatin-KhriatinoVka Kiev,4kstov-Tsvetkovo IleV.;-Nethin-Chernikov ''1116W&Itava 4. Odessa Nawork4- Center Odessamith.the,tollowing lines: Odessa!,qsmail . , , .? " - 94601411BWkneret.Csic11. thislinesplits:lnto thrWbranches4c.R4ni, to.trUt`and to_Ungheni on the Rumanian border. OdeisaKotoVakis14): OdeisaoKblo4oVka (on the. Ukrainian Bug) 5. 1,6461,7:Dos SetOork:-? *enter; Khatkowi'iwitththb:ItlloWint? 4ineof . ? r:1?; ? ? . KharkoVh4loltaVa - '? I , 25X1A Tharicov.-Konstantinovgre,doDniepropetrevsk I I ? Kharkov-Zaporozhye Apostolovo-Nikolayov and Kherson Khapkov-aporoshye4411toP61-Simferopol-Sevastopol . .2' 6, Caucasian Nwork. Centeray_Rogtov., with the following lines: Rb Ros v-KUOhevskaya-Eiik (tic) ataisk-Sasktgio)" Rostov-TichoretSk-Krasnedar-Novorossisk Rostov-Armavir-Batum 7, Volga Network. This is more of a transit system for the lines from Orel, Turkestan'and:the CaspianSeafte Moscow, the lower Don and the Caucasus. It has three important junction points: Stalingrad, Saratov and Syzran. 8, The Ural Network. This network serves principally the Ural industrial district.. ItA.s. connected with the Western Zones by the following independent lines: Sverdlovsk-Molotov-Kirov-Bui (sic), a single-track line connecting ?ulth theAtonasha-MosCoW-Iine,atArolcgda and Dan.114T0: . SVerdlovsk-Kazan4.Kanash,,Miron-Kurovskaya (sic)-Moscow; single track except the section Kurovskaya-Moscow which is double-tracked. SECRET ? Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 SW.R4T -?412- 25X1A ,Cheiyabiask Kuibyshev-Syzran; double-tracked and electrified as far as Dioma (sic). This line continues to Moscow via Syzran- illussyevka?-Ryazan-MoscoW, (partly.double-track), and to Donbas via Syzran-Penza-Povorino-Liskl-Valuyki-Kupyansk-Debalzevo (double- . track-)..:. ,KafndShaskja14-Lietsk(sic)-Saratov: single-track. This line con- tinues from Saratov by a single-track line to Tambov-Michurinsk- sanr,:and a single-track line Saratov-Stalingrad-Salsk-Tikhoretsk ? ? tO the Caucasus. . .? Orsk-Chichayev (sic)-Kinel: a single-track line connecting Kinel with. the Chelyabins? Kuibyshev Une. 9, Turkestahletwork.. This net serves-the zone south of the 'A1. Sea Lake, . BalkashicWAWn the Caspian. Sea and the.AltaiAliountains. It is connected with the Ural network through. the single-track line Aralsk-Kandagach-Lietsk (sic) and withthe-West Siberian. network through the single-track line Chiu(sic)- Mointy-Zharin-Karaganda (newly built in its southern part), and the Turksib line: Alma Ata-.Sem1pa4tnskrB9rnau4,' ? .?. lO. Weat 3.11aexlAt.Nretwork.- This network,servesthezene..between.the Urals and Lake Baikal., particularly the Karaganda mining region and the industrial districtot..Kfttznetsk;;? It is connected with the Ural system by three lines: -Taythet.-Novosibirsk-Om1k-Chelyabinsk.; double track. -011mle-Tyumen-SverdlOyskl sg1e, track..H :Abatan (sicl-NovokUznetskl.BarnaUlAulthdaf.PaVlodar-Akmolinsk-Kartaly- Magnitogorsk: single-track line, still partly under construction. 