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December 22, 2016
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June 10, 2011
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April 7, 1954
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-01036R000200030032-5 SECRL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY Germany (Soviet Zone) DATE DISTR. 7 Apr 54 THIS MCIDIENT CONTAINS )MEDIATION A77ECTINS THE NATN4111AC 1 IF THE UNITED STATED. WITHIN THE NIANINS O. TITLE IS. SECTIONI 79 ND 754. Of THE U.D. CODE. AS AMENDED. ITS TNANSNISDISN M DEYE. ATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OA SICII.T IV AN UNAUTHSSIEED PERSON 11 This is II1(V I TU tNlr01M~MT EAU 25X1 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO 1. Data have been obtained on the nroduetion of nitric avid by two important niants in the Soviet Zone an fellows (d.rta refer to the r+eriod 1950 to 1953). 2. SAO B.Ledtro-Chemioal Iombinat Di;.tterfeld. This Plant produces raw potassium nitrate, na j.tpeter powder and oxa l Le *aid. ' Pradust Lon volume monthly (increasing) iss; row potassium nitrate, 1,500 tons; saltoeter powder, 720 tons-, oxalie Paid, 300 tors. About 75 or 80 percent of the raw potassium nitrate has been further converted 'to saltpeter powder in the plant and shipped to the Not In charge of Soviet guards. 3. SAG Buns Chemical Works in Sohkopeu. This plant Irnufaaturea about 200 to 250 tons of high purity nitric said per month. It is peaked and shipped in earthenware carboys, partly to western and southwestern suropc and partly to the lost and the DMt (Soviet Zone). Shipments eastward undoubtedly go via Poland to the Soviet 1lnion, besause the earn go through to Brent. How long they stay there is unknown. The German train crews are relieved at Brest by Soviet Brews. 4. The Schkopeu plant also produces jet fuel from a nitro base. The daily production in 1951-1952 was estimated at about 500 to 600 kg. ,r ; . ..?: end 4-5/711.272. 4-5/7.11.125 4-5/7tI.223 4-5/735.602 U.S. Officials Only 58C1t?T --a I DISTRIBUTION E+ STATE ARMY NAVY I IAIR 4M/c 4M/c 4MC 4M//C L FBI ? lwm k .Elk aD im Vlalit as U$A if at 1.r1 ..ii D+ipij *..y Elie I4plete 4s a WPM" bommI >k It MM M be nl.eeiltt l ovemew Vliw *..i..Uns1N if a. SEIS1.S.tM i...D S... ae~ellR~h ~t .h.AgilMOlt Dl1~DEeoc , of AS CAM of ~N dD. Died DiIN i.NiS.. CIA. NI at pom if do OD--. bomm, sly be cud by at above waudmist is.1welh I w iubligade.S uuivia.. _1ws. d1.Blh.riee lM UI.a AS MM9I-- r a..- .1...?.... "In nw..r ... Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/10: CIA-RDP81-01036R000200030032-5