11. Far East Network. Consists of the double-track main line Tayshet-Irkutsk- Chita-Skovbrodino-KhabaroVsk-Vladivostok, with the following branch lines: ..,AtUlantUdel-aIngle.-tradkaine to Ulan-Bator (Urga) in Outer Mongolia. l'At-Chita4, a singletrackline:to Blagoveshevka (Manchuria) 'AtDezhavka-(Sic),.a single-track line to Komsomolsk At- VoroShiloV, a singletrackline. to Manchuria ?Korea,,:- ? IVnew line will be added to the FarBastliietwork by 19604 Its prospective route is: - ' Tayshet-Bratek-Chula IsicIRlbskino? (sid)-BodayboMarOuka-(aic)- -Ustinieksha (sic)-TyndinskiT4otekhino-Chekunda-Komsamolsk. There will be two branch lines: one at Chula to Vitim and Yakutsk, and one at Tyndinskiy to Gorelyy. V. Present State of Railway Construction 1. The Konodha?-kotIas-VOrkuta:lAne iS 1,536 kM, single-track;abd. a:afreadf: In normal operation. 2. The line along the Volga-novilya (sic)-aratov-Syzran-Kindisk (sic)-Kova (sic)- Zeleny Dol- is 1,021 km long, singlegstrack. It was completed in 2950 and is in regular operation..: SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 SECRiT -15- 25X1A ? 3. The Adler.SukhumiBiackSea'line.islI5-k6,ioni, Single?tracked, electrified, and in regular-OperaVion.' 4. The Caspian. Sea line, Astrakhan-eherviennaya-Uzlovaya (s1t.)4, is t2 long, single-trackedi and handling regular traffic. 5. The LakelgalkaSh line1 Mointi-Berktil (sic), Is 450*004604i4.4ra4ed.; and not yet in regular operation... - 6. The Amu-Darya line,Dhardzhou-Kungrad, is 650 km long, singlefttracked, is in normal traffic : 7. Kusbas line 'is under construction: It.branches off from the Kinel-Ufa line to Styrlitamak-Tukan. 8, The Tukan-Byeloretsk line; 120 km longi,,Singlc=tracked, was recently -CoM171ete3 and Is in regular operation: - - 9. The ByeloretSk-Magnitogorsk-line is about'100km.long and Is Under-aonsrution 10. The Magnitogorsk-Kartaly line, 141 km long, double-tracked, has been in service since 19454 It iS being electrified 'at the present time ? " ? ? 11. The.Kartaly4ktiitlinskline,.805 km long, -single=traCked has been in eervivi since 1945. It is being double-tracked and-electrified at the present time. 12. The Akmolinsk-Paviodar line, 138 km long, single-tracked, is not yet fully in service. 13. The Pavlodar=Kulunda line, 138 kmjcht, Singie=tracked': is in regular operatiOn. 14. The Kulunda-Barnaul line, 420 km long single-tracked, is not yet in.full.ser- 7 vide; ?' t,... , 15. The Barnaul-Altaisk (Altayskoye) line, 15 km long regular seve.v' - 16. The Altaisk-OUrYevsk lihe, about' 200 km long, regular service. single-tracked,_ ie tracked.; is not yet in 17. The Guryevsk=Byelovo line, 28 km longt single-tracked Is in service. - 18. The Byelovo-Novokuznetsk line, 114 km long, double-tracked and electrified, Is in fti1serv1ce 19. The NovokUznetsk=Abakanline Is 260Act"long It is not.certainWhether. it has been completed, but it is not yet In regular service. 20. The Abakan-erayshet-line, 650 kM long is under construction, 21. The Issyk-Ku1-Frunzell1bacie481.01ine,'136-km long,binglettracked, is in service. 22. The Semipalatinsk-Malinovoye-Ozero (sic) line, 110 km long, 1s under con- struction. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 CIA-RDP81-01036R0001Q0130100-6 SECRET', 25)(1 A 23. Whether, the,ArsAak-Be-y!,conur, (zie) aine?.330 1,cm long, has beep completed. is not/ certain, but itje-not In Scifice: ' 24. ,The ?3psva-Alapayevsk 11ne,.150km.:long,s1ngle-trecked, is' 1.nservice, 25. The Karakum line, Urgenu (sic)-Takhta,' 122 km long, was apparently built o facilitate work. .on tte.TurlTen,canal, , ? , 26. The line to the 'imiliansk dam,-Kuberle-Morozov-Skaya (sic), is under 9Pr,IPtru.-ct1orl. 224Iy*avily Built or Re9ent4IMEEpved Lines, 1, The Moscow Outer Belt, about 300 km long. 2., Kono5ha--Xot1as-Vorkuta;1,53 . r;3erov,-Sosva.7Alapp,ievAlc (E114)425? )434, 4, 44kpayR-atalingged-4arOmp-Syzran-Kazan; 1,512 kffik 5. AstiakhaP.Chevolennaya-Uslcivay6;;-45i K8rt1ykm6i1n6k;'805:km.. 7, Akmolinskargonda-Mointy.; 577. km. 84: Mointy-Berkul (sic); 450 km. 9. Akmdlinsk-:Palaodar-BarnaUl-Efrlolto; 10." NOVokuznetzk-Abakan;. 26dkM.-- 11. Frunze-Ribache WO.; 136 km, 12. Ziereiro-Deb (sic). 13 Leningrad-MurManSk; 1,5O km 14. Moscow-Yaroplav; _275 km, 15. Magnitogorsk-Kartaly-Chelyabinsk 415 km. 16. d'hardzhcu4Lenin614-Kungrad; 650 km. 17 -tikhiYi-Stplingr6d-Sairatov7Syzran-Kb.z 1,512 km, 18. Zaporozhye-Apostoyo-Doghitzevo (sic); about 182 km.. 19. Goroblagodatskaya7Sverdlovsk; 195 km. 20. Lvoli-Ohop; 269 km. - end - SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6 25X1A SECRET/US OFFICIALS ONLY -15- 755.21 N 755.52 329N 755,22 N 755.52 119N 755,221 N 755.52 229N 755.11 N 755.52 317N 755.2f( 527N 755.213 329N 755,211 317N 755.2(3 (19N 755.211 35m 755.211 117N 755.211 65m 755.211 2I7N 755.211 315N 755.211 328N 755.211 225N 755.211 G747N 755,211 234N 755.211 128N 755,211 4I4N 755.211 219N 755.211 27M 755.211 113N 755.211 827N 755.211 323N 755,213 627N 755.211 613N 755.211 224N 755.211 I29N 755.211 228N 755.211 324N 755,211 427N 755.211 529N 755.211 4N 755.211 2I24 755.211 637N 755.211 4I7N 755.211 218N 755.2i1 937N 755.2ii 321N 755.211 232N 755.211 947N 755.211 624N 755.211 347N 755.211 4I4N 755.211 59N 755.211 7I4N 755,211 I37N 755.211 I24N 755.211 247N 755.211 342N 755.211 6I9N 755.211 7I9N 755.211 5I9N 755,211 II7N 755.211 6N 755,211 544N 755.211 IN 755.211 7N 755.211 9N 755.211 2N 755,211 39N 755,211 PN 755.211 037N 755.211 324N 755.211 I9N 755.62 39N 755.213 II7N 755213 2I7N 755.213 8N 755.213 328N 755.213 347N 755.213 747N 755.213 218N 755.213 131N 755.213 I28N 755.52 23N 755.213 32N 155.213 42N 755.213 119N 755.52 219N 755.213 219N 755.214 II3N 755.52 il3N 755.52 613N 755.213 613N 755.213 129N 755.52 129N 755.52 313N 755.213 324N 755.214 324N 755.52 324N 755.52 529N 755.213 312N 755.213 2I2N 755.2(3 523N 755,213 619N 75552 228N Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000100130100-6